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Shopify vs. Amazon MY ACTUAL NUMBERS REVEALED | July Income Report

Published on: December 5 2022 by Travis Marziani

Shopify vs. Amazon MY ACTUAL NUMBERS REVEALED | July Income Report

Shopify vs. Amazon MY ACTUAL NUMBERS REVEALED | July Income Report

I'm sick of YouTube gurus flashing
around cash without telling you the
truth about how much money they're
actually making and how they're doing it
so I'm gonna tell you the truth about
how much I'm exactly making and how I'm
doing it let's get into the tactiks
I'm gonna share with you a detailed
breakdown of my income and all my stats
but first if you're new to the channel
my name is Travis and I was stuck in a
soul-sucking corporate job I ended up
quitting that and struggling to make
money online struggling in e-commerce
for 5 years before finally realizing I
needed to start a passion product I've
created my first passion product which
is performance nut butter and within a
few months I hit my financial freedom
goal my company takes my passion for
health and fitness and turned it into a
product which made it much easier for me
to sell it because I knew the industry
pretty well I'm gonna be sharing some
hidden behind the scenes things some
things I probably shouldn't but if I can
help you start your own online business
or help you hit your own financial
freedom goal that's more important to me
than just making more money let's start
with a breakdown of my Amazon sales and
then we'll get into the breakdown of my
Shopify sales so on Amazon I did a
little over $31,000 which that's a good
chunk of change
that's not profit a lot of people on the
internet throw around how much money
they made but that's that's just the
revenue so let's break that down to
start off Amazon takes about ten
thousand dollars worth of fees right
there that's off about the part that
cost me about $8,500 I turned off my
Amazon sponsored ads for most this month
so I only spent about $650 and ad spend
and there was probably about another
thousand dollars or so worth of fees
such as paying my virtual assistants
just random things that I didn't
calculate in those other columns so that
goes away I'm left with about eleven
thousand dollars profit and that's
pretty good considering that's just for
one month that's just the month of July
so a lot more money than I was ever
making at my corporate job if you're
wondering how I made this much money on
Amazon I share everything there's a
video up here and down below with like
all the details on how you can do this -
this isn't some secret thing that's
hidden away no you can figure out how to
do this and since performance a nut
butter is not just a boring white label
product it's a unique product it's a
passion product I'm able to sell it on
Shopify as well I probably only put
about one percent of the effort into my
Shopify site that I should and that's
because my Amazon sales have been doing
so well
that to be honest I've been kind of
comfortable that being said let me share
my Shopify numbers I did about $1,500
reven but once again that's not profit
500 dollars of that goes to pay for the
production of the actual performance nut
butter another 250 dollars or so goes
just to shipping out the product and
once again I probably bout $100 worth of
fees that I didn't calculate such is the
credit card expenses and things like
that I'm left with about 700 dollars of
profit from my Shopify site for an
entire month so that's not very good but
one thing to note is the percentage of
profit to revenue on Shopify is much
better than it is on Amazon not to
mention the lifetime value of the
customers the fact that I get their
email the fact that I know their address
like I have so much more information on
Shopify that I can really build a brand
we're at the end of the day when someone
buys on Amazon they are Amazon's
customer not my customer I'm gonna be
increasing my Shopify sales and my
Amazon sales over the next few months so
my goal is to increase my Shopify sales
and then ultimately hit a hundred
thousand dollars revenue for Amazon
Shopify combined for performance nut
butter on Shopify most of my sales
actually come from the subscriptions I'm
getting almost no new sales I'm also not
getting a lot of traffic and my
conversion rate is pretty bad
I plan on fixing this first off
increasing my sales on Shopify but also
making my total sales hit $100,000
revenue right now my total sales are a
little over 30,000 my goal is to hit a
hundred thousand and I'm gonna do all
this while working on performance nut
butter just one day a week every Tuesday
I'll work on performance nut butter you
can follow me on Instagram if you want
to watch a live as I do it I'll then
record it and I'll upload that vlog on
Thursdays to give my VA a day or two to
do all the video editing so subscribe so
you can watch that new vlog video every
Thursday in that tutorial video every

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