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Shopify Vs. Woocommerce Unbiased Pros And Cons Review 2022

Published on: December 5 2022 by Travis Marziani

Shopify Vs. Woocommerce Unbiased Pros And Cons Review 2022

in this video we're gonna compare
Shopify with WooCommerce and I use both
these platforms but one of these
platforms is much better than the other
for 95% of the people out there watching
this video so let's get into the
before we get started I do have a
special offer for both these it's a
better deal than you'll find anywhere
else out there so if you're deciding
between these two wait till the end for
that but first we're gonna start with
the pros and cons of each of these and
I've done a video like this before and I
had some comments and some user feedback
so at the end of this video I'm gonna
share the comments and users feedback so
you can see what real people other than
just me think about this so first up
we're gonna start with the pros and
we're gonna start with Shopify and
Shopify has a lot of pros going for it
first off and one of the biggest things
I hear people tok about is the
templates now this is arguable some
people do like the Roo commerce
templates but most people I know that
know a lot about e-commerce say the
Shopify templates are better they're a
little bit cleaner
but once again this is up to taste
another thing that is a big Pro for
Shopify is it's much easier to use now
this is pretty much not debatable if the
people that I know that use WooCommerce
which is only a very small amount of
people there are more tiknical people
so if you're a very tiknical person you
may think WooCommerce is very easy to
use but if you're not a tiknical person
Shopify is much easier to use in fact I
set up a Shopify store in four minutes
you can click up here to see that video
Shopify also has better add-ons and apps
and we'll tok about there's a con side
of this as well we'll tok about later
mostly that they can be kind of
expensive but WooCommerce is lacking in
some of their add-on ability and some
other apps that they that they offer to
be with the store another important
point is the integrations Shopify seems
to integrate with everything Pinterest
Instagram every time a new feature comes
out there seems to be a new integration
that Shopify allows so if you are trying
to grow a really big store that could be
very important if you want to be on
Pinterest shopping or on you know way
Facebook shopping like all the different
shopping platforms out there
Shopify seems to integrate with it the
next Pro is that Shopify just seems to
have a more innovative and a better team
now we'll tok about the cons later you
are paying for this so it's not that
this is coming for free I mean it's part
of the price don't get me wrong but the
team behind Shopify seems to just be on
the ball they're kind of like Apple in
the sense that Apple always seems to be
trying to come out with new innovative
stuff all right
say WooCommerce is almost like a linux
where it's you know the team isn't quite
as motivated to get the newest cleanest
best thing out there so the team at
Shopify is super innovative and then the
last two pros are 24/7 customer support
and ultimately less can go wrong so I've
used and I'll tok about this later I've
used both these platforms and I still do
use both of these platforms I've never
had an issue with Shopify going down and
even if it did with the 24/7 support
it'd be pretty easy to fix WooCommerce I
have had my site go down before and that
depending on how big your site is could
be a very very big deal but one of the
beautiful things about Shopify is it's
very hard for it to go down because with
WooCommerce you can add in a plugin and
that could you know break everything if
you're not careful but let's not stop
just yet because WooCommerce has a lot
of pros and there's a lot of reasons why
you might want to use WooCommerce so by
far the biggest Pro for WooCommerce is
that it's cheaper and that can be a
really big thing depending on what your
budget is if you don't have if you don't
have a big budget then spending thirty
dollars plus a month for Shopify just
isn't isn't it a possibility then
WooCommerce is probably what you want to
go with it can be it you all you have to
do with WooCommerce is pay for hosting
which could be four or five six dollars
a month depending I'm currently paying
closer to twelve because my site gets a
decent amount of traffic but it's still
cheaper than Shopify another Pro to
WooCommerce is that it's open source and
what that means is you can go in and you
can completely edit the code much more
than you can with Shopify once again
Shopify is kind of like Apple where it's
somewhat idiot-proof but it's also
somewhat genius proof WooCommerce allows
you to do a lot more things than Shopify
does another Pro and this is something
that I got a lot of feedback about is
that Shopify sometimes will shut people
down WooCommerce won't shut you down the
way WooCommerce is set up it's kind of
like a you're putting your own website
it's your own instance of this thing
you're not reliant on a third party to
host it
so Shopify every once in a while will
shut people down if they consider them
to be high risk if you're from a
high-risk area or if you have if you're
selling some kind of a high-risk item
then Shopify might shut you down but
Luke commerce probably won't last but
not least for the pros for WooCommerce
if you are a blogging site or if your
main thing is content and you just
happen to be selling some things on the
I say WooCommerce is a pretty good
option the blogging ability with
WooCommerce and WordPress and remember
WooCommerce is just a plugin for
so the blocking ability is much better
it's a much better content management
system now let's tok about the cons of
both these platforms and let's start
with Shopify
so the first and the biggest con about
Java 5 is it is more expensive starting
at close to $30 a month it's gonna cost
you a little bit more money now I do
think it's worth it for the most part it
it's paying for a premium service and
once again if you're serious about your
online store $30 a month isn't a big
chunk of change but if you're starting
out small that's $30 a month is a big
negative another con about Shopify is if
you live in a high-risk country or
selling some kind of a high-risk product
as I've toked about before it's it's a
much harder on Shopify there's a chance
that they would kick you off I've never
had this happen I've never had a friend
that's even had this happen but I've
heard online stories of this happening I
don't think it's a very common thing but
you know be cognizant of where you live
and what kind of items you're selling
because that is one negative part of
Shopify the last major con for Shopify
is that there is a fee if you use a
third-party payment gateway so you're
gonna probably want to use Shopify
payments which i thinks about you can
look it up online I'll have a link up
here you can click and see different
pricing structures I think they take 2.9
percent of every sale on the low end and
then that goes down however if you want
to use a third-party payment gateway
there is a fee associated with that but
honestly you don't use a third-party
payment gateway just go with Shopify
payments it's a pretty decent rate you
might get a slightly better rate using
stripe through commerce but it's not a
huge difference let's tok about some
the cons of WooCommerce so the first con
is tiknical problems and you will
probably if you're using WooCommerce at
some point have some kind of tiknical
problem everyone I've ever known that is
used new commerce at some point has had
tiknical problems in fact before this
video I was going to recommend
WooCommerce much more
i'li and maybe even favored over Shopify
but then my site crashed and it was
because of some plugins that I added and
I guess I just made a mistake and some
updates and all kinds of weird things so
your site will crash at some point if
you're not careful another negative
about WooCommerce is there's less
integrations for whatever reason it
seems like Shopify just integrates with
a bunch of different things and
WooCommerce integrates with a decent lot
of things but not nearly as many a
Shopify and the last negative thing I
want to add is that if you're gonna be
doing WooCommerce at a high level it's
very piecemeal you're gonna have to buy
a bunch of different little add-ons and
apps to be fair though Shopify can be
the same way but from people I know that
use whoo that used to use WooCommerce at
a high level that was their major
complaint I don't want to bag on
WooCommerce too much because I still
think that there are times that
WooCommerce makes sense to use but out
of the 200 to probably 300 ecommerce
entrepreneurs I personally know all of
them except for to you Shopify those two
I toked about use WooCommerce and I
asked one of them well what do you think
which one's better WooCommerce and
Shopify or also like why do you like
mooo commerce like what do you think
about it and he sent me an email and
this is what he wrote as a four year
user of WooCommerce I don't recommend it
to anyone anymore I find it to be
expensive and much too piecemeal you end
up buying tons of plugins to do what
Shopify probably does out of the box and
renewing licenses for updates becomes
expensive over the years I love the
flexibility of WordPress though if I was
to start again which I will on other
businesses I would probably still use
WordPress but go with some simpler one
page checkout system for anyone who
asked me though I say look into Shopify
so before I announce a winner I want to
make it very clear that it depends on
your situation which one of these is a
so for 95% of people I would say Shopify
is the winner but how do you know if
you're in that 5% so let me give you
some analogies and let me explain this
in some different ways if your store if
you're planning on making less than
$1000 revenue a year then WooCommerce
might be a good option because the the
fee and the $30 a month
Shopify fee might be too much of a chunk
of your sales or if you're looking to do
lots of small stores WooCommerce still
might be a good option
if you live in a high-risk country a
developing nation or if you're doing
some kind of high-risk product such as
certain types of like energy supplements
and stuff like that then WooCommerce
once again might be a good option on top
of that if you're gonna even consider
WooCommerce you should be very tiknical
or be willing to hire tiknical people
it's much harder to use I once again I
personally do use it but I studied
coding and I know how to do HTML and
JavaScript and all that kind of fun
stuff if you don't know how to do that
and none of these other things fit for
you then Shopify is by far the clear
winner now if you do want to sign up for
Shopify or even if you want to use
WooCommerce I have links up here and
down below and either one I don't care
which one you use on an affiliate to be
honest for both of them so either way
I'm happy if you decide on either one of
them and as a thank you to anyone that
uses my links up here or down below I
will give you a free 30-minute
consulting session all you have to do is
click on the links sign up Shopify has a
free 14-day trial and then with
WooCommerce you're gonna need hosting I
have links to the hosting up above and
down below but before you go I have user
comments so I posted a video about this
about a year ago and I got a bunch of
angry comments and I want to address
them and I want to let you know what
real people have to say about both these
platforms so the first comments
addressing exactly what I just toked
about alex says Shopify Affiliate
recommending Shopify as the better
options what an unbiased honest thorough
review /sarcasm so I understand why you
would feel that way but trust me I use
both of them and once again the reason
this is so unbiased is I actually
tiknically make more money if you sign
up for WooCommerce so if I was gonna be
untrustworthy I'd probably push you
towards that one I've used both Shopify
is the better solution so to all the
haters out there I'm sorry but this is
honestly what I believe the next comment
is you still need SSL if you want your
own domain if you Shopify so that's
still an expense but the truth is
actually you don't I don't know I don't
know how he came up with information
Shopify does provide you with the SSL so
that's not an issue the next comment was
from Sarah she said one thing to be
aware of with Shopify is that
as of February 2017 their payment
gateways stripe has an extensive list of
things you can't sell through their
system if you have one ingredient say
vitamin C in a product and she goes into
basically staid say that they can ban
you and I've heard of this happening
it's never happened to me or anyone I
but that's something like I said to be
aware of as a negative side of Shopify
Jay Clinton he left a comment and he
said you can get actually a free SSL
with let's encrypt I haven't used it
personally but that's an interesting
fact that's something that in the past
with WooCommerce you had to pay for I
think now maybe there's ways to get it
for free and our last comment is from Co
a he says I've built sites using both
and it's definitely harder to customize
the template files on WooCommerce site
as opposed to Shopify so that's all the
facts once again I think if you are in a
developed country you have some money
and you're serious about starting an
online store you're expecting it to make
you know expecting it to make some real
money eventually it's a no-brainer
to go with Shopify and if you want to go
with Shopify you click right here to
sign up using my link you get that free
14-day trial plus for using my link you
will get a free one-on-one consulting
session with me where I can help you set
it up and/or help you work on your
marketing or if you want to go for
WooCommerce there's a video down there
that toks about these different hosting
options for WooCommerce because if you
do go through commerce you're going to
need a host so you can click on that
video if you want to go with WooCommerce
or click on the Shopify link if you want
to go a shop I thank you so much for
watching this video