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shopify watch stores

Published on: February 1 2023 by pipiads

How to Scale Shopify watch store in 2021

what's going on youtube. wesley, here and today, i'm going to show you how to scale, shopify, watch stores in 2020, whether you have a physical or e-commerce store. so all you need to do right now is to sign up below for my new course, starting at only 678, and that's with the discount code. guys- and i'm totally kidding, though- i'm going to teach you, guys, the exact methods that these so-called gurus use to scale their stores, but what i'm not going to do is rip you off. i'm here to provide free content because i want you to open a store of your dreams, and all i ask is that you smash the like button down below before we get this video started. plus, if you leave a comment below writing at show winners, i'll send you a list of my favorite winning ecommerce products that i update every week. and no, it doesn't link to a course. yes, it's free, so don't even stress. and maybe you're just getting started and you're not sure what products to post that will do well, or maybe you tried out some products, but you just weren't getting any sales. i used to hate it also when i see the same products in a competing store and that little ringer showing who purchased it just kept going off every few minutes. it drove me crazy. but don't worry. once you find out the process behind creating these winning products, you already have one half to battle. and that's not all. i'm going to show you my favorite strategies for making sure i'm able to test and scale my products for maximum conversions, because, hey, i've been there. back then there wasn't any guides like this and i kind of had to do a lot of trial and error myself, and sometimes i legit had to hit the books. but once i figured things out, my sales get began to absolutely skyrocket. all right, so here we are in aliexpress and this is where we're going to be sourcing our products as well as finding the inspiration for products to add to our store. so i know, in most new beginning, um shopify, shopify store owners, um, you know you created your brand, um, you have an idea of, like, what your niche is, and it comes down to adding your products. and i think that's where a lot of people get stuck on, because they're not really sure, like, where to find products, as well as, like, what kind of products that they exactly want in the store. like, maybe you have an idea, but it's hard to like, kind of visualize it or, you know, try to hard to find a direction to where you can go and bring that idea into reality. so this is a really great starting point, especially for beginners and even, like in you know, intermediate or advanced shopify users. this is great. this is a great tool for you as well, because there's just always new products being added. so today we're going to be doing watches and then, once you enter the watches here, you can see multiple different watches. and first things first, before we even like look at anything, always click this four star reviews, uh, four stars and up. that way you take of, you know, filter out all the real, really bad items. uh, essentially, you only want high quality items that have been, you know, reviewed and have four stars and up. well, another thing to check for is you always want items that have, um, a high amount of ratings as well as a high amount sold. so this is great because it's 4.8. so i always like to do 4.5 and up and i always like to look for products that have a high amount sold as well, because sometimes you'll see a product that could potentially look good, so you'll see, like you like this, um, you'll see five stars and then, oh yeah, it's a great product, but then you see there's only 96 sold. so, um, you know there's more of a variable. so it could be a potentially a really great product but it also could be a little bit more risky depending on um, you know, just based off of the volume, you know 96 sold compared to 8 000 sold. you know 8 000 people have bought this item and some of life a lot left reviews, so that's what. and it still has a 4.8, so that's pretty solid. a 5.0 is kind of unrealistik, especially with only 96 sold. so that's, i would question this. and if you really like this product and you want to add it to your store and you don't, you're worried about the risk. another thing you can do is kind of just favorite it and just keep a track, keep an eye on it. so check it, maybe like a week or two, and see maybe moves up to like 200 sold and it still has like a 4.9 or 4.8 review, which is still solid, and then you can add that product to your store from there. and then one more tip: when you're kind of looking for a product, always keep in mind, you know, like i said earlier. when you open your store, you have an idea of, like what your brand is, what your mission is and what kind of aesthetik that you're going for. so keep that in mind when you're looking for your products, because your products represent you. so don't just add you know- multiple random products to your store in the hopes of you know one stiking and making a sale, because, yeah, that works. but you know, if you add like a bunch of different watches, like you say, you add you have a modern watch store and you add you know these antique watches, or you add like, uh, potentially like you know, uh, kid watches or something like that, like if you add like a frozen watch or something like that, it could potentially end up being a little bit more complicated for you. so you definitely don't want to do that. because think about it from a customer's point. if you went into a store and, um, say they're selling these kids watches, and then they sell this type of watch and then they're selling smart watches and you're kind of like, um, probably not the store, i would go to get a watch just because it seems like they have a lot going on and you know it's complicated. so, yeah, keep that in mind when you do, when you're adding products to your store, it's okay to take your time to get the right product versus, you know, just putting a bunch of products out there, because that's not really going to generate sales anyways. so, yeah, take your time, look through it, keep an idea of like, what kind of watches that or whatever you know niche is that fits your brand, and go from there. so let's look through here and try to find a product. so maybe we want to sell, like potential luxury watches- uh, this could be a potentially good product. so you know, super shiny, shiny. and obviously you know, don't be like, oh, it's a diamond watch, it's- um, you know, of course, it's crystal. so always be honest when you add these type of products to your store as well. and i think this is more of a women's watch, but that's perfectly fine. so let's say we want to add this watch to our store, so we add it to our store. but how do we get sales right? is that the million dollar question? like, okay, it's in my store, how do i get people to visit my store? how do i get people to want to buy my product, right? so when it comes down to that. it comes down to your marketing. so you can either go, you know, organic or paid. organic, of course, is going to be your seo: writing blog posts, doing backlinks and stuff like that and hoping that you show up and people search and stuff. and that does take, you know it's free, but it does take a lot of time. and, um, you know you want to get sales fast. you want to get your store running, so you don't want to wait months before you get your first sale. you want to get your first sale, you know, first week, as soon as possible, maybe second week or first month or whatever, but you want to get that first sale right. so in doing to get that first sale, you of course have to, um, do paid advertising. when it comes to paid advertising, of course you want to do something like facebook ads or something with like google ads or tiktok ads or snapchat ads, but in this case i always like to use facebook ads. so, say, i want to create a facebook campaign for this product, right? so i've found my product, i'm sourced my product. now i have to create a marketing campaign around my product. so this is how it would kind of go down. so i would hit create and then of course i would do buying type. i would always do auction and then conv.

Dropshipping Watches PROFITABLY in 2021

what's going on youtube wesley, here and today, i'm going to show you the method to drop shipping watches profitably in 2021, whether you have a physical or e-commerce store. so all you need to do right now is to sign up below for my new course, starting at only 678 dollars- and i'm totally kidding guys. i'm going to teach you the exact methods that these so-called gurus use to scale their stores, but what i'm not going to do is rip you off. i'm here to provide free content because i want you to open the store of your dreams, and all i ask is that you destroy that like button down below before we get this video started. and if you leave a comment below writing ad show winners, i'll send you a list of my favorite winning ecommerce products that i update every week. and no, it doesn't link to a course. yes, it's free, so don't even worry. and maybe you're just getting started and you're not sure what products to post that will do well, or maybe you tried out some products, but you just weren't getting any sales. i used to hate it also when i see the same product in a competing store and a little ringer showing who purchased it just kept going off every few minutes. it drove me absolutely crazy. but don't worry, once you find the process behind finding winning products, you'll already have won half the battle. and that's not all. i'm gonna show you my favorite strategies for making sure i'm able to test and scale my products for maximum conversions. because, hey, i've been there. back then there wasn't any guys like this and i kind of had to do a lot of trial and error and i legit had to hit the books. but once i figured these out, my sales began to absolutely skyrocket. so, starting off, we're gonna be on amazon and we're gonna go over to the best seller section and in this case, today, we're gonna be looking at watches. so what we're gonna do is actually go over here and filter down our niche over into clothing, shoes and jewelry and from there we're gonna go select men's and then we're gonna filter down to watches and, as you can see, you have a broad, uh array of various watches here and this will give you a good idea of like what you know products are doing really well. so amazon's best sellers list is essentially the best. obviously it's kind of self-explanatory, but the best-selling items. but the cool thing is it's updated every hour, so it's not like the best-selling items from last week or from last month. it's updated every hour, so if it's not doing well, it's going to be bounced off the list, and if it's doing really well and to stay under each hour, then that means it's a product that's really popular and it's selling really well, which is essentially the items that we would want. so, right here, we have our various watches here, and what we do here is kind of like a launching point to you know, uh, as we brainstorm for various different products. so you know you have your store, um, you know you have your brand, you have your idea, you have your aesthetik, you have your mission right, um, you know what's, you know what you want for your store. so, um, you know, use this as a nice starting point to get the inspiration juices flowing and then just kind of look through and, you know, find what fits your store, uh, what you think would sell well, and just kind of make notes of it. i like to think of like two or three items that seem to do really, uh, that catches my eye and i know would fit, you know, in my store for what i want to sell. so i'm just looking through and you know just kind of making a mental note of you know what is kind of popular, what's kind of trendy, the kind of designs that would look good, like this is kind of unique. so this might be something that would be interesting and just kind of getting an idea. so once you get the idea of this, you want to source your products. and when you source your products, we're going to go over here to aliexpress and this is where you can find, if you know, products for cheap that you can either drop ship or buy a bulk to sell in your stores. and this is how you get that. you know business 101, you know high roi and things such as that. so we're going to type in men's watches here. it's gonna give us a list of various, obviously men's watches and from here we can kind of filter down and, uh, you know, sort through what we essentially want. so of course i want items that are high quality. i don't want like low star, bad review items. so i want items that have four star reviews and up. so i click this and i have that filter up and ready to go and from then on i'm kind of feel more safe, i'm more protected, i can look at reviews as well. i can look at the rating here as well. so this is a good start. and then you know i have my list of items that i think would potentially be, you know, great sellers that could potentially crush it. and now i just kind of look through and again you can make another list, you know, of products that you think on this list that matches your list and so on, and just kind of make a note and then you know maybe you want to add them all in one night or maybe you want to add one product at a time and test. you know it's up to you really. so i'm kind of looking through products and you know this is pretty cool and this is pretty cool. so let's say, i, i see this and i kind of like the way this design looks and i think you know it's pretty cool. it shows off like the entire. you know the gears inside the watch and stuff like that. so i think this might be a really good product. it could be a potential winner. so let's say, you know i'm added to my store, you know i added it to my shopify store or um, i've ordered 100 of these in bulk and i just need to market it now. so what do i do from here? well, there's either paid market- paid paid advertising- or organic, organic marketing. so either you do either one. obviously paid, you have to spend money. organic is more. you know your seos and you know filling out your landing pages and trying to dr drive traffic to search, which you know it's great. um, it's something you should do on the side, but it does take time, especially with time to get you know the right keywords and the right traffic. and in more of a competitive market, such as watches, uh, paid advertising might be the better way to go, just because you know it gets people to your site faster, it gets people to see your, your items faster. and in the game of drop shipping, you know some items you know come and go really fast: what's trending, what's not trendy and things such as that. or if you have a really uh, you know you feel like you have a really good product and a unique niche, you definitely want to capitalize on it before you know everyone else hops on it as well. so definitely, uh, paid advertising is the way to go. and if you watch any of my videos, you know facebook advertising is my way to go. uh, google ads is good as well, but you know, i, if you click down below, i have various videos explaining why i like facebook ads more than google ads, and if you think otherwise, you know, put it down in the comments and we can have a little discussion about it. so, moving on from that, um, i want to post my campaign, obviously. so, you know, the traditional route would be to go over here to our ads manager and just kind of, you know, create a campaign and build a campaign from the ground up from here. this will usually take, you know, five to ten minutes, depending on how many assets and ads, um, you want or your audience's specifics and things such as that. so you can go from five to ten minutes. if you want something really broad and really fast, like one ad set- uh, you know, one campaign, one ad set and one ad- that'll take like five to ten minutes. but if you want to create multiple ad sets with various different audiences and various different ads with unique images and things such as that, it could take you, you know, 10 minutes to 4 hours, depending on how you want to do it. so in this case, i like to test items really fast, and i want to launch my products and campaigns as fast as possible, so for me, what i like to use is adchill's one minute product.


The 12 Best Shopify Store Examples To Inspire Entrepreneurs

if you're on the journey of building your own business, here are 12 exceptional shopify store examples to give you a bit of inspiration, and i'll also give you some tips on how you can get your store on their level. hi, i'm creative strategist michelle bally. i've helped countless small businesses create and optimize their shopify stores, so in today's video, we're going to be looking at some of the best stores out there and how you can apply these ideas to your own store. there are already set standards when it comes to how ecommerce sites are built, so look at what other brands are doing to follow best practikes for design, ux, navigational flow, on-site marketing, copywriting and photography. you don't need to recreate the wheel, but instead just get inspiration from other existing ecommerce stores, and that's going to save you some time and effort. so what i do when i'm creating an ecommerce store for a client is: i look at what's already out there, but i also keep in mind that nothing truly great and memorable in this world is a copy. so let's just look at these stores as a baseline, in no partikular order. let's hop into it all right. so let's start with spencer badu. spencer badu is a gender-neutral clothing label. his shopify store is really well optimized for mobile shopping. so let's take a look at why that is so. as you can see, his website is optimized for mobile, meaning things are fitting and flowing really nicely on the screen. it's important to design mobile first. designing mobile first means that you're starting off your designs by looking at it on a smaller screen and then looking at how it will appear on a desktop. this might feel backwards, but it is important because more and more people are using their phones to shop. to ensure that your website looks good on mobile, make sure that you're clicking this mobile view button right here as you're designing your store in shopify. alright, so jumping back to spencer's website, he includes an email signup form. it's also great that he includes only a few necessary fields, making this section as concise as possible, which is respectful of people's time when filling out the forms on mobile, and that's also going to lessen the likelihood of people just getting frustrated and exiting out. all right, so let's go shopping. so i'm gonna add this to the cart, and what i like is that he has a pop-up that allows you to tap to continue shopping. this makes it super easy for people on mobile to go back to the main shopping page. now this might seem like a simple addition, but the more seamless that you make your website with small editions, the longer you're going to keep a customer on your online store, and the longer people are on your online store, there's a better chance of a customer seeing that purchase confirmation page. so i'm ready to make a purchase. so let's see how this checkout experience is okay, wow. so this is really easy to quickly update what's in my cart by number or just by completely removing the item, and i have many options: to pay immediately or i can just continue to check out, and when i continue to check out, the form looks super simple and really easy to use. so the nice thing about shopify is that most themes, if not all, come with a pretty standard and pretty seamless checkout experience. whereas with other platforms, custom coding is involved, shopify has this feature already built in. the importance of having an online store that's really easy to use on mobile can be the difference between a lost sale and a purchase. so greenhouse juice co sells healthy, sustainable juices and their website is super functional. so let's take a look at it. all right, let's go over here to navigation. so they're using sub navigation, which helps clean up the main navigation and not make it look too cluttered, and now i can choose to shop by category. having intuitive navigation like this is extremely important in keeping people on your website longer. i know i've definitely rage quit a website because i just couldn't get to where i was going, so try using some of these common categories in your main nav: use shop about contact, the search function, blog and shopping cart in your sub navigation. include product categories different about topics like our story, faqs and locations. and then the footer nav is traditionally saved for items like privacy policy, refunds and shipping, faqs and wholesale inquiries. so a little bit of the drier stuff now. delivery will keep customers engaged during social distancing. delivery can be a logistikal nightmare both for the business and the customer, so they have done a really good job of just simplifying it here. they break down the process in detail and they have a zoning map and contact information for any questions. now i'd like to see more about how they built their store, so i'm going to go into an app called shopify inspector. this is a google chrome app that's free to install, and right off the bat i can see that they're using an app called lucky orange. lucky orange is a shopify app that gives you heat maps of where people are clicking and screen recordings of how people are using your website. you can literally see people shopping on your site with this app, and it's going to help you determine if you need to make any changes to your website so you might be able to see why people are leaving your store or if people are searching for things you just don't carry and if the checkout process is too long. when you get in front of the screen and start building your shopify store, keep these tips in mind and make your store as functional as possible. all right, let's take a look at half moon. they sell yoga props and wellness accessories, and this store has done an amazing job of finding a niche category of products to sell. they went from the general topic of health and wellness, distilled it down to yoga and then they boiled it down even further to props for yoga. now the result of this for any business is a loyal, engaged and focused following. by stiking to a niche, they've also opened themselves up for opportunity to wholesale. you can see that they have a wholesale portal that is password protected. wholesaling is a great way to diversify your revenues, so if you're looking to create a wholesale portal like this one, check out shopify apps like wholesaler and wholesale club. okay, let's head over to vitale. vitale is a jewelry brand with experimental designs. now, the reason that i wanted to visit this page is because they have stunning visuals. look at these lifestyle photos. the styling, the lighting, choice of models and the choice of set are all super well thought out. look at these colors and the camera angles. they've even incorporated the use of video with special effects. now, we all know that video keeps people engaged longer, so make sure that you're including video on your website. this video here is a lifestyle video, meaning the focus is on the feeling of the brand rather than just shoving product imagery down your throat. the reason that this lifestyle content is so effective is because it allows a consumer's ego to identify with a brand's personality. this type of marketing is more complex and definitely more conceptual, as opposed to rolling out a product demo video that you might find on the shopping channel. their product photos are also amazing. it's hard to tell, but i believe they're using a mix of 3d rendering and photography. so, all in all, storytelling through photography will not only increase your store's conversion rate, but a customer's loyalty and how they're going to relate to you as a brand. silk willow is a sustainable wedding decor online store. one thing that they do super well is their level of customer service through customized orders. they have a separate page for custom orders, and the form includes space for customers to narrate what they need verbally and visually through the use of inspirational photos. so this solution of digitally intaking potential customers is a great experience for the client, rather than endless emails back and forth.

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How I made $1 Million in a DAY on Shopify

hey guys, greta, here and today i am going to be chatting with you about what led to me doing a one million dollar revenue day for one of my four multi-million dollar ecommerce brands, [Music]. so this was for my second e-commerce brand, the fifth watches. by this point, i had been in e-commerce with my first brand scheme, et, for three years. it was december 2014.. i remember we received the watches the second or third of december and we're like: well, we're called the fifth, we may as well wait until the fifth to launch. and we're like: yeah, sounds good. at this point, we were just going to be selling our watches every day and we launched the brand. we had around 70 000 instagram followers on instagram when we launched, which was like a really large following at the time and now- and i'll get back to you on how we went about growing that following- but at the time, yeah, we launched- we had about 70 000 instagram followers. we had about 8 800 people signed up to our waitlist. we went live and we ended up selling out of all of our stok on the first day of sales. so we had, like i think, 1 200 watches to sell. so we did over a hundred thousand dollars in revenue on the first day of sales, and it was actually my co-founder, alex's birthday as well, so pretty sure it was like his best birthday ever. but the issue was that now we're sold out of watches and our followers and our subscribers, the people on our waitlist, had already been waiting for like a couple of months as we were kind of building our following and building a bit of hype around the brand while we were going through the manufacturing process. so they'd been waiting a couple of months and people were getting pretty fed up with waiting and we're like, oh, oh, now everyone is kind of going to hate our brand. they're not even going to, you know, they're not going to wait around and buy from us. like we've lost, you know, those 7 000 people. we may as well just start over and start waiting. you know, building the next kind of list for the next launch, and then we kind of sat down and workshopped it out. so i remember we were in the kitchen and we were toking that and i was like, oh well, we're called the fifth. we launched on the fifth. we sold out in, yes, a day. but what if we sent an email out to the rest of the people that missed out saying: okay, we're called the fifth and little did you know, or well, actually, even we know that at the fifth we only sell our watches on the fifth of each month for five days or until sold out previously. so it's really important that you're on our wait list because it means you'll be notified first when we're back in stok again next month on the fifth. because we already actually had our second round of product pre-ordered, because once we got to that many sign-ups and that many followers on insta, we were like we realized about a month out before that, because it was about a two month lead time to get the watches, we realized, oh, we better order a bit more stok. we only have, you know, this amount and this many people are waiting. we ended up actually ordering that. so we were going to get the watches like in another like three and a half weeks or something. we were like, okay, we'll make sense. now we can say that. so that actually ended up accidentally becoming the kind of central, unique value proposition of the entire brand. it helped position us in the market, whereas before that we were just like these cool, minimal watches. now we were exclusive and now we were focusing a lot on scarcity and that was driving a lot of perceived value for our brand as well, because traditionally a lot of designer items are exclusive because they're expensive. you know that four thousand dollar handbag is exclusive because not that many people can afford it, therefore not that many people have it, and that adds the exclusivity and increases perceived value. we were exclusive because we were only available for a limited amount of time. so that limited sales model not only increased the exclusivity but it increased demand through scarcity as well, and we had a really, really strong compelling reason to have to sign up during the month. so basically, for 25 days a month we would be collecting leads or emails any way that we could kind of notify our customer that we were like going to launch or go live. so we would do things like send out calendar invites. if text message had been a thing at the time, we would have been able to do text blasts. we had push notifications enabled through our website. we had all these different kind of means to let people know that we were launching. on the fifth and on the fourth. what we basically do is we would shut down our website. we'd lock it with a password and only people who had signed up to our wait list would send the password so that created a really, like i said, strong, compelling reason to sign up each month, or you wouldn't even be able to access the store, let alone, you know, buy a watch for the first. you know not. i think it was nine- yeah, it was nine hours, from midnight australian eastern standard time until 9: 00 am. we'd kind of give our wait list like a head start on the store and most of the time, as the months kind of progressed and went by, we were selling out like almost instantly. it's like some products would sell out in like a minute or two. it was almost like a music festival or like a concert where you like stay up really late on like tiker tik and like keep refreshing until suddenly the tikets go online. or people are like willing to line up like around the whole block and wait all night to get something. because we launched at midnight australian time. people would literally like set their alarms on their phone. that was one of our main methods of notifying people. it would be like set your alarm and that works for like a lot of different brands. i even saw mecca, which is a big makeup brand in australia. one of their email subjects the other day was: like: launch tomorrow, set your alarm, sort of thing. so i think once people have gone to kind of the effort of setting their alarm, waking up at like an awkward hour especially, they're pretty likely to buy something like i'll conversion rates for the first hour would be like unheard of. like 90 percent conversions, like just crazy things like that. and as we were building up to our kind of million dollar day, i guess, like each month, we understood that the more emails that we got, the more money that we ended up making. in the following month, when i was building skinny meti, i just kept focusing on the things that were working. so, like building a larger instagram following meant that we were, you know, when we were posting more, making more sales and working with more and more influencers. at the fifth, we worked with influences from day one. when we were ordering a sample of our watch, we actually ended up ordering 50 samples. some of them didn't even work, but we sent them out to 30 influences before we even launched the brand, and these were all either influencers who i had relationships with from already working with them with skinny me tea friends of mine that had reach or influences that just really kind of jumped at the idea of getting one of these watches early before everyone else. and so we had this great bank of content before we launched which we could, um, push out to our instagram following and a lot of hype and buzz. so we kind of let them know one would be launching and if they could do a post that day, that would be like ideal. and so we had all these different influences posting at the same time, generating all this hype, helping us build trust with a new brand. at the same time we had 70 000 followers which, as i said, we converted about 8 800 across into our email subscribers, who were all there just to buy watches. so a lot of the time, brands that are launching might kind of kid themselves with their metrics a little bit. they're like: i've got a thousand sign ups, like it's gonna be fine, but you have to be sure that they're warm leads, like if they've signed up to win a pair of nike runners and then

Reviewing a Subscriber's Shopify Store! HONEST Review of a Dropshipping Store

Hey guys, Today I'm going to be doing a highly requested video. I'm going to be doing a store review of one of the Wholesale Ted subscribers. Bosstik left a comment on one of our videos asking for a review and pointers for their site. Now, truthfully, when you're doing a store review, there is a lot to analyze, and I've had some complaints recently about the longer videos that we create on this channel. To stop this video from getting horrendously long, I have decided to limit how much I analyze and tok about three major aspects of the store. One, the store design and branding. Two, the products listed in the store. Three, the product listings and descriptions. All right, and, Bosstik, hopefully you won't mind my honest advice- Let's jump straight into it. One, the store design and branding. When it comes to dropshipping, having a nicely designed store definitely helps, but the honest truth is that it is not the most important thing. The most important thing is the marketing: Getting the right product in front of the right customer who will want to impulse purchase it. While branding and design do do, though, is they help build trust. Now, there are other ways to build trust, but branding and design definitely helps. Let's take a look at their store: The watch destination. Something that I'm immediately struck by here is that there is no logo. Logos really help give your store a brand, a personality, a character, so I would definitely add one. Next off we scroll down, This homepage looks quite empty. It makes the store look kind of unfinished, which makes it difficult to trust it. Adding in different product categories and showing off more product on this page would definitely help it look bigger and more legitimate. In addition, taking a look at the categories on the site, I can see they are selling watches for men, women and children. yet the store design would be unlikely to appeal to a female or to someone who was looking to purchase a watch for their child. On the homepage there is only a male represented in the picture. The color scheme and design is what you'd expect from a somewhat classy male clothing or accessory store. If you do plan to test ads for the female watches and the children watches, you're gonna be a really big disadvantage from the start because the branding does not fit them, which also brings me to my next point. This branding is quite generic. Remember what we've been toking about a lot on Wholesale Ted these past few months: Impulse purchases are key to dropshipping. Why would someone purchase from you rather than their local mall? The reason why they purchase from you is because they think that they're getting something unique, Something special that they can't get elsewhere. The stok image, this lack of logo, this generic color scheme- it screams I am a wannabe male accessory site. There is nothing special about me, and if there is nothing special about you, why would they buy from you? Now, in saying that, though, there is something a bit special about you that I can see. That is that 30% of your profits are apparently going to charity. The thing, though, is that this is not a good substitute for a brand. This doesn't immediately make you special, because the truth is, why should I care that 30% of the profits are going towards charity unless we care about that charity or unless we believe in your cause? the truth is is that most customers would have their items just be cheaper, but there is no mention on the homepage about what charity you're even donating to, or a story about why you are and why we should care. If we come over to the about our cause page, it's pretty empty. All it says is that you're donating to a new charity every month and you list it. There is no mention about why you are doing this, Without a story behind why you are doing this and why the customer should care. the truth is is that they would much rather just go to another watch store that are selling watches that are cheaper and, truthfully, as of now, the fact that you haven't explained your mission, that I can't see any reason for this at all, would actually make me trust you less, because I wouldn't actually know if i could believe you when you say that the profits are going towards charity. The truth is that I do think that the branding and design of the store needs a little bit more work. Again, websites don't have to look fancy to convert. they just need to have something that makes them look a little bit original, Give them a little bit of a unique style. This can be achieved quite easily with a very basic design. if you've got cool items listed, if you have a niche, specific color scheme and a custom logo, All right. Let's move on to what is arguably the most important part of the store Two, the products listed in the store. Good products that connect with the customer and make them feel something emotionally are key. Let's take a look at Bosstiks product selection. I have decided to start off on the men's category, since this is clearly the primary category for the store. Something that I'm super happy to see is that a lot of products have been added to the store, which is great because, honestly, most people give up and they only add a few products to their store because they get old. Something that's also nice here is that the featured image for each of the watches listed on this page has the product on a white background. This is something that Amazoncom has actually tested quite extensively. They have found that this can greatly improve conversions for clothing and accessories. For other categories it is less important, but when it comes to clothing and accessories, customers do have an expectation that it's going to be laid out like this, so it makes it look a lot more professional. The issue that I have with these watches, though, is that I find them quite boring. To be fair, I am a female and these are male watches, but they don't look very exciting and they look like- well, just watches. I mean, yes, they look like nice watches, but ultimately they're just watches. To help you understand what I mean, let's take these two mugs here. This one here is a mug. It's a perfectly nice mug. it's got a fine design on it and it's pretty easy to sip coffee out of it, but compare it to this mug. This isn't just a nice mug, it's a super unique mug. When you drink out of this mug here, it turns your face into a cat. Someone that likes cats and likes cute things would take a look at this and think "Wow, This is super cool". In fact, it's so cool that it inspires people to tag their friends in posts that are advertisements so they can show it off to them. When you're choosing your products, don't just choose nice products. Stop and think "Hey, What niche does this product appeal to? Is there a partikular type of customer out there that would stop and take a look at your product and think, wow, I really, really want that"? Coming back, let's go and take a look at the female watches. The truth is that this category has a bit more potential. Like, take a look at this watch here. I'm fairly certain that this specific watch [inaudible, 00:06:58] has had a fair bit of success in advertising, but don't quote me there. This watch, though, it has a lot more potential. Why? Well, because it's specifically appeals to people that are interested in traveling the world. This watch over here. it also has a lot more potential. Why Well? the fact that it appeals to people that love peacocks, This watch? it also has a lot more potential because, guess what? It appeal to people that like sailing. These other watches, though I can tell you from a female perspective that they would not inspire, or, basically, anyone else that I know. There are a few watches on here that have potential, but the vast majority are just simply not exciting enough. Something important to note, though, is that you can add boring products like this to your store if you want to fill it out and make it look bigger. It definitely works in that regard.

Ultimate Guide To Dropshipping Watches (2020)

what's going on YouTube. Wesley, here and today, I'm going to show you the ultimate guide to drop shipping watches in 2020. so I need to do right now is sign up below for my new course, starting at only 486 dollars, and I'm totally kidding guys. I'm gonna teach you, guys, the exact methods that these so-called gurus used to scale their stores, but what I'm not going to do is rip you off. I'm here to provide free content because I want you to open the store of your dreams, and all I ask is that you smash the like button down below before we get this video started, and if you leave a comment below writing add chill winners, I'll send you a list of my favorite winning ecommerce products that I update every week. and no, it doesn't link to a course. yes, it's free, so don't even worry. so maybe you're just getting started and you're not sure what products to post that will do well. or maybe you tried out some products, but you just weren't getting any sales, and I used to hate it. also, when I see the same products in a competing store and that little ringer showing who purchased it just kept going off every few minutes. it drove me crazy. but don't worry, once you find out the process behind finding winning products, you already have won half the battle, and that's not all. I'm gonna show you my favorite strategies for making sure I'm able to test and scale my products for maximum conversions. because, hey, I've been there. back then there wasn't any guides like this and I kind of had to do a lot of trial and error and sometimes I had to hit the books like legit hit the books. but once I figured things out, my sales began to skyrocket. so what you actually want to do when you first start out is try to find a trending, watched product that will, you know, suit your brand in store. so what you gonna do- most people don't realize this amazon's bestseller is a good, good option for this scenario, just because we want designs that are trendy, right. so how you find it is, there's actually no like watch niche right here, so you're actually gonna have to kind of go into different sections and find it. so what you actually have to do here is go to clothing, shoes and jewelry, and then we're gonna do men's watches just for the sake of this video. and then we're gonna do men's and then go over here to watches and boom, here we go- the best-selling men's watches right now. so our watch bands are really popular. so if you want to do the ad for your store, that's a good idea. but let's kind of look through, like though you know, different styles and stuff and see for and see what we can use for our store when we, you know, when it's our turn to add stuff. so this looks pretty cool. it's a minimal, minimalistik watch and you know good reviews, over two thousand four hundred sixty-six old, so this is a good design. I like it. um, you could also try a digital watches, but digital watches like this are kind of a more Hardware category, just because most people prefer to use the bigger brands like Samsung and Apple. so I'd stik to like quartz watches like this or like maybe digital workout watches or something like that, where, like something like this, a Casio g-shock and stuff like that, so stakes, of course, watches, just because there's a lot of variety, especially later on when you're searching for products. so just you know, keep in mind some of these designs that are doing really good. so this looks pretty cool. so we have a few options. so just kind of note it on the side, like what designs that are doing good here that you feel like in best suit your store. and what actually we're actually gonna do now is go over here to Aliexpress and then we're gonna find our products that we feel best suits our store. so what we're gonna do here is go to jewelry and watches and go over to quartz watches and kind of check out what they have here. so already I could see one that I you know, that we saw earlier. that looks pretty cool. so what I'm actually gonna do is kind of filter things, just to narrow it down. so what I like to do is do four stars and up, because I want products that have high reviews and then also, if you kind of have like, um, you want to, you know, have a certain profit margins and stuff, you can definitely do like a max price or a minimum price if you don't want something too cheap, depending on you know how you want to do your business. but I'm gonna leave my normal just because I'm just trying to find, you know, a nice looking product. and maybe I want to do like fast shipping or something if I want to get the products here fast, you know. but let's say, shipping is on a rush right now and we just kind of look for products. so, after this word, can kind of browse through it and see what products we like. so this one doing pretty good, oh, and then what we're gonna look for is hi reviews and also high amounts sold. so this is a product that I feel like can do really good, and so I'm actually gonna select it and open it in a new tab. and then I'm gonna look for two more products that I want to test out. so I have one here and let's see- and I won't- I'm not gonna do all of like the same design just because I want to test out three different products just to see, like you know, which one will do better in our tests. so, um, this one looks pretty good, has 4,000 sold, and then it has good reviews too, so I'm gonna open it. it kind of has that like g-shock style, so maybe that'll do really well. and then I'm gonna do another one where it's just kind of like like this old-timey classic look maybe, or like this. but let's kind of look through it a little bit. definitely, take your time in this aspect. I'm for the sake of video. I'm kind of just looking through the first page. but yeah, you can take. you take as long as you need to find products that best suit your brand and your style of things, because you know yours, everybody's story's different, so what you feel like will best suit your style, you know. just go for it and try it out if you want to test it. so this one has 6000 sold and decent reviews too. obviously. four point eight, so that's pretty good. and then BOOM, so we have three watches right here. so one, two, you know all right, and then they all have really nice pictures. this one even has a video- so that's perfect- of three different styles that we could test out. so what you want to do now is um just, you know there's different routes you can go. obviously. you can just um add it to your Shopify store, or what other, or your Squarespace store, if you want to use that. whichever store you want, you can add it to the store and then just run your choice of PPC campaigns, whether that be Google Ads, Facebook ads or something else. I'm gonna show you my favorite tool to use right now, which would be the edge: hold one minute product launcher. so what's cool about this is I'm gonna be able to be able to create three different campaigns for each individual watch and three different ads for each individual watch in a short amount of time, just because- and it's gonna be- it's a real game-changer for me, cuz you know, to take time to create three individual Facebook campaigns and separate audiences and things like that it'll take forever. so, just for the sake of time, I just want to get these products out, just to you know gauge how people will receive it, you know. so, first things first, I'm gonna copy this one and then I'm gonna go over here and just plug the Lincoln, when what agile is doing right now is just taking all of the information from that Aliexpress link and compiling it into a Facebook campaign ad for us. so we have our picture, we have our title, we have our audience, we have a demographic and we have our somewhere where we can put our copy. so what we're gonna do now is just kind of filter today pictures- what if I want to? but I'd like all the pictures here, and then I don't want this giant keywords magnet. so I'm just gonna put like something simple. and then, right here we have different audiences and it's cool is that add chill finds these audiences based off of the ollie Express link. so it's audiences that actual things b.