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Shopify Water Bottle Print-on-Demand

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Joe Robert from POD Ninjas reviews stainless steel water bottles from Printify in this product review. He rates the product on five different categories, including price, shipping and fulfillment time, design and product match, quality, and mockups. The water bottle costs $14.93 but with a Printify premium account, it costs $11.49. The shipping and fulfillment cost $4, but it is quick. The design and product match is rated 5 out of 5 because the mockups are easy to create and look like the real product. The quality is rated 5 out of 5, and the mockups are rated 5 out of 5 because they sell the product. The overall rating is 4.6 out of 5 ninja stars. Joe Robert recommends the product and suggests adding it to a print on demand store. To see the full review, go to POD Ninjas website.


Hey, what's going on ecom dominator Cynthia here! In today's video, I'm going to show you how to start selling print on demand tumblers on Shopify. This is part of my print on demand series where I pick one product and show you how to find your suppliers, some design tips, and how to create your ad so that you can drive traffic to your website. So far, I've created a video on how to sell canvas prints, hats, leggings, and a few other ones.

- In this video, I will be showing you how to start selling print on demand tumblers on Shopify.

- This is part of my print on demand series where I provide tips on finding suppliers, design, and ad creation.

- Print on demand is a business model where you don't need to invest in inventory. You only need

How to Sell Reusable Water Bottles with Printful 2021

- Over 500 billion plastic bottles are used every year

- 38 million single-use plastic bottles end up in American landfills annually

- Offering sustainable alternatives can help deal with this issue

- The global reusable water bottle market was valued at USD 61.74 billion in 2020

- Printful offers tips for selling stainless steel water bottles


- Printful offers 17oz or 500ml reusable water bottles made from high-grade stainless steel

- The bottle is insulated and suitable for hot and cold liquids

- It has an odorless and leak-proof cap

- UV printing creates crisp and detailed designs

- Designs can be printed on each side separately or as a seamless wraparound design

- Transparent backgrounds are recommended for a more organic look

- The print file should be exported in JPEG or PNG format with at least 300 DPI


- Stainless steel water bottles are a great evergreen product

- They can be bundled with other items to create separate collections

- They can be bundled with eco-friendly products to highlight their environmental benefits

- Transparency with customers about environmental benefits is important

- Market research can help improve brand messaging, store structure, and pricing

- Keyword research is important for optimizing product titles and descriptions

- Augmented reality filters on Instagram can be used to promote products and create a personalized experience

- Selling sustainable alternatives like stainless steel water bottles can help address the issue of plastic waste

- Printful offers high-quality reusable water bottles and tips for marketing them effectively

- Market research, keyword research, and transparency with customers are important for success in this niche

- Instagram's augmented reality filters can be used to promote products and create a personalized experience for customers.

[SHOPIFY] How To Sell Personalized Print On Demand Tumblers & Drinkware

Selling Personalized Print-on-Demand Insulated Tumblers with Shopify

- Print-on-demand is the best online business model right now

- Allows you to sell a variety of products without any upfront costs

- Personalization takes products to the next level

Why Sell Personalized Tumblers

- Tumblers are already popular print-on-demand products

- Personalization makes them unique and allows customers to customize with their own images and text

- Low risk and high profit potential

How to Sell Personalized Tumblers

1. Install the Tsunami Print-on-Demand app

2. Go to the product section and select drinkware and tumblers

3. Choose a style and add it to your store

4. Promote the product like any other product

Over-the-Shoulder Tutorial

1. Install the Tsunami Print-on-Demand app

2. Select the product section and choose drinkware and tumblers

3. Choose a style and set your selling price

4. Allow personalization and publish to your store

5. Customers can personalize with their own images and text

- Print-on-demand plus personalization is a winning combination

- Tsunami makes it easy to sell personalized products without any upfront costs or inventory

- Follow the four-step process to start selling personalized tumblers today!

【網店攻略 】Print on Demand 網店詳細教學 2022 (上)| 如何零成本開自家品牌網店賺取被動收入? | Print on Demand 生意模式能夠輕鬆建立自家品牌!幾乎零存貨!

- Print on demand is a popular method of creating and selling customized products.

- Shopify and Printful are two platforms that offer print on demand services.

- In this article, we will discuss the features and benefits of Printful and how to use it with Shopify.

Benefits of Printful:

- Offers a wide range of products, including home living, coffee mugs, and decoration.

- Provides various printing techniques and guidelines for design creation.

- Offers product templates and mockups for easy customization.

- Easy integration with Shopify and other e-commerce platforms.

- User-friendly dashboard for managing orders and products.

Using Printful with Shopify:

- Sign up for a Printful account and connect it to your Shopify store.

- Choose product templates and customize them with your designs.

- Proceed to mockups and preview your products before submitting them to your store.

- Set prices and descriptions for your products and add them to collections.

- Submit your products to your Shopify store and start selling.

- Printful is a reliable and user-friendly print on demand service that offers a wide range of products and customization options.

- Integrating Printful with Shopify is easy and allows for seamless management of products and orders.

- By using print on demand services like Printful, entrepreneurs can create and sell customized products without the need for inventory or upfront costs.

10 Shopify Print On Demand Products You've Never Seen (Maybe)

Print on demand is all about profit margins, and choosing the right products to sell is crucial. By selecting unique, high-quality items, you can outperform competitors and attract impulse buyers.

10 Awesome Print on Demand Products for Your Car:

1. Car seat covers - available through Pillow Profits, Printify, and Subliminator apps, these can be sold for a high price and offer a great profit margin.

2. License plate covers - also available through Pillow Profits, these can be customized with niche designs and sold for a reasonable price.

3. Car air fresheners - from T Launch, these can be sold in bundles to maintain profitability and come in unique scents like bacon.

4. Auto sun shades - another Pillow Profits option, these can be printed with designs to showcase a niche and sold for a good profit.

5. Pet seat covers - for dogs or cats, these Pillow Profits products come in two sizes and can be sold for a high price.

6. Back seat organizers - available through Pillow Profits, these can help parents keep their car organized and can be customized with designs.

7. Headrest covers - while profit margins may be lower, these can be a logical addition to a car-themed store.

8. Seat belt covers - another potential upsell product, these can be sold for a reasonable price but may not offer high profit margins.

9. Steering wheel covers - also available through Pillow Profits, these can be a great upsell option for a higher-priced lead product.

10. Car floor mats - a great upsell product to pair with a lead item like car seat covers, these can be sold for a good profit margin.

By selecting unique, high-quality print on demand products for your car-themed store, you can attract impulse buyers and outperform competitors. While some products may offer better profit margins than others, they can all be effective upsell options to complement a lead product like car seat covers.


Are you interested in starting your own print on demand business? If so, you're in luck! In today's tutorial, we'll be discussing how to start selling printified sports bottles using Printify as your trusted fulfillment supplier. Printify has over 250 products to choose from and provides an amazing platform for you to easily upload your designs, customize different colors, set your prices, and publish your products to your store in minutes.

In this article, we'll cover the following topics:

## Introduction ##

- Explanation of print on demand business model

- Benefits of using Printify as your fulfillment supplier

## Step-by-Step Process ##

1. Picking a niche

2. Registering with Shopify

3. Registering with Printify

4. Uploading your design and creating your first product

5. Creating a professional-looking ad to advertise your product

6. Setting up a Facebook ad

## Additional Resources ##

- Websites to find designers for your designs

- A list of popular print on demand niches

- Instructions for customizing your Shopify store

## Conclusion ##

Selling print on demand sports bottles is a great product to sell in any niche, and many people purchase these bottles as gifts. With Printify's help, you can easily start your own print on demand business without having to own any physical inventory or equipment. By following our step-by-step process and utilizing additional resources, you can successfully launch your own print on demand sports bottle business.

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