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shopify website design agency

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Working with a Shopify agency - Web & Graphic Design

[Applause]. [Music]. [Music]. all right, guys, now we're joined by ashley, who is the web and graphic designer here at zybar. hey, ashley, how are you? i'm good, thanks. how are you guys? not too bad. thank you for joining us on the on the hot seat. tell us a little bit about yourself, right? so, like they said, i'm ashley and i am the web and graphic designer at cyber. primarily, i create and design the ecommerce websites that we have here, and i work closely with the project manager and the developers and also sometimes work um on email campaigns as well. we're designing that so everything looks seamless, and it does. it does look seamless, so that's a good way of putting it. we had fleur on the show just before, so let's kind of jump into that. you know fleur's toking to the client, gets everything that she needs to get from the client and then just gives it to you. really, i guess, take us through what happens next when a project manager puts a brief in front of you. yeah, so once we um get the brief from the project manager, i run through it with um, her fleur, and then um from there. if the client has some themes that they have looked at, that they want, we'll go research it a bit more or, if they don't mind, we'll um start from fresh and go through the shopify themes. the next step from there is we'll gather their brand guidelines, their logo, color palettes, fonts. if they don't have images, we'll look for stok ones that are on brand- so that's really important- and then jump into figma, which is the tool we use for designing the websites, and create an asset board which has the buttons, colors, like the whole, a lot of everything that will be helpful for the designer and develop developers, and then, um, yeah, we'll just start gridding the theme to match our design and, yeah, that's pretty much it in a nutshell. nice, nice, um. so obviously all sorts of projects are completely different. you'll have some customers who have a clear direction as to what they're looking for and some that, if there's bizarre vision in their mind which they can't actually translate so from from your side, um, obviously, in that consultation, we try to extract as much info from the customer as possible. um, but if there's not really a clear design direction, like what are some of the things that you do to, you know, just get a feel and and try to get it as accurate as possible as to what you think that customer is looking for? yeah, that's a really good question, because you do kind of stumble across clients who some know exactly what they want and other people, other clients- they're kind of like on the fence and they're not 100 sure what. i just want a new website, yeah. so it's really hard when it comes to the design stage, because you may like something and they might not like it. so we, um, what i would suggest is looking at your competitors and seeing how you can stand out from them, and then, um, yeah, when you have the initial meeting with the project managers, to really give them everything, so then we can translate it into a design and it's one that hopefully they'll love. what about? what about when you've worked with a strategist looking at data does? does data do anything for you? yeah, data is really good. that i've learned from working at cyber. so, um, yeah, once we kind of get the brief, it's also really good to chat to the project managers and learn about what pages customers or their users are landing on. um, so then you can always use like call to actions and um, strategically place them on the website, so that, um, yeah, that you're kind of getting the whole flow and the customers are going from start to end and purchasing, yeah, which i know that you've also, you know, written a brief about why you've designed something that way and why you put that cta in theirs from that data. but then sometimes merchants don't see it that way. right, they still want the big pink square button right in the middle there. so, yes, yeah, yeah, the challenges in our role, well, and then obviously that gets represented back to the customers, kind of a first round once it's all in place. i've never actually been in, uh, in a design revision meeting. what are some of the things you guys go through with the customer there? so typically it'll be the project manager and myself and um flash, you'll run through the figma file and you can actually present it so it looks like a flat website, so you can't click anything, so they can view it how it would look like on their screen. and, um, you can comment on the design. so we'll pop a few comments if there's any changes, um tweaks, we can shuffle sections around and at the end of the day, it's really, really important that we like do as less vision revisions as we can. why is that budget? oh right, that's right. yeah, people- clients- want to go live. yes, that's right. yeah, for merchants: listening got some really good advice coming from a designer on you know what type of brief they should give or you know what they should do in a revision meeting with you. so, to start off with, what they should give us is their brand guidelines and um, in there has all their colors, typography, icons and we'll use that and we'll translate that into web design. so if anything that they come across say, oh, we don't like that, but then we can go back and say, oh, it's in your brain guidelines, we think we should definitely use this to keep it consistent through your social media. if they've got printed collateral, um, something that they can do in the revision stage is look at it and then come back to it as well, or get friends and family to have a look at it and have another set of eyes. um, we'll also do the mobile versions as well. so we start with desktop and then go to mobiles and sometimes clients they say, oh, but their mobile view is a way higher, so we'll make sure that we do both of them at the same time as well. great, yeah, they're much, because it's it's the one. there's a tangible thing that i guess they can see it right. everything else is digital, so they're like they get really passionate about that design. what are some of the key things? because i know in the initial consultation you jump in when we sort of start looking at designs and that sort of thing. what are the key things you're looking at? when the customer is sort of going through their competitors etc. what are the things you're looking at? i'm looking at making sure they don't want to copy their, because sometimes they just want to be like. i want to be like them. that's great. all birds- how often do we hear that? can i have the all birds while they're on the website, the all birds website? so, making sure that they? yeah, they know that we can make them look like that, but ten times better, so they're still yeah, yeah, nice and um, you know. speaking of customer preparedness, uh, what are some of the things they? i know we tok about brand guidelines, but i know content is really important, right? [Music]? some examples of good content: bad content. i would recommend a photographer like. imagery is so, so important. if you go to a website and the images are blurry or they just look low res, yeah, probably not going to purchase from them or if they don't look the best quality. so that's why i always say: like images just make your design look 10 times better and definitely worth the investment as well, because you can use it on social media. yeah, that's what i always say to customers too. photography is so important. the types of tools that you use in your day-to-day job. where do you get inspiration from? tell us a little bit about that. so, like i said earlier, we use figma, so it's like an interface, collaborative tool. that, um, is really awesome because, um, the whole team can look at it, can view it, it can edit it. so it helps with the devs and the designer and also project managers. um, is it as powerful as photoshop? they're quite two different things. yeah, so i used to love adobe illustrator, which falls under creative cloud, um, and that's what i used to do, like years ago: make websites and that the design, yeah, but now coming and working in figma, like i would never design a website in illust.

How much Money $$ Developers make from Shopify + Agencies ?

[Music]. hello, in this video I'm going to show you how much money shall fight developer and should wait agencies are going to make out of show fight. this is going to be a short video, so I'm going to try to show you some of the companies that are going to build up and some of the shockwave agencies all the way to make money. so I will show you practikal example of them. so here we go, if I come to the shop while you are here. so in the episode there are a hundred and thousands of small apps that are fixing some of the missing feature in Shopify. of course, most of software clients need to have, like a smart website, so that's why they are going to use these apps to fix those issues that so if I don't give you. there are so many missing feature in Shopify, so maybe one of these apps can be yours in the future. so for now I will show you two apps here. one of them is popular and the other one is a little pricey and you might be surprised how many people install them and use them despite the fact, like, how much they are pricey and how easy it is to make if you are a developer. one of them is called product filter and search. this app is popular and I like it because this is going to give you a nice search feature. it is like Al gulia. so what the app is going to cost, I'm not going to see how the app is going to do so- the app will cost $90 per month. if you have 1,000 product, it is good. if you have, let's see, mm, mm. 2500 product, then you must use the other prong, which is $29, and I'm sure if you have a store- most of them, most of the time you are- products might exceed more than 500 thousand. that's why most people use this one and imagine how many people are going to it for the app. if, let's say, 498 of them give review, I think 50 percent of people give reviewed. other one do not give any reviews. so let's see how many people they have, how many customers they have who are using the store and you are making a lot of money out of their app. so all they have to do is just support their app and they are going to generate money for them monthly, which is a lot of money and it is not I'm payment and like word, please, some of WordPress plugins. so this is one of the popular apps and Shopify. the other one is not too popular, but this is very pricey. this is called full sixty- shockable in a serum. if I scroll down to the pricing, it costs $50 per month, and this is for one side and this is not all the features. if you are going to use the complete feature, you have to be 300, and I have seen some of our clients. they are using this, the complete plan here, and they are paying 300, which is more than shop five monthly payment, but it still they use it because they need it. it is not too difficult. all it is going to do is it is going to bring some of this shoppable Instagram post through your website. and there are some other feature analytiks. if you're a developer, that is that is very easy to make, so, but these people have made the app and there are a lot of customer who are using their app. so let's come to the next section, which is going to be the themes that people are stealing. you might check out themeforestnet. they are selling shop fighting for $60 maximum, like they have $30, $20 also so. but there is a website called out of the box, they are shocked by partner and they are selling their team on four hundred and fifty dollar. 350, 350, that is Shopify team and every license is four hundred and fifty dollar and this website is so popular. I think they still more than 50 item lists, the 50 team per day. I'm not sure and just just as estimation, but they are selling a lot of product I am sure and that's why, like, if an historian, Shopify is going to make least a 20,000 per day, 400 is nothing. they are going to pay for a team if the team is worthy of that. so how about Shopify agencies, the people who are making team from scratch, from start to finish? those team are going to cost between 20 to $50,000 and I'm toking about US dollar. like some Shopify stores it cost. like, if you want to build a software store for any brand, it will cost fifty to seventy-five thousand dollars to build them. you know I have built websites for $300 in the past for people. 300. yeah, that has nothing. using WordPress, you just do a little customization and basically stuff. but I have not seen people charge seventy five thousand us dollar for Shopify is tours. the reason: brands, big brands- are going to pay money because they want a unique product. that's why it is very important for them. so if someone is making a team from scratch for any client- and that is going to be a very customized team- that will cost between 20 to $75,000. and if someone is going to customize anything, let's say you buy a team from any store and you customize it. of course, the teams that you are going to buy it does not have everything out of the box. you will have to add more features, you have to configure it with the app. those themes cost between 10 to 20 thousand dollars, just the customization, and you know how much money that is. that's why I see developers. we make a lot of money. why you are not one of them? so you can be a Shopify app. developer apps are good, like they have the freedom to do anything they want. but teams are a little different. so if you are developing a team, you have to find the customer that you want for the apps. they are already in the software market also. software has a team market that you can sell your team. so I'm going to show you how to build Shopify team from start to finish. also, I'm going to show you how to build shop for apps. I'll show you how to build show fire app. we using level and view G's, which is going to cover everything you need to know about shop for API: how you can access them, how you can install them and how you can charge the user. everything you need to know about creating your basic shop way up. once you learn everything, you can start creating your own app and then you can start selling them and put a price on it. I will see you in the next video. Shopify team development.

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Best Shopify Ecommerce Website Design Company Dubai | Ecommerce Website Design Agency UAE | Rite

[Music]. [Music]. hi everyone, i'm sebastian. i'm the co-founder of wright. hi everyone, my name is guillaume and i'm the the other co-founder of wright and i'm in charge of finance operation customer service. we've launched a brand in dubai six months ago and we do gummy vitamins. so our mission is to make pill popping fun, healthy, efficient and delicious. instead of taking pills, we offer delicious and healthy gummy vitamins, something you enjoy to take every day and taking care of yourself. so we had our website on shopify that we designed by ourselves using different apps. that is available on the shopify app store, and at some point our website was not very fast and not very responsive on different screens. so we decided to partner up with prism and with the dedication, very happy to release a new website which is faster, which is beautiful, converts better, and that's how we, sebastian, we decided to work with them for the long term. so we've started with a design in mind- uh, before like doing a new website, and priests helped us a lot to uh to design the perfect features we were looking for, to help us with some some flaws as well we were not able to to have in mind with guillaume uh, so their, their support has been very helpful for us to develop like the best practikes to create a non-gaming content with with our visitors, with our prospect and with our consumers, and make sure that our website was really focused on conversion. so they've been very, very strong on that, with the perfect eye that we were not having with guillaume. so we are really, really happy with the service of our prisons. so it's all started when we met in dubai in their office and we were happy to see that they have a dedicated team with the different experts in their vertikal. so you have developers, designers, you have project managers, even social media team to help us basically design the perfect website for our brand. so so the process was moose from end to end and the team is very dedicated. so that's what we appreciated during the whole process. so with guillaume, we are both entrepreneurs and what i really like with presents is that they have an entrepreneurial mindset as well, with a 360 vision. they also help us with their website, of course, but they also give us a lot of ideas and the seo on the specific keyword and on the design, and they show us that they were really creative. they were really dedicated as well. i was really close with their, with their team. every day in touch with them, they show us that they do a lot of agility, and agility for us as entrepreneurs is very key, and this is all presents help us a lot to uh to launch our new new website. [Music].

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How to Sell Web Design Services (Find clients and learn how to sell websites for $3000)

having a web design business can be tricky, or it can be the most amazing thing ever. now, in this video, i'm going to be sharing with you how you can sell 3 000 websites for your web design business. which means, guys, you only need to sell two or three of these a month to start hitting that desirable six figures. i also have an example to share with you of a three thousand dollar website within my business that we recently delivered to one of our clients, so make sure you stik around for that. so by the end of this video, you're gonna know what a typical three thousand dollar website looks like for my web design business and you're going to know how to confidently approach new businesses to start selling 3 000 websites coming up. hey guys, welcome back to another video. tristan parker here and i'm dedicated to helping you guys up your website design game and improve your business. now, if you haven't done so already, please hit that subscribe button and the bell notification and you're going to be notified of future releases. also, go check out the other videos on this channel, because there's loads here to help you up your website design game and improve your business. so, guys, if you haven't notiked already, i do have a pretty croaky voice and that's because i've just recovered from the cold, but i really wanted to record this content, so please do stik with me. the content is awesome and you're going to really enjoy it. so over the past two videos in this series, i've spoken about how you can land your first paying web design client and how to land your first 1 500 web design client, and today's video, we are focusing on that three thousand dollar price point. now, the purpose of these videos is to give you the tools and the confidence for you to start selling websites at multiple price points. you're also getting a little sneak peek as to what a typical website looks like in my web design business and what type of functionality is included with that. you're probably thinking, tristan, what could you cover in this video that you didn't cover in the last? now i just want to make it clear that this is a 3 000 website. that means we are stepping things up a little bit, but, that said, everything that we've spoken about so far is still relevant. so the way that you approach businesses, the way that you find businesses, the way that you communicate with them and how you sell to them, that all stays the same. however, there are a few things that are slightly different with the type of businesses that you might target and the type of functionality included on such a website, and we're going to cover that in this video. so, guys, if you haven't watched the other two videos yet and you don't yet feel confident enough to sell 3 000 websites, i do recommend you go and check those out first, and then i'll meet you back here. so, guys, what you are going to be learning here today, i'm going to try and keep really simple. i'm going to be showing you what type of businesses you can be reaching out to at this price point. i want to show you the type of functionality included on a typical 3 000 website and i'm going to show you an example of a 3 000 website in my business. so let's get started and tok about what type of businesses you can be targeting now. in the past two videos, i suggested that you should be targeting small to medium-sized businesses, typically businesses that have staff count of less than five. now, in this case, we want to be stepping up a little bit more. so we want to be targeting businesses that have maybe a staff count more than five or it's generating six figures. businesses are generating six figures, or multiple six figures. if you approach them trying to sell them a three thousand dollar website, they are more likely going to say yes than a business that is perhaps generating 50 000 a year. you also want to be looking out for businesses that serve their customers on a national level, or you want to be looking out for brick and mortar stores that have multiple locations. so an example of such a business might be a small retail store looking to start selling their products to customers around the country, or another one might be a small to medium-sized restaurant that has multiple locations around the country. so the opportunities here are huge. now, one thing to note is when you start targeting larger businesses, getting hold of the business owner can be a little bit more difficult. perhaps you would get through to their assistant or their receptionist- let's call them the gatekeeper. it just requires a little bit more digging, a little bit more work in order to get a conversation with that business owner. but, guys, you do need to get through to either the business owner or the decision maker in order to get them to say yes to a new website. now. let's not forget that they are just another business owner, so there's nothing to be intimidated by here. okay, so now i want to tok about what features exist within a three thousand dollar website. now, the main thing that causes the website price to come up is the type of features that are included in this website. so, for example, your potential customer might require something like a blog, or they might require a portfolio, or they might be looking to sell products on their website, which means they're going to need ecommerce functionality. or, on the flip side, they might not require this additional functionality, but they do require things like custom content or seo content, maybe some custom photography. these are also things that might drive the price of the website up too. now, guys, if you follow any of my other videos, you'll know that i'm a huge fan of elementor, and that is because elementor can take care of a lot of custom functionality that i probably wouldn't be able to do myself by writing code. that means that i'm actually able to take care of more of the web design project myself, which means that i have more profit. now you will find that, as a web design business owner or a freelance web designer, there'll be times where you can't take care of everything, and if you try to, you might end up delivering a shitty website to your clients, and we don't want that. in order to deliver an exceptional website to your clients, there might be times where you have to rely on third-party help, and this is help that will fill in the areas that you are weaker at, and needing to hire third-party help is another reason why the price of the website will increase. so, for example, if this website you're delivering needs additional development and you're unable to deliver that development, you're going to have to hire a developer to take care of that for you. but that means that developing is paying, which is going to eat into the profit margin of your website project. this also goes for websites that are perhaps a little bit more basic in terms of functionality, but require custom content. you're going to have to hire a content creator or an seo copywriter to take care of all the website content, and again, that's going to eat into your profit margin. this also goes for photography. if you need to hire a photographer to go into the business and take photography, edit them and supply them, that, again is going to eat into your profit margin. so you, again, you need to take that into consideration when pricing for the project. so hopefully you can see that there's quite a few variables that would change the price of the website and quickly bring it up to that three, four, maybe even five thousand dollar mark. now, five thousand dollar websites we're going to be toking about next time, so i'm not going to touch too much on that now. so if you're able to take everything we've spoken about so far and apply it to your business and you're able to sell two to three websites a month, which is definitely doable- you could quickly be on your way to having a six figure web design business. now moving on to the bit that you have most likely stuck around for, and that is seeing what a three thousand dollar website looks like in my own web design busi.

Build Websites For Clients On Shopify | www.LearnItEarnIt.online

[Music]. all right, what is going on? all you future web designers- or maybe you're a current web designer and you're just looking to get more clients, or you don't even know about web design yet- well, i'm here to tell you about it. my name is joe digginson and, more than likely, if you're seeing this video right now, you're either on my email list or in my facebook group. you're in the course, but you're learning, or you want to learn, how to use or do this through web design. now, there's a lot of ways you could go make money, obviously, but web design is by far one of the best ways, in my opinion. one, because it's easy to learn. two, it's highly demanded. in three, it's very, very lucrative and it also sets you up to be able to scale and turn your clients into- which, by the way, it's very easy to get clients, turn your clients into monthly residual clients that pay you monthly to do service for them. so one of the things i want to focus on right now is you're going to probably have quite a few clients as you go through this course and you learn how to get clients. it's much easier than what you think. you're going to have a lot of clients that sell a lot of stuff online. it could be, you know, coffee mugs, it could be markers, it could be pens, it could be t-shirts, it could be whatever. but here's what i'll tell you. there's many different platforms that you can use to build websites on: there's squarespace, there's wix, there's weebly, there's wordpress, there's shopify, obviously. so i get the question, joe, what's the best for people who sell stuff online? and i can say without a shadow of a doubt: first answer, and probably the answer that's going to remain, is: shopify. guys, they've got like literally millions of dollars and years sunk into this platform to make it so easy for you to build websites for your clients who sell stuff online. so here's a couple reasons why i want to walk you through this and show you some sites that we actually- or i- built for clients that use the shopify platform. number one: there's many, many themes to pick from. i'm a huge fan of leveraging themes, and so what i mean by that is when you, uh, are pitching a client or you have a client, come on, you can get started. where you can find a theme that relates to their industry. so like, for example, let's just say you've got a jeweler right, we'll click on here, say you've got a jeweler that wants to come on and they want to sell jewelry. you can. you can go browse shopify's themes and click on jewelry and start with a theme that's set up already for julie or jewelry or fashion, etc. so a lot of these themes cost money, but there's also a lot of free themes too that you can click. now there's only three for this one, but you guys can get started with a free theme. or if your clients paying you two grand or five grand to build their website, you can probably work in a 200 or 300 budget to go buy a theme that you can go ahead and start leveraging and so, anyways, check this out. oh and, by the way, shopify even lets you like try the theme before you even buy it. so it's really cool stuff, but it'll show you the actual theme. here's an example of one. but check this out like if this was, if i was bringing on, let's just say, a clothing client, i could use this theme and all i've got to worry about doing is updating all this imagery. now if this client has, uh, or should they sell clothes, they can either get me imagery or they might have some imagery, or we can just put images of, like the t-shirt or the dress in here. they don't have the ability to go get a model, etc. but you get the idea. but, like, all this is so well set up already that all i've got to do is just kind of start clicking and editing things. now that's a loaded gun right, so to speak. as far as as you start getting into it, it might get- um, there's a bit more work than just clicking and editing, but you get the idea. it's pretty simple to start with a theme as opposed to trying to have to create this all from scratch. so there's many, many themes inside of shopify that you guys can start leveraging, which is huge. there's thousands of powerful apps that you can infuse into the store that make you look super smart. and here's a real example that: um, here is a supplement company that we do work for. it's a supplement, or, yeah, it's a supplement company, but check this out: if we go to supplements here, this is really cool. so this company obviously sells these products, but let's just say, someone was on here and they like this organic greens product and they clicked right here and they clicked on one time purchase and they added it to their cart. well, watch what happens. see this little sidebar. it comes up and it now is immediately prompting this person to upgrade to a subscription or add some other products to their cart right through here. now, guys, this is all built through a plug-in right here called uh, volume and discount pricing. so, anyways, there's like literally dozens of different apps inside uh- no hundred thousands of apps inside of shopify that you can hook into shopify, that are already all done. and so if you're sitting here saying i kind of understand what you're saying but not really, don't worry about it much, because the reality is, as you start building a site out in shopify, a lot of this stuff kind of just comes together. the point i'm making here is, if you want your website to have like a sidebar like this, it's just an app- all you have to do is enable the app and a lot of this stuff will happen automatikally for you. the app allows you to configure settings, but it's really easy, even even for a non-tikie to set up. so this is an example of one of those apps. you also probably saw all these little stars having these star reviews under here. that's also an app. all it does is when someone buys a product, it will automatikally send an email out to that customer and say, hey, review our product and we'll give you a 10 off coupon. so the app will literally do all that. all you pay is, you know, 20 bucks a month or whatever it might be to have that functionality. but we know because amazon reviews are really big. so the point i'm making here is shopify is so powerful to build e-commerce stores, not only because they've got great templates that you can use right out of the gate, but they've got literally thousands, hundreds of thousands, i think even of apps that you can infuse into here which save you a lot of time and make you super smart, right? so on top of that third point is it's very easy for you and the client to ch uh if they choose to update the site. so every clients- you know with seasons and stuff, they're probably adding new products and taking products away- it's very easy for you or the client to go update products as they go. so you've got options here. you can either charge your client a monthly basis to maintain or update the website, or you can just say your client: all right, listen here, you paid me 5k, here's your website, and you basically just shoot them a quick screen recording walking them through how to update the products in their website, and it's very easy to do so. you can literally pass these sites off and move on from that client. maybe it's a client you don't even really want to work with after you build the website, right? well, that gives you the ability to do it, because they're not looking at a site that they can never edit. shopify has made it very easy for the average people to edit it, which is a good thing, because either you can do it easily or the client can do it, and then it's super affordable. shopify starts at 29 bucks a month. that's all it costs for, uh, someone to build a website. so what i do is if i have a client come in and they want me to build a website, i just have them set up their shopify account, then give me access so that way their card gets billed. all that happens on their card. i just charge them for my services, but it's super affordable, even for a starting business. so here's a couple other websites. here's some stores in this account that we have access to. oh there, it is right. there i'll show you actually a br.

How to Design Agency Website using WordPress? SMMA/Branding Agency Website Elementor Tutorial 2022

hello guys, this is hadeen and you are watching raw with khadeen. in this video, i am going to share with you how you can create an agency website with drag and drop and without coding within a matter of few minutes. so let me just clear you, this is not just one theme, but you can create any type of website with this uh tutorial. you can create website for digital marketing agency, social media agency, branding, pr agency, financial consultants or any services based business, or you can even create a in e-commerce store using this tutorial. so just don't skip this tutorial and watch this full tutorial till the end and you will learn that how you can create a website for digital marketing, social media or pr branding agency or financial or consulting agency or any type of agency business. so first of all, let me just give you the overview of the website and then i'll be showing you- you that how you can create the website. so this is the website here. you can see, first of all, you have header section, then you have uh about section, then you have some clients and stats, then uh, your services section, then recent works, then your team, then testimonials, blogs and at the end is the footer and you have a lot other tabs here. you can just check other tabs also, and this is completely drag and drop and one click demo import. so you just have to make a click and your complete website is created and you just have to replace this logo, this picture, if you want, and that's all. your website is created and the text like this email and all that. so, without just wasting your further time, let's just get stuck. before just starting the tutorial, let me just tell you that if you are looking for someone to design your website, do seo, do digital marketing or anything, so you, what you can do is you can just hire us because we are providing web design, app development, digital marketing, seo and social media services. my whatsapp number, my personal email and my other information is in description below, so you can just get in touch with me and, uh, you can also get see a one-on-one consultation link with me, so you can just book a one-on-one consultation with me to discuss your business strategy and you can just hire us for any type of services. all the links are in description below. so, to create a website, because we are just starting the tutorial, uh, two things are must have. first one is domain name and second one is hosting is if you don't know what domain name is. domain name is the address of the website. like if someone wants to go to youtube, they type in youtubecom. someone wants to go to my website up, they type in webifydubcom. if someone wants to go to your agency, then they will have to type your agencycom. okay, so you will have to buy a domain name for that and hosting on which all the website files would be stored. and because we are using wordpress for this website, so we'll be using uh, the hosting and domain name provider recommended by wordpress, which is bluehost, and if you will go from link in description below, you will get 64 discount with the free domain name and you will get a free ssl certificate also, and you can do one click the wordpress install and the best thing is that you will have 24: 7 chat support. and so after going to link in description below or just typing in webifiedhubcom- bluehost [Music], after doing that, just click on uh. you will see this type of way. just click on get started now, and there you will see different options. uh, first one is basic plan, then is plus and then is choice plus. i always recommend you plus plan. why i always recommend you plus plan? because in it you have unlimited websites, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited speed and all that. and you have unlimited park domains, unlimited sub domains, unlimited email accounts and all that- unlimited, okay, and you have a lot other things. so what you can do is you can just select this one. i would always recommend you selecting this plan, or you, if you are tight on budget, you can just select the basic plan that you will have only one, okay, and just type in your domain name here, like i'll type in agencycom, so i just typed in agencycom, so the domain name is available. then just add all your information here, like your name, email, phone number and all that, just select it for 12 months. or if you want to get, uh, the plus plan for 36 months, but it it would be for 7.45 dollars per month, if you want to get it for 36 months, just go to uh the cross button just over there and just you will see this banner and just click on claim savings and you will get the plan for three years for just 4.75 a month. then, uh, you just have to add your address and all that. uh, select it for 36 months and here you can just disable these things or you can enable them. it's on you and now for three years we would have to pay 174 dollars. but i just want to buy for one year become because i'm testing out. so here you can see, it's just 59 for one year. just add your credit debit card details here. or you can just click on more payments to pay with paypal here. select the paypal and after doing that you just have to go and submit and you will see a receipt and you will be uh redirected to the signup page. there you just have to enter your password and domain name and after adding that, you will be given this dashboard. after you are given this dashboard here you can manage your websites and do all these things. so here you can see this is the website i want to manage. so i'll just go to this website in bluehost panel and you can see how it is to manage bluehost panel. it's a lot easy as compared to other hostings like siteground or other hostings. this is the best and easy to use uh hosting panel and i'll just click on login to wordpress and i'll be redirected to the wordpress website where i'll be creating and designing and doing all that stuff. so here you can see the website has been loaded. and here you can see we have everything set it up and now we can just go to plugins and clear, unuseful plugins which we don't want for our website. so which are the plugins we don't want for our website? i don't don't need jetpack this one and i'll just go to bulk actions- deactivate, click, apply, and it's getting uh, applied and all done, and i'll be just uninstalling all these unusual plugins. just click ok and all the plugins would be uninstalled within a matter of few seconds. and here you can see all the plugins have been uninstalled. and now let's see how our website is looking right now and to which website we have to convert it. so here is the website, here's how our website looks like, but we have to convert this website into this one, so it would take some time, but you can see the time left and that time would be converting this website into that. now, to convert this website to this website, you will have to go to link in description below and you would have to buy this rishi wordpress theme, which is a fastest wordpress theme, and i would recommend you using this wordpress theme. but don't worry, if you want to create website for free, then you can just uh, use their free version, but i would always recommend the premium version. now, what's the different difference between free and premium version of rishi theme? that you will be creating this website in rishi premium theme, but you can also create this website in rishi free theme. the the reason i just recommend you using this wordpress theme is that because ranking is everything, and to rank you need faster speed, and this is the, believe me, fastest wordpress theme i have ever seen. so that's why i always recommend using rishi wordpress theme. if you don't want to pay them, you can use free version. um, i'll tell you how to download it also, or you, what you can do is you can just use premium version also. so, for what you just have to do is, uh, you just have to go there and just click on buy. now let me just tell you first of all how to buy it, and then i'll tell you that how you can, just how you can just use it and here, just have a discount code. click here and enter khadeen, here and yo.