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shopify where to change swatch color

Published on: July 7 2023 by pipiads

In today's video, we built some cars for Kate using buttons in Monza. We learned about the setcard mechanisms and how to update the master select using single option selectors. Here's a summary of what we covered:

- We built cars for Kate using buttons in Monza

- We learned about the setcard mechanisms and how to update the master select using single option selectors

Main Points:

- We need to understand how the setcard mechanisms work in order to build products

- Single option selectors allow us to update the master select with the selected option

- We can use radio buttons and checkboxes to create a functional form

- The data index attribute is important for matching selected options with parents

- CSS selectors are used to style the form and its elements

- We can use images and special characters to make the form more appealing

- By using single option selectors and understanding the setcard mechanisms, we can build functional and visually appealing products

- Stay tuned for more tutorials and video feedback in the future

Make Your Shopify Product Page Look PROFESSIONAL with Color Swatches, Tabs & Metafields!

Transforming Shopify Product Pages: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this video tutorial, we will show you how to transform your Shopify product pages without the need for coding or app purchases. We will cover various elements such as trust badges, star ratings, and customer reviews to make your pages more appealing to potential buyers.


1. Create meta fields to organize product information, such as materials, care instructions, and ingredients.

- From your Shopify dashboard, click on Settings > Meta fields > Products > Add Definition

- Follow the prompts to create fields for materials, care instructions, and description.

2. Add meta fields to your product listing page.

- Scroll down to the bottom of the page and add the meta fields you created.

- Use the list feature to add more lines if necessary.

3. Edit the default product page tabs to include your meta field information.

- Customize your Shopify theme and select Products > Default Product.

- Edit the tabs for ingredients, care instructions, and materials to show the relevant information.

4. Add a star rating and customer reviews to your product page.

- Add a star rating block and a reviews block to your page.

- Place them under the product title and adjust the size and alignment as desired.

5. Add trust badges to your product page.

- Install the Ultimate Trust Badges app and select the badges you want to display.

- Customize the appearance of the badges and add them to your page using the Trust Badge Widget block.

6. Change the color variant display from text to circular swatches.

- Install the Global Color Swatch app and configure your color options.

- Choose a template for your product pages and select your theme.

- Preview your product page to ensure the swatch is working correctly.

By following these steps, you can transform your Shopify product pages into more appealing and organized pages for potential buyers. These changes can help increase customer trust and improve your overall sales.

How to add Shopify Color Swatches on product page 2022

In this video tutorial, we will learn how to add color swatches to collections and products in Shopify using the Turbo theme. This tutorial is designed for beginners and will provide step-by-step instructions to ensure that your store looks attractive and professional.

- Welcome to Resolution Design's video tutorial on adding color swatches to collections and products in Shopify.

- This tutorial is designed for beginners and will be a step-by-step guide.


1. Find the product in Aliexpress and take screenshots of the different color variations.

2. Upload the screenshots to the product in Shopify and rename them to unique names.

3. Use the w3schools color names to match the unique color names and find the corresponding code.

4. Go to the coding area in Shopify to add the color swatches.


- Use the Turbo theme for easy customization and design.

- Take screenshots of the exact texture of the color to ensure accuracy.

- Rename the color swatches with unique names to avoid confusion.

- Use the w3schools color names to match the unique names and find the corresponding code.

- Contact a developer if you are unsure or need assistance.

- Adding color swatches to your collections and products can greatly enhance the visual appeal of your Shopify store.

- Using the Turbo theme and following these step-by-step instructions will ensure that your store looks professional and attractive.

- Take your time and don't hesitate to ask for help if needed.

[Color Swatches Shopify] - How To Add Color Swatches on Shopify Dawn Theme

Title: How to Add Swatches on the Shopify Product Page

In this tutorial, we will be learning how to add swatches on the Shopify product page. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to add color swatches to your product page and change the color when clicked. Let's get started!


1. Add the product with variations.

- Price the product and add the main media file.

- Select the needed option where it will show the variations.

- Add color and then values of the color (e.g. black, white, and red).

2. Add meta field in settings page.

- Go to settings and scroll down to meta fields.

- Click on variants and add a definition by clicking add definition.

- Name it color and add in namespace color.values.

- From select content type, select on color and hit save.

3. Edit the meta fields for each variant.

- In each variant, select the appropriate image and scroll down to meta fields.

- Select the color and hit save.

4. Edit the code of our liquid file to display the color swatches.

- Duplicate the theme before editing the code.

- Click on edit code and search for main-product liquid file.

- Search for the discord and replace the code with the new one.

- Save the changes.

Adding swatches to your Shopify product page is an easy and effective way to enhance the user experience. By following these simple steps, you can make your product page more interactive and visually appealing. Don't forget to share this tutorial with others and subscribe to our channel for more helpful tips and tricks!

How To Create Color Swatches for Product Variants in Shopify (Dawn Theme)

In this video, we will learn how to create color switches for our Shopify product page using the Done theme. We will divide the video into two sections: setting up the meta fields and using liquid to access them. We will only customize the color options for the variants.

To set up the meta fields, we will create a new definition for the variance and select the color content type. Then, we will create the values for our variants by selecting a product and changing the color for each variant.

Next, we will write codes to customize the variant radios. We will use the for loop object to access the meta fields and apply the color to the background. We will also make a condition to check if the meta fields contain a value and use the default label if they don't.

Finally, we will fix the problem of applying the same style to the sizes by adding another condition to check if the option is color.

In just 10 lines of code, we can create color switches for our Shopify product page using the Done theme.

how to edit swatches for collection filter on impulse theme for shopify

In this video, the presenter teaches how to add a collection filter to the Impulse theme in Shopify. It can be a challenging process, but the video provides a step-by-step guide to make it easier.

The presenter starts by explaining that the swatches in the filter must be named exactly as they are in the assets folder. The swatches need to be small, around 50 by 50 pixels. The presenter suggests using Photoshop to create the swatches.

To add the swatches to the assets folder, the presenter goes to the online store, clicks on actions, and then edit code. From there, they expand the assets section and upload the swatches.

The presenter stresses the importance of ensuring that the swatches' names match the product tags and the collection filter's names. They also recommend using hyphens instead of underscores in the swatch names.

To activate the swatch trigger, the presenter goes to actions and then edit languages. They find products and then color, and change the trigger to choose your color.

Finally, the presenter shows how to add the filter to the Impulse theme in Shopify. They go to online store, customize, and then collections. They click on the default collection and then click on the filter. They ensure that the filter's names match the swatch names and the product tags.

In conclusion, adding a collection filter to the Impulse theme in Shopify can be challenging, but by following the presenter's step-by-step guide, it becomes easier. Ensuring that the swatch names match the product tags and collection filter names is crucial for the filter to work correctly.


Welcome back graduates! In our last video, we showed you how to install watches, and in this video, we will be demonstrating how to set up custom swatches. Let's get started!

Steps to set up custom swatches:

1. Go into the back end of your Shopify store and navigate to your products.

2. Search for the product you want to add the custom swatch to.

3. Click on edit and add an uncommon color that Shopify doesn't recognize, such as topaz.

4. Save and wait for it to update.

5. Create a custom color swatch for topaz by naming it swatch-topaz (or swatch-purple-blue for multiple colors) and save it as a PNG.

6. Go into your settings and upload the new custom swatch file.

7. Refresh your products page and add the topaz swatch to the product.

8. Add the image for the topaz shirt or product.

Additional tips:

- You can create custom swatches in Canva or Photoshop.

- Make sure to name the custom swatch file correctly.

- Contact support at ecomgraduates.com if you have any issues.

Setting up custom swatches may seem like a daunting task, but with these simple steps, you can customize your products and make them stand out. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and comment if you found this video helpful. Thank you for watching!

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