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Shopify's Paternity Leave

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Maintaining trust with customers is crucial for any business. Issuing refunds must be simple and efficient to ensure customer satisfaction. In this article, we will discuss how to issue refunds through your Shopify admin.

Difference between returns and refunds:

- A return occurs when a customer sends a product back to you, while a refund occurs when you send payment for an order back to a customer.

- You must process a return before issuing a refund.

- Payments can only be refunded to the original payment method.

Setting proper expectations with customers:

- Create a Refunds/Returns policy and link it in your header/footer menu.

- Include information on whether you offer refunds or store credits only, the timeframe for requesting a refund, and the estimated time for receiving a refund.

- Mention whether you refund shipping costs paid on an order, offer free shipping for customers to return items, or require them to cover return shipping costs.

Examples of issuing refunds:

1. Refunding an order from one location:

- From the home page, click Orders and open the order you want to refund.

- Click Return Items to generate a return label and restock the products in the store inventory.

- After confirming the product's condition, click Refund and enter the amount you are refunding for shipping costs paid.

- Send a notification to the customer and click Refund to complete the process.

- The time for the customer to receive the refund depends on the payment gateway.

2. Refunding an order from multiple locations:

- Click Refund and choose the number of items to refund, and keep the Restock item box checked to update inventory levels at each location.

- Add a reason for the refund (optional), and click Refund to finish the process.

- The order will be archived if it has been fulfilled, paid for, and refunded.

- The time for the customer to receive the refund depends on the payment gateway.

Issuing refunds is an essential part of maintaining trust with customers. To ensure customer satisfaction, set proper expectations, and make the refund process simple and efficient. With Shopify admin, you can easily issue refunds for online orders and keep your customers happy.

LUCKY or GENIUS? How This Shopify Store Made Over $1.8M Dropshipping From AliExpress

- Discussing a successful Shopify Drop Shipping store that has made $18 million dollars selling a unique product.

Product and Shipping:

- The store sources its products from AliExpress and sells a children's toy that was originally a cat toy.

- The shipping and delivery policy offers an average transit time of 3-6 business days to the US with up to 5 days processing.

Store and Business Details:

- The store, Peachy and Pear, was discovered on the Exchange Marketplace and is run by a mom.

- The store has been successful due to its unique and wonderful products, tried and tested concepts, and excellent marketing strategies.

- The store owner spends 25 hours a week running Facebook ads and responding to customer emails.

Business Success and Numbers:

- The store has consistently made around $75k-$88k per month and saw a significant increase in sales during Q4, with a profit of $80k per month.

- The store has a 4.38% returning rate, which is standard for a Drop Shipping store.

- The store's success is due to emotional marketing, great content, and a unique product.

Product Page and Sales Strategy:

- The product page is well-built with move-in imagery, videos, and bullet points.

- The store uses social proof by listing well-known brands on its product page.

- The store offers bundle deals and has an FAQ section for parents' questions.

- The store uses a review app to show five-star reviews and customer comments.

- The success of Peachy and Pear can be attributed to its unique product, emotional marketing, and excellent sales strategy.

- Replicating its success can be achieved by finding a unique and wonderful product, implementing emotional marketing strategies, and creating great content.

Side Hustling Ep. 88: Mom Leaves Corporate Job to Start a Shopify Store that Makes $20,000 Per Month

- Side Hustle Tuesdays is a weekly series that features real-life entrepreneurs who started a business or side hustle with little to no funds and existing knowledge and equipment.

- Episode 88 features Alana Banks from Toronto, Canada, who went from having an unfulfilled job to owning her own Shopify ecommerce store that generates over $20,000 per month.

- The article discusses Alana's journey, the business model she followed, and the lessons she learned along the way.

Business Model:

- Alana transformed her casual blog, Friday's Off, into an online fabric store after identifying a gap in the market.

- She targeted the Canadian market, as she saw a pain point in Canadians paying high prices for shipping fabric from the USA.

- Alana used a free Shopify theme, took product photos and wrote content herself, and initially invested only a little money to buy her first inventory.

- She started by treating the business as a side hustle, participating in craft shows and email marketing to boost sales.

- She later started a fabric subscription box to move stale inventory and saw sales explode by 600% after being featured in a Canadian magazine.


- Alana sends a weekly newsletter to her 11,000 subscribers, which brings in a lot of sales.

- She also creates free content on Facebook and Instagram, but hasn't had much luck with paid ads.

- She launched an ambassador program for influencers to promote her products on social media.

- Alana emphasizes the importance of persistence and resilience in running a business, as failure is not uncommon.

Shopify Apps:

- Alana's ecommerce platform is still Shopify, and she uses various apps to increase sales and grow her business.

- She uses Klaviyo for email marketing, ReCharge for the subscription box, Just Uno to increase conversions, and S Loyalty for the loyalty program.

- She also uses Yotpo for product and site reviews.

Tips for Starting a Business:

- Alana's tips include: just go for it, take massive action, consider hiring a coach, and never stop learning.

- She emphasizes the value of putting your ideas into action, seeking guidance from experts, and constantly educating yourself to grow your business.

- Alana's success story showcases the power of identifying a gap in the market and following a business model that offers unique and valuable products.

- Her journey also highlights the importance of persistence, resilience, and continuous learning in running a successful business.

Make $1000/Day With Shopify WITHOUT SALES (2022)

Hey guys, it's Matthew Sabia here and in this video, I'm going to show you how to make 300 to 1000 dollars a day with Shopify without driving any traffic or sales. Sounds crazy? Stick with me for the next few minutes and I'll show you exactly how it's done.

- The business model: building and selling pre-built Shopify websites called starter sites

- Adding value by setting up Instagram profiles and Facebook pages for clients

- A great side hustle to make extra income or even a full-time business

1. Finding a niche:

- Start at ExchangeMarketplace.com to view sold and active listings

- Browse starter store and sold store sections to see what niches are popular

- Thieve.com is a great resource for finding trending products within a niche

2. Building the website:

- Start a 14-day free trial on Shopify

- Choose a theme or stick with the default Debut theme

- Create a logo using Photoshop or GraphicRiver

- Customize the header and add emphasis to free shipping

3. Adding products:

- Use Oberlo app to easily add products and fulfill orders

- Choose products within the chosen niche

- Design product pages with attention to detail

- Listing the website on Shopify Exchange

- Package social media accounts with the website to increase value

- Sell for a profit, potential to earn upwards of 1000 dollars per website

Remember, this business model takes effort and dedication to succeed, but the potential for profit is there. So go out there and start building your own starter sites today!

Shopify President on Company Outlook

- Shopify's success in bucking the trend and standing out in the e-commerce industry.

Merchant Services Attach Rate:

- Shopify's role in the lives of millions of merchants goes beyond typical software companies.

- The merchant services attach rate measures the amount of services and value Shopify creates for merchants.

- Shopify is not just an e-commerce provider, but also a capital partner, logistics partner, and advertising partner.

- Q3 saw a 2.14% working solutions increase and a revenue increase of 22% YoY.

Operating Discipline:

- Investors were looking for operating discipline, which Shopify delivered with adjusted gross profit of over $680 million and a 3-year CAC of 46%.

- Shopify has $5 billion in cash on the balance sheet, proving to investors that it is a long-term, durable company.

Direct-to-Consumer Model:

- The inflationary economy benefits the direct-to-consumer business model, which operates better than third-party resellers with razor-thin margins.

- Brands on Shopify, such as Glossy, Spanx, Aloe Yoga, and VRC, are doing well.

Logistics and Fulfillment Network:

- Shopify's goal is to build an end-to-end logistics network.

- Shop Promise allows merchants to provide an anticipated delivery date with certainty to consumers, increasing spending and conversion rates.

- Shopify has partnerships with Flexport and LTL to handle the first phase from factory to port and the second phase from port to fulfillment.

- Shopify's acquisition of 6 River Systems and partners all over the US help with the third phase from fulfillment center to consumer.

Omni-Channel Retailing:

- Shopify's tools allow retailers to sell everywhere, online, offline, on social media, and marketplaces.

- Point of sale Pro helps larger retailers replace and modernize their in-store experiences.

- Consumers should have the same information whether they buy online or in-store.

- Shopify's success comes from its role as more than just an e-commerce provider.

- Its focus on operating discipline and building an end-to-end logistics network helps merchants provide better service to consumers.

- Shopify's tools enable retailers to sell everywhere, making them successful in the future of omni-channel retailing.

MrBeast Unfiltered: An Exclusive Interview With The World’s Millionaire Top-Earning Creator | Forbes

How I Built My YouTube Career from Scratch

- Obsessively studying YouTube

- Long and brutal process

- Building a career from scratch

Learning to Create Content

- No equipment or resources

- Self-taught editing and camera skills

- Building up to better quality videos

- Growing to 100,000 subscribers with a hand-me-down iPhone

Finding a Niche

- Difficulty relating to peers

- Focusing on business and content

- Obsessing over numbers

- Making videos people enjoy

Working with the Algorithm

- Studying what people want to watch

- Creating content for the audience

- Brainstorming and planning months in advance

- Spending millions on video production

Adapting to Change

- Innovating to keep viewers interested

- Scaling up and trying new things

- Avoiding being too hard set on one thing

Money as a Fuel for Growth

- Reinvesting in the business

- Avoiding liabilities and maintaining financial freedom

- Using money to help others

Passion for Building Businesses

- Obsessing over work to a fault

- Prioritizing business over other aspects of life

- Enjoying the process of building and growing businesses

Future Goals

- Focusing on the present and near future

- Wanting to remain the biggest YouTuber in the world

- Considering other opportunities that may arise in the future

- Building a YouTube career from scratch is possible

- Success comes from hard work, dedication, and innovation

- Prioritizing passion and enjoyment over materialistic goals

- The future is limitless, and opportunities are endless.

Shop Mom™ Saturday - April 25th Recap

Shopify has been the main title sponsor for the event for three years in a row now. It is thanks to Shopify that this amazing event is happening. The mom economy com is powered and provided by Shopify, where you can shop all these mother-owned businesses.


- Local businesses stand out and make something special.

- Body stone is a solid cocoa butter-based moisturizer that you can engrave anything you want on any of the four sides of the jar.

- The luxe embellished slide is the perfect shoe for wearing out or at home.

- Moms are leaders, and this entire day is about resourcing them and uniting for a greater cause.

- Shop mom Saturday is grateful for the life and encouragement that the mom economy is committed to speaking over women around the world.

- House of lilac was born from the idea of sending customized small-batch gift boxes in Miami, which evolved into a flower company.

- Tajawas born from the idea of having a luxury candle that could be totally custom.

- The personalization of the candle is what gives it that sell shout out to the Rosie technology that they are using.

- What we witnessed today is honestly revolutionary e-commerce technology to shop in real-time and get this live experience with buyers.

It has been an amazing day, and they are so thankful for all the women and supporters who shopped. It's going to be the best Mother's Day yet, and special thanks go to Shopify for always helping independent businesses and making it a priority.

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