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shoppers value ads

Published on: February 21 2023 by pipiads

Shopping is changing rapidly, and the pandemic has accelerated this shift. The internet has given consumers more choice and power than ever before, and retailers are forced to adapt and innovate. China is leading this retail revolution with its live streaming influencers and super app ecosystems, while western retailers are playing catch up. Direct to consumer selling and e-commerce platforms like Shopify are also gaining popularity. This article will explore the future of shopping and what's in store.

The Evolution of Shopping:

- In the 16th century, personalized service was the norm, but it came with a premium price tag.

- The industrial revolution brought mass production and cheaper goods, but distribution was difficult, and choices were limited.

- Superstores and out of town malls expanded choices, but the internet changed everything.

- The internet gave consumers more choice and power, and retailers had to adapt to meet their demands.

The Rise of China:

- China is the world leader in e-commerce, and it's forecasted that half of everything bought in China in 2021 will be bought online.

- Live streaming selling and key opinion leaders have helped make China a leader in e-commerce.

- Super app ecosystems give retailers intimate knowledge of their users' likes, wants, and buying habits.

- Chinese consumers are more willing to allow data tracking than many people in the west.

The Importance of Data:

- Western retailers historically had very little data about their individual customers, but online companies have huge amounts of data.

- Direct to consumer selling allows brands to keep closer tabs on their customers.

- Nike's membership program and apps offer customers a personalized experience in return for detailed insights into their behavior.

- Shopify aims to create an ecosystem that integrates e-commerce with social media.

Shopping is changing rapidly, and the pandemic has accelerated this shift. The internet has given consumers more choice and power than ever before, and retailers are forced to adapt and innovate. China is leading this retail revolution, and western retailers are playing catch up. Direct to consumer selling and e-commerce platforms like Shopify are gaining popularity. The key to success in the future of shopping is data and the ability to offer personalized experiences to customers.

The e-buyers mind - The mindset of e-shoppers and their response to advertising

- The topic of the talk is the e-buyer's mind and online shopping behaviors.

- The speaker will discuss how online shopping fits into our everyday lives, what we buy, and why we buy it.

- The role of advertising in the online shopping experience will also be explored.

Online Shopping Behaviors:

- Online behavior is not drastically different from offline behavior.

- People like to communicate, seek information, entertain themselves, engage in commerce, and explore.

- Online retail takes up about 10% of our time online.

- Ad spend does not always reflect the importance of online shopping to consumers.

Research Findings:

- Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, with 8 out of 10 online consumers buying more than they were six months ago.

- There are two reasons for this trend: organic growth of confidence in online shopping and the convenience of online shopping.

- People buy a variety of goods online, including clothing, electronics, and household items.

- Consumers look for convenience, price, and quality when deciding where to buy online.

- Advertising in a commercial environment can add value to the online shopping experience.

- Online shopping is an important part of our lives, and it is growing in popularity.

- Consumers buy a variety of goods online and look for convenience, price, and quality.

- Advertisers have an opportunity to add value to the online shopping experience by advertising in a commercial environment.

Inside the brain of a shopper.flv

- This article discusses an experiment conducted by Martin Lindstrom, a marketing neuroscience expert, to understand how retailers manipulate shoppers into spending more.

- The experiment involved monitoring a shopper's brain activity using EEG cap while she shopped in a store with and without sales and discounts.

Experiment Process:

- The shopper, Kelly Hanussen, was fitted with an EEG cap and eye cameras to monitor her brain activity and eye movements.

- Kelly was asked to shop in an aisle with no sales and discounts to see if she still bought products without being influenced by promotional displays.

- In the second part of the experiment, the same aisle was filled with big sale signs and special offers to see how Kelly's brain would respond differently.


- Kelly was hardwired to be manipulated by retailers when there were lots of sale signs and special offers in the store.

- Her emotional response to products increased significantly when there were sales and discounts.

- Kelly was still loyal to certain products, like the one recommended by her pediatrician, despite them not being on sale.

Tips to Avoid Retail Traps:

- Make a shopping list before going to the store to avoid being seduced by retailers.

- Disrupt your routines to break the ritualistic behavior of shopping and evaluate products from scratch.

- Eat before going to the store to avoid buying more products when hungry.

- The experiment shows how retailers can manipulate shoppers' emotional responses to increase sales.

- By being aware of these traps and following the tips to avoid them, shoppers can save money and make more conscious purchasing decisions.

The Hidden Metric | The Cost Of Losing Shoppers To Your Competition

The Game of E-commerce: Customer Acquisition and Lifetime Value

- The internet is flooded with tips and tricks for selling on online stores, but the game of e-commerce is often misunderstood.

- Paid media and scaling Facebook ads are not a cash in, cash out system; it's a game of customer acquisition and lifetime value.

- The two most important metrics in an e-commerce store are the cost to acquire a customer and the lifetime value of that customer.

- It's important to understand the game of e-commerce to use any strategy effectively.

The Game of E-commerce:

- Whoever can spend the most on marketing, get the most attention, and not go out of business is the winner.

- Customer acquisition and repeat purchases are the game.

- The ramp-up period can be tolerated with a focus on building the customer base.

- A single product with high profit margins can be used to acquire a customer and offer discounts or promotions to get them in the door.

- Including the product for free in the first order can encourage repeat purchases and introduce new products.

The Ecom Mobile Gap:

- The mobile gap is the difference in conversion rates between mobile and desktop devices.

- The gap can be fixed by optimizing the mobile experience and making it easy for customers to make purchases on their mobile devices.

- Shopify offers mobile-friendly themes and apps to help bridge the gap.

- The game of e-commerce is about customer acquisition and lifetime value, not just paid media and scaling Facebook ads.

- Using a single product with high profit margins can be an effective strategy for acquiring customers and encouraging repeat purchases.

- The mobile gap can be fixed by optimizing the mobile experience and making it easy for customers to make purchases on their mobile devices.

The Value of Welsh Lamb: a shoppers' perspective | Gwerth Cig Oen Cymru: safbwynt y cwsmer

sheep green hills and small farms” like they do with welshness. And when it comes to British lamb specifically, shoppers don't have as positive of a perception as they do with welsh lamb. They mention concerns about intensively farmed meat, hormones and antibiotics, and a lack of traceability.

So what does all of this mean for retailers and suppliers of lamb? Here are some key takeaways:

- Lamb shoppers love the taste and texture of lamb, but can be intimidated by cooking it. Offering recipe inspiration and guidance can help make lamb less risky for these shoppers.

- Meal for two occasions represent a growth opportunity for lamb, as only 6% of these occasions currently include lamb. Marketing campaigns that promote lamb as a special meal option for couples can help drive sales.

- Brands that shoppers know and trust can help take away the risk of trying lamb for the first time. Consider partnering with popular brands or promoting your own brand to build shopper confidence.

- Welshness is an important factor for shoppers when it comes to lamb. Welsh lamb has a more positive perception than British lamb overall, thanks to its associations with natural, grass-fed meat and traditional farming methods. Consider promoting Welsh lamb specifically to tap into these positive perceptions.

- Traceability and animal welfare are important concerns for lamb shoppers, especially those who only buy lamb occasionally. Make sure to promote your products' traceability and welfare standards to build shopper trust.

Overall, understanding shopper perceptions and concerns can help retailers and suppliers better promote and sell their lamb products. By addressing these concerns and promoting the unique qualities of Welsh lamb, you can help drive growth in this important category.

Shoppers Drug Mart and Value Village spree

Bargain Hunting at its Finest: Makeup and More

In this video, the speaker shares her recent shopping experience at Shoppers Drug Mart and Value Village. She shows off some of the makeup products she found, including a bargain eyeshadow, eyeliner, nail polishes, and lip glaze, as well as two skincare products she received as testers.

Main Content:

- Bargain Makeup Finds at Shoppers Drug Mart:

- Essence eyeshadow (number 35 party all night) - a beautiful gold color for just $1.50.

- Gosh eyeliner (number one back in black) - a higher-end drugstore product from Denmark that cost $7.50.

- Essie nail polishes - two shades (368 sexy divide and 75 to turquoise and K cops) for a total of $11.99.

- Gosh lip glaze (liteon lightened light and shine) - a shimmery purple shade for $7.50.

- Eyeshadow quad from Isadora - a discounted product with high-quality packaging.

- Free Skincare Testers:

- Duo derma serum - a 30 ml product from Las Vegas, with a watery texture and slight fragrance.

- Alvina serum - another 30 ml product with no noticeable fragrance, but the packaging is wasteful.

- Sparkly Value Village Find:

- A fabulous bag with purple and pink sparkles, made in India, for only $8.

The speaker had a successful shopping trip and found some great deals on makeup and skincare products, as well as a stylish new bag. She recommends trying out testers before committing to full-size products, and encourages viewers to keep an eye out for bargains at their local drugstore and thrift store.

Topco Power of Own Brands

- Luke Gustafson introduces himself as the Director of Retail Operations at Brookshire Brothers and shares his experience working with the company.

- Brookshire Brothers' top priority is providing exceptional customer service, and part of that service is knowing the products they offer.

- Brookshire Brothers is launching a new line of store brands that offer better quality, better value, and better variety.

New Store Brands:

- Fresh Harvest: Brookshire Brothers' own line of milk, bread, eggs, and ice cream that replaces the previous Brookshire Brothers label.

- Nearly a dozen new brands sourced through a co-op called Topco, which allows Brookshire Brothers to join their buying power with 22 national chains, resulting in better prices.

- High Top will be replaced by these new brands, but customers should be assured that the quality and value are just as good, if not better.

New Brands:

- Food Club: an affordable line of great-tasting food products.

- Simply Done: a household and general merchandise brand that provides products for everyday life.

- Tippy Toes: a line of baby and child care products.

- Paws: a line of pet food and supplies.

- Full Circle Market: a line of natural and organic products.

- Wide Awake: a line of coffee products.

- Top Care: a line of health and beauty products.

- Value Time: an opening price point brand for low-priced items.

- More brands are appearing, including Buckley Farms, Over the Top, and Cape Cavell.

- Brookshire Brothers' new store brands offer customers better quality, better value, and better variety.

- Store directors have coupons to encourage customers to try these new brands, and Brookshire Brothers aims to have every third item across the checkout stand be one of their own brands.

- By purchasing these own brand products, customers are supporting Brookshire Brothers and its employee owners.

- Brookshire Brothers has been a community grocer since 1921, providing good food and doing good deeds in their communities.

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