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show stripe orders in shopify admin

Published on: June 30 2023 by pipiads

refund amount” so we will use that valuefor initiating the refundso let s just uh provide the charge uhdetails charge id detailsso now once uh this is done we ll just uhso on click of the refund uh button uhwe will just initiate the refund so ifyou can see hereit s uh the toast is coming asrefund initiated so now if i check thisparticular order uh in the stripeso you can see uh there is a refund whichhas been initiated for uhthe same amount so this is how we cangive a full viewto the customer success representative sothat they canhandle all the refund requests veryquicklyso this is what i wanted to showcaseuh with the template so let me hand itback to janina for any questionsor any uh feedback that you might haveabout the templatesure thank you fennel for thatamazing demonstration uh and uhwe have seen how easy it is to buildtools on the studio platformand how quickly we can integrate datafrom different systems and provide thecustomer success teamwith a full view of the customer so thatthey canhandle all the refund requests quicklyso we have seen how we can uselow-code no-code tools to improve thecustomer experienceand uh how the transform response canbe very useful in certain complexscenariosand how we can use connectors tointegrate data from different systemsso now i would like to open the floorfor any questionsor feedback that you might have about thedemo that we just sawthank you

Stripe Shopify Integration - How to Sync New Stripe Customers to Shopify

In this video, we learn how to sync new Stripe customers to Shopify using an integration and automation software called Public Connect. Here is a breakdown of the steps:

- In this video, we will learn how to sync new Stripe customers to Shopify using Public Connect.


- Add a new customer in Stripe with their email, country, address, city, postcode, state, and phone number.

- Use Public Connect to integrate Stripe and Shopify without any coding skills or programming knowledge.

- Create a workflow in Public Connect to integrate Stripe and Shopify by choosing Stripe as the app and new customer as the trigger event.

- Add a webhook in Stripe for customer creation and use the endpoint URL in Public Connect.

- Create a dummy customer in Stripe to test the workflow and ensure that the data is captured by Public Connect.

- Use a text formatter in Public Connect to split the full name of the customer into first and last name.

- Use the split names, email, address, city, postcode, state, and country fields to create a customer in Shopify.

- Send the data to Shopify and confirm that the customer has been created successfully.

- By following these steps, you can easily sync new Stripe customers to Shopify using Public Connect without any coding skills or programming knowledge.

How to test Shopify Payments || Shopify Help Center

Are you looking to test Shopify Payments on your online store? Testing your payment gateway ensures that your customers have a seamless checkout experience. In this guide, I will teach you how to test Shopify Payments in just a few easy steps.

Important things to note:

1. Test mode is enabled, so you and your customers cannot use real credit cards to pay for orders.

2. Do not fulfill any test orders as you will be charged for any shipping labels you purchase.

3. Test transactions do not appear in your payouts or reports.


1. Enable test mode for Shopify Payments from the Shopify Admin by clicking on Settings and then Payments. If you don't see the Manage button, you don't have Shopify Payments set up yet.

2. Disable any Accelerated checkout options like Shop Pay, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

3. Check the box for Enable test mode under the Test Mode section and click Save.

4. Create a successful transaction by adding an item to your cart, filling out the required details, and using a test credit card number (found in the description below).

5. Check the order details in the Shopify admin and archive or cancel the test order.

6. Simulate a failed transaction by following the same steps as above and using a different test credit card number.

7. Disable test mode by unchecking the Enable test mode box under the Test Mode section and re-enabling Accelerated checkout options if necessary.

Testing Shopify Payments is a crucial step in ensuring a seamless checkout experience for your customers. By following these easy steps, you can test your payment gateway without any real credit card transactions. Don't forget to visit help.shopify.com for more information and subscribe to our channel for more tutorials.

How to Place a Test Order on Shopify | Development and Live Store

In this article, we will discuss how to place a test order on both a development store and a live store in Shopify. We will go through the steps required to activate the test payment provider, simulate a successful transaction, and refund the order.

Steps for placing a test order on a development store:

1. Add a product to your cart.

2. Go to your admin dashboard and click on settings.

3. Select the Payments option.

4. Activate the test payment provider and go to the bogus Gateway page.

5. Check the bogus for testing option and activate the test payment provider.

6. Go back to your shopping cart and check out.

7. Enter bogus information and continue to shipping.

8. Choose your shipping method and continue to payment.

9. Simulate a successful transaction by entering a bogus card number, name, expiration date, and security code.

10. Go to the orders page to see the test order.

Steps for placing a test order on a live store:

1. Use a real card or payment method to purchase a normal order.

2. Go to the orders page and select the order.

3. Click on refund in the top right corner.

4. Enter the reason for refund and the refund amount.

5. Press refund to complete the process.

By following these steps, you can easily place a test order on both a development store and a live store in Shopify. It is important to activate the test payment provider to ensure that you are not charged for any real transactions during testing. Refunding the order is also an important step in completing the testing process.

Testing One-Page Checkout with Stripe On Your Shopify | Video Guides | Smarketly for eCommerce

Hey guys, in this video we'll show you how to test your one page checkout and one click upsell with Tribe. Let's get started!

- In this video, we'll verify that your one page checkout and one click upsell with Tribe are set up correctly.

Steps to Verify:

- Go to your Sparkle account and click connect.

- Choose one page checkout in the options.

- Verify that the checkout option is set to one page checkout and your payment provider is Stripe.

- Check your file for any funnels that are set up with upsells.

- Add the product to your cart and proceed to checkout.

- Fill out your contact information and shipping address.

- Enter test payment details, including the Stripe test card.

- Click submit payment to complete the order.


- If the customer completes the order, it will appear in your Shopify and Stripe accounts.

- The order will be tagged with marketing order and markedly OCU order to indicate that it was processed through Sparkle's one page checkout and one click upsell.

- If the customer abandons the order, it will be sent to your abandoned checkouts in Shopify.

- Congratulations, you've successfully verified that your one page checkout and one click upsell are working with Stripe on your store!

Integrate Shopify and Stripe with Synder Accounting

In this tutorial, we will learn how to integrate Shopify and Stripe with Cinder for easy accounting. Here are the steps:

1. Create an organization to unite your books and online sales channels.

2. Select the platforms you want to integrate, such as Shopify and Stripe.

3. Choose your accounting company - we recommend Cinder for seamless integration and automatic accounting.

4. Fine tune your Cinder accounting system by selecting your home currency, first month of fiscal year, and connecting your bank account through Plaid.

5. Connect your sales channels one by one by entering the store name or credentials. Cinder will import and sync your data for the previous two months.

Now, you can view your reports and get a comprehensive view of your business's financial health. Cinder provides basic reports, such as profit and loss and balance sheet, which can be split by payment processors. You can also categorize income and expenses, and create rules for automatic categorization.

Invoicing and payment links are also available for easy payment processing. Cinder works seamlessly with e-commerce payments from platforms like Shopify and Amazon, ensuring proper reconciliation of income and expenses.

Overall, Cinder is a great tool for managing multiple platforms and streamlining your accounting processes. Give it a try and see how it can help your business grow!

How to use STRIPE to collect payments online (stripe tutorial 2021)

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