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Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

How to remove Popup ads from Android Mobile | 100% Free | No tools Required

[Music]. hey friends, come on. this is abhishek from tik matters, and in this video i'll be telling you how you can easily remove malware or adware from your android mobile phone. this is very easy. you don't need any kind of software or any kind of antivirus or anti-malware. it can be easily done through settings in your android phone. so before that, let me show you what kind of ads i'm toking about. so these are like pop-up ads. so here you can see that this is one kind of pop up ad and normally you get a cross sign here and every time the ad pops up you need to cross it so that it closes. so it's very irritating at times. like I will show you these kind of ads whenever you're browsing Facebook or you are doing YouTube. so these pop-up ads will come up, and if you see closely here on the top right hand side, that ads by Google. so this means this ad is actually coming from the Google Adsense. so now how you can remove this- and this is very simple. you need to just follow a few steps. so now what you have to do is, like you just have to go to settings and inside settings you will see accounts- an account. you have to go to Google. inside Google you will see multiple options. you have to go into personal info and privacy and once this page loads, you need to go to add settings. when you click on this, this will actually open a browser and inside the browser it will open the add settings for your account and now you can see add personalization. so here, basically, you have to switch it off. when you switch it off, this will give a pop up and you need to click on this turn off. it says: by turning off the personalization you still see a ad, but it will be less useful to it. but trust me, I have turned it off and ads we're not coming to my phone, so I'll just click on darn off. and here it says add personalization is now off. you have to click on visit ad choices. once you click on visit ad choices, this will load another page which will say like what all ad you have enabled on your phone. so basically, you have to uncheck all the ad or all the website from where you get the ads. so now it will first load like what kind of ads you have already enabled. insufficient connection speed, so sometimes this will give error. so you have to try again and if you need to be on good internet connection and here you can see it's getting loaded and, yes, it says connection quality is good and cookies enabled and opt-out settings. so this is the very- this is actually the important settings, what you need to check for. so let it load. it takes a few minutes to load. alright, as soon as that status check is completed, you will get this kind of pop up and it says status of your opting out option. so basically, let me explain you what is opt-out. normally your browser will be enabled for all 128 companies normally which is having tie-up with Google, Adsense and I have already opted out from all the web sites. so it says 128 partikipating companies reported information for existing up opt-out on your browser. that means I have already opted out of 128 partikipating companies. for your phone it will show as 0 partikipating companies opt-out or one partikipating company opt-out, so that that can vary from phone to phone. so you need to opt-out from all the companies. so how do you do that? you have to just click on continue and here you can see company customization ad for your browser: 3 current uploads: 124. now I need to click on make your choices. here I can say: these three companies will give me ad on my phone so I need to remove these companies from my ad sense. so I wanna have to do: choose all companies and say it's requesting opt-outs. this means you have requested these website to not send ads on your phone. now it says opt-out completed successfully. opt-out requests were not completed for two partikipating companies. I'm not sure why they are not allowing you to opt out, so, step you click on continue. now you can see company customizing ads, for your browser is one and your opt out is 127 and total company is 129. so that means like, still one company will send the ads to your phone, but that will be very less compared to 129 companies. so do all these settings and you have to just click on back back, or you can hit the home button and then you need to just restart your phone and your ads will go away. you will not receive that pop-up ads from Google. at last, I would like to thank all my viewers, all my subscribers, to make this channel larger, because we have reached 5000 subscriber and 20 million views on this channel and I would be distributing goodies, gifts, at ten thousand subscription. so please check out my Facebook page for more details, just click the link which is being displayed on the screen now, and don't forget to subscribe, because only subscribers will be getting the gifts at 10,000 subscription. so I hope you liked my video. have a nice day, bye, bye.

Free Google Display Ads Course 2022 - Step-By-Step Guide to Google Display Network Advertising

welcome to my Google display ads course. I'm going to be going over how to create a Google display ads campaign, some best practikes, how to optimize your campaigns, responsive display ads- basically everything you need to know to create a successful Google display advertising campaign. so you're going to see all the time stamps first, so if you want to jump to a specific spot in the video, then you can go ahead and do that. now what the video is going to start with is my Google display ads tutorial, and then I'll go over the Google Display Network. I'm going to go over responsive display ads and then I'm going to go over some different strategies and best practikes as you're building your campaign: how to Target different audience segments, how to Target your data segments- AKA remarketing audiences- and we'll finish it off with optimization. so let's get started. the first video, as I get started, is my Google display ads tutorial, where I show you exactly how I create Google display ads campaigns and some different strategies that I use as I am setting up my campaigns. so let's get started. today is going to be my Google display ads tutorial, so I'm going to go over my strategy for creating Google display ads campaigns and all the things I try to make sure that I have set up before I create my campaign. so you can see here I'm in my Google ads account. so that's where you need to get started. you need to make sure you have a Google ads account, and the first thing I always do before I launch any campaign is make sure I'm setting up conversion tracking. so if you don't have conversion tracking set up, this is what you want to do now, and conversion tracking is going to vary based on what your goals are. so, for example, if you have a Shopify website and you're trying to sell products, you can use the Shopify integration with Google ads and you can easily set up conversion tracking and pass along value for what people are actually purchasing from your website, how much they spend, and you can track that all back to your campaigns. now, if you have a separate, a different type of website where people are booking appointments or they're calling you by phone, whatever it may be- you need to make sure you're tracking all of your key performance indicators in Google ads, because then you can actually optimize your campaigns for them. so, to get started, I'm going to come in here to tools and settings, and what we're going to do is, we're going to come to measurement and we're going to two conversions. so this is where you can create new conversion actions or, as I'm going to do right now, import conversions directly from your Google analytiks 4 account. so if I come over here to my Google analytiks 4 account for beachfrontaccorecom, then what I can do is coming over here to configure. I recently created an event called affiliate click, so it's tracking every time someone clicks on an external link on my website, and I've been able to exclude all the external links that are not affiliate clicks. so I just recently created this event using Google tag manager and using my Google analytiks 4 account. I will create a separate video showing how to track affiliate clicks, but what you can see here is I have this existing event here, so what I can do is I can mark this as a conversion. so if I click here, it's going to mark this affiliate click as a conversion. so now we come over to conversions. my affiliate click will actually be here as well, tracking conversions, since I don't actually have a purchase on my website. since it's an affiliate marketing website, I am tracking how many clicks. I can drive two different affiliate offers. so that's the first thing I like to do, especially when we're looking at Google display ads campaigns: making sure that we're setting up conversion tracking. so there's one more step that we need to take, but what I would recommend doing at this point is going to the admin section and making sure that you have a link to your Google analytiks and Google ads accounts. so you can see, I have my Google ads account linked here. I have personalized advertising enabled and if we come back over here to Google ads before we set up our conversion action, what we can do is we can go to tools and settings here and under setup. what we're going to do is we're going to click on linked accounts. so this will show all of the accounts that we've linked to our Google ads account, and here's where you can link your Google analytiks 4 account. it's very easy to do, since mine are both under the same exact Google account. so my Google analytiks 4 account, my Google ads account- you can see I have it linked right here. now. it also pulls in my farmhouse goals Google analytiks account, so I could easily link some of these other accounts as well, but for right now, I have this account account linked here for beachfront Decor, so that's going to allow me to actually do a couple of different things. first and foremost, we come to tools and settings. we come back to the conversions page. let's go to measurement and we're going to go to conversions, and what we're going to do now is we're going to click on new conversion action and we're going to import. so we're importing data from Google analytiks and we're going to choose Google analytiks for properties web and we're going to click on continue. and now you can see my affiliate cling- affiliate click analytiks event. so if we come back over here, this is the same conversion over here. if we come to configure and we go to the conversions page, you can see we have this affiliate click conversion and over here we have affiliate click as a conversion. so we're going to select this and we're going to import this as a new conversion action. so that's what you want to get started with is make sure you're using conversion tracking, and what I would recommend doing is for your conversion tracking. if you come down here, this is going to be set to other. we're going to click on this and we're going to edit the conversion real quick. so we're going to click on edit settings so you can see here the conversion name is beachfront Decor affiliate click goal and action optimization. since I'm just tracking affiliate clicks, we're going to set this as other. that's perfectly fine- a primary action used for bidding optimization, and we're just going to be using one dollar as the value. so what that means is it's going to count each individual conversion action as one conversion. so we'll click on Save here. it doesn't matter whether it's a dollar or or it's just counting one. every single click is going to count as one. The Source will be Google analytiks four. it's a website conversion. it's called affiliate click. in Google analytiks four. it's my beach frontal core ga4 property name. we're going to count every single conversion because every click is valuable. it could lead to an affiliate sale and then click through conversion window. it's set to 90 days, so you can set this to a shorter period of time. you can keep it at 90 days, so I'm fine with keeping it at 90 days, because I like to know how my how everything is performing. it doesn't have to be a short period of time. the attribution model I would recommend using data driven, so data driven is actually able to look at all the clicks along the path to conversion give and give them each a value. so there's different attribution models here. I would not recommend last click or first click because they're only looking at one click on the entire journey and with display somebody might see multiple ads, click multiple ads, somebody might click a search ad, somebody might find you organically, somebody might find you on social media before they actually convert. so you're looking at all the different paths for a conversion and it's going to give some credit to clicks on the path that happen from your display campaign. so, first things first, we have our conversion tracking set up, so we click on done here. the next thing we want to do is we want to come over here to tools and settings. we're going to go to Share.

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How to run google ads free | 2021 | worldwide

hello people. what's good? trust you are doing fine wherever you are in the world. welcome to my channel. get in this. breadcom gtb for shorts. um. so basically, what we do here is we review or we look at the latest marketing tool or software that can help you, as an online entrepreneur, take your business to the next level or grow your business. we also look at tools that can help you, as a digital marketer, do your job a lot more easy and effectively. um, but secondly, this channel is also a money channel, so look at anything and everything that has to do with making money online. so we look at methods- love method- that are out there that has been working for a lot of people, and how this same method can work for you. um, well, so in today's video- uh, before we move into that, um, if you are new to this channel, please help this channel grow by clicking on the red subscribe button and the bell notification icon so you get notified every time we drop awesome videos such as this one. um, okay, so for today's video, we are going to be looking at how to run google ads in 2021 for free. yes, you heard me correctly: while looking at how to run google ads for free in 2021. well, if you have been following up on this channel, um, in my previous video, i toked about how to get um free 150 google ads credits. so, um, why i made mention of that video is that 150 dollars that you got from that video is what we are going to be using here to run ads on google ads. um, before we move right into it, if you don't know, what google ad does is simply google advertisement. it's advertising your business. so what it does is it puts your business or your product or the services that are offered in front of people that are looking for it. every typical example is something like: this: is how it basically looks like. this is how it looks like. so, for instance, if you are selling, let's say, um, like a shoe, maybe. if i said you're selling wristwatch or bids, or you have a cleaning service- a cleaning service- and you want people to see what you're selling, um, you can run ads on google and put your product in front of people that are searching for it. so, um, for instance, let's see, let me show you what um a google ad or what, what this, what it looks like. um, for instance, let's go to um, let's go to top, do you? let's go to googlecom, googlecom, let's go to googlecom. okay, so let's see. let's see, i'm looking for a cleaning service. i want to hire a cleaning service. okay, so to, i'm going to type in cleaning service on the google search bar here: cleaning service. okay, i see cleaning service. let's click the screen. service, lagos service. oh, okay, fine, good, okay. so you can see all this, um, all these ones that have popped up here at the top with iggy by the side, all these are ads that were created by this person on the google ads platform. all these are ads that were created by these people on google ads and they are currently running. so this is what we're going to be doing today: we're going to create ads on google ads, such as this one, such as this one. so let's get right into the business of today. um, well, because of that 150 dollars that you um generated in the previous video, um, and you remember, you said, you remember we said that that 150 only applies, that coupon only applies to places that are living in the united states. and remember, we have to use a vpn to hide our location, and to hide our location, make sure that the google site thinks that we are working from the united states. so in this video, we are still going to use our vpn. so, first off, you connect your vpn. i'm going to connect my vpn to the united states by clicking here. mind you, this is proton vpn. i made mention of vpn in my previous video, so you can go check that out. so i'm connecting my vpn, so i just clicked on. i just clicked here connecting to the united states and you can see it's connecting. that's finally connected. okay, so let's get right into our business. okay, so firstly, okay, so you have to create a gmail account. i said that in my previous video and i sincerely hope that you have done that already. you have to create a new gmail account. yeah, you are creating a new gmail account because of that 150. oh well, i will be using the same gmail account that i created in our video. so if you have created an account in that video, good for you. so let's um move, let's get right into it. so before you click on start now, before we click on start now, let me just say this: so when people start running ads for the first time, they usually have this very high expectation like, oh, i'm running. i'm running ads now and i'm going to get into traffic to my website or a lot of customers and all, but the thing is you have to give this a little, just a little time. i know you're spending money here, but you have to give it a little time to see what works for you and what does it. you have to give it a little time for it to work perfectly well for you. but not to worry, the good news is the fact that you are here, you are father on this channel and you are watching this video. we are going to be showing you what works and what doesn't, and we are going to be showing you the best way to optimize your ads. so i'll click on start now click. if you haven't run us on google as before, sometimes everything might look a little bit confusing. first page that you see: get more phone calls, get more sales, sign up, get more visits to your physical location. so what you do is you come here to um, switch to expat mode. you click there. so, after clicking on switch to export, move. this is the next thing you'll see: um select the group that will make this campaign successful to you. so if you sales, you're looking for leads, website traffic, products and brand consideration, brand awareness, outreach, app promotion, local store visitor promotion. um, for this video, we are going to be sending traffic to a website. uh, we are going to be sending traffic to your website, so i'm going to click on website traffic. then i'll click on search. if you have a video, you can use video. i'll click on search, or click on search, i'll click on search. um, so so for this video- i'm assuming that i am selling my products- is um shoes. i am selling shoes online, so i'm going to be directing traffic to my website. so i'll put in. this is just an assumption. so our assumed website would be w [Music] w dot. broke shoes dots com. so i'll click on continue. click on continue. it's loading okay and here we are. so um campaign name would be broke shoes. i remove display network, only search. remove display network and leave search network. you scroll down, click on more settings. it's kind of important that you put an end date- it started and ended- to your ads, and reasons being that you don't know what can happen. you might be in a partikular place and maybe you are. you don't have um any internet connection to actually stop your art. so while that is going on, you are to be running and google will actually be charging you from your credit card. but if you put an end date, you already know your ad is going to run for a certain amount of time and end on a partikular date. you might even get locked out of your account for the reason- and before you try to stop your ad and all that, google has already charged you for something that you did not plan for. so it is kind of important that you put a stat on empty to your ads. so our ad is starting today, april, and it is going to end. it is going to end. let's say, we're running this at for um, two weeks. it's going to run sale: um, until 26th of april. okay, so that is done. um, you leave campaign url options empty and leave those other apartments. so that is for that country we are going to be. let's look allocation options. let's click on enter selection. so we are going to be using the united states. okay, so we're targeting the united states and what i get in the united states. okay, so i selected that already. i selected that are targeting the united states. you can target as much countries as you want, but for this video we're targeting the united states. our language is english. um for audience, we are going to be.

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How To Do Facebook Ads For FREE!! (Updated 2022 Strategy!)

in this video i'm gonna be showing you guys, step by step, how we can run facebook adverts for free, right? so this video is a follow-up video to the video that i made on youtube- my first ever video on youtube, which was facebook advanced- for free. i made the video. it got a lot of views because people liked what i was teaching there, and definitely someone from facebook- one of their workouts- definitely saw the video and they took down the method i actually thought in the video because there was a website you could actually go to and get targeting details, like you could target people with specific names, people who are interested in a partikular thing, people who are a partikular age, people who live in a partikular place, people who answer a partikular name. what happened was that facebook took down that website, right, and since then i've been getting a lot of dislikes on the video and that's why i have decided today to record a follow-up video to that one, because i have come up with something newer that we would actually use to run advice on facebook literally and get traffic straight up to whatever promoting- whether your business, your website, affiliate links, whatever you're promoting- you could literally get traffic from facebook for free using what i'm going to show you in this video, right? so before i get into the video, i want to introduce myself. my name is daniel umay and i've been in the internet marketing niche for like four years right now and i've made a lot of progress. so that's me, and if you like what i do here- because i do videos about facebook ads and instagram grow- everything related to internet marketing- i make videos on them. so if that literally interests you, then go ahead and subscribe. man, if i get into the video properly, i want to ask you for three more things. just do me these three favors. so first, go down in the comments, comment facebook ads. right, just comment facebook ads. what that's gonna do is that it's gonna literally tell youtube that is a good video, so that more people will actually get to see this video and not just that. ask me any questions you have at any point at all in this video in the comments. i'm always gonna be there to answer all the questions i always do, right? so the second thing i want you guys to do for me is to go down below subscribe. yeah, so subscribe. and the last thing is for you to share this video with any of your friends, who you know might need to see a video like this to actually get free traffic for whatever they are promoting, be their affiliate link, their own website, whatever they are promoting, right? so, go ahead and share this video with your friends because, like they say, sharing is caring, yeah, so, with those three things done, i believe you've done them. if you've not, make sure you do them. so, with those three things done, i'm gonna get right into my laptop screen right now, which is where i'm gonna be showing you guys how we can actually go about getting this facebook traffic for free. so let's get into the video, guys. i'm gonna see you guys inside my laptop. so now we're here on my laptop screen. you're definitely, definitely, gonna need a facebook account. i know you already guessed that you're gonna need a facebook account, but not just any type of facebook account. you're gonna need a facebook account that is over a year, right? that? like, the older, the better, right? the older your facebook account is better for you, right? so don't think you can just go and create a new account and start doing this with it, right? so don't worry if you don't have, uh, an old facebook account, right, you can simply go back to this website here called fbaccscom. fbaccscom- right, when you go over today, you can actually, uh, get physical accounts from them, right, so you can see different types of accounts, right, this one here is nine to 10 years here, 1985, account. so you just choose what you want, pay them. they're going to deliver to you and this is not an affiliate link. there's no affiliate link. just go to the website on your own and, uh, get a facebook account- an old one, if you don't have a physical account already, right? so, uh, when you have a facebook account, just log into your account, right, it should look like what you see on the screen here, right? so, basically, what i toked about in the other video was actually targeting, right? so there was a website that i toked about in the in the old video that i toked about earlier. so this is the website here called lookupidcom, right? so what was going on, what were using this thing to do, was like we're using it to find people on facebook, right? so when you come over to this website and click on fb search right here, right, and then you go here, you could actually select people named a partikular name. so let me say you want to target people who are named daniel. you could use this thing to write danielle here and click on search. that's going to show you facebook accounts who are named danielle and you can actually choose to find people who are named danielle who work in a partikular place. you can choose to find people who are named danielle who like a partikular page. you can choose to find people who are named danielle who live in a partikular place. you can actually use this thing to like target people on facebook so you can see you can choose the best year, age and stuff here, right, but facebook actually took this thing down, so let me show you guys what i mean. so let me say i want to target people who are named mike hell. so if i enter my car right here right now and i hit search, right, it's going to put me into facebook, right, and it's going to uh give a message here. it says this page isn't available right now, right, but when i made the video about a year ago, it was working, right. so facebook actually blocked this website from doing what it's actually doing because they saw that this is very, very powerful, right. people could actually use this into targets who they want and actually sell their products, our athletes links and promote their website and stuff, right? so i actually came up with something that's still gonna work, right? so here's what i came up with, right? so, um, let me say, you want to target people who are in the united states and you want to target people who are interested in weight loss, right? let me say, you're trying to sell a weight loss product or something like that. you are going to use a, a, a method, right? you're going to use a method i'm going to show you right now. so we're going to come over to the facebook search bar. so, let's say, we want to target the keyword make money online, right? so let's start search for make money- make money online. it's search here. so what's gonna happen today? you're gonna see a bunch of uh things pop up here. so you wanna go over to the right part here, scroll up to where you see groups, so click on groups, right? so what's gonna happen here is that you are going to join these groups. you can see, i'm already a member because i'm active in the make money online niche, but, mind you, when you are joining, make sure you join the ones that have a bunch of posts. so this one has over 1k posts a day. this one has about 1400 posts a day. this one has about 20 posts a day. right, so, joining something. i had a lot of posts today, i would say from 200 posts a day and above. so you want to join this group? just click on join, join, join here. some of them are going to ask you questions, but when i ask you the question, simply answer the questions and you're going to be done. so when you're done joining these groups, right, i'm going to show you, guys, what you're going to be doing inside these groups to get targeted traffic, right? so when you're done turning these groups, you have to go into the groups and, uh, here, right now that we're inside here, you can see where it says the members. right, so you can click on here and see members. so click on members here and it's gonna show you people who are in this group and you know for sure right now, these people are interested in making money online, right? so next thing you can do is simply scroll down her.

FREE ADS! How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website with FREE Ads

i'm going to show you how to get thousands of clicks to any website of your choice using this website that gives you ads absolutely free, and the best part about it is i'm going to show you how to use this traffic to get people to any affiliate link that you want. to start making a thousand, even two thousand dollars per month using this secret website. now, as you guys know, there's so many ways to drive traffic. you have youtube ads, you have google ads, you have tiktok, you have youtube, but this traffic source i have never mentioned on my youtube channel. i'm gonna reveal it in today's video. i'm gonna show you exactly how you can get free ad any link of your choice. now, if you are brand new to my channel, my name is jonathan montoya with passive income lifestyles. the purpose of my channel is to help you build a full-time passive income business so you can achieve financial and time freedom, but, more importantly, with those nine to five jobs. that's exactly what i was able to do when i started my business in may of 2019. i quit my job nine months later, march of 2020. that's the goal of this channel. if you're interested in learning more, please subscribe down below and let's get into the video now. i wanted to show you some quick proof that i do know what i'm toking about. i make money with multiple affiliate programs. this is one program right here that's paid me over twenty thousand dollars. here's another program here that's paid me over eighty five thousand dollars. one more program here, guys, over fourteen thousand dollars here. and this is my personal stripe account here, guys, in the last seven days we've done almost thirty thousand dollars. i'm gonna show you exactly how to get traffic to your affiliate links on this video. now, the first thing you need, before you put this method into action, is you need to get an affiliate offer. an affiliate offer is an offer that you don't own but you can make money. so, for example, let's just say we find an offer, we're going to be using this secret website to send people to that offer and when people buy, you get a certain percentage. so, for example, if you're selling 500 product and that person is paying 50 commissions, you're gonna make 250- 100 free. so i'm going to show you exactly how i use this secret website to get traffic to an affiliate offer and start making that thousand dollars per month. so the first website that i recommend is clickbankcom. this is typically where you can go, find a ton of offers. you can figure out exactly how much you're gonna make based on the offer you want to promote. so the first step is to create an account where it says start here and then you could simply log into the marketplace. alright. so once you create your account, you're going to want to go into the clickbank marketplace, as you can see here on the top now. it's going to give you a ton of categories inside of the clickbank marketplace and, as you can see here, there's tons of categories. here there's business and investing, there's e-business and e-marketing, there's health and fitness. now, the website i'm going to show you today is going to be better for e-business and e-marketing products or health and fitness, but i recommend choosing a product in the e-business and e-marketing niche, just because the program i'm showing you is going to be specific for those type of people looking for business opportunities. so we can go through this here and we can see which one has the best offer, which one is paying out the best right. so typically, you're going to want to look at a few things right. the first one is gravity score, right. this typically means how many people are making money with this actual product. okay, the next thing i like to look at is the average money per conversion, right, how much are they making per sale? so about 33 dollars here. i want you guys to make that first thousand dollars per month. so me personally, i'm going to be looking for a higher tiket. right here's a 42 one. uh, 22, 16- see, this one sounds a little bit better. 120 dollars, and this is what i like. right here, guys, 417. this is a program that would get my attention because it's a higher tiket and this is something that is going to be easier to get to. that first thousand dollars per month and even ten thousand dollars per month. now, once you find an offer, let's just say on clickbank, all you're going to do is hit promote and you're going to get an affiliate link where it says: great, hoplink, and that's going to give you your personal affiliate link. okay, so this link right here is your affiliate link. so, for example, when i show you the website- right, i'm gonna show you this website- that's gonna send traffic to that link and we're gonna make money. okay, that's exactly what we're gonna do inside of this training is i'm going to show you how to get traffic through this link here. that's the hardest part when it comes to making money with affiliate marketing guys is getting this traffic here. okay, but we need a good offer, okay. so this is just one option here. the second option is the freedom breakthrough affiliate program. so you can go to googlecom type in freedom breakthrough affiliate program and you can simply promote this high tiket program here. now, this is in the make money online niche. this teaches people how to quit their job and, yes, this is my program here, guys. so, yes, shameless plug, but it's okay. we have a ton of people getting some incredible results. we do pay up to 50 to even 75 commissions, and on a 1497 product. okay, so this is just another program you could promote using this secret website. if you didn't like any of the products on clickbank, okay, so that's just an option for you. if you wanted to join this program here, you can go to apply here and join the freedom breakthrough affiliate program. so the next step: once we find the offer that we're gonna promote and once we have our affiliate link now, we're gonna go to the secret website that's gonna give you literally free clicks and free ads. you don't have to pay for any of this. okay, so you're gonna go to worldprofitcom and i'll show you where. so this is worldprofitcom, guys, and this website has been around for years and years, and basically you can sign up for a free account and what it's going to allow you to do is post classified ads, and it's going to allow you to send people to any link of your choice. okay, so, once you sign in for a free account, you're going to want to go to the main menu here on the left. okay, now, there's a lot of cool things you can do with this program here, but what i'm going to do in this video is i'm going to show you how to get free links for free traffic to your website. okay, so, basically, we're going to want to click on this here and i'm going to click on this link and we're going to place ads for free, as you can place ads for free, and this is going to allow you to send traffic to any link of your choice. okay, so, as you can see here, there's a ton of pre-built ads already for multiple programs, but what i want to do is i want to post an ad here on the top right. okay, i'm going to show you exactly what you can do to start post ad. all right, so once we're on this site here now, we could go ahead and post an ad. now, what this is gonna do is it's gonna give you a seven day free trial where you can post an ad and start getting clicks. okay, after that, it's gonna ask you to upgrade. you don't really need to do that, guys. all you got to do is post the ad. all you need is the seven days for free. you're gonna start generating clicks, you're gonna start building your email list and, more importantly, start making money. okay, so what we're gonna do here is we're gonna click on post ad. it's gonna take you to this website here, okay. so again, it's gonna ask you to upgrade to the silver, which might be worth it to you, but i want you to start making money first before you kind of upgrade, and that's gonna be up to you. once you start making money, then yes, if it makes sense, then upgrade to the silver and you can post multiple ads multiple times. okay so, but we're gonna sta.

Block ALL Ads on iPhone in ANY APP iOS 15 - (FREE - Late 2021)

what's up, guys musa here. so today, in this video, i'm going to show you how to block ads on your iphone, and thank god, we find a way to block ads on iphone. so this method will block pretty much every ad on every app, like every game, every app which shows you ads. so i will show you before and after results, so let's dive right into it. so if i search for wall craft, this app is full of ads. for example, if i open just this wallpaper boom, you will see an ad. and if we just close this and again if we open an other wallpaper- for example, this boom- again another ad. i just hate these ads. so let's just close this and go into another app. so now i will open a movie app, and if you don't know how to watch free movies on your iphone, you can watch my video up in the cards. in that video i showed an app which allows you to watch free movies on your iphone and, by the way, you cannot download it from from app store anymore, so you have to watch the video to see how to download this app. so it's a movie app. if we just open this loki series and if i just play here and you can see the movie is playing. so if i just fast forward it, so if we just boom, you can see that there is an ad. so okay, now let's see how to block these ads. you have to download an app which is called luna vpn and you cannot download it from app store. so you have to follow this method to download the app. just open safari. you cannot use chrome for this purpose- and you have to open safari and just go on googlecom and write luna vpn. download iphone, so you will see this link. just open this link which says amben networks. click on that. you can see the luna vpn and just scroll down until you see this: install luna. just click on that. now just scroll down again and write your age, for example, anything, and now just click on add blocking vpn profile. you will allow this. i'm also going to allow this so that you can see what to do next. now go into settings and here you can see profile downloaded and you can see luna vpn. just click on install and you have to put in your password and click install again and here you can see your luna vpn. just click on that and you can see your vpn here. so if you just click on this vpn, you can see your luna vpn and it says connected and you can confirm it. and now let's go to the app again, wall craft. let me see if it's open. no, it's closed. so now, if we open wall craft again, if we just click on this wallpaper, you can see there is no ad. and we will go down and open another wallpaper. you can see there is no ad, for example this one: there is no ad whatsoever. you can open any wallpaper and it doesn't show any ad. now let's go to the movie app, which i just opened earlier. you can see the movie is playing and there is no ad whatsoever. if i just fast forward it, you can see there is no ad and this method is legit. so this was the video. thank you so much for watching, guys, and please consider subscribing to my channel so that i can grow this channel and comment below if you find this useful and tell me whether this method blocks ad for you or not. you can watch my other videos by visiting my youtube channel. and again, thank you so much for watching and i will catch you guys in the next one. peace out.