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Sick Prizez to Give Away....

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Sick Prizez to Give Away....

Sick Prizez to Give Away....

people King human here and uh no prizes
are gonna be going out this week because
I got a wicked head cold I'm not I'm not
even getting dressed you know screw it
I'm gonna take the week off I can't go
anywhere i'm just gonna sit woman drink
chicken soup call up a hooker somebody
to keep you warm and that's that I'm
joking by the way unless you're a hooker
give me a call I like big cans anyway um
this is a prize giveaway thing I wanted
to make a video on a new prize stuff I
still got a bunch of that video editing
software to give away i'm looking at it
let me grab some uh all right i got a
bunch of these i got 10 of these left
video studio nines actually nine of
these left one guy i got an email from
one guy said he 101 so i'm setting 10
site but i got a ton of these the same
thing only it's version 8 now i don't
know what the difference is between
version 9 and version 8 and probably a
minor upgrade for YouTube quality ain't
going to make a bit of difference these
will edit your videos whatever you need
them to do they don't have the
instructions I don't know maybe the
instructions are on the disk I don't use
this I use a different program so I
don't know what's going on with these if
not I'm sure you can get the
instructions pdf on their website
whatever but these are new unregistered
with the keys on the back of them
whoever wants them the next nine people
can get video studio 9 free i'll send it
out email me with a request and your
shipping address or a p.o box and like i
say nobody under 18 because i don't want
underage kids sending out their
and be safe you know that's all I can
say cuz you don't know me I could be an
ax murderer come to your house and kill
you you wanted that damn software I'm
gonna kill you anyway so don't mind
ma'am full of medication I'm full of
cough syrup and [ __ ] so my head is
whacked right now but I got a bunch of
weird freaky stuff to give out right now
too okay um Oh puta hey check it out
this is what I was telling you about the
meat market hand and it's like in a deli
tray I want you to take that I'm going
to ship it out to you put it in the
refrigerator have through the hidden
camera thing and freak out your parents
or whoever opens up the refrigerator I
don't know um I'm going to put that in
your next box uh what else oh I don't
know somebody make a video this is a
freaky baby puppet from the it's alive
movie let me take it out of the bag here
I mean it's it's really creepy gross and
you kind of put it over your shoulder
and you can make it move with your hands
and people it freaks out people anyway
somebody that makes me a decent freaky
video was going to get this thing um oh
here's another freaky thing a nice cute
little dolly uh uh you know what the
hell's going on with her she's all
bloody your eyes coming out of her
socket it's uh I don't know it's just a
cool thing to give to your nice little
kid you know nice charming thing bloody
mouth voodoo I don't know what's going
it's real creepy um what else what else
I got here what is this this is the
classic power pump peanut oh no that's
mine wait a minute ah I thought got more
Kona coffee Terminator 3 video DVDs
what's this oh this is going footage is
going to you that's going in your next
box this is going in your next box
divining rods who want some divining
rods and you know it's weird but I've
I've used divining rods and they worked
some plumber guy showed me how to find
the pipes a minute oh I'm front lawn
using divining rods it freaked me out it
was wicked cool I don't know I gotta go
light down this is driving me crazy I
can't make videos when I'm when I'm not
feeling good I can't think alright I
don't know goodbye do something oh and
thanks to boring dispatcher crap you
sent me a lot of people holy crap so I'd
like to send you a random gift random
thank you gift and by the way people
these are just goofy booby prizes this
isn't the real stuff yet you know the
prizes will get bit better as the
subscriber base gets bigger that's just
the way I'm going to do it so don't like
it hell with you don't don't play don't
ask for anything don't even do it I
losing my mind all right goodbye people

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