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simplified dropshipping 4.0 free course

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

Scott Hilse's FREE Dropshipping Course (Was $500!) Worth It?

hey guys my name is tyler davis with,course ranks if you've ever looked into,making money online chances are you've,heard of drop shipping drop shipping is,a form of retail business wherein the,seller accepts customer orders but does,not keep the goods sold in stok chances,are also good that if you have heard of,drop shipping then you've heard of the,stories of millennial millionaires who,seem to have made their money overnight,if you've ever looked into it for,yourself at all you will know that the,process of becoming successful in,dropshipping is much easier said than,done but it can still be done because of,this people look to online drop shipping,gurus to learn the way to their fortune,in e-commerce we see them all the time,targeting us with ads and promoting,their successful entrepreneur lifestyle,on instagram and youtube the only catch,just by the course well one former,professional dropshipper has just,changed the game and decided to release,a full 500 drop shipping course for free,or at least about as free as it can get,they say time is money so let's find out,if this free drop shipping course is,worth your time and can simplify drop,shipping get you to that coveted point,of quitting your nine to five and,becoming your own boss first as always,let's cover the basics in this video we,will go over everything you need to help,you decide if this course is worth your,investment we will cover the cost how,much content is actually provided behind,the paywall or in this case no paywall,the bonuses and extra content that the,course provides as well as all of the,pros and cons that we found following,that we will dive into our own ranking,system for the course to help give a,final snapshot of the course overall as,well as provide some alternatives to,simplify drop shipping but first who is,scott hilsey scott hilsey may best be,known for his day in the life of a pro,drop shipper videos which sarcastikally,outlined the day of an e-commerce,entrepreneur,or his sky blue tesla that he drives,around the streets of st louis,on top of that his youtube channel has,over 95 000 subscribers at the time of,making this video until recently the,majority of scott's channel is based,around typical information regarding,starting your own dropshipping course,with humor and entertainment mixed in in,recent months scott has seemed to be,moving on from dropshipping and moving,more towards stoks and other financial,ventures he is very clear on his channel,that he doesn't want to be just simply a,drop shipping channel,just a few days ago scott announced that,his drop shipping course simplified drop,shipping would be free for this month of,november you essentially just need to,use his affiliate link and sign up for,shopify for one dollar,via his promotion now let's get into it,and take a deeper look at simplified,drop shipping as mentioned earlier the,cost of the course is free after signing,up through his promotion with shopify,this promotion gets you a shopify,subscription for one dollar and six,weeks of use at that price which is,honestly a pretty good deal until this,point the course has been at the price,of 500,with half off opportunities every now,and then,you may be wondering what his previously,paid students now think of this updated,course being free,my guess is they're probably not too,stoked on it but scott would probably,prefer not to address that,classic case of sucks for them good for,you as far as we know according to his,youtube videos the course is free and,will remain free at no charge for the,rest of the month of november the course,offers close to five hours of content,that focus mainly on the chronological,order of finding your product then,building the store then launching the,ads he also covers fulfillment apps and,other tools to help scale the business,the content is applicable for growing a,drop shipping exclusive e-commerce,business but some have cited in their,opinion that scott's tactiks are a,little bit outdated and have a large,amount of luck associated with the,success they argue that the tactiks he,teaches may have worked back in 2017,or 2018 but have not kept current with,the way the business has evolved let's,hop in and take a look at everything the,course has to offer alright guys so this,is simplified drop shipping 5.0 right,here at the top you can see your,dashboard the access to the facebook,group affiliates and the logout button,like i said as the name suggests a very,simplified version of a course,the the video players here in the middle,scott does all of these as videos um,where it's just kind of him sitting at,his computer toking to you uh walking,through the process of building this,drop uh drop shipping store so,uh as we mentioned this course is just,built chronologically um kind of off the,cuff where scott starts from the,beginning kind of toks to you about his,history and drop shipping uh what he,calls the drop shipping eye which is,essentially just his version of um,knowing what a good product for drop,shipping would be uh and his his,mentality as far as like being positive,and proactive about the business um and,then if you're familiar with any other,drop shipping courses this one follows,relatively that same path um he will,teach you the product research methods,his own product research methods,which do include some apps that he uses,as well as some you know social media,methods and tactiks,choosing your product naming your store,buying your domain building the store,skeleton uh setting up shopify all those,regular things um he does use,some templates for shopify stores which,he does provide,access to to the student which is great,it's just a i guess that's kind of an,added bonus um although shopify does,offer a lot of free templates as well,and in my personal opinion,i think the the template uses looks a,little bit cheesy a little bit dated um,kind of looks like 2017 drop shipping to,me,um as you know from there he goes on,about importing your product um,the inner workings of your site how to,test an order setting up the shipping,setting up the facebook page all that,stuff,scott actually does use a an app a,third-party app called zendrop uh rather,than most dropshippers typically up to,this point who use aliexpress and then,fulfill through oberlo or an app like,that uh scott actually uses an app,called zendrop which is kind of like an,oberlo competitor um and they they're,pretty good i've used them myself um i i,like that they are trying to innovate,the space of drop shipping um they are,they have a lot of pros and benefits to,them um as opposed to the the uh typical,style of aliexpress and oberlo so that,is one one positive thing that he does,mention in here that you won't get from,a lot of other courses,um as for that after that he he kind of,goes through and toks about the meat,and potatoes of really any drop shipping,course which is the facebook ad setting,up your facebook pixel getting the,facebook ad ready to go um and he toks,here,about one main strategy where,it is a little bit capital intensive,it's kind of meant for those that have a,little bit larger of a budget for their,store he does mention another tactik uh,as far as facebook ads that he um,actually refers to back in this drop,shipping 4.0 so he won't actually teach,it to you here in the in the 5.0 but he,he does mention to go back and and look,at 4.0 for that cheaper strategy,uh from that point he kind of goes,through and toks about you know what,happens if your product doesn't work,as well as some some other ways of,testing products you know social media,snapchat stuff like that,um and that's kind of basically the,the outline of the course right there,like i said very straightforward um all,kind of just scott toking to you at his,camera here it is at his computer um the,product unfortunately that he does um,start out with here like we mentioned,doesn't succeed and he actually stops,halfway through,in pursuing it but does continue to,teach you what you would d

An Inside Look & Review of Scott Hilse Simplified Dropshipping 4.0

all right guys so i'm about to log into,my simplified drop shipping account so i,just want to kind of show you,real quick what's all on this thing,there is a lot,um as you can see scott walks you,through everything,uh searching for products signing up on,shopify how to get started,connecting oberlo or zendrop for,importing products,he toks about which shop,shopify plan to start with uh connecting,a domain if you have purchased one and,want to make it,match your brand and what you're trying,to do inner working setup that's simply,you know everything setting up the,photos the design the colors,um getting it all set up doing a test,order making sure everything's good,and then here's the big part in terms of,getting traffic,he walks you through one building the,facebook page for your brand,website or whatever it is you're you're,selling but then,setting up a business account the ad,account and your pixel,and so if if you guys have never done,that that can be pretty confusing and,difficult at first,but he does a great job walking you,through that then right here,uh what apps to integrate with shopify,and when you click all these here on the,side,if i go up here he has videos where he,he walks you through all of it so,there's no reading there's no text it's,just,all videos um he walks you through how,to build your ad,um choosing the target art audience how,to narrow it down,interest everything like that budget um,and then even pass the ads you know once,orders start getting placed,he walks you through here how to fulfill,the order ship it to customers,scaling ads as you start getting more,sales,then he even toks about below should,you start an llc when to do that if,possible,um all kinds of stuff how to build,lookalike audience,and then even down here his previous,courses shopify,um or the sim fly drop shipping 3.0 2.0,you have access to all that,and then um even here if i can find it,he uses a theme on shopify that is no,longer,available well he gives it to you,right here if you use this link and save,it,you can upload it to shopify and use it,which is actually pretty sweet so that,right there,is you know saving you guys some cash,um but overall the whole the whole,course is,absolutely freaking amazing if you if,you are new to shopify,it is well well well worth it to have,somebody on screen video walking you,through,everything um and even if you are,familiar with shopify,this is just very very informative from,everything,he goes through setting up the legal,pages on your shopify store,um toks about tax id if you have that,i know for mine i i got my tax id for my,llc and the retail merchant certificate,um i mean he just goes through all of it,and,when i signed up i had actually had a,couple questions i had emailed him he,provides his personal email in here he,actually got back to me,um so if you're looking for some kind of,training or course,i would check this out for the money it,is well worth it and i know when he,launched it he was doing a 50,off promo um and i think that's ending,soon and if that's the case price is,going to go up and double,closer to about 500 bucks or something,like that so,if you're interested i would get in now,while you can you also right here the,facebook group,um you get free access to his simplified,drop shipping facebook group,and that is not open to the public or,anyone that's private,once you click to try and join you have,to put in the same information on here,your login account name and all that,stuff and they have to verify it and a,preview but there's,all kinds of good information on that,group as well from other people,that have been using his courses so um,definitely worth it to check it out if,you guys have any questions,click the link that i posted and,give it a test and try it out thanks,guys

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Simplified Dropshipping Review - Is It Still A Valid Business Model?

hey welcome to this video if you arrived,here probably searching,for a review of simplified drop shipping,so how it works i'll give you my two,cents whether i think it's a good,investment for you,now i'm always coming with videos like,this so consider subscribing and if,you'd like my free training on the,number one simplest way to make money,online just check the link below,you'll be taken to my email opt-in page,and to your best email and i could send,you my free workshop if you want,all right simplified drop shipping let's,dive in so what this is is a drop,shipping course and drop shipping if you,don't know is simply uh,a business model where you'd be buying,building a store,uh usually on a platform called shopify,listing various products physical,products like calculators coffee mugs,cat food,whatever the case may be and then when,someone purchases you'd go ahead and buy,that,product from a supplier,and they deal with all the shipping and,handling and send it directly to the,customer and you would just have to,worry about,the customer service aspect and uh and,you you get people to your store with uh,paid advertising basically facebook a,lot of people like facebook ads some,people use google ads,that's how it works in a nutshell now,this partikular course used to be 497,dollars,it's actually free now uh you just need,to sign up for a shopify account,uh through his affiliate link okay i,guess he's into affiliate marketing now,and you get two weeks of shopify for,free and then a month for a dollar and,then it toks about all that at the,bottom,and uh,and uh and then and then you start,paying whatever the regular price the,regular monthly fee is i'm not sure why,he's doing it this way but i guess uh,it doesn't really matter you're getting,the entire course it's almost three,hours of con content,uh you also get access access to his,private facebook group he's still active,in there,i'm not sure if he's still doing the,weekly live coaching calls uh i don't,recall him mentioning that in his video,but nonetheless it's a decent course you,know it's free,he covers,covers everything you'd want to know uh,you know researching products setting up,your store on shopify,finding the right suppliers forming an,llc and he goes into a lot of depth on,facebook ads that's his preferred,traffic generation platform now facebook,ads is great don't get me wrong if you,can stay on the platform,however they don't like marketers that's,the truth they don't like us because,they know we can get cheap clicks,so if you do one little thing facebook,doesn't like they'll boot you off their,platform,um it happened to me it happens to,people every day,so that's how you'd be getting traffic,uh no traffic i don't know if i,mentioned this but that's just getting,eyeballs visitors potential customers,it's an industry term so,very common but not some people might,not know that but,uh now would have been nice if you,covered another traffic generation,strategy another platform maybe google,ads or,influencer networks or bing ads but,unfortunately he only covers facebook,ads which again is quite good quality is,good if you can stay on the platform,one thing that makes this course unique,is he shows you how to build one product,stores uh so whereas a lot of the guru,gurus tok about multiple streams of,income how many times have you heard,that you need multiple streams of income,his approach is to focus on just one,thing i get really good at selling that,one thing,and then once you're doing quite well,then maybe add on a second a third or,fourth product so it's an interesting,angle,uh just focusing on one product uh yeah,i think that could work that might,probably works better honestly,all in all it's a perfectly,fine course but the real question you,should be asking yourself is do you want,to run a drop shipping store in the,first place,because there's two real cons with drop,shipping that i see the first is it's,very expensive you need,to spend money on tools advertising,and the products themselves,and because of that the profit margins,are razor thin we're toking 15 to 25,percent,if that's if you know what you're doing,and the other issue is it's a very,complicated business model with lots of,moving parts and just i mean just think,of everything i've toked about in this,video,and so if your goal is to earn a,full-time income let's say five thousand,dollars a month in profit um,drop shipping probably isn't the easiest,or best way to do that there are easier,more beginner friendly,business models you can start in my,opinion,uh but look maybe you're here not,necessarily because you want to run a,drop shipping store maybe you're just,looking for a reliable way to earn money,online,if that's the case i was their position,about three years ago i tried all sorts,of stuff i tried blogging freelancing,domain flipping affiliate marketing,survey websites you name it i pretty,much tried it all,and under the strategies i was,implementing seemed to be working for me,it was very frustrating and confusing,but just as i was ready to give up,after two years of spinning my wheels,i was very fortunate i stumbled across,some life-changing information that,taught me how to,sell real products to people,all over the world i started,implementing those strategies,and slowly but surely i've been,having some incredible results ever,since so if you like learn what's been,working for me and lots of other,students what i recommend is check that,link below you'll be taken to my email,opt-in page enter your best email,and i could send you by free workshop,that'll just detail everything and the,business model i teach is much,it's it's much more beginner friendly,much less expensive just a lot simpler,than drop shipping in my opinion,um so yeah check it out if you want and,that's it i hope you enjoyed this review,of simplified drop shipping i hope to,see you on the other side of that link,and i hope you have a great day bye


Is Simplified Dropshipping A Scam? Scott Hilse - How To Make Money Online 2021

[Music],scott hills is the guy behind simplified,shopify,and i thought i'd do a review of this,intriguing course on his sales page,there are various screenshots of profit,made people advertising his product and,so on,this information is easily obtained and,figures can be manipulated,not to say it wasn't but this is a,strategy that many shady advertisers,have employed in the past and continue,to use today,he is associated with tai lopez so it,gives him some credibility and prestige,in this video we will discuss who is,scott hills we will tok about what to,expect on this course,we will also know how much it cost and,things we liked and didn't like,at the end of this video we will reveal,if scott hill's dropshipping is a scam,for our number one recommendation for,online business,please visit the link in the description,below who is scott hills,most would recognize scott hills from,his youtube channel,and appearances in the tutorial videos,of a barlow he has a sizeable social,media audience,especially on youtube where he has,nearly 61 000 followers,he is the guy who introduces the one,product approach,and location neutral income automation,the idea is to focus on just one product,and being able to work anywhere anytime,it's worth mentioning that scott claims,to be endorsed by oberlo,shopify and tai lopez on his linkedin,profile which quite frankly is a bit,shocking for me,scott is a member of the tai lopez 300,party,and has been featured in the oberlo 101,dropshipping course,including some of their youtube channel,episodes,what to expect in this course don't,expect to be taught for hours,as most comprehensive drop shipping,courses do the course's overall length,including the intro and neutral videos,is just under three hours,so if you want a quick course to get you,started as soon as possible,this might be it simplified drop,shipping promises,to have the following unlike most drop,shippers,scott hills insists that drop shipping,stores should concentrate on a single,item,yes you read it correctly just one thing,if,for instance you have sunglasses as a,product scott says to sell just a single,kind of sunglasses,not a range of sunglasses scott had,three six-figure shops using this,process,in 2017. right now a huge flashing alarm,light should be appearing in your mind,the key terms to note in that statement,being even possible,how much does it cost scott's course has,recently been renamed simplified drop,shipping 3.0,the price has been reduced to a one-time,fee of 397 dollars,it consists of approximately 30 videos,scott just speaks about sales figures,leading you to believe it's his profit,this is another strategy to deceive you,and although the stats might be correct,they mask the actual numbers by not,mentioning the product spend,ad spend and other related expenses,profits from e-commerce are much smaller,than those from affiliate ads,things we liked no frills just the truth,real methods formulas for deciding how,much to invest,and what to spend on facebook ads it,includes the fb bidding tiknique,things we didn't like scott has a,tendency to run,quickly which is a concern given that,this is a course for beginners,the majority of the material is,available on youtube,claims and promises that are dubious no,refund policy,not the best online business model for,2021.,is scott hill's dropshipping a scam it's,not a scam,let's point that out quickly the real,issue here is,scott hills's simplified shopify is just,way shorter than it needs to be,be that as it may it's still presents,some value in some ways,just because scott hills was fortunate,for one commodity,does not guarantee that you will be the,fact that there are numerous courses,available online,that have six times more content but for,a much lesser cost,and free for most if you want to invest,in scott's name,brand you'll actually get decent value,but if you're a novice or intermediate,looking for a comprehensive a to z,course,this is not for you if you want our,number one recommendation for online,business please visit the link in the,description below for more information,please make sure to like and subscribe,to this page to keep up with all the,newest scam alerts and course reviews

Honest Simplifed Dropshipping 4.0 Review

welcome welcome so you've been seeing,this simplified dropshipping around I'm,assuming you've probably seen the ads,all over Facebook all over Instagram,YouTube this guy is everywhere and,you're kind of wondering what is up with,this course is it legit is it a scam who,the heck is Scot he'll see what is going,on so I'm gonna give you a little review,I personally own this course in my,opinion it is one of the best out there,so there's a little information nugget,for ya so Scott is pretty unique in the,drop shipping business Ober lo actually,has a special artikle just to him which,is kind of funny oh I'll tell you why in,a second so he only dropships one,product one product only it's called one,product drop shipping for all I know he,is the only one out there teaching it,completely different than general Mich,drop shipping if you don't know what,drop shipping is you have no inventory,no no design no coding no experience,needed with one click you can add,products to your pre-designed store from,wholesale sites with million millions of,listings you don't handle or ship,anything yourself pretty much what you,do is you buy a product from a supplier,for say five dollars you put it on your,website advertise it on Facebook for $15,a new profit ten bucks so that's just a,little example,so Scott was actually at Tai Lopez's,house if you don't know who Tyler PES is,look him up he's a phenomenal teacher,for pretty much anything any,internet-based business you want to,start he pretty much has a course on it,he brings in a bunch of professionals so,Scott got invited out to his 300 dinners,what ty Lopez likes to call it um he,brings in over the course of the year he,brings in 300 startup businesses and,Scott was one of them,so Ober lo sponsored him maybe he's a,one-hit wonder I guess you can call him,I wouldn't say that actually he is he's,actually started a bunch of successful,stores but his first his first website,created him let's look up here again,where did it go I can't find it it was I,feel like a hundred thousand plus in a,couple of weeks so here are some of the,some of his clients his people that have,bought the course new record dropped six,point five K on ads yesterday trust me,that sounds scary but it's actually not,because look at what she returned this,Erin guy returned fourteen thousand,dollars in one day fourteen thousand,dollars one day - six thousand dollars,in ads - profit did a couple grand,that's insane,okay so obviously you're wondering sure,sure I've seen the home page,this still legit because obviously,Photoshop works wonders on these so I'm,gonna go into my back-end and show you,the personal Facebook page we're gonna,look at some results we've had here in,the last couple oh okay,we've got a thousand dollars in sales,right there we've got twelve hundred,dollars and in his first week he's made,twelve hundred bucks oops see if we get,anything bigger than that got another,thousand dollars in a day in a day,probably got way more than that this,week um there's got to be a bigger one,I've seen a couple big ones Oh,2.5 k in one day in one day about Logan,guys killing it anymore I'm looking for,a five thousand a day I seen one in here,the other day I'm now on track for 30k,this month that is insane they're,killing it they're killing it guys,this course is very underrated not many,people know about this course but I'm,gonna show you the back in he he just,came out with 4.0 I have personally had,it since 2.0 and right now I make I,personally do not focus on this a lot,it's a great way to make passive income,I've literally just set it on autopilot,don't even touch it spend about ten,dollars a day in ads in profit about a,thousand bucks a month obviously I can,scale if I wanted to I just like,focusing on reviewing courses for you,guys makes me more money so that's kind,of what I like to do so there is this,new thing out there called Silk Road,Silk Road is,Ober lo Ober lo is a supplier I guess,you could say they connect with hundreds,of thousands of suppliers in China and,they all get sent to the Birla warehouse,which Oberoi lo sends them out to the US,or wherever your customers buy it from,so burello buys it from their suppliers,in China and then o Birla fulfils all,your orders for you but Silk Road is,crushing it right now I'll show ya okay,so Silk Road,you literally import it to your store,you sell it they auto fulfill it unlike,over lo oberlin have to go into your,back end of your Shopify store and,manually press fulfill on every single,order which it's really annoying,I personally hired a virtual assistant,and had her do it for $4 an hour from,the Philippines,um but Silk Road auto fulfills it that,you don't have to hire a virtual,assistant and they ship it Ober lo it,takes about 30 days to get from purchase,to the customers house unlike Silk Road,Silk Road is bumble Wong I'll see where,to go down to passing okay let's take,you okay what the heck learn more okay i,per,not find it but it is unlike Ober lo it,is five to seven days from purchase to,the customers house which your customers,are a lot more happy when you do that,because they are not wondering did they,just get scammed so I 100% recommend,Silk Road I made the switch a couple,months ago they've been super easy to,work with and the best part is let's see,if I can find this support maybe submit,a request so say you're selling I don't,know say you're selling I don't know,like keyboard you're buying it on Oberto,for five dollars right but it's taken 30,something days to get and your customers,are Superman to you they're emailing you,all the time saying or the hex my stuff,and you see the Silk Road doesn't have,it you go in to submit a request put in,all this information they will literally,have it in their warehouse in maybe 48,hours I did that easy peasy lemon,squeezy in their warehouse that quick,made the switch in three days and yeah I,haven't like backs it's probably the,best thing I've ever done so 4.0 just,came out two months ago I think and I,haven't actually finished it all the way,I've only got to about right here um 4.0,was way better like updated everything,he actually has a couple of secrets in,here that other other courses don't have,I mean he the freedom funnel setup works,like a charm,you got you got so much traffic coming,to your store yeah,100% recommend this course Scott is a,legend do me a favor,I have an affiliate link I do make money,off of this just helps me out for making,this video and no extra cost to you it's,the exact same the same price um if you,want Silk Road and you don't actually,want to buy the course off a link down,there for Silk Road to I do not make,money off of Silk Road,sadly they do not have an affiliate,program yet um yeah so thanks for,watching guys do me a favor and click my,link below thanks guys

Simplified Dropshipping by Scott Hilse (Review)

hey what's up everybody my name is Gary,and about a week ago I purchased Scott,Hill C simplified drop shipping course,and so I'm gonna give a little bit of a,review on why I think you should,purchase this and why I do think it is,worth your money so at the end of this,video if you do think you want to,purchase it click on the link below and,it'll bring you right to the course and,how you can purchase it so what I like,about Scott in his videos before I get,into my thoughts on the course is his,authentikity Genuity if that's a word,even but basically he's straight to the,point he doesn't try to you and,I don't think his goal in mind when he's,making his videos is how am I gonna,convert someone to buy my course he's,basically giving you a bunch of info for,free off of his videos but what his,course does is go much more in depth,into the basics that he explains off of,his free YouTube videos um so the,beginning of his course all of his,videos there's about 30 videos with,about seven bonus videos that,step-by-step lead you to creating your,dropshipping store the apps that you use,the template he gives you a template,that he used to boost his store to I,think it's about a hundred sixty,thousand dollars right now off of one,product which is this whole concept is,that one product drop shipping so at the,beginning of his course he lays out how,you make your ads so like I said it's,been about a week since I purchased it,in about a week since I put out my first,ad and like Scott mentions in his course,the beginning ads that you put out are,just for engagement just for people,engaging with the ad and going to your,store and it's not really to convert to,purchases which he gets to later on how,you start with the engagement ads and,you'll eventually go to,so I'm still at that beginning stage but,right now my ads are getting roughly,about fourteen fifteen to twenty,thousand views already it has a bunch of,comments a bunch of likes people tagging,their friends checking out the product a,few add to cards here and there but a,lot of engagement which is the purpose,of the ads and then in a few days or so,depending on the results that I get he,goes over what you do next whether,you're gonna scrap the product and move,on or scale the product and start,getting those purchases so one course,lays out exactly what to do,when you get to one road which way to go,whether to scale get rid of how to do,that and like I mentioned his videos are,all straight to the point I notiked a,lot of youtubers who basically their,videos are just a bunch of intros and,click baits and it's half the video,before they even get to the point and,not with Scott he just straight to the,point with his videos which is perfect,and he toks to you not as if he's,trying to sell but just trying to give,you the information because he wants,everyone to benefit the same way that he,did so obviously his course doesn't give,you the products that's the hardest part,about dropshipping is finding that,winning product but he does give you all,the tools that you need to find those,products how he found his and how you,can find yours so the other part of this,course which I feel like is basically,half of what you purchased anyways is,you get to be a part of a Facebook group,now this Facebook group right now has,about a thousand members in it who were,all they all purchased the course and,they're all in the same mindset as you,and in this Facebook group you can post,questions asked for advice you know put,a link to your store and say hey does,this look good like can you help me out,or what do I need to do that's,what's working people put the results,that they get from their ads and say you,know if something wasn't super clear in,the videos or they just don't want to go,back to watch the videos for some reason,they can just put a quick question in,the Facebook group and generally people,really quickly respond to it and say oh,that looks good do this or might be time,to look for another product so the,course is about $399 about four hundred,dollars right now and that is definitely,an investment in yourself you're,investing in creating a successful,dropshipping store now one thing that,Scott says in his videos is he creates a,product that gets at least $10 profit,per purchase so if you know the thing is,selling on Aliexpress for $3 he sells it,for like 13 or so so he's getting $10,profit per purchase which if you utilize,things in the same manner you just need,to make 40 sales and boom the course is,paid for already which I do believe that,this course is laid out in a way that,that is very reasonable people posting,the Facebook group all the time saying,look I made a few hundred today even,there's people that are making a few,thousand based off of the stuff that,they learned in Scotts course so I do,believe that this course is beneficial,it's gonna pay for itself with the,knowledge that you're gonna get with the,way that it's laid out to basically get,you right to that draft in your store,where all you need to do is just focus,on your ads and focus on your pixel and,utilize the results that you get from,that to scale and scale and scale and,then soon one day we're all gonna be,making $160,000 off with one product and,then you know with the information that,you've given to your Facebook pixel you,can branch that out and go into niche,stores and it's just easier and easier,and this is all off of the contact that,you get from Scotts course so if you do,think that this course,is for you click the link below and,it'll bring you right to how you,purchase his course I will see you in,the Facebook group peace