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Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

FREE Advertising Websites 💥Best Ways to Promote Affiliate Links Free 2022

most people that use free affiliate,promote website struggle because no one,is seeing their advertisement,even if there are some views to the,advertisement no one ends up clicking on,the advertisement and buying the product,you promote,i have found a few websites that you can,use that actually get views as well as,clicks and you can promote your,affiliate products and make money with,affiliate marketing,the best thing about these websites is,that the people that the majority of,users that visit these websites are from,the united states or tier one countries,which are great for affiliate marketing,i will also show you a free online tool,you can use to auto generate affiliate,promotional content that will entike the,users to buy this will be good if you,are struggling to write convincing,marketing content here are some user,traffic data from the first website you,can use to advertise affiliate links,look at the amount of traffic this,website gets for a given month,importantly over 74 percent of the site,visitors are from the united states,this is great for affiliate marketing,because you want to target countries,like the united states and canada so,start using this website fast because,the more people that know about it it's,going to get harder to promote products,on this website,to get started register for a free,account on this website,all you have to do is give your name and,email address and click on get started,now,then follow the rest of the steps and,you have your free account you can use,to advertise affiliate links for free do,you want to know the name of this first,website to get free traffic can you,please give this video a like and i will,show you how to advertise affiliate,links for free to get views and clicks,from this website,once you log in on the left menu click,on place ads,you can add your advertisement text here,along with the affiliate link,if you are not getting any clicks i,recommend using this tool which will,generate advertisements for you,when you use the link in the description,you can get ten thousand words generated,for free,that is sufficient for you to create,several advertisements,if you like a detailed tutorial on how,to use this tool leave a comment below,saying promote affiliate links free,if i get at least 20 comments i will,create a future video,let's move on to the second website you,can use to promote affiliate links free,what's unique about this website is that,you can reach one thousand real people,every day,to get results with this website there,you need to use a specific type of,affiliate product and i will tell you,what it is,but first let me show you this website,you can register for a free account,to send the email add a catchy title the,affiliate link you want to promote and a,description of the affiliate product,you must also add the affiliate link to,the description,you can post an advertisement every day,so try out this free advertising method,for different affiliate products,now here is an affiliate promotion tip,when using this website maximize your,affiliate commissions even though you,are sending emails to 1 000 people you,don't know the type of people reading,these emails,so when you select an affiliate product,select a generic product like wealth or,self-help which will appeal to a lot of,people,i created a step-by-step video a few,days ago that showed how to use this,website to promote a clickbank affiliate,product,watch that video if you missed it the,link is in the description below,moving on to the next best way to,promote affiliate links free this,website is a usa-based website,you can see here other people promoting,advertising their affiliate products if,you are a clickbank affiliate you will,notike that these are clickbank products,these affiliates are using this free,advertising website because they are,getting sales,the best part is that you don't need to,register on this website,just click here and you can start,posting your advertisement,this free advertising website is called,penny saver usa,i mentioned before that several other,affiliates are already using this,website to promote affiliate products,so here is a tip to stand out from the,rest,most of the advertisements here are,based on the health and fitness niche,don't advertise these types of products,find affiliate products related to jobs,and use that category,you can even add your image and if you,have a youtube video that will also help,increase the click through rate to your,affiliate link,when you are done writing your,advertisement click on publish,it will take about 15 minutes for the ad,to appear,while using a free advertising website,is a good thing keep in mind that it,will also take some time before you see,results if you want to make quick money,with affiliate marketing watch this paid,method to promote affiliate products

Top7 Free Classified Ads Sites to Advertise for Free

free classified ad sites allow you to,list your stuff for sale,respond to job ads post personal,classified ads,and much more without having to pay a,fee to do so,this is ideal because when you're,selling stuff,you want to make money not have to part,with it right,and d when it comes to local classified,sites,craigslist has been and continues to be,the most,popular one and while there are many,sites like craigslist out there,many require you to pay to post ads,that's why the sites in this video are,so awesome,you don't have to pay to sign up or post,ads,so whether you're looking to sell stuff,locally,buy used stuff advertise your services,as a freelancer,promote your small business or post,personal ads,you should give these sites a try top,free local classified ad,sites subscribe to the channel and like,the video,here's a list of the best ad posting and,classified sites,1. craigslist why it's great,you can find ads for pretty much,everything on there and posts ads in,lots of categories too,without having to log in craigslist is,one of the most,if not the most popular website for,posting free classifieds,ads online if you're looking for free ad,posting sites without registration then,craigslist as the website for you,you can post ads without having to,register,you'll just need to follow the,instructions to post your listing,and the best part is that you can use,craigslist to find,tons of free stuff near you the website,has a huge range of categories,like community housing,jobs services,for sale discussion forums,gigs resumes,and each of those has a ton of,subcategories,for example the for sale section has,lots of subcategories,like antiques appliances,auto parts barter,bikes boats books,business cell phones,collectibles computers,electronics free,furniture garage sale,household jewelry,motorcycles sporting,tikets tools,trailers video gaming,wanted since craigslist has sections for,most cities across the country,it's great for selling your stuff,locally and for finding out about gigs,events jobs and vacancies near you,2. oodle why it's great,in addition to stuff for sale you'll,also find,jobs services and personals on there,next on the list we have oodle it's a,website where you can post,free classified ads you can use the site,to find,used stuff view job listings check out,apartments to rent,and much more like craigslist,oodle provides a whole host of,categories that you can browse and also,list in,here are some examples all vehicles,all rentals real estate,jobs pets tikets,services personals,community many of those also have,subcategories where you can find what,you're looking for,for example under all rentals you have,apartment rentals office space,vacation rentals to put a new post on,oodle,you will need to have an active facebook,account,3. classifiedads.com,why it's great you don't have to,register to post on there and there's a,huge,selection of categories to choose from,another great free ad posting site,without registration,you should visit classifiedads.com,you'll find lots of different sections,there,whether you're looking for real estate,listings near you,personal ads or to sell your stuff,online,you can easily find the category you're,looking for,on the website in fact along with,craigslist,i'd say that classifiedads.com has one,of the widest ranges of categories of,all the sites on the list,the main sections are vehicles,services for rent,real estate community,pets jobs personals,items for sale within those,there are tons of subcategories,you don't have to register with the,website to post an ad on there,however you may need to provide your,name,email address and phone number when you,create your listing,your email address is kept private so it,won't be published on the listing,and you can choose to keep your phone,number private to if you want to,4. offer up why it's great,there's a huge range of categories to,buy and sell in,making it perfect for anyone who's,looking to list stuff for sale or make a,purchase,next on the list we have offer up,lots of us are searching for free online,advertising sites,because we want to sell stuff from books,to games to furniture,lots of us have items we'd love to sell,for some quick cash,if you want to list your stuff for sale,online for free,then i'd recommend offer up you can,advertise your stuff for sale on,there without having to pay for it,awesome,right it's so easy to use as well,also a quick note let go was another,website for selling stuff locally,but in the united states let go as now,part of offer up,so if you're wondering what happened to,let go it's just become part of offer up,there are lots of categories on the site,such as,antiques appliances,arts and crafts audio equipment,auto parts baby and kids,beauty and health bicycles,boats and marine books and magazines,business equipment campers and,rvs cars and trucks,cds and dvds,cell phones clothing and shoes,collectibles computer equipment,electronics exercise,farming free furniture,games and toys general,home and garden household,jewelry and accessories motorcycles,musical instruments pet supplies,photography software,sports and outdoors tikets,tools and machinery tvs,video equipment video games,5. gumtree why it's great,it's ideal for selling within the uk,where it's the most popular classified,ad site,gumtree has a super popular classified,ads website,in the uk the website is like craigslist,in that it offers ads in lots of,categories,visit the site and you'll see a variety,of sections,including cars and vehicles,for sale property,jobs services,community pets within those sections,there are lots of categories in the jobs,section,for example there are so many different,fields,like hr legal,admin secretarial and pa media,digital and creative leisure and tourism,health care and medical housekeeping and,cleaning,you do need to login to post on gumtree,you can sign up with your email,address or with your google or facebook,account,six five miles why it's great,it's awesome for local sales housing,services jobs and more,next on the list we have five miles,if you're looking to list your stuff for,sale locally,then it's a website to consider you can,post stuff for sale on there for free,that's not all though five miles also,allows you to advertise your services on,there,so if you're looking for work nearby,then the site could be a great option,for you,there are even sections for housing and,jobs,it's like craigslist examples of,categories,include automotive,art and collectibles electronics,fashion and accessories home and garden,sports and leisure free and donation,community services,housing jobs,unlike with craigslist though you do,have to sign in to post an,ad on 5 miles 7.,facebook marketplace why it's great,easy to get started with as many people,already have a fb account and you can,buy and sell stuff,in a huge range of categories,another free classified ad site to,consider as,facebook marketplace this site is more,focused on selling stuff,so you won't find as many categories,here,like jobs or services as you would on,sites like craigslist or five,miles for selling stuff though or,finding stuff to buy,facebook marketplace is worth a look,you'll find categories like vehicles,property for rent apparel,electronics free stuff,pet supplies property for sale,sporting goods toys and games,how do i put an ad on a classified,website,you may have to log in there are many,classified ad sites that don't require,registration each platform will have its,steps for posting an,ad on there generally speaking though,if you're selling something you'll need,an eye-catching title that grabs the,reader's attention,make it specific like red h m,sweater for sale rather than just,sweater for sale,a description of the item you're selling,make it accurate include important,details,and make sure it's honest if there's a,scratch on the item,for example make sure you mention it in,the listing photos of the item,it's a similar thing for other types of,listings too,except fo

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FREE ADS! How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website with FREE Ads

i'm going to show you how to get,thousands of clicks to any website of,your choice using this website that,gives you ads absolutely free and the,best part about it is i'm going to show,you how to use this traffic to get,people to any affiliate link that you,want to start making a thousand even two,thousand dollars per month using this,secret website now as you guys know,there's so many ways to drive traffic,you have youtube ads you have google ads,you have tiktok you have youtube but,this traffic source i have never,mentioned on my youtube channel i'm,gonna reveal it in today's video i'm,gonna show you exactly how you can get,free ad any link of your choice now if,you are brand new to my channel my name,is jonathan montoya with passive income,lifestyles the purpose of my channel is,to help you build a full-time passive,income business so you can achieve,financial and time freedom but more,importantly with those nine to five jobs,that's exactly what i was able to do,when i started my business in may of,2019 i quit my job nine months later,march of 2020 that's the goal of this,channel if you're interested in learning,more please subscribe down below and,let's get into the video now i wanted to,show you some quick proof that i do know,what i'm toking about i make money with,multiple affiliate programs this is one,program right here that's paid me over,twenty thousand dollars here's another,program here that's paid me over eighty,five thousand dollars one more program,here guys over fourteen thousand dollars,here and this is my personal stripe,account here guys in the last seven days,we've done almost thirty thousand,dollars i'm gonna show you exactly how,to get traffic to your affiliate links,on this video now the first thing you,need before you put this method into,action is you need to get an affiliate,offer an affiliate offer is an offer,that you don't own but you can make,money so for example let's just say we,find an offer we're going to be using,this secret website to send people to,that offer and when people buy you get a,certain percentage so for example if,you're selling 500 product and that,person is paying 50 commissions you're,gonna make 250,100,free so i'm going to show you exactly,how i use this secret website to get,traffic to an affiliate offer and start,making that thousand dollars per month,so the first website that i recommend is,clickbank.com this is typically where,you can go find a ton of offers you can,figure out exactly how much you're gonna,make based on the offer you want to,promote so the first step is to create,an account where it says start here and,then you could simply log into the,marketplace alright so once you create,your account you're going to want to go,into the clickbank marketplace as you,can see here on the top now,it's going to give you a ton of,categories inside of the clickbank,marketplace and as you can see here,there's tons of categories here there's,business and investing there's,e-business and e-marketing there's,health and fitness now the website i'm,going to show you today is going to be,better for e-business and e-marketing,products or health and fitness but i,recommend choosing a product in the,e-business and e-marketing niche just,because the program i'm showing you is,going to be specific for those type of,people looking for business,opportunities so we can go through this,here and we can see which one has the,best offer which one is paying out the,best right so typically you're going to,want to look at a few things right the,first one is gravity score right this,typically means how many people are,making money with this actual product,okay the next thing i like to look at is,the average money per conversion right,how much are they making per sale so,about 33 dollars here i want you guys to,make that first thousand dollars per,month so me personally i'm going to be,looking for a higher tiket right here's,a 42 one uh 22,16,see this one sounds a little bit better,120 dollars and this is what i like,right here guys 417,this is a program that would get my,attention because it's a higher tiket,and this is something that is going to,be easier to get to that first thousand,dollars per month and even ten thousand,dollars per month now once you find an,offer let's just say on clickbank all,you're going to do is hit promote and,you're going to get an affiliate link,where it says great hoplink and that's,going to give you your personal,affiliate link okay so this link right,here is your affiliate link so for,example when i show you the website,right i'm gonna show you this website,that's gonna send traffic to that link,and we're gonna make money okay that's,exactly what we're gonna do inside of,this training is i'm going to show you,how to get traffic through this link,here that's the hardest part when it,comes to making money with affiliate,marketing guys is getting this traffic,here okay but we need a good offer okay,so this is just one option here,the second option is the freedom,breakthrough affiliate program so you,can go to google.com type in freedom,breakthrough affiliate program and you,can simply promote this high tiket,program here now this is in the make,money online niche this teaches people,how to quit their job and yes this is my,program here guys so yes shameless plug,but it's okay we have a ton of people,getting some incredible results we do,pay up to 50 to even 75 commissions and,on a 1497,product okay so this is just another,program you could promote using this,secret website if you didn't like any of,the products on clickbank okay so that's,just an option for you if you wanted to,join this program here you can go to,apply here and join the freedom,breakthrough affiliate program so the,next step once we find the offer that,we're gonna promote and once we have our,affiliate link now we're gonna go to the,secret website that's gonna give you,literally free clicks and free ads you,don't have to pay for any of this okay,so you're gonna go to,worldprofit.com and i'll show you where,so this is,worldprofit.com guys and this website,has been around for years and years and,basically you can sign up for a free,account and what it's going to allow you,to do is post classified ads and it's,going to allow you to send people to any,link of your choice okay so once you,sign in for a free account you're going,to want to go to the main menu here on,the left okay now there's a lot of cool,things you can do with this program here,but what i'm going to do in this video,is i'm going to show you how to get free,links for free traffic to your website,okay so basically we're going to want to,click on this here and i'm going to,click on this link and we're going to,place ads for free as you can place ads,for free and this is going to allow you,to send traffic to any link of your,choice okay so as you can see here,there's a ton of pre-built ads already,for multiple programs but what i want to,do is i want to post an ad here on the,top right okay i'm going to show you,exactly what you can do to start post ad,all right so once we're on this site,here now we could go ahead and post an,ad now what this is gonna do is it's,gonna give you a seven day,free trial where you can post an ad and,start getting clicks okay after that,it's gonna ask you to upgrade you don't,really need to do that guys all you got,to do is post the ad all you need is the,seven days for free you're gonna start,generating clicks you're gonna start,building your email list and more,importantly start making money okay so,what we're gonna do here is we're gonna,click on post ad it's gonna take you to,this website here okay so again it's,gonna ask you to upgrade to the silver,which might be worth it to you but i,want you to start making money first,before you kind of upgrade and that's,gonna be up to you once you start making,money then yes if it makes sense then,upgrade to the silver and you can post,multiple ads multiple times okay so but,we're gonna sta

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Where to place ads on your site

welcome to the add manager video series,i'm claudia whether you're just getting,started setting up ads on your site or,optimizing your ad unit placements this,video can help you learn about where to,place ads on your site and the best,practikes to follow,in this video we'll cover optimal,positions on your site for ads as well,as popular ad unit sizes let's start,with some basics your site is divided,into a few key areas the main areas are,above the fold this is all the content a,site visitor sees before they start to,scroll on the page,below the fold refers to anywhere,visible after a visitor starts scrolling,you want to consider placing ads both,above and below the fold,now that you know you're above and below,the fold where exactly should you place,ads there are a few key positions,first are in what we call the rails,these are the spaces on the left and,right sides of your page here's the,right rail position,and here's the left rail position when,you start placing ads it's important to,use popular ad sizes to make sure you're,capturing the most demand from,advertisers,using ad sizes that advertisers prefer,can help make your ad inventory more,desirable the most popular sizes for ad,units on the right or left rail are,typically square or vertikal add sizes,finally there are spaces on the top and,bottom of your page we call these the,leaderboard position and the anchor,position,leaderboard ads are added at the top of,your page while anchor ads are ads at,the bottom of your page the most popular,sizes for leaderboard and anchor ads are,typically wide rectangles but size,varies based on desktop or mobile for,desktop you typically see leaderboards,on top on mobile you might see anchor,ads on top or stiky anchor ads on the,bottom which stay in place as a user,scrolls,too many ad sizes to remember don't,worry we've got a help center artikle to,help walk you through all the ad sizes,and where they are typically used scan,this qr code with your phone's camera to,visit the link and learn more,now that you know which ad sizes you,want to use and the landscape of your,site you might be wondering why is it,important to display ads in optimal,locations,this is because it can help improve a,metric called viewability which,advertisers use to gauge how likely,someone will see your ad,typically advertisers are willing to pay,more for highly viewable ads so,improving viewability is a great way to,improve your cpms,stay tuned for our next video on,viewability and user experience,thanks for watching for more support you,can find links to our help center in the,description below,make sure to subscribe by clicking the,subscribe button below so you can stay,up to date on our latest tips for add,manager,see you next time

$1,709 A Day With Stupid Ads And A One Page Website?

whoa,put a bag on your car mirror when,traveling alone,always place a bag on your car mirror,when traveling alone it's with all these,ads,strawberries and i want to see the bag,thing always play,more ads what,oh,it's like the same thing over and over,now we're toking about shoe horns ah,there it is,why in the world would someone take ads,like these and put them,to ads like these,or these well sit tight ladies and,gentlemen because today we are toking,about a business model that has made me,as much as seventeen hundred dollars a,day or more in profit and this business,can be done,with one-page websites,it's a super simple process,doesn't require tik coding wizardry you,can start small with very little money,and grow big it doesn't require tons of,content there is no need for search,engine rankings simply put a nickel in,and get a dime back you are about to,enter the arbitrage zone,pop quiz hotshot what's the difference,between a video like this that gets a,hundred and one thousand views and only,makes twelve hundred bucks and a video,like this with only fifty thousand views,and it's making pretty much the same,amount,or even this one with 22 000 views and,it's making more than both of them and,if you got the answer to that question,you're gonna love this video and if you,didn't get the answer you need to watch,this video because what we're going to,tok about here is something that is,making lots of people very very rich and,it's actually extremely simple if you,would have gotten up early at 2 40 a.m,today and invested in bitcoin at,five 40,and forty four dollars and then,sold it right after lunch you would have,banked almost a thousand dollars a coin,yeah that's right at three a.m if you,bought a hundred coins by lunchtime you,would have pocketed a hundred thousand,dollars but you also would have needed,like five hundred thousand dollars to,risk and if you waited too long you,could lose it all but this is the,essence of arbitrage buying low and,selling high and now let's tok a little,bit about click bait,let's see women seeking men,i have to stay here to omit law if you,can move right me,i'm 76,gorgeous,picky,hard to get along with,send photo well that sounds legit let's,write him,oh wait,i gotta pay six dollars just to write,this person a lot of people think they,know what clickbait is but clickbait has,been around since before the internet,and surprisingly this is where i learned,a lot of marketing like this here an ad,for silver coins,or these ones here for psychics,some kind of walk-in tub,and some kind of love secret you see if,i'm just an average person reading a,tabloid i'm not worth that much money,because these tabloids are only like,five bucks a copy,and you can see here using the google,adwords keyword planner tool that people,don't pay that much money for words like,national enquirer or tabloid or magazine,tabloid a lot of them have really low,competition which means they're not,worth much money however if they're,searching for stuff like buy silver,coins you can see that this one's super,expensive,and they're paying as much as 45 dollars,a click yep one single click for that,keyword and for the word walk-in tub,400 a click are you kidding me,i'm gonna be rich even the word psychic,is fetching 62 dollars a click and that,love one we toked about earlier that i,blurred out so we can keep this family,friendly is actually fetching 95,dollars a click a click a click for one,click of a mouse now i got a disclaimer,this because we're not even five minutes,into this video and we've already toked,about some big numbers four hundred,dollars a click seventeen hundred,dollars a day 95 a click and more and,you got to realize that the average,person trying to make money online makes,nothing that's pretty much what most,people can expect this is a business and,you need to treat it like a business and,when we say stuff like 400 a click or 95,a click you need to realize that's,probably not what you're going to get,paid per click but that does tell us,there's a lot of money in these markets,and other markets have a little money,and that's pretty much the same as what,i showed you with the bitcoin example if,we can find out where to buy low and,sell high,boom we can make some money it was a lot,less dramatik than i thought but that is,the reason people are running all these,different types of ads because they make,money and we could see here that if you,were to look up something like chili,recipes which isn't that competitive not,that commercial we got a lot of low,competition and it doesn't even show how,much they're paying because it's,probably less than 5 cents a click,however if we check out samsung,refrigerator which a lot of those recipe,people would be interested in that one,leads to some pretty expensive clicks so,if i could somehow get the recipe people,interested in a new fridge i can make,money yeah and that's exactly why we see,all these ads on taboola and other,contextual networks which i'll reveal to,you some of these in just a minute but i,want you to take a look at some of these,because they're very very important and,you can kind of see exactly what's going,on and look at the market from a,different angle so if i go through here,and i say okay well let's take a look at,like diabetes or memory i could go,through and i could do something like,memory,supplement,and i can see here according to the,google adwords tool memory supplement is,going to fetch about 84 a click so we,know that this is a very expensive,market and again it's not going to get,you 84 a click in your pocket but if you,can buy this traffic for pennies a click,and convert them into something that,pays you 50 cents or even a dollar a,click then you can be in the money and,for full disclosure,the most i've averaged per click using,this method with an affiliate offer is,about seven dollars a click and using,paid ads i think we averaged around,three to five dollars a click on some of,our ads is that typical no the average,person makes like two cents a click or,less and that's why i'm making this,video because if you can understand what,makes a click worth nothing versus a lot,of money then you can do really well and,you could see here the memory one fits,the bill if i can get this traffic like,this guy right here for pennies on the,dollar i can make this work in a real,easy way here's another one dental,implants and whenever it says search ads,that means they're just sending them to,search results pages,and you can see that some of these ads,are going to go to affiliate offers like,this here,or this one here and they're getting,paid when people buy the products on,their splash page where they sell it and,you can see they lead to expensive stuff,like roofing quotes and health and,shopping and credit cards,and then when you come across these,search ads ones watch what happens,they're literally just taking you to a,page that has search results that takes,you to more search results but there's,something hidden going on that you're,not paying attention to yeah see that,right there they're literally forcing,you to look at ads that are about,expensive topics and since this is going,through their affiliate network,whoever's driving traffic here is making,lots of money and don't take my word for,it,look at the data how do you like them,apples look here's another one for,acuras there's those walk-in tubs we,toked about,plastik surgeons reverse mortgages that,one fetches a pretty penny different,health stuff and then wait,some kind of stok thing,got a thousand to invest here's our idea,that's a pretty damn good ad and again,they just take you to a stok report,which has a little button where you can,sign up for their program and this is a,business making millions of dollars each,and every day could see something about,bracelets,eyelashes,shopping lose weight while sleeping,that's gonna get some clicks some kind,of weird food here,murphy beds,seriously 25 a click for a murphy bed,weren't thos

How To Make Money With Google Ads Without a Website (In 2022)

in this video revealing how to make,money with google ads without a website,and how complete beginners earning a,hundred dollars a day to 700 a day with,no experience more that after the intro,[Music],hey guys how's it going mike fasil here,welcome this video before we actually,remind you that several spots have,opened up for this week's free workshop,where it's the fastest and easiest way,to make money online sign up for it in,the link below we literally have a 62,year old woman go from zero to 169,profit in 90 days so sign up for it now,so guys check this out i literally,released a bunch of podcasts with people,that made money with google ads without,actually having a own website and the,craziest thing is you don't need any,tiknical experience you don't need any,like background tik savviness,whatsoever i mean check this out you,know dina literally went from zero to 30,grand a month in five to eight weeks,with google ads without a website ilio,made a hundred grand in two months with,google ads without a website and you,literally have greg at 58 years old made,30 grand a month in five to eight weeks,without a website with google ads and,it's just kind of like confusing when,people first get started they're like,man you know i want to make money with,advertising because you know i don't,want to show my face on camera but i,also don't have a product and no one,will hire me i'm trying to go on upwork,and trying to find somebody so i can be,you know like so i can get them as a,client and they can pay me two grand a,month and people are kind of like stuck,in this limbo you know they know people,are making money with google ads they,know people are making money alone they,know every single day people are making,money with,like ads right like without showing,their face on camera but they literally,look at them and they're like well,that's good for them but it will never,work for me well i'm here to tell you,that there's this new method that people,are actually doing that they're pivoting,to without showing their face on camera,without having tik savviness and the,craziest thing is they have robots do,all the hard work and this is literally,what people ask when people first get,started like well mike if i want to go,in for example model deena success or,greg success or even like for example,keegan success or for example like any,one of these guys success that are,following this method that are literally,going from zero to 30 grand a month,faster than literally anything with,google ads how would i go ahead and do,this especially if i do not have my own,website especially if i don't want to,build a blog kind of like what you did,to go ahead and make money online is it,still possible to make a lot of money,mike like do i have to be like you and,make a bunch of videos and like because,like the traditional way by the way,and you for example google how to make,money with google ads without a website,all these people are gonna essentially,tell you to do is just start a youtube,channel okay but what if you don't wanna,start a youtube channel right what if,you don't wanna show your face on camera,what if you just wanna be an introvert,and just stay behind the camera and just,like type away and money just come and,hit you in the face right like how would,you go ahead and do that well it's very,simple the first step the first step,before we could actually find a really,good google ad system is you gotta find,a product to actually sell now one of,the things that i always enjoy doing is,don't reinvent the wheel like when i,first got started in business before i,even built like multiple successful,businesses that went from zero to eight,grand in 30 days from for example zero,to six grand in 30 days or 1.6 million,that first year to even like a business,that pulls in 35 grand 46 grand every,single month as you can see one of my,biggest problems was i would reinvent,the wheel i would see what's working for,everyone else and i'll be like no i'm,different and i'll go off to the,opposite side and fail over and over and,over and over again but then i'm a,mentor and he was like dude stop,reinventing the wheel and just sell,products that are already selling well,and i was like oh and that's when i,literally went from zero to eight grand,in 30 days because i literally found a,product that was already selling well,that already had you know for example a,website a sales funnel and everything,and guess what this person was,willing to literally bend over backwards,to help me,out now think about how crazy that is,you can either go ahead and create your,own product go to china manufacture,yourself and it can be very very hard,and you lose a bunch of money right or,what if there's someone that's literally,willing to bend over backwards to make,sure you succeed that will ship the,product for you they'll do the customer,service the shipping and handling so all,you got to do is focus on the ads right,like they'll do the website they'll do,all the tik stuff and you just focus on,the ads like what if that was the case,well i'm here to tell you that that is,the case and that's literally the same,case with clickbank like you can,literally sign up for free and there's,thousands of products you could already,promote and the craziest thing is,there's a lot of people making money,with it like if you literally look at,this a lot of these come with the word,gravity score which means this is how,many people have made at least one sale,in the past 30 days so in the past just,imagine this in the past 30 days,400 people have made at least 151,dollars many of which was actually,people in our community because you know,those are mostly people that are killing,it with this method right uh that's why,you can see we have like all these crazy,success stories of normal order and,people like oodles and noodles and,noodles of of people that are going from,zero to 30 grand a month when in most,models you may see like a couple handful,of people do it there's literally so,many people in our model that go ahead,and do this right and that's literally,because,they leverage clickbank and they,literally find products that they could,go ahead and for example sell with,google ads without creating their own,website because in our community we just,share the same website over and over,like hey use this hey who's that um and,if you want to find out how to actually,get these websites for free we're going,to reveal later on in this video how you,can actually acquire that so just stay,with me until the end but literally if,you could see this it's very easy to,just do the math like for me i didn't,care about making millions of dollars,online many of these people didn't,actually care about making you know 30,grand a month or a thousand dollars a,day they were like man if i could get,five grand a month with this system in,the next couple of weeks you know that,would already be worth it right um and,that's what you gotta imagine because if,you really could think about it five,thousand dollars a month is literally,just one sale a day one sale a day with,this product and the moment you get this,product which the coolest thing is,clickbank is free you gotta ask yourself,okay well how am i gonna create a google,ad with this right well this is where,it's gonna be very interesting because,the way that they create google ads in,our community is they don't show their,face on camera they don't use their own,voices they don't even really do much of,the editing of the videos themselves for,the ads they literally get software to,go ahead and do it i'm going to reveal,exactly how to do this in this video,remember the most important thing is the,product right and the second step is you,got to create like a script to run the,ad now you're probably wondering well,what if i'm not a copywriter what if i'm,not like good at writing what if i'm not,good at like you know all these,different things well it's very very,simple all you got to do in all any