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site speed shopify experts

Published on: June 29 2023 by pipiads

In this video, the speaker shares tips on how to increase the loading speed of a Shopify store without hiring a developer or coding.


1. Don't use GT Matrix to measure loading speed. Use incognito mode or private mode in your browser to get a more accurate measurement.

2. Uninstall all unused apps. Installing apps can slow down the loading speed of your store, so it's best to only use the necessary ones. The speaker recommends using the Beautify theme which has inbuilt apps that won't slow down your store.

3. Install the Best Speed Optimizer app. This app creates the illusion that your store is loading faster by pre-loading pages in the background.

4. Resize images before uploading them to your store. Large images can greatly reduce loading speed, so use an image compression app to resize them without losing quality.

By following these simple tips, anyone can improve the loading speed of their Shopify store and increase their conversion rate. No coding or developer is required, just some basic tweaks to the store's setup.

How to Speed up your Shopify Website | Simple Guide

Speeding Up Your Shopify Website: Tips and Strategies

- Discussing the importance of website speed and its impact on user experience and SEO.

- Mentioning the use of Google's speed tool and Shopify's speed score meter.

- Introducing the topic of the article: tactics and strategies to improve website speed on Shopify.

Strategies for Improving Shopify Website Speed:

1. Use GTmetrix and Pingdom Website Speed Test:

- Explaining the importance of using these tools for accurate speed testing.

- Describing the factors measured by these tools (server-based vs. content-based).

2. Customizing Your Theme:

- Explaining the importance of a clean, organized website design.

- Discussing the importance of the main menu navigation system and banner call to actions.

- Advising against cluttering the website with too many blocks and features.

3. Optimizing Images and Videos:

- Discussing the importance of image and video optimization for faster loading times.

- Recommending compression tools and resizing images before uploading them to Shopify.

4. Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN):

- Explaining the benefits of a CDN for faster loading times and improved user experience.

- Mentioning Shopify's built-in CDN and other available options.

5. Removing Unnecessary Apps and Scripts:

- Advising against using too many apps and scripts on the website.

- Recommending regular checks for unused or redundant apps/scripts and their removal.

- Summarizing the discussed strategies and their importance for improving website speed on Shopify.

- Emphasizing the importance of consistent testing and optimization for better user experience and SEO.

How To Optimize a Shopify Store Speed ? Learn from the guy who developed the fastest Shopify theme

- In this video, Marwan shares tips on how to increase your Shopify store's speed and improve SEO, organic traffic, user experience, and conversion rate.

- Site speed is now one of the most important factors for ranking on Google.


1. Compress your images to reduce page size and load time. Use JPEG or JPG instead of PNG and use a free compression tool.

2. Compress your CSS and JS files using a compression tool and remove unnecessary code.

3. Don't hide sections in your Shopify theme editor, remove them instead to reduce code and improve site speed.

4. Get rid of useless Shopify apps that slow down your site and only keep the most important ones, such as SEO.

5. Use a simple hero image instead of a slider or animated section to reduce JavaScript code and improve site speed.

6. Avoid using a lot of animations as they slow down your site and can negatively impact user experience.

7. Avoid entrance pop-ups as they are bad for user experience and SEO. Use an alternative code provided in the video.

- These tips are beginner-friendly and do not require coding knowledge, but for maximum speed optimization, advanced coding knowledge is needed.

- If you have any questions, ask them in the comments or check out the speed optimization service provided by scrub.com.

Shopify Speed Optimization Bangla Tutorial

If you're looking to create a website, Foreign.com is an excellent option to consider. With the ability to customize your website, add apps, and use their free planner, Foreign.com makes website creation easy and stress-free. In this article, we'll explore the features and benefits of Foreign.com, and how it can help you create a professional and functional website.

Features and Benefits:

- Free customization: With Foreign.com, you have the ability to customize your website to your liking. This includes adding your own logo, changing the color scheme, and selecting from a variety of templates.

- App installation: Foreign.com offers a wide range of apps to enhance your website, including social media integrations, analytics, and e-commerce features.

- Free planner: If you're new to website creation, Foreign.com offers a free planner to help you get started. This includes step-by-step guidance on selecting a website name, creating content, and launching your site.

- Privacy policy: Foreign.com takes privacy seriously and offers a comprehensive privacy policy for your website. This includes information on data collection, storage, and sharing.

- Shipping policy: If you plan to sell products on your website, Foreign.com offers a shipping policy template to help you create clear and concise policies for your customers.

- Optimization: Foreign.com offers optimization features to improve your website's performance and search engine rankings. This includes optimizing images, content, and metadata.

In conclusion, Foreign.com is an excellent option for website creation. With free customization, app installation, and a free planner, Foreign.com makes website creation accessible for everyone. Additionally, their privacy policy, shipping policy, and optimization features make it easy to create a professional and functional website. If you're looking to create a website, consider Foreign.com as your go-to option.

EP #6: Shopify Site Speed Secrets with Paul Denault & @Andrew from EcomExperts

In this Ecommerce Documentation Podcast, Andrew and Paul from Ecom Experts talk about how they specialize in developing Shopify brands making over a million dollars a month.

What Brands Get Wrong:

There is no one way to make it in business, and every brand has different key performance indicators (KPIs). However, some major trends exist, such as site speed and app bloat. Brands often have unnecessary apps that inject code into their stores, slowing them down. Developers need to periodically audit the code and remove any unnecessary apps.

Site Speed:

Site speed is a significant issue for Shopify store owners. It is vital to have a fast site, as it has a quantifiable return on investment. Google PageSpeed and Shopify's metrics are used to determine site speed, and store owners need to optimize their code, images, and videos to improve their site speed.

Ecom Experts' Approach:

Ecom Experts focuses on providing white-glove service to clients doing at least a million dollars a month in business. They specialize in technical and strategy services, helping brands grow and improve their return on investment. They also offer monthly audits to ensure that clients' code is clean and optimized.

Ecom Experts' goal is to help Shopify brands succeed by providing strategy and development services. Their approach includes optimizing site speed, removing unnecessary apps, and cleaning up code. By doing so, they help clients improve their return on investment and achieve their KPIs.

Shopify Speed Test 2022 Improve My Shopify Speed Score

In this article, we will be discussing how to test your Shopify store speed using three different free tools: GT Metrics, Pingdom, and Google Pagespeed Insights.

Tools for Testing Shopify Store Speed:

1. Pingdom:

- Gives an overall performance grade, page size, number of requests, and load time.

- Provides tips on how to improve page performance.

- Contents size can be reduced to speed up the website.

2. GT Metrics:

- Provides a GT Metrics grade and performance grade.

- Offers detailed information on different tabs.

- Speed visualization feature allows you to see how fast things are loading for the user.

3. Google Pagespeed Insights:

- Gives advice on how to speed up your page.

- Separates opportunities for desktop and mobile.

GT Metrics seems to have the most detail, followed by Pagespeed Insights, and then Pingdom. However, Shopify's own Pagespeed tool can also be used for testing. Profit Calc, a profit calculator app available on the Shopify app store, is the sponsor of this article and can help you understand your business in real-time.

5 tips for better site speed optimization | Shopify Plus

Site speed is crucial for a positive customer experience and can impact bounce rates and conversions. Improving site speed can also positively affect organic search ranking. Here are five ways to increase site speed and improve customer experience.

1. Analyze Your Website:

Use Google's PageSpeed Insights to understand what is on your website and identify areas for improvement. Shopify's online store speed report can also help you focus on what matters most.

2. Audit Third-Party Apps:

Remove any unnecessary third-party integrations or apps that may be slowing down your site. Delay the remaining integrations until after important elements such as images and videos load first.

3. Use Async or Defer Attributes:

Parser-blocking scripts can slow down your site. Use async or defer attributes in your code to unblock the browser and allow for multiple actions at once.

4. Use the Import on Interaction Pattern:

To address speed problems related to JavaScript widgets and pop-ups, use the import on interaction pattern. This loads a shell that looks like the widget, and only loads the full widget when the user chooses to interact with it.

5. Optimize Video Embeds:

Using the latest code snippets and lite embeds can make your video content load faster and adjust to different device sizes.

Improving site speed is crucial for a positive customer experience and can impact bounce rates, conversions, and search ranking. By analyzing your website, auditing third-party apps, using async or defer attributes, utilizing the import on interaction pattern, and optimizing video embeds, you can increase your site speed and improve your overall performance.

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