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site to post ads

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

5 FREE ADS WEBSITES You Should Know for Affiliate Marketing (STOP PAYING!)

in this video, i'm going to show you five free ads websites that everyone who wants to start earning from 100 to 200 a day should know about. and also, i don't want to let you struggle with this free ads website, so i'm going to show example of the products and a unique angles that i would use if i would start promoting products on these free edge websites so you can start making money the fastest way possible. so you can make a mistake. and this is perfect way for every beginner, because you can do this for free and you don't need to have any experiences, any skills. all that you are putting in is your time, but you are getting out with super valuable experiences. and also, even before jumping straight into this video, i would like to notify that i have created for you in a free master class in which i'm going to teach you in the five simple steps that everyone who wants to go from zero to six figures need to do in order to build long-term, profitable online business. so if you would like to watch this free masterclass, you can find a link down below in the description. click there, and i'm looking forward to see you there as well. but now let's continue with the video. all right, and let's start with the very first free ads, optional free ad website, and this first one is called my midi ads. so on this website we can post in a new ad and all of this is 100 for free. so if you just check it out real quick, you can see that we can be posting and marketing at job ads, but as well, you can be sharing there, even as a company. so if you just grow this, this is in the professional social network for media, buyers and sellers. so what do you want to be? you want to be in a seller and you want to find these buyers there. so if you just scroll down, uh, you can see many companies is using this and what you can be doing. there is a post, your free ad, search for offers and many, many cool stuff. so you just scroll all the way up. now what i want to show you are these marketing ads and the job ad. so under the marketing ads you can see all of these different categories that you can find. so this is basically all the categories that, for example, you can find on a clickbank if you want to be promoting some offer in some niche, and as well, you can find in the sources and in a basis. so, cost per action, cost per click, etc. etc. all of these options. but what is the most important on the my media ads, or this job ads, because what can you do? you can be basically providing these people some job opportunity, and this is what most people are looking for on this website, on in my midi ads. they are not looking just, uh, to buy some stuff, some affiliate program, but they are looking for something on how to make money for some job opportunity, and this is something that we want to be doing as well. and if you go into this job ads, you can see that these ads are truly getting some views. so, 61 views, 14, 17. if you just scroll down, we can see, for example, even 209, uh, 235, 359. and if you are just saying yourself that this is not enough, this just one view, one of you three views- you can see that this is not actually an ad. this is just on spam. so if you create in a genuine ad on this website, it can definitely get in a click and many people will be able to see this. so now let's check how you can actually create a new ad. so for this. you just go to the post new ad. but even before that, we need to find a program or a product that we are going to promote. as i was telling you before, most people are looking on this website for a job opportunity. so what we are going to do, we are going to find a job opportunity over there. so we will just go to the e-business and e-marketing and one of the best job opportunities offers on clickbank at the moment are these: get paid to use facebook, twitter and youtube or live chat jobs or write app reviews or paid online writing jobs. so those are all of these. four are top converting in e-business and e-marketing niche and as well all of these are job opportunities. so these are helping people to make money online from their home. so what i would do, i would just pick one of these first. so let's just live chat jobs. i will click on a promote and i would just enter my nickname account. i would choose this default and i would just create my hop link will be actually my unique affiliate that i can start promoting on this website and then, when we will go back to the my midi ads, you can choose if you want to post marketing ad or a job ad. so what i recommend you is to go with a job ad and then you would just go to offer in a job, in a position you can just choose one of these and geo target. you can put there, for example, united states because you want to be united kingdom, and australia, because all these tier one countries, because those are most buyers in africa- marketing programs and in the subject you want to create something, for example, like a hiring- 25 to 30 dollars per hour, social media manager, chat chat bot or job up to 175 a day, facebook virtual assistant. so something that would take people's attention and as well into this message you want to write: there's some description about this product, what this is all about. you can find all the info if you open the afterlink and everything will be stated there. then, below this, just you just posted your after link and then this ad will go out and it can get 100, 200, 300, 400 views. but what's the best about is that you can be creating these ads over and over again. you can switch the product, you can switch description, you can switch, uh, the headline and you can be creating these ads over and over again, and this is one of the options that even my students were able to make money out of this, so i highly highly recommend this one. then the second free ad website that you can start using is called worldprofitcom. so, as you can see right there, this isn't a world profit and this is in a free membership for athlete marketers. uh, what's really important to say about this website? that this is not only free ads option, but as well they have some affiliate marketing trainings, but i have to admit that i don't really recommend them because i don't know about anyone who was able to make some profit out of this training. so what i recommend is website for is only the free ads or posting and a free ad. so what do you need to do? you just need to click on join our free membership and basically create your membership. so add your name, add your email and then when you sign in, you will end up- uh, not here, you will end up in this place, but there will be tons of ad, as you can see, jumping on it, so you want to go over it. what's cool about is that you can gather this guy toking to you, because he is kind of a some chatbot or a live business center, something like this. you can just tok with these guys if you want. if you- i don't know- feel alone or something like this. but what's important for us is that right there on the left side, you can click on the free classified ads and place ads for free and then you can post on a free ad. but even before this- this is something what they have changed recently- is that you need to view at least 10 classified ads to enter in a new one. so what do you need to do? you just need to go back, start checking out these uh ads that are there here and then you will get these credits to create your own ad. now what's really important? to say as well that these ads are seen only by a members on a world profit, so you are not getting any new members all around the internet. you are promoting products only to the members of the world profit. what's cool about is that those are basically buyers and people interested in affront marketing. so if you have the right offer for make money online and biz up and all of this stuff, you are able to even monetize these people already on the world profit. so what i recommend as a product is just go to the clickbank, and i would still keep with the e-business and e-marketing, and what i would take, for example, are offers like this: one click weld system, because those are not just some.

How to post hook up ads for free | 🔥 newest update 🔥

hey, what's up, guys? in this guide, I'll be teaching you exactly how to post Google part, the same hookup pad that a lot of people might have seen, that you have paid for two back page, I will show you how you can post art for free without paying attention, and you still get results. let's dive into it on a quick one. just come here, click on post hearts. then you see login. sign up, right, sign in with your Google account. um, let me choose one account here. okay, let me choose one. so, guys, it's loading. when you see this page, this partikular page will appear. guys, Chase it credits. now this is where your stoked right, like you want to pick and you might not really have. you know enough for BTC or dollar to pay. what you need to do is just come to this place, post add. click on post hat. let me show you guys. you bypass it to post free Hearts. click on poster, guys. when you click on it, when you click on it on a quick one, you see post free hard. this same side. no, some, some people don't know it. honestly, Goldust always give you the best updates just to make it easier for you. guys, if you're enjoying this video, give me a like sharply. and if you're new to my channel, subscribe now free. okay, so click on post free art. now, what location do you want to touch it? Okay, click on us see, let's click on whatever state is in Mississippi. let's click on let me say Colorado. uh, which um city, which area? let's just click on the first one folder. um, see, depends on what you really want. yeah, okay, guys, come over to this section and you see bar slash, clubs, people, psychologically, you know, say people with uh, this, uh Behavior, or going to bars and club or like nothing. we like you understand a hand, you like to be with a woman. so this is psychology. nobody taught me I sometimes you just have to be creative and this is work for me that I'm giving out this free updates for you guys, instead of paying. you know, look for strategy. so I look for a way to bypass it, to get to into the free section. now, free Hearts. just click on bars and Club, okay, so when you click on bars and Club, you see you'll be brought to this section. then you write your heart, you understand, write your heart. so, guys, yeah, you know the tights you're gonna put. now, just put, um, I am available for you know one or two things. there's some things you know we don't, we wouldn't want to see because of YouTube or go reading, you understand. so this description, too. you write the description perfectly well. okay, you write it well. make it tight as well. is for the each section, you can just put like 24, 25, depending on what you want. the location is there, then you put your, your contact email, then you put your contact phone number and maybe your Google Voice number, if you need one. you can actually eat me up and um. whatever you choose image, you choose your image. as you can see, I've choose. you have to choose a very, very sexy image. even if you have one that is hotter than this, you can actually choose it, you understand. so when you choose this kind of sexy image, what you want to do is click on by placing ad. I am not a robot. if I continue, guys, right now, these ads will be placed, you understand. and then you start getting results. you start getting massive results. is as simple as that, guys. so you can actually ask me for some title and all of that. then, if you have got inclined, now how do you get formats, to get format that has not been casted because this partikular um, uh, update. I'm giving you right now the bar and restaurant stuff that you have to Target those guys, those clients there- you know what happened on that list- you need to give them some partikular format that they are not really used to. okay, because men they are, will definitely pay, they have money to go to Bar. they are looking for, you know, um, sexy ladies who spend their time with and, you know, do one or two things with. so this is an advantage for you guys. so I have already gotten it to. this is a tool that you can get any type of format you want. so I'll leave the link in the description below. it's actually going for a little price, okay, going for a little price for all my subscribers, all right, so that's what I have for you guys today. so enjoy and have and keep cashing out. bye.

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How To Post Hookup Ads and Cashout [$$1 million+] 2023/2024

hello guys. hello guys, welcome back to my channel. if you are new in this Channel, please subscribe to this channel, because this channel are going to learn a lot from this Channel- and like this video please, and please always like my video, because this update I'm dropping for you guys, for free. guys, if you know how much I'm using to learn all this stuff, like today, now I'm going to teach you how to post a cup as single cut, like you'll be cashing out big time, you understand. so the first thing you have to do, just like this video And subscribe to this channel because and turn on the notification Bell so it will notify you if update have dropped a new video. you understand and comment where you are watching this video from. if you are from Nigeria or Ghana or anywhere you are, just always comment the country are watching this video for and also appreciate me in the comment section. you understand, you guys to do that now, like the title of this video: how to post to Cup Ads and cash out steady, every time, daily money. you understand. so the first thing you have to do- if you are yet, if you just- uh, YouTube does bought this video to you- yeah, to watch the first video on hookup. first go and watch that one so you understand about hookup job. you understand before you get started on how to post- because today's tutorial is on how to post hookup ads- go and watch that first video I upload. just go to the next video, volume one, and you'll see it so you understand more about your hookup job. and like and comment. you understand, like and comment my videos and subscribe. so let's get started. this is the site you need. this is the name of the site. this site. I bought it before I even buy this site. they don't scam is coming. scam before let this person- uh, let us review the site for me. this is one of the sites, so the name of the site is wwwtoblogpage. anyway, I'm going to drop the um link or like the site Link in the description, because some of you guys will find it difficult to search to your browser, so I'll just drop it in the description. check the description also. you need four picks to post. you need a Gmail. if it's Nigeria, Jimmy fine. if it's Yankee, Jimmy fine. and also you need Bitcoin, any amount of Bitcoin. if you have like 30, you can post your oven too safe. you can post on the site and I'll also teach you the hack that you use to um get plenty Bitcoin so you can, with that four Bitcoin, cash out and Tire. you understand? so let's get started now. let's get started. so let me copy this link, let me put it on the browser: Chrome browser. this is it. let's load. so you guys will like this video. like this video, please. so if you want to get started, look at the right arm of this, like the right side of this site. you just click on login and sign up. let it load. this video will be shot. guys, this video is short. just click on login and sign up. after I click on login, I'll sign up. you'll see signing with Google. sign in with Google. so you just click on that Google and choose any of your gmails. let me just use this one. I think this song. so now you can see that I've signed him with diamond. uh, this, uh, maybe. so you can say: I have zero Bitcoin. I've never, um, I have Bitcoin on this site, on this, Jimmy, understand? so if you want to post, you click on post ads. because this video? because there are different type of ways to post hookup pads on this side, so you should not make mistake. you're going to be seeing text, because some of you guys we do rub this way. so watch this video. no, skip this video. watch it from the beginning to the end, so you understand. you should know that. with Bitcoin. so you see post-free ad. you see post local ads. you click on Post in multiple cities, you understand. so this decides you. they have the thought side. you click on Post in multiple cities, so let's explode. so now you see adults. you see local places. you see Automotive. you see musician. you see by and say trade real estate, you understand. so the thing you click here is adults. that first um stuff that was to click on, click on adult. let it load. if you find this video helpful, please like this video and comment, because this thing I'm giving you guys for free is not. I didn't learn this for free. so you see adults. now you see, choose the session. you see adults. your mail escorts from our website, don't know. you click on escort alone at the last side of this left corner, only the down part, after that Dome and fetchy. I barely eating the idea. this is the only escort. now that I click on me, let's go to you, click only that. this is escort at the last part here, so you click on it. so after I click on it, your eyes to load. now he's asking which? uh, United States, or Canada or Europe? so you click on United States. you click on United States so you, um, you can see states in United States, other states: you see Alabama, sorry, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado state. so you just it's not that you click on this state, you'll stay like this. click on some cities in the state, like, for instance, you go to Colorado, now you see cities in Colorado, so you click on one, two out of like how many is here in this career? I don't know. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, just like two. because you're managing your BTC. you can see that when I click on your alaba, Alabama, sorry, it's click on everything. so you wanna light them and choose like two or three. so you go to another, Indiana, you choose two, three here. so you are managing Bitcoin. you understand it, because it's not yet up to one dollars to go to Florida to choose like three, yeah, so go to another, um, you, you could choose to continue here too. Texas: you choose like three or two. so let's check out Bitcoin, how much they have charges. so far, you know your top 200. so let's go to New York or New Mexico, New Mexico, to Show you. click two, two and go to South and Carolina. you click on two. so let's go and check out Bitcoin charge. Amazon charges ready one dollar. so I also teach you the AR on how to get plenty Bitcoin. that two dollars, they'll find you like 30 dollars. you understand that. two dollar Bitcoin, West Virginia, let's click on it too. so, after you are done, you click on what. continue. see, guys, you can even be posting for people and get paid. I don't post for my G guys and if they call them on, they'll, surely, because this thing I'm teaching you guys, you guys take it serious, take it as a business. and guys, now you are seeing five, two, sorry, um description, age, location, um, email contacts, your phone number, your Us number. like you can use Google Voice Text Now text free, anyone. or you use- uh, what is it called? pinga, or text free. there are a bunch of numbers there. so now this title you need as a personal to be posting. let me zoom in small, small. yeah, you need plenty Thai too like title that you'll be using, because you got to have like 50 titles and I've spammed this stuff. so this title is book, like it's plenty, you can use it. you can't be using the same title every time, every time, every time you get disabled. I can't get disabled, so you got to look for plenty title and description. like the title will say: hey, I'm available for you, you understand. so I don't say it out like that because of YouTube, you understand now. so you need plenty description too. so the title and the description is going for those. I'm going to give you guys one thousand now for just one thousand. now I'm supposed to charge you guys, thank you, because the title: plenty. this one will be small title, title and description: low, far. if you are hearing. so the Titans played like and the description is title and description is very plenty. so you enter, you choose one and everything is more than 50 or 100. you choose one. that makes sense that you enhance to put the title, put the description and, yeah, you put the age if you, if the guy are using is like 25 or 26, if she's 26, but not use more than 30, use that past 30. I'm not sure if you see text, you can use 23. sorry, my location just puts no, go and put any location, know that I've Target different cities, just put water. yeah, am I correct? no, in Nigeria is called there, but there are states, I think.

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FREE Advertising Websites 💥Best Ways to Promote Affiliate Links Free 2022

most people that use free affiliate promote website struggle because no one is seeing their advertisement. even if there are some views to the advertisement, no one ends up clicking on the advertisement and buying the product you promote. i have found a few websites that you can use that actually get views as well as clicks, and you can promote your affiliate products and make money with affiliate marketing. the best thing about these websites is that the people- that the majority of users that visit these websites are from the united states or tier one countries, which are great for affiliate marketing. i will also show you a free online tool you can use to auto generate affiliate promotional content that will entike the users to buy. this will be good if you are struggling to write convincing marketing content. here are some user traffic data from the first website you can use to advertise affiliate links. look at the amount of traffic this website gets for a given month. importantly, over 74 percent of the site visitors are from the united states. this is great for affiliate marketing because you want to target countries like the united states and canada. so start using this website fast, because the more people that know about it, it's going to get harder to promote products on this website to get started. register for a free account on this website. all you have to do is give your name and email address and click on get started now. then follow the rest of the steps and you have your free account you can use to advertise affiliate links for free. do you want to know the name of this first website to get free traffic? can you please give this video a like and i will show you how to advertise affiliate links for free to get views and clicks from this website. once you log in on the left menu, click on place ads. you can add your advertisement text here along with the affiliate link. if you are not getting any clicks, i recommend using this tool, which will generate advertisements for you. when you use the link in the description, you can get ten thousand words generated for free. that is sufficient for you to create several advertisements. if you like a detailed tutorial on how to use this tool, leave a comment below saying promote affiliate links free. if i get at least 20 comments, i will create a future video. let's move on to the second website you can use to promote affiliate links free. what's unique about this website is that you can reach one thousand real people every day to get results with this website there you need to use a specific type of affiliate product, and i will tell you what it is. but first let me show you this website. you can register for a free account to send the email, add a catchy title, the affiliate link you want to promote and a description of the affiliate product. you must also add the affiliate link to the description. you can post an advertisement every day, so try out this free advertising method for different affiliate products. now here is an affiliate promotion tip: when using this website, maximize your affiliate commissions. even though you are sending emails to 1 000 people, you don't know the type of people reading these emails. so when you select an affiliate product, select a generic product like wealth or self-help, which will appeal to a lot of people. i created a step-by-step video a few days ago that showed how to use this website to promote a clickbank affiliate product. watch that video. if you missed it. the link is in the description below. moving on to the next best way to promote affiliate links free, this website is a usa-based website. you can see here other people promoting advertising their affiliate products. if you are a clickbank affiliate, you will notike that these are clickbank products. these affiliates are using this free advertising website because they are getting sales. the best part is that you don't need to register on this website. just click here and you can start posting your advertisement. this free advertising website is called penny saver usa. i mentioned before that several other affiliates are already using this website to promote affiliate products. so here is a tip: to stand out from the rest. most of the advertisements here are based on the health and fitness niche. don't advertise these types of products. find affiliate products related to jobs and use that category. you can even add your image and if you have a youtube video, that will also help increase the click through rate to your affiliate link. when you are done writing your advertisement, click on publish. it will take about 15 minutes for the ad to appear. while using a free advertising website is a good thing, keep in mind that it will also take some time before you see results. if you want to make quick money with affiliate marketing, watch this paid method to promote affiliate products.

How To Post Free Ads On [Classified Sites] Free Classified Ads Posting - $300 Bonus

hey, troy miner. here and in this video, i'm going to be sharing with you how to post free ads on classified sites and get thousands of people? uh exposed to your home business opportunity, all on automation, um, without you having to sit in front of a computer all day long. uh, this traffic can be generated 24: 7, and you don't want to miss out on it. so be sure to stay plugged into this video right through to the end. uh, also shoot me over a like comment. subscribe to my channel. i welcome you to like this video. now. lets me know that you're getting some really good value from what i share, and i'm also going to share two websites, one of them you're looking at right now in the description below this video, along with the classified ad information that i share and the key to posting on free. the key to posting free ads on classified sites is it you have to have something that is either a free offer or you should have something that has so much value that it's really hard for people to pass up. now. that does not mean that you cannot promote your business opportunity. i'm just sharing with you the ways to get the absolute best results. so this is a promotion that i'm currently running. yes, you can take part of this. you can get a complimentary 300 hotel savings card for simply watching this video today. these cards can be redeemed at over 1 million locations worldwide and in this free video, you're going to learn how to close 60 more sales for any home business and make on average 500 daily. so enter your correct information in these boxes. this is the only way that you can get access to this complimentary 300 uh savings card. enter your first name, your best email address, click, get instant access now and, um, you will see how simple and easy this strategy is and how to get access to your complimentary offer. the second thing that i'm going to mention: if you're into social media marketing, right, that's your thing. this free video reveals my 300 a day blueprint. learn how to earn hundreds daily posting pre-written ads on social media. this is a simple system: just copy and paste. start your business now. so just enter your email address here, click, show me the video. um, i have doubled my sign up ratios with the information that i learned using this system, and it's allowed me to make 600 bucks in a single day, so this does absolutely work. um, the other thing that i'm going to point out is: how are you posting your free ads on classified sites? so the system that i use is known as classified submissions. i've been a member of this program now for a couple of years and your classified ad will be promoted to thousands of advertising pages each month. so stay plugged into the remainder of this video, because this is very, very important information. all right, we will promote your classified ad and website each month to thousands of advertising pages, including 2 000 plus classified ad pages, 500 plus high quality private blogs. look, if you want to know how to really build momentum in whatever business it is that you're involved in- network marketing, affiliate marketing, direct selling- you need to understand that your biggest objective is to get as many eyeballs to your website as you possibly can on a day-to-day basis. so, in addition, you're gonna have a clickable text ad. it will be displayed in rotation at the top of every page, right, and what i encourage you to do is watch this short video. it's a tutorial basically showing you how classified submissions works. now i will say this: you know, years before i got started with classified submissions, you know i was into posting on classified ad free sites. it would take hours every day that i would do this to simply post on like 30 or 40 sites a day. and the problem is that with a lot of these classified ad sites, if you're a free member, you're placed at the lowest point of the rotator when those ads are displayed. so what that means is, if you are a vip member on any of those free ads or you've invested money, your rotation and your ad display is going to be shown long before the free ad members. so with classified submissions, they do something a little different. you know, you pay a monthly, a quarterly or a yearly fee and then they are promoting your ads on thousands of these sites in a vip status. so your ads are displayed at the very top. and then i'm just going to cover some key points here with you as we scroll down this page- and be sure to scroll this page as you're watching this video, simply because i i want you to see some of the value. um, are you a small business owner, a lawyer, a dentist, contractor, service provider, restaurant owner? right, this works for all of those different scenarios. here's what we propose to do for you: each month, with our classified ad posting service, we will submit your ad to thousands of classified ad pages. your ad upgraded, highlighted in bold and stuck to the top of your category. 500 plus high quality permanent blogs- all right, that's a big key. there are permanent blogs, so your ads will not go away on these blog posts. 100 plus web 2.0 properties like tumblr and wordpress. these are all permanent links. okay, this is something brand new. you also now you get your full page ad- will appear in rotation on the login on 30 high traffic quality ad sites. so watch this video so you can get a quick explanation of how that works and read this information right. go through it classified. why you should use classified ad marketing. classified ad marketing is fast. people actually look at classified ads to buy something. i will include one reason. this is a passive marketing strategy, unlike solo ads, facebook ads. it's a lot less expensive, less intrusive. you also get to join right the classified submission affiliate program for free- right. i joined as a free member and you have the ability to earn unlimited 98.50 commissions. just two referrals, please, for your membership. um, frequently asked questions. yes, you should absolutely go through this. why? because these are questions that people have about this service and classified ads in general. uh, can i change my ad at any time. let's click on that answer. we try to want run one consistent ad each month because we do different promotions throughout the month and you really need to let the program run 30 full days to get the full benefit. what basically here? what happens? when i started this my very first week using classified submissions, i had over 2, 2 500 website visitors, right, i got a bunch of leads, i made a couple of sales and all of a sudden it slowed down right. the second and third week, you know 800, 500 right. and then there were several days where there was no uh ads being promoted. the reason is is because each member is placed on that rotator, so towards the very end of the 30 days it picks back up. all right, so you want to give this a full month because if you do, that is going to allow them to do everything it is that they need to do to promote your site uh. however, if you want to change or update your ad, we can do this for you at any time. we charge a small admin fee of five dollars and fifty cents one time to set up a new campaign and the change your ad. so, um, that's a big deal. you know: five dollars and fifty cents. another thing: when you create your ad, please give it about two business days for your ad to be created. remember the support staff from classified submissions. these are people that are setting ads up all day long to go live. they need to make sure that everything is completely correct in your request. so give it about two business days for them to fully complete your ad. how often do you submit my ad? how many ads can i submit? do you really submit my ad to thousands of sites? that sounds like a lot. what is the catch right? many of the sites we submit to are network sites. this means that even though we just submit to one network website, they have thousands of members, each with their own individual advertising pages on the same domain. your ad will go on all the members pages in the network as well as the main website. that is a lot of.

[Classified Ads Posting Software] Post On Free Classified Ad Sites Instantly

hey, troy miner. here and in this video, i'm going to share with you what i feel is the absolute best classified ads posting software and how you can post on free classified ad sites online instantly- 24: 7.. listen, the number one reason why most people struggle with work from home business opportunities is they are not getting enough eyeballs and exposure on their opportunities. so, regardless if you're involved in network marketing, direct selling, affiliate marketing, i can show you in this video how to get thousands of website visitors to your offer 24: 7.. all done on automation save you a tremendous amount of time and money, and i encourage you to watch this video through to the end and, as i get started, be sure to like, comment and subscribe to my channel. go ahead, hit that like button now and let's get started. so i wanted to start this video out by just sharing with you the back office to the system that i currently use, and i want you to take a look at this. these are all live ads, right? live classified ads from several different websites, and this traffic is running 24: 7, all on autopilot. i'm also going to include what are the best opportunities for you to be able to get leads and for you to be able to make sales. but just look at this as i scroll down: this is all from today and yesterday. uh, these are all live ads. so if i wanted to click on any of these ads so that i could see them, all i need to do is click on any one of these links. all right, and if i want to see my ad live, all i have to do is click on the link here. so this is proving that these ads are live and that my opportunity is being circulated. so, uh, make a hundreds daily while tripling your leads. and then i go into the description. so let me share with you the program that i'm using, the software that i'm using to get these results. so the program that i'm using is known as classified submissions. i have been using this program for a couple of years now and it's always kept me in profit. so if you're using things like solo ads or facebook ads, uh, they do work, but most people really cannot afford to do that consistently on a daily or weekly or even monthly basis. so, with classified submissions, as i just showed you, your ads are posted on thousands of advertising pages each month and what they will do is they will promote your classified ad and website each month to thousands of advertising pages, including 2 000 plus classified ad pages, 500 plus high quality private blogs, and, in addition, your clickable text ad will be displayed in rotation at the top of every page on 25 high traffic sites- 24: 7, giving you quality exposure on thousands of these advertising pages monthly. so everything that i share with you in this video is going to be provided directly below this video in the description. i encourage you to watch this short video tutorial on how this works and then, as you scroll this page, listen. be sure to bookmark this page. you want to be able to come back here at any given time. and you know, look, if you're a small business owner, a lawyer, a dentist, a contractor, service provider, restaurant owner, small business startup, entrepreneur selling products or services, you can use this system to get you results. so read this information, right? uh, go through this page right. here's another short video. this is something relatively brand new. now your full page ad will appear in rotation on login on 30 high traffic ad sites. so what i love about classified submissions, right? um, this saves you time. look, when i first got introduced to classified ads, i was signing up for free classified ad sites online. you know, and i am gonna tell you, that can take you hours and hours of heartache, simply because, as a free member on these sites, your ads are always placed at the bottom, but, with classified submissions, when you become a member- and i'm going to show you how to become a member- you get pretty much, uh, what i consider to be vip status. so your ads are placed at the very top of these sites and as you continue reading, all right, uh, you're going to save a bunch of money. so i strongly encourage you to check out these frequently asked questions. uh, if you click on any of these questions, you're going to get an answer. can i change my ad anytime? yes, you can, as, as a member, we try to run one consistent ad each month, because we do different promotions throughout the month and you really need to let the program run 30 full days to get the full benefit. however, if you want to change or update your ad, you can do so for a small admin fee of just five dollars and fifty cents one time to set up a new ad campaign. i only recommend doing this after your first month. uh, you know, i i like to test ads to see which ads produce the best results. and again, as you continue watching this video, i'm gonna share with you what i believe are the best ways to generate leads and to make sales. um, so, continue watching. how many ads can i submit? how often do you submit my ad? again, all you need to do is click on these questions and your ad- uh information- will pop up. will i be able to see my ads live? i just showed you that the beautiful thing about this is that every member gets their own email specifically tailored to classified submissions. so when i go into my email, i can check, as i just showed you, any live ads. and if you are promoting your ad, think about it. i mean, if you just get a few clicks every day on thousands of these websites, that adds up, right. so click on these questions so that you can get the corresponding answers. and, uh, how can you get started, right? so there's three ways that you could join classified submissions. you can become a monthly member. this is for people that are on a serious budget. for less than 40 dollars per month- 39.95 to be exact- you can get a quarterly subscription, right. again, you do not need to sign up for individual free ads. the system does that for you and, uh, you can become a quarterly member. you know, when i first got started a couple of years ago, i joined as a quarterly member. it was a 77 investment every three months and i love to save money. you know, i don't know how you feel about it, but this is a 42 dollar savings over the monthly service. uh, so i like the idea that you don't have to pay for this every single month. and as a quarterly member, uh, you know the the. the volume of results that you get really speaks for itself. uh, you can also become a yearly member, right, i have a lot of people again that love to save money. they've spent 200, 300, 400 on facebook ads and didn't really get anywhere for a one-time payment of 197.. this is not a subscription, by the way. this is the best value where you're going to save 282.00 overall and that's for the entire year with classified submissions. um, you get paid 50 commissions, one half on the membership levels for people to join under your affiliate link. so, uh, this is an easy way to make money while you are using the service and within those first three months that i was using this program i made roughly about 500 in affiliate commissions. so i paid 77, which i only had to pay every three months, and the very first month, 500 bucks in affiliate commissions. uh, by the end of the third month, it was over eight hundred dollars in affiliate commissions. so my point is: is that this program pays for itself? scroll this page, read the information and take advantage of this right. so what are the best programs? what do i feel are the best ways to use classified submissions? so i want you to keep one thing in mind: the people that use classified ad posting services are looking to generate leads that end up becoming sales. right, these are advertisers. these are people that you know they want traffic. so, in my honest opinion, the best programs that you can be involved in are programs that will help advertisers write, advertise. i mean, if you have a free offer right, a free lead system, or if you have uh, uh it, like in this case, i'm having a lot of success giving away this powerful 3x giveaway funnel. it triples your leads instantly and pays you one hundred dollars.