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sixbit dropshipping

Published on: June 18 2023 by pipiads

Welcome back to our channel! In this article, I will be sharing my 20 years of experience selling on eBay and how I use the software program called SixBit to make my selling process more efficient and effective.

Using SixBit for Tracking and Profit/Loss Reports:

- SixBit is a software program that helps me track my sales, profit/loss reports, and even my inventory.

- I use it to track a certain place where we buy something, how much we spend, and how much we have earned.

- It helps me to know whether we have gotten all our investments back and whether we are making profits.

- I also use it to find out the revenue generated by items that I bought a couple of years ago.

Using SixBit for Customer Service:

- SixBit is also helpful in providing customer service to our buyers.

- I use it to track whether a buyer has purchased from me before, and if so, what their feedback was.

- This helps me to provide personalized customer service to my repeat customers, which is one of the most important things in our business.

Using SixBit for Listing:

- SixBit is very helpful in listing items on eBay.

- It saves me a lot of time because it allows me to copy old listings and make changes to them instead of creating a new listing from scratch.

- This means that I don't have to enter all the item specifics and details all over again.

In conclusion, SixBit is a software program that has been around for a long time and is very helpful for eBay sellers. It helps us to track our sales, profit/loss reports, inventory, and even our customer service. It is also very helpful in listing items on eBay, saving us a lot of time and effort. If you are an eBay seller and have not tried SixBit, I highly recommend that you give it a try. It has a 30-day free trial, so you have nothing to lose. Thank you for reading and happy selling!

Setting up an Ebay listing on SixBit software

Title: How to Set Up a Listing on eBay

In this video, Jim at Jarek Locker gives a quick tutorial on how to set up a listing on eBay. He focuses on adding storage location and item specifics, pricing items accordingly, and using high-quality pictures with white backgrounds.

Setting up a Listing:

- Add a storage location to keep track of where the item was purchased and how much was paid.

- Make sure to include item specifics and use high search to optimize visibility.

- Price items accordingly based on their rarity and condition.

- Use high-quality pictures with white backgrounds to increase search ranking and attract buyers.

Submitting the Listing:

- Review the listing and make sure everything is accurate.

- Put the items up for auction or fixed price and submit them right away.

- Use discounts on Instagram or Facebook to attract previous customers.

Setting up a listing on eBay can be easy and efficient if you follow these steps. By adding storage location, item specifics, and high-quality pictures, you can increase the visibility and attract buyers. Don't forget to price items accordingly and use discounts to attract previous customers.

Setting Up SixBit for New Etsy Users

Setting up 6 Bit for New Etsy Users

Hi, this is John from 6 Bit Software. In this video, we will show new Etsy users how to set up 6 Bit. Assuming that you have already downloaded and installed 6 Bit on your computer, let's get started.

Step 1: Registration

- Double click on the 6 Bit icon on your desktop to bring up the registration page.

- Enter your email address and license key, which you received in your welcome email.

- If you can't find your key, click I can't find my key to get a link to your 6 Bit account page.

- Click OK to proceed.

Step 2: Choose Your Region

- From the welcome page, choose your region.

- Since we are a multi-channel tool, based on your region, you will see different sites that are available.

- Choose Etsy and click Continue.

Step 3: Profile Window

- The profile window is where you set all the information about your company and authorize your Etsy selling account.

- Enter your company's name and click Authorize.

- Sign in to Etsy to allow access for 6 Bit to interact with Etsy.

- Click Allow Access to provide a token that gives 6 Bit permission to send items to Etsy on your behalf.

- The window will close automatically.

Step 4: Enter Shipping Origin

- Enter your shipping origin, which is your return mailing address.

- Enter your email address and click OK.

Step 5: Import Data

- You have the option of viewing a getting started video or importing data.

- Choose the option to import your items currently listed on Etsy.

- Answer a few questions about the tool you used before 6 Bit and how you heard about 6 Bit.

- Click Done to start the import process.

- The time it takes to import will depend on how many items you have listed on Etsy.

- Once the import is finished, you will see your items listed in the sell items mode.

That's it for setting up 6 Bit. We recommend watching the next video in this series, Creating a New Etsy Listing with 6 Bit, to learn how to list your first item. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. Thanks!

Sixbit Listing Folders

Creating Listings: How to Organize and Submit Them

Creating listings can be a time-consuming process, but it is essential to ensure that your products are visible to potential customers. However, sometimes listings can get lost or sent to under construction, which can be frustrating. In this article, we will provide you with tips on how to organize and submit your listings efficiently.


1. Go to Under Construction: Sometimes, listings can get sent to Under Construction. To find missing listings, go to Under Construction and select the listing you want to edit.

2. Click and Drag: To ensure that your listings are organized and don't get lost, click and drag them into the folder where you want them to be.

3. Quality Check: Before submitting your listings, quality check them thoroughly to ensure that there are no mistakes. Check all of the listings in the folder.

4. Submitting Listings: To submit your listings, select the ones that are ready to be submitted, and click and drag them to Awaiting Upload.

5. Brand New Listings: If your listings are brand new and have just come from the folder, drag them into Music Kimberly New.

6. Quality Check Again: If your listings came from a different folder, quality check them again before submitting them.

7. Folders: Remember, anything that comes from Kimberly QC New or QC New is going to go to Awaiting Upload Kimberly to be submitted to the quality checkers.

8. QC and Under Construction: If your listings are in Kimberly QC or Your Name QC and Under Construction, it means that they didn't pass quality check twice. Thoroughly check your work to ensure it passes QC.

Organizing and submitting your listings can be challenging, but following these tips can make the process smoother. Remember to check your work thoroughly, click and drag your listings to the correct folder, and submit them when they're ready. With these tips, your listings will be organized, visible, and ready to attract potential customers.

Mastering Item Specifics in SixBit Software

- Item specifics are properties of an item that help buyers find it easily.

- Different sellers may use different words to describe their items, which makes it hard for buyers to find them.

- eBay provides a common set of terms and values for sellers to specify in their item listings.

- Entering a complete set of item specifics can help your items appear higher in eBay's Best Match search results.

Using Item Specifics on eBay

- Item specifics can be found in the item edit window.

- Different categories have different sets of item specifics.

- eBay-created item specifics can be chosen from a dropdown or typed in.

- Custom item specifics can also be created, such as state for a specific type of note.

- Inherited item specifics can save time when entering the same item specifics for multiple child categories.

- Private item specifics can be created for storing information that is not meant to be made public.

Using Item Specifics in Descriptions and Emails

- Item specifics can be added to description wrappers by putting square brackets around the item specific name.

- This saves time and ensures consistency in item descriptions and emails.

Using Variation Items in SixBit

In this video, John Slocum discusses the use of variation items in SixBit, specifically for items with multiple quantities that have different properties that buyers can choose from. The video covers the following:

- Definition of variation items and their purpose

Creating a Variation Set:

- Selecting a category to base the variation set on

- Choosing item specifics to create variations

- Setting the picture variation and variation order

- Creating SKUs for each variation

Using the Variation Set:

- Adding the variation set to a new item

- Adding pictures for each variation

- Managing inventory for each variation

- Setting fixed prices for each variation

- Summary of how to use variation items in SixBit

- Encouragement to contact SixBit support with any questions

PriceFox Repricer Tab - Tutorials - Ebay Dropshipping Software

In this article, we will take a closer look at the price management tool known as Price Fox. We will explore its features, how it works, and how it can be used to manage prices effectively.

Features of Price Fox:

- Ability to load 148 items onto Price Fox

- Option to show how many items to list on a page

- Displays image, title, item ID, supplier links, supplier price, shipping, quantity, and last checked status

- Force update option available

- Ability to pause or end listings

- Bulk force check option available

- Ability to update settings for specific items

- Ability to increase or decrease profit for specific items

- Option to remove items from the reprice in bulk

Using Price Fox:

To effectively use Price Fox, users must load their items onto the platform. From there, they can monitor prices, update listings, and make changes to individual items as needed. The tool offers a range of options for managing prices and listings, including bulk updates and force checks.

Price Fox is a powerful tool for managing prices and listings on platforms like eBay. By using its various features, users can effectively monitor prices and make changes to their listings as needed. With its user-friendly interface and customizable options, Price Fox is a valuable asset for online sellers looking to optimize their pricing strategies.

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