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smart tvs without ads

Published on: February 8 2023 by pipiads

How To Remove Adverts From SMART TV using simple trick [parental controls]. PART III

[Music]. what's up guys? welcome to hardwin 82 channel. i'm adam, and today we are gonna tok again about how to remove ads from your smart tally. actually, this will be part three, because i already made two similar videos to that, but this method will be a little bit different. so stay tuned. there is a video on my channel that you really like the most- i think as we speak is around 30 000 views- and in that video i'm toking about how to remove ads, those annoying things, from our tally. in this video i'm gonna tok again about the same subject, but i will attack this from a little bit different angle. so welcome back small. but before you start doing anything, i need to warn you. this method is maybe simple, but requires from you a little bit of patience. you need to be patient because this method, at least in first few days, maybe even weeks, require from you constant watching what exactly is happening inside your firewall settings. it's not complicated, so don't worry about that. this is very simple stuff, but you might be annoyed. this is not one of those methods, magical things you can do. just change one settings and here we go. we can relax and watch our tally. it's not like that. it's a simple approach but, like i said in first, especially a few days, you need to be patient, but i can promise you this: this method is great. i'm playing with this method for last weeks and i'm quite impressed, so let's just jump to it. the method i'm gonna show you today is using something called parental control. i'm sure you all heard about that. it's a quite interesting and handy feature to basically do two things: limit the access to the internet for our kids and secondly, maybe more more important, blocking adult sites. so those two things parental control is doing, but for our purposes. we will use this feature to something else. we will put parental control on our tally, but don't worry, we are not gonna block that content. you know which one. okay, so idea is this: we will go to the router settings and we will turn on parental control on our telly. we will. we will find our tally in the in the settings. i will show you how to do that and we will set up everything. the reason why we are doing this is we will go into the logs of pattern part of parental control settings and we will have a look which sites, in other case, what exactly ip addresses our tally, is trying to acquire small reminder when you are watching your content on your telly. when you ask to watch, let's say, a movie, an action movie, your tally is asking to acquire that source, which is in that case movie- from specific iep address. but every now and then there is this ad that it's coming to your way and it's super annoying, and that ad is coming from different ip address. so idea is this: we will allow this connection between tally and the content you want to watch to to be get to you, but we will block in the same time the content that is going from different ip address which has add simple, all right, guys, how that exactly looks. i will show you right now. we will watch my telly right now and in the same time i will have my laptop open and i will be looking what my tell is doing. first i will show you how to set up your parental control with the router and then i will show you where to look to block those annoying ip addresses. slash ads. let's go, alright, guys. we are at the moment in my living room, so what you're about to see is how that- what i was just toking about works. okay, so at the moment nothing is happening. i just turn on my telly. it's normal television. it's not one of those apps built in, just simple television from antenna. the first thing we want to do, and you will do exactly the same. your tail will be on and you will have a laptop next to you. so first of all, you will go to your router settings. i hope you know how to do that. if not, you need to have a manual with you and have a look. but usually the router itself, this box that gives you internet, has a label and it says the ip address and the login and password. so in my case it's probably in yours as well: 192 168 0 1. so this is my address to my router. now he's asking me for a password and just simply log in. every router has very similar menu. so you will be looking for advanced page, advanced settings. so let's go to advanced and let's look for parental control, which is here on the left- parental controls. so at the moment my parental controls is off, so let's turn this on. so first thing, we are turning this on [Music]. okay, so it's on, but we need to specify which device will be under this control. so we need to add them. just press add, in my case add devices. but in your case will be something similar and what you can see is a full list of my devices in my local network. so i straight away i know that this is what i wanna block: lg web os tv. so this is the device i wanna put under control. okay, add there. and profile name. so in my case will be tv ads locking. okay. next, and this is the page you are interested the most, here we will be adding manually, i'm afraid, the ip addresses and dns names of the content we wanna block, in this case ads. okay, we'll do that in a bit. next. now it's asking about the time control, because parental control is designed to block limited access to the internet for our kids. so in this case we don't want to do that. but we need to give our tally ability to work 24: 7, because we are not interested in time control, we are interested in the content filter. so in this case we need to put no limits, basically. so i'm not gonna change anything here- set the time period when internet access is allowed. so let's, let's go here. i will just select all. so no limitation access is allowed. just press save. okay, save operation succeed. so again, we turn on parent hole control, but only for our telly. we gave permission to access internet 24: 7, and now we will be looking what exactly is happening when we are connecting our telly to internet. so to do that, you need to go to view report and you will have something, something very similar. so let's have a look straight away. my television at the moment is using normal antenna- just normal antenna. and here we. here we go. already one minute ago, he made connection with this server. what that is, i don't freaking know. so, uh, so now is the hard part, because you might block something you will regret later, but it's not a problem, you just go here back and you will unlock it. so i could block it straight away, which i'm gonna probably do because i'm not using anything. so i'm not sure why. why he's uh connecting to your internet already. but let's have a look. let's have a look what that is. let's go to googlecom and let's ask google what this website is looks like. this is for data collection and telemetry, so i think we did a good choice by blocking this. if you, let's say, close this page, you can always go back to this, to this window, go to edit and you have this content filter and you can see. my first block page website is this. one which we just checked is for a telemetry and statistiks. so we don't want this, we don't need this. okay, let's have a look. what else will happen. i will close this, go to view reports, also visit visited websites and now i will take my remote. okay, i'm very interested what will happen. so now i will go to, let's say, rokuten tv. i don't know how to pronounce it. let's have a look, i'll just go here. so obviously he's making some kind of a connection with the internet, so let's have a look. there is a small problem: you cannot watch this page live. you need to close it and go back again. okay, so i didn't know this. i thought we will be watching this live, but unfortunately now. so let's, let's have a look. what happened? i just opened the start page of this rakuten tv and what we have here: oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. we have loads of freaking sights, wow. so again, we could check one by one. what did this? uh, from my experience i i can bet this one is quite important. it's probably for the background we are watching now, which is dr death. but let's, let's have a look. maybe someone- someone checked it out before me. yeah it.

BLOCK ALL ADS & POP-UPs On Your SMART TV Browser!!! Tutorial ENG

hello guys, this is riga 89. welcome back to my channel. if you are new, please consider subscribing and check out my other videos. today i'm gonna show you how to remove every advertisement and every pop-up from your smart tv web browser, and in my case i have an lg tv with the web os operating system. but this method will work on every other brand. and, as you can see here i'm trying to watch a video, uh, online. but uh, there are two advertisements, these uh rectangles, white rectangles, and every time i click on the play button a pop-up will open. so, no matter times, no matter how many times i click on the play button, i can't watch the video. so the solution is really simple. you just need to go to the settings- network settings, in my case from the lateral menu- and you can choose, obviously, a lan connection or a wi-fi connection. in my case i'm using the wi-fi and this is the network i'm. i'm connected and i need to go in the advanced settings. so in my case i need to go in other networks and then advanced my wi-fi settings, and these are all the settings of my connection. i just need to click on edit and your menu might be different, but you can always edit your network settings, so try to select a manual connection. so in my case, i need to uncheck the set automatikally setting and i need to edit the dns server section. so instead of these numbers, write 94, that 140, that 14, that 14, and click on enter and then connect and wait for the connection. as you can see, the connection is completed. now you need to turn off the wi-fi and then turn back on quickly. now go to the web browser and close it. just wait a couple of seconds and enter again the web browser and now you can go back to the website you were visiting, which is this one. so now, as you can see, the two white rectangles are gone and we can try to click on the play button and, as you can see, the movie starts rolling and for copyright reasons, i cannot show you, uh, more video, but you can double click on it and go full screen. you can click on the play pause button even in the center of the screen and you can go forward. so this method is very useful because all the advertisement, basically, are gone and there are no more pop-ups. so the reason this method is working is because the those numbers are the dns from a service called adigard, which basically also has applications for a smartphone and for the computers, and they offer also these dns servers so you can filter your your internet navigation and they will. they will clean all the pages from the advertisements. so this is a very useful- uh, useful- service that they offer, and i will. i will post their website in the comment section. so thank you guys for watching. please subscribe to my channel, leave a like if you enjoyed it and see you on the next video.

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smart tvs just suck seriously, and today i'm going to convince you of why that is, because i have good reasons, from them just sucking at their job to their invasive data collection and quite spooky privacy and security concerns. let's get into why smart tvs just suck. [Music]. so, like most tiknological advancements, smart tvs promise a better quality of life, and let's just start here. they really, really try hard to convince you that they're useful. do i need a jacket next week in the beijing? no jacket required. love. it's like google for video: one place to find shows, movies or actors. what have you been watching? admit it, you're tired of your tv just being your tv. it hangs out in your living room. it takes up space, it never cleans up after itself. it just shows tv. there is so little these tvs do that can even be useful to most people who, let's just be real, just want to watch their favorite shows and movies. if you're here navigating shitty tv browser to show your family your google photos, allow me to introduce you to a million better ways of doing it. the idea that every device in your life needs to somehow do everything is ridiculous, since specificity is oftentimes a good thing and allows devices to excel where they need to. with tvs, the idea of them just being an amazing tv visually, with good support for other devices, is just a clear win. allow the companies like google, apple, roku, amazon, sony and countless others to make specific devices with specific use cases. the idea that your tv will do everything is just a dream. you will still buy a chromecast, you'll still hook up a playstation to your tv, because those devices are actually good at what they do and improve your life, and that's complaint one. i genuinely think the software on these tvs just suck, and if i were to secretly replace my friends tvs with dumb tvs, i feel like most of them wouldn't even be impacted much and some may not even realize, because they literally just used their tv as a damn tv, not as some lockdown crappy home computer. vizio was caught red-handed turning mountains of user data into cash by selling consumer viewing history and other data to data aggregators who were further targeted by trackers and advertisers, all, of course, without user consent or knowledge. a wonderful business insider artikle, toks, about the cutthroat tv data industry, where devices are undersold due to the amount of money being made on user data, including things like their approximate location. the ads watched the kinds of shows and more. vizio, specifically, doesn't even need to make money from every tv they sell and are able to take a hit because of how lucrative this industry is. as a matter of fact, they recently made 48 million dollars on hardware in one quarter and, in the same period, made 38 million dollars, meaning they've already made almost the same amount of money between data and hardware. most other tv manufacturers are likely experiencing the same thing, which explains the inability to even find a damn non-smart tv. it's just so hard. it's just more lucrative to make smart tvs than to not. this isn't done with your best interest in mind. of course, some of you may be completely okay with paying less for a tv in return for some data collection, but i would challenge you to think differently about how that is your data, and you shouldn't sell out your personal information. surveillance capitalism is a very real thing, and this is just one of many ways it's revealing itself in our society, along with the countless other iot devices. continuing the same direction. i would gladly pay more for a tv i can confidently trust is respecting me and my data, but this option is becoming almost impossible to find nowadays, which is just so sad. and finally, we can't tok about data without toking about privacy and security. acr is called automatik content recognition, and most modern tvs implement some form of this tiknology. what it is is like having an ad executive watching you watch your tv, analyzing everything you're doing, so they can capture and sell this information to the highest bidder. this is clearly a privacy violation, and this wonderful mashable artikle toks about how to turn off acr. in most situations, every single thing you do on your tv, you should assume, is being sold and collected without your explicit knowledge and consent, which is just really fun. aside from this, many tvs come with microphones and cameras, which pose their own risks. last week, the fbi posted about the risks of having a smart tv on its website. the agency says the devices can be gateways for hackers to access your home and other devices because they are connected to the internet. that means hackers can take control of your unsecured tv and play with its settings and, in some cases, take control of your tvs camera and microphone to watch and listen in on you. not only can hackers get direct access to the camera and microphone, but if your tv is on the same network as your other devices, a compromised tv can mean all your other devices and their web traffic and your entire home are in jeopardy. there's a reason they say the s in iot stands for security. there are some things you can do, though. disable everything you can that your tv allows you to disable, especially regarding privacy and data practikes. consider keeping your tv and other iot devices on its own network, separate from your other devices. finally, consider just blocking all the web traffic from your tv all together on a router wide level, since i'm sure many of you watching don't even use the smart features on your tv or can very easily live without them, with the exception of this one, of course. alternatively, just never hook up your tv to a wi-fi network and use it offline from day one, out of the box, exerting your freaking dominance over its existence like the boss you are. and there we have it. i hope i've convinced you, or just reaffirmed your beliefs, that smart tvs literally just suck and it's unbelievable. we live in the world where i'd rather just get a giant desktop monitor than an actual tv, because at least the monitor does its freaking job properly without being invasive. i'm happily going to use my 27 inch monitor until i find a quality dumb tv. and that's the video. if you learned something new, be sure to give it a like and share the video with everyone you know with a smart tv. and also, please, please, please, share your thoughts on smart tvs down below, because, my goodness, i despise them and would love to hear what you have to say, and hopefully i won't have to battle anyone in the comments. don't forget, you can support us on patreon and we have other support methods on our website, and i want to thank you for tuning in to tik lore until next time. [Music].

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Smart TVs Can Be Smarter | Fixing Smart TV's Stupid Problem

[Music]. i spent some time ranting about how smart tvs are stupid, how they're starting to cause more problems than they solve, and how i think things will get worse if we don't step up and demand better. now i want to tok about what could be done to make things better and, maybe just as importantly, what should not be [Music] done. welcome back everyone. i'm caleb dennison and i have opinions. recently i am used my snarker- yourself and hopefully you as well- by poking some fun at some very real problems i've identified with smart tvs. where i'm sitting right now, smart tvs are kind of looking stupid. now i want to follow up on that and tok about what could be done, what should be done and what should not be done- to make smart tvs better, because, at the end of the day, if we leave it up to tv manufacturers and smart tv platforms like roku and google to do the right thing, well, for some reason i'm just not convinced that's the right move. personally, i think we'll need to demand change if we want to see things move in the right direction. so let's tok about that. before i dig into it, here's a thought-provoking question for you. we see all this software going subscription-based. what if that happened to our hardware too. what if you had to pay a monthly or annual fee to keep your tv from turning into a brick? think it could happen. does the mere thought make you outraged? let's tok about that down in the comments section. and while you're down there, if you like this kind of discussion, consider liking and subscribing. give away, add a million subs. oh and, by the way, folks, be on guard for spammers and scammers. in the comments section, not just here, but any channel. if we're giving something away, you can trust that you'll see me toking about it right here in the video. okay, otherwise it's probably not legit. alright, thanks for joining me. let's get into it. okay, so i get that smart tvs don't do as much as phones do, at least for now, but they really are starting to look more like really big phones or tablets, and they're beginning to act like them too. i think smart tvs should have the same kind of processing horsepower that we see in well, at least mid-grade phones, and for a few reasons. first is upgradeability: slash update ability. i know friends and co-workers who bought really high-end tvs in 2017 and haven't seen an update in well over a year, and they're not going to get one either. that means the latest version of apps will not run on their tv, and that means new features and functionality introduced to streaming services may not be supported going forward, never mind helpful improvements to the user experience. if smart tvs had more powerful chips in them, they could be updated well into the future, keeping the smart tv part on par with the tv's picture performance. whenever i tok about how future proof a tv is these days, i end up being more focused on the smart tv platform's ability to evolve than i am with how well the tv's picture quality will hold up. more horsepower also just means a better user experience, less lag and glitches that get in the way of being able to sit down and enjoy tv. anything that stands to remove hassle from just watching tv can only be a good thing. i also think a more powerful smart tv could be a more secure smart tv, which brings me to my next suggestion, [Music]. there is a very real possibility that the most hackable device in your home is your smart tv. fortunately, most of us have internet routers that act as a sort of firewall, but, as we've seen in the past, a tv's ethernet or wi-fi connection is not the only door into the tv's operating system. with a more powerful processor, a tv could support its own baked in security measures, and i think this is already absolutely essential, given how many tvs have microphones built into either the tv itself or the tvs remote. but it's even more important given that video cameras are starting to return to tvs plus, more and more personal data ends up passing through our tvs now, from passwords to payment information. bottom line is: tvs need as much, if not more, security as we expect from our phones, and they need frequent updates. your smart tv may only get one or two updates over its lifetime, if any, which over the course of a three year lifespan would be insufficient, let alone the seven to ten years most folks keep their tvs. now, as we tok about how to make our smart tvs better, i think we should also tok about the right to have a dumb tv, if that's what we want. [Music]. to google's credit, this is an option baked into the latest google tvs from the likes of sony and tcl. right there at the beginning, you can either choose to proceed with google tv or not, and if you choose the latter, you basically have a dumb tv which you can then make smart if you like, by connecting a streaming stik or box or a game console. this is so basic, but to me it's one of the easiest, most meaningful steps the industry could take. give us this option- so kind of springing off this idea of being able to choose whether we have a smart tv or a dumb tv. i think it would be massively beneficial if a tv's os and its smart features could be separated from a tv's core functionality and update ability. what i'm saying here is that i want the ability to update my tv so it has the latest local dimming algorithm or picture processing ai, without necessarily having to update to the latest version of web os or tizen, roku, android or google tv and from there we could enable or disable automatik updates for either choice. now i know this kind of flies in the face of roku and google's plans where everything is bundled up into one interface, but i think you can see how essential this would be to keeping a tv's picture performance up to date if we were given the option to have a dumb tv. now it's inevitable we have to tok about ads. with the current exception of apple tvs platform, ads are popping up right in the user interface of all smart tv devices. you can't escape them. we should fix this. if smart tv platforms insist on injecting ads into every nook and cranny of a smart tv, then at least give us an ad free subscription option. part of the reason i subscribe to the ad free tier of some streaming video services is so i don't have to see the ads at all. so when you shove an ad down my throat anyway, i get really frustrated. frankly, i think ads delivered through the tv software should just be banned. more on that idea in a bit. but if that isn't going to happen, then give me an ad free option i can pay for. yes, i realize i'm just frustrated that one of the great benefits of cord cutting is now all but gone. go ahead and okay, boomer me if you like, i can take it. but look at amazon's kindle as an example. you want to save money? there's ads. hate the ads, there's a price for that. look, i just prefer no ads at all. but if it has to be this way, give me an ad free subscription. [Music]. next up with what will most certainly be the most controversial and hated idea i've had in some time: government regulation. i know, i know it's so easy to hate this idea, given that the us government is notoriously bad at understanding tik and even worse at understanding where tik needs regulation. but let's see if we can play this out both the positive and negative implications. the reason government regulation comes to mind is that to an extent the fcc and sec here in the us are already involved with regulations around tvs and broadcasting, advertising etc. they are also involved in matters of privacy and security in a bunch of other tik sectors. it stands to reason that they'll be woefully late to the party, but at some point some elected official is going to act like it's a novel idea to protect the us consumer and finally see smart tvs for the regulation target that they already are. one area in which i think government regulation might actually help is in issues of privacy, specifically data privacy. i mean there's been a huge crackdown on the likes of huawei, for example, due to privacy and security concerns. if the government is so concerned about the l.

How to remove adverts & trailers from your new Samsung TV

okay. so to reset the Smart Hub to diagnose a problem with the channel 4, which is brought back all the TV plus advertising, and play there. and Pacific Defense Court is you ask the other way around? annoying, I can't. you can with you [Music]. so problem is how to get rid of that, and I did find a good way of doing it. so go into channel list and then hit the Charles delete. now it tells me: do you want to search for channels? and this pops up when other people are using the TV and when you're not in this out, you end up with kids clicking on ok and then they repopulate. so there's a half-decent way of stopping that from happening. if we go back into yeah, so removing them is okay. sometimes certain apps will reappear, which is also really annoying, and you can't uninstall one, which again is really annoying. what's in Prime video? you can't get move this TV Plus up, so pressing down nothing. this is what I was looking for. so in here in settings, you can go and lock the apps. so default this zeros. so now that app is locked, people can't see the content of that app. so nothing else that we don't want, don't think so forget back to home. now you can see it's a locked and it's not giving you those up. suggestion there the program suggestions on it, and I don't think it asks for you to rescan the channels. so that's how to fix that partikular problem.

If Smart TV Ads Were Honest | Honest Ads

dream. [Applause]. hi, i'm roger. oh no, no, don't get up. i want to tok to you about the new horton electronics raj series personal espionage slab. hey, take a look at all these doodads and features. you don't understand and we'll forget to activate. this is the 3000 model, the absolute most advanced flickering obelisk on the market. until we released the 4 000 in three months was one of my old. it had low numbers. uh, this one has high numbers. numbers, tiny dot numbers, twinkle light bulb numbers, regenerating glass, speed numbers. you know number and higher is better, much better. your friends and co-workers with lower numbers will envy how much more immersed in the latest season of man pick's wife from pre-selected harem show you'll be. the best part is, if your numbers get high enough, your favorite films will no longer look like professional movies but rather like big budget versions of garbage home videos. that sounds worse. who do this is my favorite brand. i know we want to make sure our product is happy. what this here is a smart slab, meaning it puts advertisements on the home screen and in the app store, and even on top of the very greasy beef eating shows you're actively watching. every last pixel is fair game. you've basically paid us to install a featherweight fbi surveillance van with microphones and cameras into your home and inches away from your sweaty profit, creating face with the raj series espionage slab. you never watch tv alone, for all you know. we can smell every fight. we can pause and add if you so much as blake- oh, i don't go away when you turn off my product. our boxes know what you're watching when you're watching, and our more advanced models can even record what you're saying and whether you bother to throw on pants before watching another episode of animated hot boys fighting dragons. we then sell all that information to companies who use it to sell you things on your other smart devices. speaking of, we notiked your old one was getting a little worn out, thanks. by the way, unless your smart toaster has fort knox level security, it can easily be hacked and provide access to every other device connected to that network. oh my god, you're not invited in this house anymore. we're playing by vampire rules, right? it's too late. the moment you turned on your smart tv, you opted into a series of user agreements by default. all right, i hereby opt out. good luck figuring out how even the government is stumped. the fbi's official recommendation on securing your smart tv is? i don't know. google it. i guess you could start by finding the camera and slapping a little piece of tape over it. but it's only a matter of time before we patent a little robotik arm that peels it off. you can tiknically wade into the labyrinthian depths of vague sub menus, like indiana jones searching for the holy grail, and turn off most of those spy features. but we'll disguise our most devious spy tools by naming them something skull, fracturingly mundane, data analysis module or something so cool you'll think it's a feature. well, i'm not turning off. i have horses i've paid good money for. that's good news, because if you figure out how to turn off your camera and microphones, you're dead to us. we'll revoke access to any streaming platforms we've generously lent you and you'll lose all the features that make your television smart in the first place. so to opt out of being spied on, i have to break my expensive smart tv. don't worry. a few hours glued to your small entertainment rectangle with the big entertainment rectangle buzzing in the background will cure you of any desire to do or care about anything. so sit back, put on some bright existential crisis repellent and, if you like, anything you hear on your screen. make sure to say it out loud so we can send you a coupon for it. i'm roger, by the way, and i'm watching, i'm always watching [Music] you.