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Smooth Shaving: Get the Closest Shave with our Ads

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Do you remember when there were only two genders? It seems like such a simple concept, but in today's society, it's become a point of contention. Companies like Harry's Razors and Gillette have taken a stance on the issue, and it's caused quite a stir. But fear not, because Jeremy Boring, CEO and God King of The Daily Wire, has a solution – Jeremy's Razors.

Features of Jeremy's Razors:

- Real and fabulous

- Won't make you look like Jeremy Boring

- Could make you look more manly

- Pre-order your Founder's Series razor and shaving cream set at ihateharrys.com

Why Choose Jeremy's Razors:

Harry's Razors and Gillette have taken a stance that many conservatives find offensive. They've cancelled conservative voices in Hollywood, the media, and universities, and now they're cancelling conservative consumers. Jeremy's Razors offers a solution for those who don't want to give their money to woke corporations who don't think they deserve their product.

Jeremy's Razors may have started as a joke, but it's become a real solution for conservatives who are tired of being cancelled by the mainstream. With a real and fabulous razor and the promise of a manlier shave, Jeremy's Razors is the perfect alternative to companies like Harry's and Gillette. Pre-order your Founder's Series razor and shaving cream set today at ihateharrys.com.

Animated Gillette Advert about Proper Razor Use, 1940s - Film 1001944

Music, a razor blade, speaks up on behalf of its downtrodden and persecuted relatives who do not get fair play. Music shares the stories of Willie and Stanislaus who fell into the hands of careless people who ruined their blades before they even got home. Music also highlights the importance of using a different edge each day and treating razors with care.

Points to consider:

- The importance of proper handling and care of razor blades

- Common mistakes people make when handling razors

- The importance of using the correct angle and technique when shaving

- How to properly clean and maintain razor blades and strops

Proper Handling and Care of Razor Blades:

- Carelessly handling razor blades can ruin them before they even get home

- Blades should be stored in a notebook or wallet between two flat surfaces

- Incorrect unwrapping can do more damage than a rough shave

- Use a different edge each day for equal use

- Clean razors periodically with a nail brush

Common Mistakes When Handling Razors:

- Suspending the stroke too low or too high

- Taking the razor too far up the straw

- Not keeping the strap as taught as it should be

- Holding the razor at the wrong angle

Importance of Using the Correct Angle and Technique:

- Correct angle is crucial for clean and smooth shaving

- Hold the razor almost flat against the face

- Use slow piston-like movements when stropping

- Hold the razor at right angles to the strop

Proper Cleaning and Maintenance of Razor Blades and Strops:

- Rinse the razor well after use and shake it dry

- Give it a few strokes on the strop

- Scrape the strop to remove dust and grit

- Keep the leather soft and supple

- Work a little dressing into the stopping surface occasionally

Proper handling and care of razor blades is crucial for a smooth and clean shave. By avoiding common mistakes and using the correct angle and technique, one can ensure that their razor blades last longer and perform better. Regular cleaning and maintenance of razor blades and strops also helps to keep them in perfect condition. Remember to always treat razor blades with care and respect to get the best possible results.

Introducing the Supply SE and Pro

Six years ago, Supply started the single blade revolution to combat the burn, bumps, plastic waste, and high cost associated with shaving. Now, they are back with a story to tell and a new product to revolutionize the shaving industry.

Why Use a Single Blade Razor?

Supply believes that single blade razors are better than multi-blade razors because they lift and cut hair underneath the surface of the skin, leading to bumps and burns. Additionally, multi-blade razors are impossible to recycle and outrageously expensive, with hundreds of millions of cartridges going into the landfill every year.

The Single Edge SE:

The Single Edge SE is the world's first safety razor designed for every body. With the new Nixtop technology, the SE puts the safe into safety razor for the first time ever. It features 16 precision fins that guide the hair to the blade while protecting your skin from nicks and cuts. It is the most comfortable shave for your face, head, toes, and everywhere in between.

The Single Edge Pro:

The Single Edge Pro is infinitely adjustable between six different shave settings. The new shave dial puts unrivaled customization in your hand, allowing you to set it to one for sensitive skin or crank it up to six for an aggressive shave. You can even change settings mid-shave with just the flick of a thumb. It is the most advanced shave you will ever experience because it is completely customized to you.

Black Label Blades:

To go along with the perfect razor, Supply has introduced their all-new Black Label Blades made in Japan. These non-proprietary blades are famed throughout the world for combining state of the art technology with ancient samurai forging skills. Each blade lasts 8 to 10 shaves, and when you are done with them, you can pop them in the back for safe storage and easy recycling.

Supply is opening the door for everyone to join the single blade revolution with their new products. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, have sensitive skin or an aggressive shave, there is a razor for you. The perfect razor needs the perfect blade, and Supply has got you covered. Say goodbye to the multi-blade experience and hello to the most comfortable and customized shave of your life.


If you're looking for the latest range of Maidenform products, head to your nearest stockist. And if you're facing any trouble, just call me, Huhlet. I'll take you through it.


- The Technic shading method: My man had never used it before, but I got her story sad and met the problem face-to-face.

- Running up her face: Your girlfriend is right - you've been doing it. But don't worry, we can work together to fix it.

- Money Rob: We're a great team, but you need a real smooth shade. Later on, just give me a call and I'll make sure everything's clean.

- Paying bills: Would you like to pay all your regular bills immediately, no matter how many come in at once? Even when there's no money in your bank account at the time? If you're interested, check out the National Provincial Bank's budget account scheme at your local branch.

- Wild stallions: You don't see many of them anymore. And even if they do run off with your best mares, they're one of the last of a wild and very singular breed.

No matter what your problem is, I'm here to help. Just give me a call and we'll work through it together.

5 Minute Product Explainer | Henson Shaving

Hey guys, my name is Daniel and I want to walk you through the AL 13 razor that we made and tell you a little bit about why and how we made it.

Options before AL 13:

- Typical cartridge razor

- Safety razor

Issues with typical cartridge razor:

- Expensive

- Razor burn

- Uncomfortable to work with

Issues with safety razor:

- Made with wiggle room

- Causes inconsistent shave

- Can be dangerous if not used properly

AL 13 solution:

- Precision machining

- Blade extension is nearly zero

- Grips tight and shears hair instead of cutting

- Safer version of safety razor

- Good for people without experience or skill

- More affordable than foreign imports

- Made in Canada


- Customers love it

- Great feedback

Overall, the AL 13 razor is a great solution for people who want a safer and more effective shaving experience. With precision machining and a nearly zero blade extension, this razor provides a close and comfortable shave without the risks associated with traditional safety razors. It is also more affordable than foreign imports and made in Canada. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out - we're happy to help!

Commercials From My Nightmares (flashing lights 10:40-10:50)

In this article, we discuss the popular line of products called Tac Products, which includes the Tac Light, Tac Lantern, Tac Lite Pro, Tac Glasses, and Tac Camera. These products are marketed as being the most tactical versions of their respective products, with commercials hosted by tough manly man Nick Bolton, who claims they are military tough. We then dive into the newest addition to the line, the Tac Shaver, which is marketed towards military personnel and is completely waterproof. However, we point out that the commercial contradicts itself by showing a navy guy shaving with a regular razor. We then move onto the Tac Visor, which is marketed as being able to block the sun and improve your vision, but we point out that it is just like regular sunglasses. Next, we discuss the Tac Bat, which is marketed as a tactical flashlight but is really just a weapon that can also function as a flashlight. We then move onto the Tac Wallet, which is made of the same material as military-grade body armor and is marketed as being able to withstand fire and arrows. We end the article by discussing


In this article, we will be discussing a recent ad released by Gillette India that challenges traditional masculine stereotypes. The ad features a man who is told by his father that he cannot cry because it would make him less of a man. However, when the man is in the hospital, he realizes that it is okay for men to cry, even soldiers. We will be analyzing the ad and discussing our thoughts on the message it is trying to convey.

Gillette India recently released an ad that challenges traditional masculine stereotypes. The ad features a man who is told by his father that he cannot cry because it would make him less of a man. However, when the man is in the hospital, he realizes that it is okay for men to cry, even soldiers.


- The ad challenges traditional masculine stereotypes by showing that it is okay for men to cry and be vulnerable.

- The ad promotes emotional openness and honesty, which can lead to healthier relationships and a happier life.

- The ad addresses toxic masculinity and the harmful effects it can have on men's mental health.

- The ad promotes the idea that being tough does not mean suppressing emotions, but rather, being able to express them in a healthy way.

Overall, the Gillette India ad is a powerful message that challenges traditional masculine stereotypes and promotes emotional openness and honesty. It is important to break down harmful gender norms and promote healthy expressions of emotion. The ad encourages men to embrace vulnerability and connect with others on a deeper level.

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