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snap ads manager

Published on: January 4 2023 by pipiads

Snapchat Ads For Beginners: How To Make Snapchat Ads Tutorial

the cost of digital advertising is up,and is rising five times faster than,inflation according to Forbes so where,there's opportunity to be an early,adopter of an undersaturated advertising,platform and potentially see great,return you're going to want to know,about it in today's video we will be,helping you to figure out whether,Snapchat advertising is for you and how,to use it,[Music],thank you,[Music],hi I'm Michelle Bally I'm a creative,strategist who has consulted with,countless startup businesses across,Toronto to help them generate Revenue,using social media ads and I'm pretty,excited for this video because whenever,a small business asks me how they should,spend their marketing budget the first,two things I say are ad spend and an,advertising specialist so in this video,I'll help you understand whether,Snapchat ads are right for your business,how to make an ad and tips and tricks to,see better return on your Snapchat ads,so what are Snapchat ads snap ads are 10,second full screen vertikal videos which,show up in between watching a friend's,story users can swipe up to interact,with your ad as The Advertiser you can,set the swipe up to link to a website,have them watch a longer video read an,artikle or install an app the closest,comparison is a story ad on Instagram,so what are the advantages of,advertising with Snapchat,it's an untapped Market according to,Snapchat statistiks there are 229,million users who use Snapchat daily,comparatively Instagram has more,Instagram has 500 million daily users,but keep in mind advertising on a,smaller platform has the opportunity to,be advantageous advertising on,established channels usually means it's,more expensive because you're competing,with other brands for the consumer's,attention that said Snapchat has the,potential to be an exciting untapped,advertising channel for your brand,powerful targeting with Snapchat's data,you can Target users based on their,demographics you can Target them based,on their online and offline interests,and behaviors and plugging in your own,data is also an option to reach,snapchatters retail industry Advantage,Snapchat ads have proven to be,successful for the retail category,fashion novelty items and impulse,purchases do well with Snapchat ads and,if you're a b2c brand business to,Consumer Snapchat ads might be right for,you,things to be aware of when starting out,with Snapchat ads on this channel our,main goal is to give you the knowledge,you need to start and grow a successful,business so before you jump into ads,let's make sure you're getting all the,necessary information to see if it's the,best fit here are some things that you,should know,Niche audience number one for businesses,that are looking to Target a younger,audience 84 of Snapchat users are under,the age of 35. on top of that 70 of,Snapchat users are women so this could,be to your advantage however if your,products or Services don't cater to,young people or women this might not be,the right platform for you,minimum budget requirements Snapchat,requires you to spend a minimum budget,of twenty dollars a day other,advertising platforms have less strict,minimums but the reason that I'm,mentioning this is because having a,minimum ad spend may feel restrictive,depending on what budget you have,available how to create a Snapchat ad,if you're familiar with Facebook ads,manager the Snapchat ad manager is very,similar if you haven't used either,before then you're in the right place to,learn first you'll navigate over to,ads.snapchat.com I've left a link in the,description box below so you can click,right through and start making your,account,after you're done creating your account,you're going to want to navigate to the,upper left hand corner where it says,create ads,you can choose from instant creation,mode or Advanced creation instant create,allows you to make a single ad quickly,Advanced create allows you more control,I have full confidence that you would be,able to make an instant ad on your own,so let me walk you through the more,advanced side today we're going to click,on Advanced campaign in advanced,creation you can create multiple ads,within your campaign and start building,out your funnel first decide the,objective or in other words what you,want snapchatters to do when they see,your snap ad,so let's go through each objective,awareness ads will help build brand or,product awareness with new customers,app installs will drive people to,download your app with the traffic,objective you can drive traffic to a,website of your choice like a landing,page or a product page the engagement,objective gets more users to engage with,your advertisement,video views will promote your video ad,website conversions will track,meaningful interactions on your website,like purchases and catalog sales will,display a catalog of your products,notike how these objectives are broken,into three umbrella categories awareness,consideration and conversions the reason,for this is because a customer will go,through these three phases before making,a purchase in the awareness phase the,customer is just learning about your,brand service or product,in the consideration phase the customer,is learning more about your offerings,and considering making a purchase,the conversion phase is where the,customer makes a purchase or takes an,action that you find valuable,these three phases make up what's called,a marketing funnel,the objective is to move customers down,the funnel a customer will never go from,awareness all the way down to purchase,we need to nurture our audience and with,that said think about where your,customers are in the funnel and build,out your ads accordingly,if Snapchat is a new platform for you,you're going to want to start by,nurturing your customers at an awareness,level,then retargeting that audience that,interacts with your awareness ad and,serve them an advertisement with a,consideration objective then you're,going to want to retarget the customers,that interacted meaningfully with your,consideration ad and serve them with a,conversion ad so do you see how we're,moving customers down the funnel we can,do that with three separate ads or more,so let's hop back into Snapchat,dashboard to continue making our ads,next give your campaign a name coming up,with a naming convention that makes,sense to you will help you understand,what the campaign was about at first,glance which will help keep you,organized,the status button is set to on by,default that means as soon as you launch,a campaign it will start on the day that,you set it to,next up you have the option of creating,a split test this is where you can test,two variables side by side in identikal,campaigns to see which variable was the,cause for greater success almost like,grade 6 science class where you set a,control group against an experimental,group now for the sake of this video we,will not be split testing choose a start,and an end date and then decide on a,budget by choosing a daily spend cap you,will spend no more than what you have,entered on the daily basis,lifetime spend is how much you will,spend over the lifetime of your,advertisement this means that daily,spend can fluctuate,at any time you can increase decrease or,remove the lifetime spend cap,ing is a deep topic so if you're,interested in learning more register,using the link below to gain access to a,free 30-minute webinar that's going to,help you level up your marketing by,changing the way that you think about,your store's marketing funnel learn how,to go from first aid to first sale in,this free training course,tips on creating an ad now we know how,to create a Snapchat ad in ads manager,but here are a couple of tips that'll,help your ads convert make sure that,you're retargeting effectively to move,an audience through your funnel moving,an audience through funnel with,retargeting ads will have a higher,conversion rate than just running a,single ad retargeting is when you serve,an audience another ad or an ad sequen

Snapchat Ads Tutorial 2022 - How to Run Snapchat Ads for Beginners

sup guys jordan here today we're  going to be going through how to  ,run ads on snapchat now the last video  we put out helped over 100 000 people  ,launch their first ads on the platform  but a thing or two has changed since then  ,so today we have the updated a to z of how to  launch your first ever snapchat let's do it,so before we get into the training i want to  announce a quick competition on this video  ,now all you need to do to enter is comment down  below with your goals for advertising on snapchat  ,now one person out of every 100 comments will get  completely free access to a learn ads pro training  ,course of their choosing that's our training  business where we teach people how to replicate  ,the exact strategies that we use in our marketing  agency to generate millions in new revenue for  ,companies all over the globe so all you need  to do to enter is comment down below with your  ,goals for advertising on snapchat whilst you're  at it might as well smash the like button and  ,hit the notification bell as well cool let's get  into the training okay so the first thing i want  ,to do is go through some figures with you guys  because i need you to understand the opportunity  ,at hand when it comes to snapchat snapchat  is without a doubt one of the most lucrative  ,advertising platforms in the world right now  now the platform had over 300 million monthly  ,active users in 2021 a third of those users are  from the united states now each of those users  ,spend on average 30 minutes a day on the app 300  million people spending 30 minutes a day on that  ,huge advertising opportunity now 82 percent of  users aged 18 and 24 use the platform daily and 79  ,of teenagers and young adults rank snapchat  as their favorite social networking app that's  ,an interesting one their favorite app now  snapchatters hold 4.4 trillion dollars in  ,global spending powers through buying ads buying  products on the ads they see on the platform and  ,snapchat users are 60 more likely to make impulse  based purchases i figure that's because it's quick  ,content it's a very quick app to use so they're  making quick buying purchases as well now i want  ,to go through some success stories from snapchat  these are taken actually straight from the  ,snapchat website now on the left here we have six  silk now six silk ran this ad that you can see on  ,screen and they got 57 percent higher roads which  is return on ad spend versus the other platforms  ,they ran this ad they also got 54 higher purchase  value versus other platforms they used and 61  ,more females purchased on snapchat via this ad  now on the right hand side we have a brewmate  ,they got a 10 times return on investment in  q2 2021 after they migrated their ads over to  ,snapchat they decreased their cost per purchase  by 73 percent and their dynamic ads which every  ,targeting ads got 16 times return on investment so  just absolutely insane return on investment here  ,i've also got a couple of ads from literally  the last 10 days before recording this video  ,from our agency client so just plug these out  really quickly and the ones i could see actually  ,the one at the top is just before christmas i  wanted to show you this because this is normally  ,a really bad period for people buying products but  we still spend three thousand dollars on the top  ,left there and we got thirty thousand dollars  return for this client so that's a return on  ,investment purchase rowan sorry return on ad spend  of eight point eight times so for every one dollar  ,spent we returned eight point eight dollars okay  which is mad in a down period again down period  ,in the last ten days january is famously awful  for e-commerce but we spent thirteen thousand  ,dollars in the last ten days and returned  forty five thousand dollars for the client  ,okay that's a three point four times return on  ad spend in one of the biggest down periods ever  ,snapchat is an incredible platform to use and i  cannot wait to teach you guys how to run ads on  ,it today so let's go through the actual snapchat  ad structure okay so what does the ad platform  ,actually look like well we've got snapchat ads  manager we then have ad campaigns we have ad set  ,we have ad creative and then the actual landing  page we are driving traffic through let me dive  ,into these in a little bit more detail but  first let me get rid of me in the corner  ,so first we have the snapchat ads manager this is  the umbrella above everything this is essentially  ,where we manage everything to do with running  snapchat ads okay so this is where we manage  ,our snapchat advertising account now within that  we have ad campaigns okay this is the foundation  ,of our ads this is where we set up our advertising  objectives so what we actually want to achieve out  ,of our ad and our ad format we then have ad sets  now at the ad set level we can set our target  ,audience we also choose where we want to place our  ad and how we want to bid on the platform we then  ,have ad creative now this is the actual text and  the video or image that we are using and this is  ,what people will actually see on the front end and  then finally we have the landing page this is the  ,destination where each ad will direct the snapchat  user to so where are we actually trying to send  ,traffic to now within our snapchat ads or  in our campaigns we don't need to just have  ,one ad set or one ad when we're actually testing  ads we're going to be testing multiple different  ,audiences and multiple different ad creatives  within that so here's a bit of an overview of  ,what your ad structure might actually look like  if you were testing two audiences and two ad sets  ,you can see we have our ad manager then below  that we have one campaign with a goal to get  ,sales presumably we then have two ad sets within  that so we're testing two different audiences and  ,within those we have two different ads each we're  also testing two different ads creatives as well  ,now it can get a little bit more complex than this  but also can be very simple today i'm going to be  ,showing you how to set up a very simple snapchat  ad structure so what actually are the ad formats  ,on snapchat what kind of ads can we create well we  have single image or video ads which is what we're  ,going to create today it's the most simple ad but  also what i find to be one of the most effective  ,ads on the platform is what looks like an organic  post or a snapchat story toking to stories we  ,also have story ads so these are ads that'll come  up when you're going through people's stories  ,we have collection ads now these are when we're  trying to advertise a series of different products  ,on a website we have dynamic product ads these  are great for retargeting ads so we are going  ,to re-target somebody with the exact product  they looked at on our website earlier we have  ,filter ads if we want to create our own filters  that people can use and then finally we have ar  ,lens experiences now this is where you can create  a more interactive filter so let's say you're a  ,sunglasses company you could even have a filter  where you're actually putting your sunglasses  ,on your potential customers faces okay so it can  be really interactive now today we're going to be  ,focusing on single image or video ads these are  the best ads for beginners and what i find to  ,be the most effective for those that want to dip  their toes into the world of snapchat so without  ,further ado let's jump straight on to the platform  hey so because our agency spent so much money on  ,snapchat ads we've built a relationship with them  over the past few years and they have very kindly  ,agreed to give you guys completely free snapchat  ad credits all you need to do is click the link in  ,the description you'll be taken straight through  to this landing page and if you spend 50 on the  ,platform you'll get 150 completely free credit  if you spend 500 you'l

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How to Create a Snapchat Ad

how to create a snapchat ad,in this video we'll walk you through,creating a snapchat ad using the,advanced create workflow within ads,manager,the first step within the advanced,create flow is to choose your,advertising objective with every,campaign you run on snapchat your,objectives should align with your,immediate business goal,for this video we are going to select,awareness as our objective which is,ideal for increasing recognition of your,business among snapchatters,after selecting our objective we'll then,set some campaign details,here is where you'll name your campaign,and choose your start and end dates and,times or decide to run your campaign,indefinitely,next we will select our ad set details,by naming our ad set,this is also where you can enable your,snap pixel or snap app id tracking,now we'll choose our budget and schedule,details,choose a daily budget and run your ad,indefinitely or choose a lifetime budget,and set start and stop dates,within placements advertisers have,control over where their ads appear on,snapchat with a variety of different,placement options,you can edit these options but we,recommend using automatik placement your,targeting options include locations,demographics,audiences and devices,for audiences you may choose multiple,predefined audiences and or custom,audiences,next select the devices you'd like to,target including operating system device,makes connection type and carriers,delivery is where you can enable goal,base bidding select your bidding,strategy and set a frequency cap if,available goal based bidding allows you,to optimize toward a specific action,that a snapchatter is most likely to,take when deciding on your bidding,strategy choose from maxbid targetbid or,autobid we recommend using autobid to,spend your budget effectively and to see,the cost per action you can achieve,using snapchat,add details is where you will begin,building your ad by selecting your ad,format fill out all details for your,chosen ad format give your ad a name to,be used when viewing performance metrics,among other uses,choose whether to use and link to a,public profile with the option to,display a brand name instead of the,public profile name,then add a headline and choose if you'd,like your ad to be shareable,when adding in your visuals you can,upload a media file from your computer,create a new image or video in snap,publisher or browse your creative,library of visuals you've used before if,your ad has the option for an attachment,select attachment type cta and other,details depending on the attachment,next apply a cta or call to action which,sets the action you want snapchatters to,take on your ad,input your delivery options including,status which is set to be active by,default and optional tags to track,impressions and swipe ups you can,generate tags by working with a,third-party vendor such as google,double-click,click the review and publish button to,make sure everything looks good to go,and then click publish campaign,awesome and congrats on publishing your,first snapchat ad,as you create more campaigns you can,test out different objectives and ad,formats for your unique business goals,thanks for watching our create a,snapchat ad video tutorial please reach,out to your account manager for more,information and be sure to check out,snapchat's business help center and for,business.snapchat.com


Snapchat for Business: How to Use Ads Manager

whatup snapchat fam Carlos Gill here,author of the end of marketing and an,award-winning Hispanic snapchat,storyteller before I get started I want,to let you know that this video is,sponsored by snapchat for those of you,that have followed my content throughout,the years you've probably seen dozens of,snapchat tutorial videos like the one,that you're about to see which is why I,was really excited when snapchat reached,out to see if I'd be down to collaborate,with them now snapchat has changed a lot,over the last couple of years in fact,it's grown up it's not only a go-to,resource for Millennials and Generation,Z to consume micro content through the,discover section of the social network,but also snapchat offers robust,augmented reality filters which are,really fun to use,in addition snapchat also has an,expanded advertising tool set called,snapchat instant create which I'm going,to show you how it works but first this,is why you should consider advertising,on snapchat and your business is trying,to reach generation Z a Millennials,snapchat reaches more 13 to 24 year olds,than Facebook Instagram and messenger,combined which equates to over 3.5,billion snaps created each day also on,average users spend over 30 minutes on,snapchat every day and snapchat content,is intended to humanize your brand which,is what I preach in my book the end of,marketing now let's take a look at,snapchats advertising platform also,known as snapchat instant create okay so,right now I am on snapchats,homepage which is snapchat calm the,first step is to click on ads and either,sign up for a new ads account if you,haven't used snapchat ads I would,encourage you to go through some of the,different case studies and familiarize,yourself overall with the platform or go,to log in assuming that you've already,signed up for an account like I have in,my case now before I go into how,use instant create I want to call out,two key features the first is creative,library creative library is where you're,going to go to upload and/or store,created that has been designed off of,snapchat in my case that this is what,the ad looks like that I'm going to run,on snapchat for the purpose of this,demonstration as you can see the ad is,optimized for mobile consumption its,animated it jumps out at you but it goes,direct and to-the-point which is in my,case I'm looking to advertise my book,the end of marketing with the intent of,driving snapchat users over to Amazon to,buy the book also I want to point out,audiences if you have an email,newsletter or a CRM I encourage you to,go to audiences and upload a CSV file,containing email addresses what,snapchats going to do is match up the,email addresses that you upload along,with on their end their database of,users that way you can drive your ads in,front of users that are a part of your,CRM and/or your newsletter now let's get,into the good stuff with instant create,you can create a single ad in less than,five minutes and I'm gonna show you in,the next couple of steps how you can,take your creative how you can target,specific users and then get your ad up,and running first what is your,advertising goal is it website visits,app installs or app visits in my case,its website visits as you can see here,this is the home page on Amazon for the,end of marketing I have a website URL,which redirects to Amazon which is end,of marketing book.com and I have the,option either import photos directly,from Amazon or add my own creative in,this case I'm gonna upload video,specifically the video that I shared,with you before I'm gonna upload that,directly to snapchats advertising,platform now you can either state that,your ad is from your business or from,yourself in my case I'm gonna put Carlos,skill,and the headline is the end of marketing,book for call to action I'm gonna select,get now and then next and let me go back,one step so you can actually see what,the ad looks like I think that's really,important you can see this is what the,ad in itself will look like for snapchat,user as you're going from snap to snap,friend to friend this is exactly what,they will see in their feed now the next,step is around demographics so who,specifically do you want to see your ad,you can select anywhere from 13 years,old to 35 plus in my case I'm looking to,promote a business book I'm gonna,indicate here that I'm looking to reach,an audience that's probably right around,25 to 35 plus primary language is,English as you can see here I would,potential to reach between 38 to 39,million snapchat users in the United,States now you can also go to interest,and custom audiences so what's really,neat here is that you can type in,business for example and you can select,business news watchers by doing so it,decreases the number of potential,snapchat users I can reach however I'm,reaching a much more targeted audience,you can also select the device that,users are on either Android or iOS,personally I'm an iOS user or so I'm,gonna select iOS once again the audience,becomes much more targeted now the fun,stuff which is the budget I'm gonna run,this ad for a budget of 250 dollars in,total and I'm gonna run this for exactly,a week from today as you can see here,snapchat tells me based on my budget,which is actually two hundred and fifty,dollars that I will receive somewhere,between 76 to 140 to swipe ups per day,swipe ups and cells being the,quibbling of a website click so I can,expect for the budget that I'm gonna,spend which is two hundred and fifty,dollars for seven day ad I have the,potential to reach between two point,three to two point four million snapchat,users between ages of 25 to 35 plus in,the United States interested in business,news content and I can expect on average,estimated between 76 to 140 to swipe ups,now the next step is to click publish,which submits my ad directly to snapchat,and that's it it takes a few minutes for,snapchat to review the ad and then my ad,will be live as you can see my ad is now,officially active and ready to go now,that you've seen step by step how to use,snapchat instant create keep the,following tips in mind take notes or,snap a photo my recommendation to you is,to be a strategic and organized as,possible we're a lot of advertisers make,a mistake is that they're not strategic,they're just throwing money out on the,social network and they're not targeting,the right users and they're not driving,users to where they really want them to,go instead of driving users directly to,your website send in to a landing page,send to the Buy Now page in my case I'm,trying to sell copies of my book so as,you saw in the example that I showed,before I'm driving snapchat users,directly to Amazon where they can buy my,book learn about it in your case I,recommend that you set up tracking,pixels on your website and or upload,your email lists directly into snapchat,the key is to reach the right type of,users or quality users which are likely,to convert into customers versus just,trying to engage everyone and anyone out,on snapchat and that's it snapchats,instant create platform is easy to use,effective for reaching snapchat users,and efficient for converting snapchat,users into website clicks and,conversions I'm Carlos Gil and I want to,personally invite you to add me on,snapchat at the Carlos Gil 83 you can,also scan my snap code,if you have any questions you know what,to do let's get it

Snapchat Ads Tutorial 2022 for Beginners (COMPLETE GUIDE)

Hey there, Andrew here! Hope you're all doing  well today we're going to go over why you should  ,be using snapchat ads for your business and how  to set them up step by step and by the end of  ,this video you have your snap ads all set up  and ready to go all you need to do as usual is  ,to just follow on so let's get stuck straight  into it i'll leave on screen here timestamps so  ,the five steps and all the resources are in the  description box below out of convenience and feel  ,free to skip to the chapters that are relevant to  you but of course i recommend watching through the  ,entire guide especially if you're just starting  out with snap ads be sure to bookmark this video  ,follow on and don't forget to click the like  button and subscribe if this video helps you out  ,by the way real quick i'm giving away our snapchat  mini course to four lucky commenters below  ,i'll leave instructions to enter in the comments  section so go ahead and scroll down to the  ,comments before we start and enter the giveaway  good luck firstly let's go over why i personally  ,think snap ads is useful to almost all businesses  and why you should use it not only does snapchat  ,have 265 million active users every single  day there's 5 billion snaps shared every day  ,that's an average of about 18 snaps for every  active user on the platform every single day  ,so why does this actually matter it means snapchat  is a highly active and highly engaged platform  ,so it's more likely your ad will not just be seen  but engaged with and properly considered adding  ,to this snapchat still reaches ninety percent of  gen zia's and seventy-five percent of millennials  ,that is a huge percentage and a majority chunk of  two full generational groups and the next reason  ,is probably one of my favorite when it comes to  snap ads according to nielsen catalina research  ,snapchat delivers on average get this 3x return  on ad spend so if you were to put in a dollar into  ,snap ads you'd get three dollars back in sales  of course you have to do this right to achieve  ,this type of return on ad spend but that's why  you're here watching this video so let's move on  ,to the next part part number two how does snap ads  actually work so snap ads much like google ads and  ,facebook ads works as an auction place whenever we  set up a snap ad and allocate a budget of say five  ,dollars a day to the ad we are tiknically placing  a bid for our ad to show up to snap users based on  ,your budget the ad quality and the ad relevancy  the auction place shows the winning ad to  ,certain users pricing of your ad is dependent on  a thing called goal based bidding gbb on snap ads  ,but this is stepping into manual bidding territory  and advanced strategies which we won't tok about  ,in this beginner's tutorial but it's really  important for you to understand the mechanics  ,behind how the ad marketplace works so you know  how your our snap ads are being set up and how  ,our ad dollars are being used which is extremely  important what differentiates snap ads though  ,is they're powerful and engaging ad placement  types we have the choice of full screen ads an  ,image or video taking up the entire screen and  the chance to swipe up then we have story ads  ,branded tiles that appear on snapchat's discovery  page collection ads tappable tiles to showcase  ,multiple products or services dynamic product  ads dynamically generated product ads based  ,on products or actions the customer has taken  ar lens ads which stands for augmented reality  ,you know this is snapchat's signature lens which  you can create and promote within the app and then  ,filter ads artistik overlays for users to play  with post and share with these ad types are so  ,effective on snapchat because they take advantage  of snapchat's full screen engaged audience  ,so they're not just mindlessly scrolling through  an endless sea of content we also get the power  ,of data with snapchat by implementing the  unique snap pixel onto your website this pixel  ,allows you to gain more data and insight into how  users are interacting with your ad and snapchat  ,including your website and to track sales build  audiences and optimize our snap ad campaigns  ,also i personally think the snap ads platform  is the most visually appealing and intuitive  ,ad platform yet so let's jump over to my screen  now and start the setup process and get you up  ,and running first things first head over to the  description box below this video and make sure you  ,click on the link to claim your ad voucher we've  partnered up with snapchat to essentially double  ,your ad voucher so once you click on that link  you'll land on this page here and from this page  ,you'll be able to select your option let's just  go for spend 500 and then get 500 in add credit so  ,let's click on that then you'll land on this page  here welcome to ads manager enter in your business  ,name legal name of business again if you don't  have you know you're just starting this business  ,then it will be the business name that you have in  mind and then you're assuming you'll register your  ,business later on uh your business email and your  name so if you don't have a business email make  ,sure that you create a business email in advance  before you sign up of course and then your name  ,so in this case let's call our business name test  and we'll go move forward and then where do you  ,do business of course your country and then your  currency you're unable to change your currency  ,later on so make sure that you select the correct  currency that you want to operate with so in this  ,case we'll stik with usd and then your business  phone number so once we land on this page here  ,let me zoom in here and you can see the ad credit  tracker here so that's how you keep track of how  ,much you need to spend to get that free ad credit  so just a heads up but what we want to do is  ,instead of moving forward with these steps here we  actually need to create the pixel first so you're  ,going to click create ads then you're going to  go down to assets then click event manager and  ,this is where we're going to create our pixel  first instead of creating an ad up front so if  ,you haven't used snap ads before you're going to  create a new event source here and create a snap  ,pixel and then click confirm this is pretty simple  to set up and this is similar to facebook ads or  ,even google ads so you'll need to ask yourself  which platform are you on most of the times you  ,can get away with clicking partner integration  and then click continue then it will ask you which  ,platform are you on if you're using any of these  platforms here then you go ahead and move forward  ,with the instructions if you're not then you need  to go back a step and then click on that manual  ,code pixel implementation so in this case we're  going to go with shopify and then click shopify  ,then you're going to land on this page here  where it'll tell you how to implement the pixel  ,it's uh pretty straightforward but for each  platform it is dramatikally different so heads up  ,that is why you get all the third party tracking  implement implementation instructions over here  ,and so with shopify it's relatively simple you're  just going to click on this link here and download  ,the snap ads app this one specifically right here  if you're using shopify then you're going to go  ,down and follow the instructions you're basically  going to log in to your snap ads account that you  ,just created through that shopify app and then  you're basically ready to be set up you just  ,click on the connect snap pixel and then it's all  done for you that's all you need to do so once  ,that's all set up just make sure you go onto your  website and then refresh the page and make sure  ,that the pixel is properly firing on this page  here that's all you need to do then from here  ,click on audiences and then what we want to do  here again bef

Snapchat Ads Pixel Setup

we recently had one of our viewers,comment on another snapchat video that,they want to see how you can set up the,snapchat pixel well that's what we're,going to cover today i will walk through,how you can set up the snapchat pixel,using google tag manager and then we'll,go through how we can set up a few of,the conversion events to give you a,better idea of how you can set them up,yourself as well as verify them before,creating a snapchat campaign,i am already at the events manager,section within snapchat but whenever you,get in your account whether you just,created one or not you should have a,drop down menu here in the upper left,hand section of the screen if you click,on the down arrow you can get to events,manager by going to the assets column we,see it's highlighted here as the first,option to create the pixel go to new,event source and for this video we're,only going to cover the web option i'm,currently not running any app campaigns,and i'm not going to cover offline data,it's not going to be as common so again,click on web here's a little warning,more of an fyi it's just letting you,know that you cannot share this pixel,with other accounts it's gonna live,permanently within whichever account,you're using it's easier if you only,have your own account but for anyone who,manages several accounts just a heads up,so we're good with that i'll click,confirm and here we see several ways,that you could set up the pixel if you,have a developer that controls access to,the website and you need to send that,person a piece of code you can choose,the pixel code option so we see this,gray section here copy to clipboard i'm,leaving my mouse hovered over it because,it's going to blur everything out for me,but this is the code that you would need,to click on and shoot it over to your,developer and that person will need to,put it within the header section on,every page of the website or at least,the pages that you would want to track,for your snapchat campaigns so,definitely your landing pages and any,confirmation pages and you see in step,one it's giving you an example of what a,head tag could look like so that's one,way of doing it i'm gonna back out i'll,need to open up a new event source,because i clicked out of it web again,and there we see our other options of,partner integration as of right now,these are the only partners where you,won't have to manually install the,snapchat pixel personally i've only used,bigcommerce shopify and google tag,manager but like i said in the intro i'm,going to stik with probably the most,common way to do it and that's going to,be through google tag manager if you do,use any one of these other partners all,you have to do is just click on that,option and it will have step-by-step,instructions on how to set up the,snapchat pixel using one of these,partners but what we do see up here what,i have highlighted right now is the,snapchat pixel id and this is something,we can easily just copy by clicking on,this icon right here and now let's head,over to google tag manager,now for our website we added google tag,manager to the entire site it's going to,cover every single page so what i'm,going to do is first just get the base,pixel set up within tag manager so i'm,gonna click new to create a new tag,we're gonna have to name it at some,point let me get that out of the way,okay and then we can hop down to tag,configuration you will not find a,snapchat pixel in any of the feature tag,types you're gonna have to go to the,template gallery then to import a tag,template let's search for it and we want,the official one from snapchat the snap,pixel i'm good adding it to the,workspace read that if you want but i,know it's legit so i'm gonna add it and,there we have the tag type so the first,field that we will need to fill in is,the pixel id so if we hop back into the,ads manager for snapchat i'm going to,copy this id by just clicking on it head,back to google tag manager paste the id,in there next you can see there's a drop,down for different event types we're,going to come back to this when we start,toking about conversion events but to,just track page views on the site i'm,going to leave it as is and then i'm,going to scroll down and here we get to,triggers if i click on it i'm going to,choose all pages again it's going to,cover every single page where i have tag,manager set up very easy if you're using,a template or a plugin and then i'm,going to click save definitely,recommended to preview so you can test,to make sure it's working but i'm pretty,confident so i'm just going to submit,this name my version and then i can,publish it so the next thing we could do,is verify to make sure that the pixel is,working and if you have google chrome,here's an easy way to do it,if you are using google chrome go to the,web store or just google snap pixel,helper then you can add to chrome add it,to your browser,i'm good adding it now i know i have it,cut off in this screen here a little bit,but you're going to see this logo right,here within the top area of your browser,unfortunately i wouldn't be able to show,it because there's a lot of other stuff,that had to blur out so now head to your,website where you have the google tag,manager account installed i apologize,that i have all my chrome extensions not,on the screen i'd have to blur out a few,other ones but you will see the snapchat,little circle ghost icon if you click on,that option now you should see the snap,pixel helper i already visited a few,pages before i started recording the,screen but there's a little history,button here i can click on this and then,it opens up a new tab within my chrome,showing me the right pixel ids it's,showing me the pixel event i set up,remember i selected page view within,google tag manager and the urls on where,the event fired so i'm good knowing that,the pixel is working if i head back up,to snapchat ads manager we can see that,there are no events received i just set,up the pixel and if you look under the,events manager title of the page it says,data may take up to an hour to be,updated so even though i've refreshed,this page a couple of times we're not,seeing anything yet within events,manager so thank you with the magic of,editing i'm gonna wait an hour come back,and then we can begin with the,conversion events setup,probably took about 20 minutes for me to,notike some signals within the account,so not even the hour that snapchat said,it may take but there we see 15 total,events you'll see the chart will show,you the activities for these events over,the last seven days i just set it up so,it's just a little tiny circle not much,to show right now you're gonna see a lot,more as time goes on within your own,account you may be wondering why there,are two domains showing up when i just,added it to my website well if we look,at the view pixel details if we go under,domains the bottom one is gtm i did do,some preview mode tested out the pixel,there so that's why we're seeing two,domains but really it is just mine but,if we go down we see i just have the,page view event that's the only one i,have set up within google tag manager,and that's just tracking any visit to my,website but now we probably want to,create some deeper actions right well in,order to do that we're going to have to,go back into google tag manager so let,me jump back to the other tab i'm on the,main tag section of google tag manager,and there we see the snapchat pixel that,we just created i'm gonna click on it,and from here i'm gonna go up to the,three dots on the top right from here i,can copy this specific tag so now we see,the name changed i'm gonna go over and,rename this tag to what i wanna use as,the first conversion event all i did was,update the name but now i want to update,the event type i'm going to leave the,pixel id the same because i want,everything to show up within the same,events manager i'm not going to create a,new event source but i will change the,event type i know we got a brief look a