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snap back dropshipping

Published on: June 18 2023 by pipiads

How I Made 1K Days Using Only Snapchat Ads on Shopify Dropshipping

In this article, I will share my experience of making 1K days using only Snapchat ads on Shopify dropshipping. I will explain how I found my winning product and the process of testing and scaling it on Snapchat.

Finding the Winning Product:

- Used ppads.com to find tick-tock winners

- Tested the winners on Snapchat

- Looked for products between $15-$45

- Targeted younger audience

Testing the Product on Snapchat:

- Product page: header, short description, gif/photo, product benefits

- Testing game: always test, put little effort in product page to start

- One campaign, one ad set, three ad creatives

- Run for two days, lowest cost, $50 budget

- If profitable, go to day two

- If unprofitable, make sure website and ads are quality, test again

Scaling the Product on Snapchat:

- Day three and four: new campaign, five ad sets, third to half of product price

- Day three and four: new lowest cost campaign with three new creatives

- Find new winning creatives, run for two days

- Scale budgets by 20, test new ads, bids, interests

Increasing Average Order Value:

- Add upsell and after-sell options

- Use apps like after-sell and candy rack


- Made 5-6K profit in just under two weeks

- Faced ad account issues

- Not bragging, just sharing experience

- Testing and scaling on Snapchat requires patience and effort

- Follow the steps mentioned above to replicate the results

- Don't be afraid to test and make changes

- Reach out on Instagram for any questions or clarifications


- Welcome to Virginia's channel

- She shares how she made $160,000 in 53 days selling non-related products for coronavirus

- Using Snapchat, she was able to achieve this result

- The key is to have the right strategy and understand how Snapchat works

First Store:

- From April 1st to May 23rd, spent $28,000 on the store

- Got 19 million paid impressions and 1.49 CPM

- Advertisers with 214,000 subscribers and average of 13 cents per swipe up

- Low break even at three

- Made almost $1,000 with low conversion rate

- Snapchat gives cheap traffic with lots of potential

Second Store:

- Spent $17,274 on this store

- Got 15 million paid impressions and CPA of $1.1

- 17 cents per swipe up

- Product is super cheap with high profit margin

- Conversion rate is higher at 1.8

- Had some issues with suppliers during corona time but still profitable

- Making money on Snapchat is not hard if you have the right strategy

- Copying strategies from Facebook won't work

- It's all about testing and finding the right strategy for Snapchat

- Join Snap Academy to learn more and achieve the same results

- Thanks for watching and have a nice day!


Hi everyone, this is Learning with Linda. Hope you all had an amazing time with your loved ones and with your families. Here we have the update for the month of January regarding the SNAP emergency allotment. We have 24 states that have been approved for the emergency allotment for the month of January and then also six dates will be sending their emergency allotment in January as well.

SNAP Emergency Allotment:

- For the month of January, SNAP beneficiaries in states with an approved emergency allotment will receive a minimum of $95 in extra food stamps.

- The maximum benefit amount for one person is up to $281 for the 2023 fiscal year which started in October.

- The list of states who are no longer providing SNAP emergency allotments includes Missouri, Florida, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Iowa, Arizona, Kentucky, Indiana, and Georgia.

- Some states will be sending their emergency allotment for December in the month of January.

Public Health Emergency:

- 25 Governors have sent a letter to President Biden to end the public health emergency in April of 2023.

- The public health emergency is the reason why we're getting those emergency allotments.

- At the expiration of the public health emergency, the extra food stamp benefits would end.

Minimum Wage Increase:

- 27 states will increase their minimum wage in the year of 2023, including around 41 cities in total.

- The federal minimum wage in the United States is at $7.25, a rate that hasn't changed since 2009.

- California will have the highest minimum wage rate at $15.50, up from $15 in the year 2022.

- Minnesota has a massive $17.6 billion dollar budget surplus, and there are discussions of rebates of anywhere between $1000 to $2000.

Stay updated with the latest news regarding stimulus, child tax credit, SNAP, PEBT, and everything in between by hitting the like and subscribe button. Remember to turn on your notification button to know when a new video is uploaded.

How to Properly Launch a Snapchat Ads Campaign Snapchat Ads For Shopify Dropshipping

In this video, Quivon Daily shares his process of setting up campaigns on Snapchat. He emphasizes the importance of product-market fit and the creative/offer in making a campaign work.

Step-by-step process:

1. Create an ad with advanced options and select web conversions.

2. Keep the campaign name and other fields blank.

3. Select single image or video and automatic placements.

4. Choose age and gender preferences, and select one interest.

5. Select operating devices and connection type.

6. Set a budget that matches the break-even point.

7. Start the campaign with the goal of swipe up.

8. Duplicate the ad and change one variable for each ad set.

9. Name the ad with your brand name and choose a headline.

10. Use a call to action like Shop Now and enter the URL.

11. Use two to five ad sets per campaign.

12. Run the ad on all ad sets and check for purchases.

13. Cut ad sets that don't have purchases and scale those that do.

14. Don't get attached to a product and keep testing with new creatives.

Setting up campaigns on Snapchat is a simple process that requires a focus on product-market fit and creative/offer. By following Quivon Daily's step-by-step process, marketers can create effective campaigns that drive sales. It is important to test different variables and not get attached to any particular product.

Dropshipping Returns: How To Handle Returns and Refunds For Dropshipping

Welcome back to the channel, in today's video we'll be discussing how to handle returns in your wholesale dropshipping business. Here are the key takeaways:

- Check the return policies of your suppliers as it sets the groundwork for how you handle returns.

- Look for favorable return policies, such as low restocking fees, a reasonable return window, and policies for damaged items and replacements.

- Always contact your supplier to ask about their policies if they are not readily available on their website.

- Set up your supplier's address as a return warehouse center on platforms like Amazon and Walmart, so the customer can return the item directly to the supplier.

- Consider using a return center that acts as a warehouse and receives all returns on your behalf.

- Keep track of all returns and their costs, and make sure to issue refunds only when the item is sent back to the supplier.

Overall, returns are an inevitable cost of doing business, but by understanding your supplier's policies and utilizing the right tools, you can handle returns effectively and efficiently.

I Tried Snapchat Dropshipping 🤑 [Product Reveal, Ad Reveal, Website Reveal]

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! My name is Austin Raven and I post videos on various business topics such as dropshipping, ecommerce, finance, credit cards, and travel tips. In this video, I'm going to be focusing heavily on dropshipping and it's perfect for a beginner. If you're looking to start dropshipping and you have little to no experience, then this video is for you.

- Definition of dropshipping

- Benefits of dropshipping

- Low startup cost

- Popular business model

Snapchat Ads for Dropshipping:

- Are there alternatives to Facebook advertising that are successful for dropshipping?

- Differences between Facebook and other social media platforms

- Testing Snapchat specifically


- RFID blocking wallet

- Pop up feature

- Eye-catching and sleek

Setting up Snapchat Ads:

- Advanced builder for conversions

- Target audience: United States, 17-30 year old males, luxury shoppers and credit/rewards card buyers

- CPM: $1.75

- Estimated cost per swipe up: $0.06

- Spent $50 on daily budget

- Revenue: $186.87

- Profit: $74.87

- Snapchat Ads are cheap and can be profitable for dropshipping

- Test different advertising platforms to avoid common Facebook headaches

- Try testing Snapchat for your own dropshipping store

Snapchat Ads Dropshipping | From $0 - $1k in 3 days

Title: How I Made $1076.18 with Only $376.91 on Snapchat Ads in 3 Days

In this article, we will be looking at a case study where the author made over $1000 with just $376.91 spent on Snapchat ads. The author will break down how they achieved this and how you can do it too. They will be using Shopify ecommerce dropshipping and will be discussing how Snapchat ads can be a profitable source of revenue.

Key Points:

- The author made $1076.18 with only $376.91 spent on Snapchat ads in just 3 days

- They will be discussing how they achieved this and how you can do it too

- Snapchat ads are a profitable source of revenue for ecommerce dropshipping

- The author will provide proof of their success

- They will break down their ad account and show what worked for them

- The author will provide tips for scaling and maximizing profitability

- The article will end with a call to action to check out Snapchat ads for your own ecommerce business

Proof of Success:

- The author made $1076.18 in 3 days with only $376.91 spent on Snapchat ads

- Their ad account showed that the majority of sales came from Snapchat

- The author had a low cost of goods sold and high average order value, resulting in high profit margins

- They were able to scale up to their first $1k day with only $400 spent on ads

Tips for Success:

- Keep it simple with single interest targeting

- Use target cost bidding, especially at higher budgets, to minimize risk and maximize return on ad spend

- Focus on profitability, not just revenue

- Keep an eye on cost per acquisition to track success

- Snapchat ads can be a great source of income for ecommerce businesses

Snapchat ads can be a profitable source of revenue for ecommerce businesses, as shown by the author's success in making over $1000 with just $376.91 spent on ads. By following the author's tips for success, you too can achieve profitable returns on your ad spend with Snapchat. So why not give it a try and see the results for yourself?

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