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Snapchat Retargeting Options

Published on: December 7 2022 by Paid Media Pros

Snapchat Retargeting Options

Snapchat Retargeting Options

snapchat ads has lots of really great
targeting options you can use to reach
your audience
we already created a video that goes
over all of those options and you can
check that out right here
but in that video i only touched briefly
on the retargeting options that are
available in snapchat
because the video was already getting
long and we just wanted to tok about
the high level touch points but for this
video i want to give a little bit more
credit to those retargeting options and
go through each of them
so in this video i'm going to show you
the four different types of retargeting
audiences you can make in snapchat ads
in the snapchat ads interface it's
pretty easy to get to the audience
builder section
most of the social platforms we use
function pretty much the same way
over in the top left you'll see that
currently i'm in manage ads but if you
click on this downward facing caret
it'll open up the whole menu and then i
need to come over here and in the second
choose audiences so far this account
doesn't really have anything going on
there's only one audience in here and
it's auto created and it has no users in
so to create new audiences you guessed
it we need to come over to the new
audience button over here on the top
right when you do that you have three
custom audience look-alike and saved
audience to create look-alike audiences
we're going to choose custom audience
and here you'll see the four main types
of retargeting audiences we can use in
snapchat ads
i toked through these briefly in the
other targeting video that i mentioned
in the intro but now we're going to go
through these a little bit more in depth
the first type of retargeting audience
you can create is a customer list
you can see that you can match your
customer list with snapchatters the
source is either
a dot csv or a dot txt file format so
let's go ahead and click on customer
just like many other platforms we can
now upload
our files into snapchat to match to an
individual user you can do that either
through uploading a file
or snapchat actually has a copy and
paste function where you can copy and
paste the data
into this big field here for now just so
it will all still show up on the screen
i'm going to leave it as upload
file one thing that is a little bit
different about snapchat ads retargeting
is that unlike facebook or google where
you upload
all of the information you have about a
user and you can
add multiple different touch points for
a user where you can upload their first
last name email address phone number all
for the same user
snapchat only allows you to upload one
type of user information
there are three different options but
you can only upload one at a time
so you'll see here that the formatting
section says import
emails phone numbers or mobile ids
you only get to choose one so choose the
one that you think is the most valuable
if you need to download a template to
understand how you need to format your
data for a file upload
you can either click on emails phone
numbers or the mobile ad
ids and it'll download a file for you to
be able to review
add your user information in it and make
sure that it's formatted correctly
once you've uploaded your file you can
come down here and give it a name just
the way that you would with any other
audience name you then need to choose
your data type
you need to choose if you uploaded email
phone number or
mobile ad id to make sure that snapchat
knows what to match to in their data set
and lastly you can give it a description
to help you remember
what this audience is why you uploaded
it what you want to use it for once
you've added in all your information you
can click
upload down here in the bottom right as
you can see i haven't done anything so
i'm not going to click
upload instead i'm going to click cancel
but when you upload your customer lists
into snapchat they have to match to at
least 1 000 users or else you will not
be able to use them
ideally you would upload a list with
more than a thousand users
by a good amount probably based on the
match rates depending on how well your
data matches the snapchat
audience database you might need to
upload a list that's two
three maybe even five thousand users to
make sure that it matches to that 1000
user minimum so that you can use that
customer audience
list for now let's hop into the second
audience type and that's going to be
website events
as you can see here you can target
snapchatters based on who engaged with
your website the source of that
is going to be from your snap pixel to
start off you can give the audience a
name whatever you want it to be and then
you choose the pixel itself
as you can see here we've got the name
blurred out so i'm sorry for that but if
you have multiple pixels
tied to the accounts that you're using
you can choose from this drop down and
it'll let you choose which pixel you
want to use
right now we only have the one so that's
why there's no drop down where we really
get into the functionality here is we
then start to search for the
interactions and we can start to create
the different combinations of who we
want to target
based how they've interacted with our
website based on our pixel tracking so
if i click in here there's now a whole
that populates achievements unlocked
adds billing information add to cart
add clicks add views there are custom
lists viewed logins reservations saved
trial starts all of these are different
events that can come from your snap
to set these different interactions up
you can either come over here to manage
or you can go to the events manager from
the main navigation in the upper left
either way you will need to set up
custom events with your pixel
through manual updates to your code that
is not what this video is about today so
i'm going to skip that part but based on
how you want to target people you can
utilize any of these events
and then label them in here so let's
just say we want to go with pages viewed
and we'll click out of here and now we
can target anyone
who has done any of the following events
right now we just have pages viewed but
you can include multiple events and
they're all going to be
and statements there are no additional
filters anything like that
this is it you're combining everybody
who's viewed pages
made a purchase submitted a rate or made
a reservation
in the last 395 days snapchat unlike
some of the other platforms that we use
defaults to one year and one month for
the date range so that's why we have 395
days it's about 13 months overall
if you want it to be a shorter date
range you can come in here and just
adjust the date range to whatever you
want it to be let's say i want it to be
180 and now the audience would only be
180 days long
since this audience creation does only
the all statement or kind of any of
these users and it has to include each
one of these
if you wanted there to be an audience
that has anybody who viewed
a page but did not make a purchase you
would have to create separate audiences
pages viewed and purchases and then you
have to target
the pages viewed in your ad sets and
the purchases so you can't do that type
of complex list building
in the audience manager you'll have to
do it with your targeting within your
campaigns themselves
for now let's hop into the third type of
retargeting audience we can create
which is going to be mobile app events
this is going to be very similar to
any of the website events that we set up
it's only just going to be coming from
the mobile app instead
as you can see here there's no mobile
app associated with this account because
this is just a placeholder account we
don't actually have anything in here
if you haven't set up your app already
you can authentikate your app right here
and get all of that stuff set up in your
snapchat business manager but again
just like with the website option you
can then name your audience
choose the app itself again you won't be
able to see it here but then you'll have
to create
a list of users from any of the specific
events here and all of these are going
to look very similar they're almost
identikal to what they were for the
website they're just going to be a
couple that are a little bit different
because they're app focused
like we have app installs app opens that
type of thing
so you can create the audience lists in
just the same way for your app and again
you can adjust the duration to be
the 13 months default or a shorter date
range if that works better for you
the last type of audience is one of my
favorites because i find snapchat to be
a really good platform for
getting in front of brand new users
doing prospecting
list building to start to engage users
with your brand and then later retarget
an ad engagement really helps us do that
because users are a lot more likely to
engage with your ad
on that first time around rather than
just going all the way to your website
and making a purchase
so we can leverage those audiences that
we've built and introduced to the brand
so now i'm going to click on add
engagement which allows you to target
snapchatters who engage with your ads
and the source is going to be from the
campaign data from your past campaigns
so you don't even need to worry about
the snap pixel
your snap app or a source file anything
like that just like with all the other
audiences the first thing you can do is
give it a name but the part that i
really want to pay attention to is the
audience definition section we can start
to target people who have done
any of the actions down below and the
first drop down
is going to be where we get to see how
they engaged with our ads they either
swiped up on an image or video ad
completed a top snap video ad opened a
shared or saved a lens or a filter or
were served a paid impression
i personally really love the idea of
being able to target people who were
served a paid impression
because that means that you actively
targeted them with your campaigns
and this is a way to try and track back
your prospecting campaigns to see if
they eventually become
paid customers and see if you are
targeting the right people with those
type of funnel campaigns
so i've chosen served a paid impression
as my criteria
the next thing is you get to choose the
source of that event do you want it to
be from this ad account as a whole
do you want it to be in a specific
campaign or in a specific ad set
so think about the journey you're trying
to take the user on messaging wise from
the first time you advertise to them
all the way down through the multiple
subsequent steps
this is going to be basically like
storytelling we actually have a video
where joe shows you how to do this for
youtube where you can sequence your ads
and create a user flow
showing users specific videos based on
the videos that they've already seen
so this is kind of where we would try to
replicate that a little bit
in snapchat it'll just be a little bit
more manageable so if you're utilizing
the same type of messaging across the
entire ad account
you can probably just say in this ad
account but if you have certain
targeting individual users either based
on their interests or behaviors or even
the same thing with the specific ad
set audiences that we have maybe you
want to create different user flows
based on that
you want to create different ad
messaging for it so you can choose which
level of audience you want to create
based on how they've engaged with your
campaigns in the past
for now i'm just going to say in this ad
account you'll see that that audience
was added down below
and there's a green check mark next to
it so then we can add in
any other number of factors that we want
to from this drop down and just like
before it will simply add those new line
items into this box because this is
going to still be an
and function if we then want to get rid
of it we can click this x
but for right now i'm just going to give
this a name and this one i am going to
go ahead and create
and now we can see that that audience is
in here it is populated
and it has the type of engagement it's
not quite ready to use yet and it's got
the name associated here
if you decide for any reason that you
want to get rid of a retargeting
audience if it's simply not doing
anything for you
you can click these three dots over here
you can either edit it
you can share it with another account or
you can delete it if you want to get rid
of it and for right now i'm just going
to go ahead and get rid of this
audience because it's not going to
populate anything because it's a
placeholder account it will then double
check and make sure that you want to
delete it
and just click delete and now it's going
overall snapchat doesn't have the most
robust targeting options of all of the
paid advertising platforms that we can
use but there's quite a lot to go
on in here and there's a lot of
different ways that you can re-engage
with users based on
your customer database how they've
engaged with your website or your app
or even how you've targeted them and how
they've engaged with your ads in
previous snapchat
campaigns so hopefully this gives you
some ideas of how you can start putting
your audiences together
leveraging them in your snapchat ads
and making sure that you're nurturing
the users all the way through
the top of funnel prospecting campaign
all the way down to the bottom of funnel
customer stage where they end up making
a purchase
thanks for watching our video if you
thought it was useful give us a thumbs
up below
we release a new video at least once a
week so if you want to get notified of
when a new one comes out
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