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Snipe Sunglasses on eBay Dropshipping

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Hey guys, it's Mike from DSTV, and in this video, I wanted to address some of the comments I've been receiving about my sniping method in dropshipping. Some people have been criticizing it, but I want to explain why it's not a race to the bottom and how it can actually add value to the world.

Main Points:

- Listing items for 99 cents and undercutting eBay prices is not the only way to dropship and add value.

- The sniper method involves finding items that are already selling well and selling them for slightly less to attract buyers.

- This method can help you move up in eBay search rankings and increase sales over time.

- It's important to find a balance between competition and profitability and not simply race to the bottom.

- Some people may not be okay with making only a small profit on each listing, but others find success with this method.

- If you can't compete with this method, then maybe dropshipping isn't for you.

- It's important to stay positive and excited about dropshipping, and I offer free training, a mastermind group, and a giveaway for subscribers.

In conclusion, the sniper method in dropshipping can add value to the world and help you find success on eBay. It's not a race to the bottom, but rather a way to find a profitable niche and build up your business over time. So don't give up, stay positive, and keep sniping!

POWERFUL Product Research Tool for eBay Dropshipping! (Interview)

Nahar, the founder and CEO of Zekeanalytics, shares his journey to success in the eBay Drop Shipping business. He started back in 2016 when he moved to Germany and had to find a way to earn money. He came across Drop Shipping and learned about product research. He found out that on eBay, you can actually see the exact demand, competition, and supply. This gave him hope that it is possible to find profitable products and inspired him to create Zekeanalytics, a software that automates product research and provides accurate data.

Zekeanalytics offers two main features: the product research tool and the competitor research tool. The product research tool is a search engine that sits on top of eBay's best match results. You can put any keyword, long tail keyword, generic keyword, title, or UPC into the search bar, and it will give you the statistics and performance of the product. You can see the demand, competition, sales history, sales rate, success listings, and the top selling items. The competitor research tool allows you to see your competitor's statistics, performance, and top selling items.

Zekeanalytics is not just for drop shippers, but it is also for other sellers on eBay, Shopify, and Amazon. It has over 5000 paid subscribers and collaboration with amazing mentors. Zekeanalytics saves time and allows you to process more items. It has a database of over 500,000 eBay sellers and can filter by Walmart, Amazon, and AliExpress. The new game-changing features are the turbo scanners and the autopilot. The turbo scanners bring you supplier products, and the autopilot allows you to put filters and get products ready to list. Zekeanalytics wants to save you time and make your life easier in product research.

In conclusion, Zekeanalytics is a valuable

I Got My FIRST ORDERS Dropshipping From CHINA Into eBay

Recently, the author tried dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay, but found it to be more difficult than expected. In this article, the author discusses the results of their experiment, mistakes made, solutions found, and overall thoughts on the process.

- The author tried dropshipping from AliExpress to eBay but found it challenging.

Results of the Experiment:

- Out of the 20 products listed, the author received zero sales and little to no views.

- The author tried using U.S. based warehouses to reduce shipping time, but it did not work.

- The author discovered that a dropshipper who was directly sourcing from China was having success.

- The author researched and found a way to properly set up shipping policies to dropship from China to eBay.

- The author listed more products using this method and received more views and sales.

Mistakes Made:

- The author did not properly research how to set up shipping policies for dropshipping from China to eBay.

- The author relied too heavily on U.S. based warehouses.

Solutions Found:

- The author found a way to properly set up shipping policies for dropshipping from China to eBay.

- The author focused on finding good products that could be shipped within 11-23 days from China.

- The author also tried CJ Drop Shipping, a website specifically designed for dropshippers that dropships from China.

Overall Thoughts:

- Dropshipping from China to eBay is possible but requires proper education and research.

- It is best to have a separate eBay account for dropshipping from China to avoid confusion with U.S. based suppliers.

- The margins on products from AliExpress are not as high as expected and finding good products can be challenging due to the presence of scammy products.

- The author recommends trying dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace using retail websites with quick shipping and recommends checking out their website, DropshipNewbie.com, for more information.

Drop Shipping eBay With Pricematik - Sniping My Bulk Account For 1,000 Sold Items - Episode 2

In this episode of our series for international potential drop shippers, we are going to create a list of items that we will post. The list will include every single item that has been sold on the main eBay account in the past 90 days and costs less than 50 dollars. The goal is to convert this list into a list of Walmart URLs and then post all of those items to a new account using PriceMatic. We will also discuss how to upload the database to Skoob red so that inventory and stock can be tracked. However, it is important to note that not everyone can do this since posting the same items can lead to competition. The purpose of this series is to show the process of making sales, address issues that may arise, and help beginners make their own stores.

To begin, we need to talk about Google Sheets, a free product similar to Microsoft Excel, which we will be using to create the list. We will copy the title of each item and match it with a Walmart item. Later, we will add keywords to the titles to make them more likely to sell. We will also focus on posting cheaper items, as they are easier to sell and keep under the radar from PayPal.

The process of creating the list can take some time, so we will show only a part of it in the video. Once the list is created, we will filter it to include only items under 50 dollars. We will then sort it by sale price, delete auctions and cheaper items, and end up with a list of 1178 items. To get the Walmart URLs for each item, we will copy and enter each title into a new tab until we have all the URLs.

In conclusion, creating a list of items and focusing on cheaper items can help drop shippers become more efficient and successful. The use of Google Sheets, PriceMatic, and Skoob red can also aid in the process of making

Aliexpress To Ebay Dropshipping Tutorial (2022)

AliExpress to eBay Drop Shipping Tutorial

In this video, we will learn how to drop ship items from AliExpress to eBay or from eBay to AliExpress.

Steps to Follow:

1. Find a product with a decent amount of views and reviews from a trusted seller on AliExpress.

2. Women's clothing and fashion are some of the most popular items to sell on eBay.

3. Use the search filters on AliExpress to find products with the most orders, free shipping, and up to a four-star rating.

4. Copy the product title and images and save them using the snipping tool.

5. Register as a seller on eBay and list the product for sale with a bold title, subtitle, and clear photos.

6. Enter the product details, including size, color, and features.

7. Set the starting price and quantity and click list item.

8. When someone places an order, copy their shipping details and use them to order the product from AliExpress.

9. Notify the buyer that their order has been placed and charge extra for express delivery if chosen.

Using this method, you can sell a variety of products online and earn a profit without having to hold any inventory. Remember to choose trusted sellers and popular products to ensure customer satisfaction. Good luck!

eBay Dropshipping Tutorial | How to dropship on eBay Step By Step [Copy & Paste]

Are you interested in dropshipping on eBay? If so, we have an amazing video prepared for you! Our step-by-step guide will take you through the process, and we even have a special surprise in store for you - Nahar Geva himself will teach you how to find winning products during the product research step. Nahar is an experienced dropshipper who went from broke to making thousands of dollars in profit within eight months of starting his own eBay store. With the right focus, hard work, and consistency, you can achieve the same success.

Product Research:

- Manual product research is time-consuming and inaccurate

- Nahar's method for finding winning products:

- Look at sales history of products on eBay

- Determine number of competitors and their sales

- Choose products with at least 2 sales in 30 days and no more than 10 competitors, half of which have sold in the last 30 days

- Use Zik Analytics to automate the product research process

Ebay Policies:

- Dropshipping on eBay is legal but sellers need to be aware of the policies

- Seller limits are in place for new accounts

- It's important to provide excellent customer support to maintain seller limits

Managing Payments:

- eBay is moving towards managed payments, which will make transactions

eBay Dropshipping | How To Find Profitable Items To Dropship on eBay

found the exact same one and what i cansee here is that the selling price on ebayis $85.99 and the cost on aliexpress is$14.83 so the profit margin here is$71.16 which is a very high profitmargin and the next step will be to checkthe competition and the demand and see ifit's worth it to list this product on mystore and this is how you use thecompetitor research to find profitableproducts to dropship on ebay.

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