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Snoptimization when Drop Shipping on eBay. A New Drop Shipping Strategy with Beck, Ryan and Marc

Published on: December 3 2022 by Marc Augustine

Snoptimization when Drop Shipping on eBay. A New Drop Shipping Strategy with Beck, Ryan and Marc

so what's up please so this video is
they don't know what this video is gonna
be about that's not it looking like what
the we gonna tok about so we I
brought up the like we toked about on
my channel I always used to this type of
method and set it like the other
doesn't work and then optimization does
work but no nasty mic so if you touch it
they'll hear like yeah so optimization
that's what because Becky see and she's
making real money right and then we
mentioned that like you mentioned when
your videos that you doing a mix between
optimization and sniping
yeah and then my real who was here she
has done it and made a couple sales
successfully but then I saw a guy in one
of the groups pours like he has to
choose a strategy because he's trying to
snipe and optimization method and it's
not working wouldn't work right even me
a lot of the times I'm just like just
optimize because to even get into
sniping takes a lot of time to just get
because I fix everything would I do
something different yeah how to stop the
mind so let me let me get it say what my
fear and I would do reason why all the
time I focus on stipend and even if the
other things work I didn't do it is
because optimization clearly is great
you get higher margins you show you more
excited when you get a seal right um but
this is my thing when I snipe my English
is horrible
I usually would more than anything
else so you're know my
English is honourable um when I snipe
items and there's a title I don't know
why the item is sold I don't know if
it's a word green I don't know if it's
big tall new small yeah I just don't
know right and I generally don't
like to fix that works yeah but if
I know that I can lower the price that
I'm sure I'm 90% sure that that is
making it better right and I was worried
about people optimizing without without
having a systematik we have optimizing
because there's no one to tell you that
you horrible at optimizing like
you have a master's degree and I have a
marketing degree right so that's depends
on the kind of person you are what your
skill is yeah and that but but I also
don't like to be like it depends on the
type of person I know but I just know
how people receive that exactly motiva
just don't know yeah right
I spent a years by myself away from
family and people who knew me who know
me and have a pen journal about me for
me to know who the I am not give a
to cursory on camera
so I kind of know who the I am
yeah but like and ass that's it that's
it fear but like my thing is if you guys
found a way to make one seal try to
duplicate that before you scrub that and
either try to duplicate as fast as
possible or try to like optimize that
process as best as possible instead of
scrapping what the you doing and
trying something else because we sell it
yeah you know I mean because some people
try it and fail and like I
remember when the whole tax thing came
about everyone is like we're not
gonna make any money so no one even like
I know two people in partikular I'm not
gonna call them out
I'll call out one in a band because I
did a lot of it as if like he was
worried that the is not gonna work
so you just stop listing I like and you
too like when when you lost the account
like once happens people turn
stupid generally and like when
happens I get like there's a perfect
example I remember Andrea Andrews my
other brother we would go to the beach
Tamara cos before when we were small
right before he could swim and when a
big wave come and us up he would
like I'm gonna die and I'll just
like wait until I feel no waves and then
get to right and that is a perfect
kind of analogy of how a lot of people
react to disaster like a lot of people
when happens they like forget that
they were making money all the time or
forget that I know what the to do
so I ever fear that like like someone
might sell 5 things in two weeks and
then see a video that you or someone
else sold a hundred things in two weeks
and then want to scrap everything they
were doing and then go try something
you know I mean so that is something
that you don't want to like it's like
the whole US UK thing as soon as the
video start being about the UK so many
people like should I just start doing
like if you're already making money in
the US and doing that and if you're not
making any money in the US UK is not
answer like you have to figure out to do
it somewhere yeah so it's not another
thing everybody thinks there's a little
secret or pocket where I like that we
know that they don't know someone knows
they're like Matt with the Amazon videos
right like I dropped your bunny be all
the time in my drop shipping amazon
people like why not drop shipping on
Amazon oh like you can't just stop
will you doing this like yeah like you
know I mean I like Michael Jordan
quitting basketball playing baseball is
one demos like successful people but
other I did anyway
have a merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year and if you don't
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