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So verdienst du 100€ pro Tag mit YouTube OHNE eigene Videos 🚀 (als Anfänger/ohne Startkapital)

Published on: December 11 2022 by ChrisFil

Are you interested in making money through YouTube without creating your own videos? It may sound too good to be true, but it's actually possible. In this article, we will guide you on how to earn 100 dollars per day as a beginner without any start-up capital.

1. Research profitable niches:

- Identify niches that have high demand and low competition

- Look for niches that you have knowledge or passion in

- Use keyword research tools to find potential niches

2. Find and curate content:

- Look for videos that are popular in your chosen niche

- Curate and compile these videos into playlists

- Add value by creating original titles and descriptions for your playlists

3. Optimize your channel:

- Choose a niche-specific name for your channel

- Create an attractive banner and profile picture

- Write a compelling about section and include relevant keywords

4. Monetize your channel:

- Join the YouTube Partner Program to monetize your videos

- Use affiliate marketing to earn commissions from products related to your niche

- Offer sponsored content to companies interested in your niche

With these steps, you can start making money through YouTube without creating your own videos. Remember to stay consistent and keep improving your channel to attract more viewers and earn more money. Good luck!

So verdienst du 100€ pro Tag mit YouTube OHNE eigene Videos 🚀 (als Anfänger/ohne Startkapital)

- YouTube is a platform where millions of people earn millions of euros/dollars with their videos.

- However, only a few actually benefit from it.

- This video will show how to earn 100 euros per day on YouTube without showing your face, voice or producing videos.

Two Ways to Make Money on YouTube:

- YouTube views: Youtubers get paid for ad revenue based on the number of views they get.

- Products: Youtubers can sell their own or others' products for profit.

Requirements for Building a YouTube Channel:

- A YouTube channel

- Monetization eligibility

- Relevant and appealing topics

- Audio and video recordings

Strategy for Making Videos:

- Use stock videos and images from platforms like Pexels and Canva

- Use Text-to-Speech software for the audio

- Use a platform like Reddit or Gutefrage.net to find interesting topics to transform into videos

- Use automated programs to create and upload videos

Automation and Outsourcing:

- Use a virtual assistant to help with finding video topics

- Hire someone to select videos and images and edit the videos

- Hire a designer for thumbnails and logos

- Hire someone to upload and manage

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