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social ads

Published on: January 8 2023 by pipiads

Social media advertising is a popular way for businesses to promote their products or services on various social media platforms. In this article, we will discuss what social media advertising is, how it works, and how to have a successful social ads campaign.

What are social media ads?

Social media ads are a type of advertising that allows businesses to create specific campaigns on different social media networks. These ads can be personalized and relevant based on the data that social media platforms have about their users.

Where can you do it?

Almost every social media platform offers some form of paid advertising, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, and more.

How does it work?

Social media advertising works by targeting specific audiences with personalized content based on their interests and behaviors. Businesses can choose different objectives for their campaigns, such as increasing brand awareness, generating leads, or driving sales.

Popular social media platforms and their advertising options:

- Facebook: the world's largest social media platform with detailed segmentation options and visual advertising options.

- Instagram: a highly visual platform that is great for showcasing products or services.

- Twitter: offers various options for different advertising objectives.

- LinkedIn: a great platform for B2B companies to reach a more corporate audience.

- TikTok: a new and exciting platform for younger audiences with creative advertising options.

- Pinterest: a popular platform for topics such as weddings, cooking, fashion, and decor.

How to have a successful social ads campaign:

- Be mindful of your ad design, audience, copy, and objectives.

- Follow best practices and guidelines for each platform and ad format.

- Understand your audience and their interests to create personalized and relevant content.

- Use relevant call-to-actions and carousel ads to showcase multiple products.

Social media advertising is a versatile and cost-effective way for businesses to reach their target audience and achieve their advertising objectives. By understanding the different social media platforms and their advertising options, businesses can create successful social ads campaigns that drive results.

Social ADS - Notre consultant Social ADS vous présente la publicité sur les réseaux sociaux.

As a social media consultant, my role is to promote businesses on social media platforms. The idea is to achieve the goals set by the clients, such as generating sales for e-commerce, increasing participation in events, gaining subscribers, and more. Advertising on social media helps to achieve these objectives quickly and efficiently with a perfect control of the advertising budget.

Key Steps:

1. Understanding the Client's Objectives: First, I need to understand the objectives of the client and the audience they want to target. If the advertising is time-limited, for example, a promotion for Black Friday, I need to take that into account.

2. Account Set-Up: Next, I integrate the pixel on the website to track potential data, create conversion elements, and set up the target audience.

3. Ad Creation: Once the account set-up is complete, I create various ad formats to identify the ones that perform the best. Then, with the client's approval, the ads are launched on the selected platforms.

4. Testing and Analysis: I monitor and analyze the activity of the ad formats to make necessary changes in the budget, modify bids, and implement necessary adjustments.

Tools Used:

1. Analytics Platforms: Platforms such as Facebook Business Manager and LinkedIn Campaign Manager are used to analyze the advertising data.

2. Creative Tools: Creative tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and video editing software are used to create engaging content.

3. Ad Library: The Facebook Ad Library is used to monitor competitors' advertising strategies and gather insights for improvement.

Social media platforms have become a significant factor in the e-commerce industry, and it is crucial to use all the tools and techniques available to promote and grow your business. Merely having a page on Facebook or Instagram and making a few posts a month is not enough. It's essential to delve into the depths of the platform's settings and explore the various techniques available to improve your business.

How to Find Real Estate Leads using Social Media Ads

Selling on Social Media: Tips and Tricks for Real Estate Agents

- The importance of social media in real estate sales

- Success stories from Ryan Serhant's team

- The purpose of the article: to share tips for selling on social media


1. Don't rely on the boost or promote button

- Use Facebook Ads Manager to target specific audiences

- Spend money to make money

2. Create valuable content

- Speak directly to your audience and their needs

- Offer something of value in exchange for their attention

3. Use lead and listing ads

- Use different types of ads to attract different types of leads

- Retarget ads to those who have shown interest

4. Test and optimize

- Use A/B testing to compare different ads

- Continuously analyze and adjust your ads for optimal performance

- Social media is a powerful tool for real estate sales

- By following these tips, agents can increase their success on social media

- Don't be afraid to experiment and try new tactics to find what works best for you.

Social Ads Showroom | Discovering high-performance ads

Welcome to Pirate Skills! Today, we will be discussing the Social Ads Showroom, a tool that can help you discover high performing ads on Facebook and Instagram. This tool can also be applied to other platforms such as Google and Pinterest.

- The Social Ads Showroom is a tool that helps you visualize which of your ads are performing well and how you should set up your campaigns.

- It can be downloaded for free on pirateskits.com/showroom and you can share it with others.

Proof that Creatives are Key:

- The Creative Report by Facebook gives you the top performing and worst performing ads in your account.

- Click-through rates can be significantly improved with small changes in creatives.

- The mirror board allows you to create ad templates for each of your campaigns.

Using the Mirror Board:

- The mirror board has several boards where you can create ad templates and compare different placements.

- The most important placements on Facebook and Instagram are the news feed and stories.

- Ads perform differently on different placements, so it's important to handle that.

- Even within image ads, different variations can perform better than others.

- Creatives are key to the success of your campaigns.

- The Social Ads Showroom can help you discover high performing ads and create ad templates.

- Remember to consider different placements and variations when creating your ads.

SOCIAL ADS : comment réussir vos premières publicités sur les réseaux sociaux ? #Episode 08 - MBSLW

- Welcome to a new video about social media advertising

- Social media is crucial for online presence and brand building

- Let's explore social media advertising as a powerful communication tool

Advantages of Social Media Advertising:

- Quick and cost-effective way to gain visibility and reach a large target audience

- Accurate measurement of return on investment

- Ability to target users based on their interests and behavior

- Each social media platform has its own unique community and communication style

- Segmentation based on demographics, geography, and interests

Objectives of Social Media Advertising:

- Notoriety: increase brand awareness and reach

- Consideration: generate interest in products or services

- Conversion: encourage users to make a purchase or contact the business

- Flexibility to target one or multiple objectives at a time

Advanced Segmentation:

- Behavioral and lookalike targeting for more precise audience selection

- Risk of over-segmentation and dilution of efforts

- Social media advertising is a powerful tool for businesses to reach their target audience

- Careful selection of social media platforms and clear objectives can lead to effective campaigns

- Advanced segmentation can further enhance targeting accuracy, but must be used with caution.

Social Ads Explained On One Sheet of Paper

In this video, the speaker talks about the universe of online marketing with a specific focus on social media. He highlights the leveling of the playing field in terms of businesses, personal brands, and even huge brands being able to reach everyone on the planet for next to nothing using social media ads. However, he also expresses his concern about the overcomplication of the process and the pressure people feel when they see others making millions.

The speaker breaks down the entire process on a single sheet of paper, starting with the offer, which is the thing being sold. He emphasizes the importance of having an offer that people actually want, as that is the foundation of any successful marketing campaign.

The next step is the funnel, which is the web page or landing page where the offer is presented. The speaker stresses the importance of having a clear and concise message on the funnel page that effectively communicates the benefits of the offer.

The third step is the ad, which is what drives people to the funnel page. The speaker notes that having the best ad ever won't matter if it's shown to the wrong people, so it's crucial to target the right audience.

Finally, the speaker emphasizes the importance of focusing on the fundamentals and not getting distracted by shiny objects or overcomplicating the process. He encourages viewers to ask themselves why someone would want their offer and to write down all the benefits to effectively communicate them on the funnel page.

Overall, the speaker aims to simplify the entire process of online marketing for everyone and encourage them to take advantage of the amazing opportunity social media presents.

Sam Bell - Social Ads Engineer

Are you excited about appending URL parameters to your website's URL? In this article, we will discuss the FB ad agency traffic system, which is based on hard data from spending over ten million dollars on Facebook ads. We will also talk about using messaging that resonates with your target audience and how to optimize your ad campaign.

FB Ad Agency Traffic System:

- Based on hard data from spending over ten million dollars on Facebook ads

- Uses real data instead of guesswork

- Focuses on micro-targeting people who are highly engaged

- Uses the Facebook pixel to track engagement

- Optimizes and makes tweaks and changes to improve performance

Using Messaging that Resonates with Your Target Audience:

- Tailors messaging to the specific industry and target audience

- Uses industry-specific language and terms

- Repels the wrong people and attracts the right ones

- Example: Using terms like SEO Yogi's to resonate with an SEO audience

Optimizing Your Ad Campaign:

- Gauge when to cut ads and when to collect more data

- Use at least two times your CPA goal as a benchmark

- Understand leverage points in your funnel model

- Make tweaks and changes to improve performance incrementally

The FB ad agency traffic system is an effective way to optimize your Facebook ad campaigns based on hard data. By using messaging that resonates with your target audience and optimizing your ad campaign, you can improve performance and increase conversions. Remember to tailor your messaging to your target audience and use data to make informed decisions about your ad campaign.

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