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solar panel ads

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

In this video, Ivan shares his strategies for creating successful solar ad campaigns. He emphasizes the importance of catching people's attention and keeping them engaged throughout the ad. He offers two main strategies for achieving this.


1. Make the ad weird-looking: Ivan suggests creating an image or video that catches people's attention by being unusual or unexpected. He warns against using cliché offers like $500 cash back, as these are unlikely to stand out in a crowded ad space.

2. Keep the script engaging: Ivan stresses the importance of crafting an engaging script for video ads, or writing compelling copy for image ads. He advises targeting the ad to a specific audience, and focusing on their pain points or desires. He suggests testing different versions of the ad to see what works best.

By following these two strategies, Ivan believes that solar businesses can create ad campaigns that are highly profitable. He encourages viewers to experiment with different approaches and to stay focused on the goal of catching people's attention and keeping them engaged.

Why Do Ads Say Free Solar? Is Solar Free?

Is Solar Free? The Truth Behind the Marketing

- The solar industry often advertises free solar or no upfront costs

- This is misleading, as solar is not actually free

- However, financing options are available to make solar affordable

The Truth About Free Solar:

- Solar is not free, but financing options allow for low monthly payments

- No out of pocket cost and no upfront cost refer to these financing options

- These options often have zero down payment and a fixed monthly payment

Why Do People Advertise Free Solar?

- This is a marketing tactic to grab attention

- It is misleading and can lead to confusion

- Solar is still a good investment, even though it is not free

The Benefits of Investing in Solar:

- Solar can save money in the long run, as electricity costs continue to rise

- Solar allows for independence and locked-in pricing to fight against inflation

- Solar is a smart investment for the future

- Solar is not free, but financing options make it affordable

- Free solar is a misleading marketing tactic

- Investing in solar is a smart financial decision for the future

3 Secrets For a Successful Solar Marketing Campaign

In this video, the speaker discusses the three things necessary for a successful solo marketing campaign. The article begins with an introduction, encouraging viewers to subscribe to the channel and share the content with others in the industry. The speaker emphasizes the importance of having an offer that catches people's attention, creating a funnel instead of a website, and implementing an automated follow-up sequence. These three things are crucial to having a successful lead generation campaign. The article concludes by encouraging viewers to reach out to the speaker's agency for further assistance. Additionally, the article provides tips on how to get the first order on Fiverr in 2021, which is not related to the main topic of the video.

Reviewing Solar Facebook Ads

In this live stream, Kyle is reviewing solar ads from the Facebook ad library and providing feedback. He is testing a new live stream software and inviting viewers to join and provide their own feedback.

Feedback on Solar Ads:

- The Solar Negotiators: Using a community page to attract customers is a good approach, and the landing page looks professional and trustworthy. The ad copy is short and specific to retargeting, with a sense of urgency and a cashback offer of $2400. However, the cashback offer may be too high, and it's important to not overdo it in the ad.

- California Power Solutions: The ad copy is common and offers no cost down for solar panels with specific requirements to save money. They don't have solar in their name, but they do mention it in the ad copy. The landing page is clean and professional.

Researching and analyzing competitor ads in the Facebook ad library is a powerful tool for marketers. It's important to have a professional and trustworthy landing page and not to overdo cashback offers in the ad. Mentioning solar in the ad copy can be effective for a specific audience.

YouTube Ads for the Solar Industry

How to Run Profitable Ads on YouTube for the Solar Industry

Are you looking for a way to generate cheap but profitable leads from YouTube ads for your solar business? In this article, we'll show you exactly how to figure out what's working for lead gen and solar, what types of landing pages and quizzes are being used, and what's not working so you can avoid wasting time and money.


1. Use proprietary software: We use Video Ad Vault to find successful ads in the solar industry.

2. Search for relevant keywords: Use search terms like is solar worth it to find ads that potential customers may be searching for.

3. Analyze ads: Look at the title, description, channel name, domain URL, and landing pages of the ads to see what's working.

4. Look for successful ads: Look for ads that have high views and are recently active.

5. Watch the ads: Pay attention to the hook, how they call out the audience, and the landing page or quiz they push to.

6. Use the information to create successful ads: Use what you learn to create your own successful ads and landing pages.

By using Video Ad Vault and analyzing successful ads in the solar industry, you can create your own profitable ads on YouTube. With the right hook, audience targeting, and landing page or quiz, you can generate cheap but high-quality leads for your solar business. Click the link below to get full access to our software suite and training to start running successful ads today.

3 Most Common Types of Solar Facebook Ads and How to Improve Them

In this video, Kevin Barber, the creative director of Vybrary, discusses the three most common types of Facebook ads for residential solar marketers and why they should not be used exclusively. The three types of ads are:

1. The house with solar panels and financial benefits ad: This ad targets the product-aware leads who are already in the market for solar and looking for discounts and pricing. It ignores the other parts of the funnel and makes you compete for a smaller pool of people, which will cost you more. To combat this, appeal to values and emotions at the higher stage in the funnel before offering the product.

2. The state rebates and quiz ad: This ad is popular because it helps people feel like they are getting something for nothing. However, state tax incentives are the same for every solar business, and the only way this ad can work is if you think you are the only one reaching these potential customers. To make this ad more beneficial, pair it with state incentives or a price, and move the quiz to the solution-aware phase.

3. The warranties, customer service, and reliability ad: This ad focuses on trust, which is essential when installing something on a roof that will be there for years. However, trust is spoken in generalities, and without specifics, it means nothing. To make this ad more effective, be specific about your warranties, customer service, and reliability.

In conclusion, these three types of ads are not effective when used exclusively. To stand out from the competition, appeal to values and emotions, be specific, and use retargeting in your Facebook campaign.

Solar advertisement scam - see and hear the truth about solar scam ads online. How to spot the lies.

Hey folks, this is Mike Antion with Sailfish Solar. Today, we're going to talk about the misinformation and bad sales tactics in the solar industry. In this article, we'll cover:

- The problem with misinformation and bad sales tactics in the solar industry.

Misinformation on Facebook:

- A video ad claiming the government will buy your solar panels for you is a blatant lie.

- The ad also claims that the government is giving away brand new solar panels and a Tesla Powerwall, which is not true.

- The ad further claims that the government is giving a $2,500 stimulus check, which is also false.

- The ad asks viewers to take a short survey, but it is just a lead generation form for companies to sell leads to solar companies.

- By filling out the information, viewers give four companies permission to contact them, which can lead to excessive phone calls from sales representatives.

- The solar industry needs to address the issue of misinformation and bad sales tactics.

- Sailfish Solar is committed to educating customers and providing legitimate solar solutions.

- In the future, we will also discuss how to differentiate between legitimate door knockers and national conglomerates with no interest in a long-term relationship.

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