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solitaire card games free no ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

How to Play Addiction Solitaire

hi, my name is Michael Pierce, I'm a table games dealer and this is how to play addiction solitaire. for this game you need a single normal 52 card deck of cards, enough space to spread it out, as I have here, and lots of time. after you have the cards laid out, as I have, in four rows of 13, then you take the Aces. just the ACE is out from wherever they happen to fall out of the mix, so that one, two, three. here's the fourth ace. the object of addiction solitaire is to rearrange the remaining cards from left to right in order by suit. for example, I have a nine of Spades here and I have a hole next to the nine of Spades. the only thing they can go into this hole is the ten of Spades which I have here. so this is a move I can make it. you can put the ten of Spades up here. but this move affects future decisions, because now I'll leave a hole next to the Queen of Spades. not just anything can go in here, only the King of Spades can go in here. the trick to this game, or one of the objects of this game, is to open up holes on the extreme left hand side as you're facing it so you can move your two of whatever. I have a, two of clubs here and you want to move that to the extreme left. now, once you've done this, the two and any consecutive cards. once you're able to get the three, four and five and so on and so forth, these cards are locked. you don't take them out anymore and then you just continue to play, move cards around, make as many moves as you can until you're unable to make any more moves. so have a 10. I put a jack here. I have a three, here I can find the four, and oh, this is good, because the four is over here, which leaves a space to my left. I can put the deuce here. and again, you got to remember that you can only go consecutively. if I have a six here, you can't. it has to be the seven. but this decision that you make here affects the rest of your decisions. so basically, you play this to the point where you have no more moves, where you can't get a consecutive card over to here, and it usually happens when you have a keen in this next to the hole. once that happens, then what you have to do is you have to swipe all the cards, except for the locked cards. so in this case I only have two locked cards. so I take all the rest of the cards off, put the Aces back in, shuffle them together and redistribute the cards in the same grid pattern, except for the lock cards, take the aces out and you start again. my name is Michael Pierce, I am a table games dealer and this was how to play addiction solitaire.

How To Play Pyramid Solitaire

hello and welcome to how to play pyramid solitaire, presented by gathered together gamescom [Music]. this video will cover how to play the card game pyramid solitaire. to play you will need a 52 card deck. the game is set up by creating a seven row pyramid. the top of the pyramid is one card. the next row down has two cards that overlap the first row. this continues with each row increasing by one card, with cards overlapping the previous row. the remaining deck is set at the bottom of the pyramid. the object of the game is to remove all the cards from the pyramid. cards are removed in pairs that add up to 13. for example, the 8 and the 5 are removed together as they add up to 13. aces have a value of 1, Jack's a value of 11, Queens a value of 12 and Kings a value of 13. all other cards are of face value. Kings are removed by themselves, without a pair. the game begins by removing any pairs available. here I can remove the 6 and 7, which add up to 13. removed cards form a discard pile. cards from the remaining debt can be flipped up and used as a pair to remove cards. here the flipped up 3 can combine with the 10 for 13. the next slipped up card is an 8 and combined with the 5 for 13 and removed. by removing the 5, a queen in the second row becomes open. only open cards can be removed. the ace from the first row is combined with the now open Queen and removed. the cards continue to be flipped and paired if possible. next, a king is flipped up and is moved directly to the discard pile, as Kings do not need a pair to be removed. next, a 2 is slipped up. there are no jacks to pair it with, so the 2 begins the waste pile. anytime a card from the deck is not used, it has moved face-up to the waste pile. play continues until all cards have been removed from the pyramid or there are no more moves to make. the top card on the deck and the top waste pile card can be combined and removed. if equal to 13, the top card of the waste pile can be paired and removed with a card from the pyramid. if equal to 13, an open move can be skipped if wanted. here the 8 can be paired with the open 5, but the move is skipped because the 8 is better used to clear the 5, blocking another 8. once the deck runs out. the waste pile can be turned over to reset the deck to draw from. if you are able to remove all the cards from the pyramid, you win the game. if you get stuck and can't make any more moves, you lose the game. make the game a little more challenging by trying to pair every card from the pyramid, draw deck and waste pile. that wraps up how to play pyramid solitaire. if you found this video helpful, give it a thumbs up and get more game tutorials by subscribing to our channel. gather together games. thanks for watching. [Music].

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Solitaire for Kids

[Music]. hey, there it's mr chris from the yuma county library district, and today i'm going to be toking to you about the game solitaire. now, you may know solitaire from any number of devices. it's on an ipad, a computer or even a cell phone. maybe you play it, maybe your parents play it, maybe your friends play it, but when i learned it from my grandma, way back when i learned playing with playing cards, today i'm going to teach you how to do that, the traditional klondike plus. i'm going to teach you a couple different ways to play it. that may be easier for new players, or maybe just a nice change from what you normally play. okay, so this should look somewhat familiar. this is the basic setup for klondike. you're gonna have one card face up and then you're gonna have six in a row face down, and as you set up the game, you're going to place one up and then you're going to cover these ones with cards face down all the way across here until you get stacks of cards that are all have one that is face up, something somewhat like this: and your goal is to get the ace up here, just like that. we're going to put that there. start the game. the color and the suit this is. so that's black is the um clubs. so we're going to do that. you're going to get in an order from ace to king up here. now, down here it's a little bit different because you're going to get alternating colors. that means you're going to go red and black, red, black down on this part of it, the game. so, right here, this will work. we can put the jack on top of the queen, flip that card over. oh look, there's an ace, ace. up. we have a seven. now the seven here. we're gonna do something a little bit different. we're gonna take this eight and put it over here and put the seven over here, put that six here and we can flip. we can flip this and we can flip this one. now we've got an empty space right here because remember there was one card and um six down. that means we can take this king and place it over there for one. but the king is the bottom of the deck, that deck right there. so we're going to keep it there for right now. so i'm going to start taking some from my deck here in my hand. so nothing i can do with that one. i can play the 4 there and then i can place that 3 there. we're going to continue this until we try to get all of our cards on top up here in order. right, and that's easier said than done a lot of times, because with this game there's lots of ways you can use this game, almost lost right there. i forgot that one was there- and as you play more and more you'll get used to where things move and how it works. but the whole idea of getting it up there is is challenge, because under here you've got these cards that are upside down and sometimes you never- you'll never- get all these cards moved to be able to see what's under there, and that's what blocks you from being able to continue to win. so now i'm going to show you a different game that does away with that plan. so here's our setup: for fortune's favor, all the aces are on top and your goal is to move cards up to the top in order from ace to king, with color and suit. okay. so we have six cards in two rows here, so 12, and they're all face up. it gives you a great ability to be able to look at the cards and see what you're playing. first off, we're gonna move this card up here. now the thing with fortune's favor is you're only moving one card at a time. so you saw me move that up there. now, say, i had a situation where i could move, um, some cards up, but i forgot that i had a move. so, say, i had the nine and i couldn't that there, but i already had an eight and seven on top of it. i couldn't move it because they have to only move one card at a time. so we're going to start the game here. we're going to play: i can move the six there. we're going to drop one card right away. look, i can put that six on the seven here we're gonna play like that. this can go here. we're going to play that 10 down here and you're just going to continue to play on and on until you get all those cards up top. now the fun thing about fortune's favor is there's really no way to lose. you're seeing everything you've got on the table. you're using one card at the time from your draw pile and there's nothing that really gets trapped underneath. so that's why they call it fortunes, which favors the player. so i hope these two games have given you some ideas on how to play with the cards instead of playing virtually. it's a little bit different, but it's a lot more fun, i think, because you're able to actually see and feel the cards as you go and it gives you a better understanding how that online game plays as well. so in a way, it's going to make you a better digital player as well. so if you have any questions on how to play um, please you know, let us know, either at the main library or out here at the foothills library. it'll be able to help you out and as you become a better solitaire player. thanks, have a good. [Music].

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MIGHTY SOLITAIRE Make Free Money & Play the Card Game Win Earn Cash Playing Game Games App Apps 2022

hey guys, youtube, we are going into another money making earning app slash game here. this is gonna be of: uh, oh yeah, i- i don't remember solitaire- make money, oh, make free money and play the card game. so i'm i'm trying a different camera angle. hopefully it works for you guys- mainly to show off my merch. this is one of my t-shirts. i have another one too. uh, this one is the black uh version of it. there's many different colors you can choose from. if you, if any of you guys, want to buy my merch, if you do, i will make sure to showcase you on a video. if you go ahead and send me, uh, you wearing my t-shirt in an email at leonhaus gmailcom, you will for sure be shouted out in a video and if you have a youtube channel, i'll go ahead and even link your youtube channel in the video anyways. so let's go ahead and get into this one. this is another winter games: uh, app slash game. this one's just going to be basic solitaire, i'm pretty sure, but i figured, and hopefully the mic volume's okay, because i don't have my face to the mic. i just figured maybe this would be okay. hopefully it's loud enough for you guys. um, as i figured it might be better this way, because then you can see my merch and you can see the rest of me. i guess i don't know. what do you guys think? if you think it's lame, just let me know and i probably won't do it again, uh, but anyway. so, yeah, uh, this is another one of the winner games which, uh, it works the same way as all of them. you have tikets here. if you don't put a bank them, then it goes into the drawing, which kind of sucks because it's close to drawing. so i'm pretty sure i'm going to lose my tikets and i can't bank them because, oh, they're letting me bank them now. um, let's see here, before they weren't letting me bank them. occasionally it'll say: the drawing's coming up, you can't get to the bank, so now it's letting me bank them. so, yeah, this is how you want to deposit your tikets, if you don't want to lose them, if you do not want them to go into the drawing. so i'm making sure to do that. you can go ahead and check the winners here. that's won the big amount of 3730, which i'm not going for. i am trying to get up to the 10 mark. um, it doesn't show, uh anything there. um, because it's um calculating. it shows my balance is zero right now, but i'm up to almost five dollars, so we're about halfway there. we're slowly but surely getting to the cash out point so i can finally, guys, get you guys some legit uh proof that um, that it does cash out, which i'm hoping that it will. i'm pretty sure that these apps will. i've seen many people say that they've been able to cash out. you can also go here to the many different other games which it looks like- yeah, it looks like. i've pretty much tried all these ones, but i guess it doesn't. it stays on the screen even if you've cashed out those tikets. but if you go here a lot of times, you can go ahead and get 5000 tikets if you install uh certain apps. and then you can go ahead and go here and invite friends. we should go ahead and put my code in, which is ggh1n, and you, i'm pretty sure you get 2 500 tikets and 10 cents. i know for sure i will get that, so it will help me out to get to the cash out point a little bit sooner. anyways, let's go ahead and get into solitaire. i'm sure you know how to play solitaire, but i guess i can kind of explain it. it's pretty simple: uh, you just, uh, yeah, just go, lack of this. you want to go to red to black, so six to seven, and then, uh, you want to put the aces up here and then you got a queen, so you can go ahead and do that, and then it doesn't look like i have any more moves. so i want to go ahead and hit the next card and then go ahead and bring that down. it does look like it's one card. a lot of times they'll have three cards, which doesn't make it a decent amount harder to actually win the game. and then if you uh beat the game or or you do finish the game quick enough, i think you do go ahead and get some extra tikets for doing so. come on, baby, give me there we go. we at least have a jack there. it doesn't look like we can do anything with that at the moment. we could put this two down there and then let's see if i can actually do this quick. i used to be pretty good at uh playing this game because i used to play it constantly back in the day, when that was like the only thing on the computer to play was solitaire and, um, that was kind of a boring time, and i think there was a minesweeper also on the old mac computers or whatnots. okay, there we go. my grandma, she used to have this on her computer on the mac, and a couple other miscellaneous small games, nothing too special, but yeah, i used to go over there all the time and play them anyways. okay, there we go. and, uh, okay, there we go, go ahead and do that, and then we can't do anything that i can see quickly. so let's go ahead and keep going on the only okay. so, yeah, i don't know if i want to play this whole game, because solitaire sometimes takes a bit, but it's pretty, pretty easy. because you just got to go in a descending order and you got to go red black, red black, etc. okay, so we got that three. there got another ace. uh, we got a 10 that we can't do anything with. let's go ahead and go with the seven, which we don't have anything there got a six can't do anything with and we got a queen which we can do something with. so i guess i can go ahead and do that and then pull this over here and then we got the seven, so we go ahead and get the ace there. four to the five. then we got the two, three, so we can actually start doing, uh, something a little bit better. and then we'll go ahead and get the queen over there and, uh, i've got five here. we go, get, pull that over there there and i might be able to complete this, maybe. okay, five, no, uh, do we got any? uh, no, um, do we got anything up there that we can do anything with? no, it doesn't look like it, so we better move on. five, two, uh, six, no, six. yes, there we go. now we got the five there and then we can go ahead and put the eight. uh, anything. no. four, three, do seven. can i do anything with the seven? yes, then go ahead and do that. and eight to nothing. got a 10 we can't do anything with. so we're gonna have to start over. i might have messed something up, but uh, that's how it works sometimes. probably shouldn't have done that, um, because i should have kept that open, but that's okay, i think we're. we still have this. okay, so a nine, which you can't do anything with, which sucks, but we can do something with that. we can go ahead and pull this over here. i don't know why i'm still playing this, but uh, and then we can auto complete the game, just like that, and let's see if we how many tikets we actually got. hopefully our score was high enough to get the bonus, but i kind of doubt. it's a little rusty on playing solitaire, but i think i would go ahead and play the whole game this time, since uh, um, yeah, i used to play it constantly. all right, we gotta level up. uh, you have earned uh super. now we're not gonna go ahead and use that right now, but we only got 400 tikets, but still, that's not bad. that's uh, that's decent. if i give 400 tikets every time that quickly, then that's a lot better than some of these games, especially because the bonuses are really hard to get on a lot of these. so i might actually play solitaire more often, because if i can get 400 tikets uh per game, then that's uh, probably. no, i wanted to be depositing, not withdrawing. okay, let's go ahead and withdraw another 100 and then we can go ahead and deposit a thousand. that works, and we're almost up to another 10 cents. but yeah, it seems like this one would be, as long as you're quick at it and decent at it. 400 tikets, uh, every time it's actually decent. you're gonna have an ad occasionally here and there, probably every two games or so, but, uh, 400 tikets is probably one of the best ones. uh, without hitting a bonus, because if you do hit a bonus- which if you do go to all these different games on winter games, like i said before, how quickly did you do that? that wasn't too terribly bad. anyways, yeah, you can go through all these different games. a lot of them have a easy basic.

Can't Stop Solitaire Tutorial

[Music]. hi everyone, thanks for being here. today's video can't stop solitaire. I wish I could take credit for the original concept of this game, but it was actually invented way back in 1980. this is a way to play the classic game if you find yourself well by yourself. I'm not going to go through too much of the original gameplay. there are plenty of tutorials out there for how to play. can't stop as a two, three or four player game, but the solitaire version has some really fun differences. so let's get to it. you're always going to roll all four dice and you always must make a minimum of one progression. but if you can make more than one progression, you must do that as well. so the blue chips in this scenario are kind of like get-out-of-jail-free cards or chips, and you earn them once one of your three travelling chips makes it up to the top. so if I'm able to progress seven all the way up to the top, I'm gonna get one get-out-of-jail-free chip and you can have up to three of these at any given time. if you're already holding three and you get another number closed out by progressing it all the way to the top, you get to keep your three, but you don't get to earn a fourth. now the other thing that happens- there are really three excellent things that happens. if you're able to progress one all the way up to the top, and that is one, you get ten points. by closing out a number. two, you get to start a new chip. so you always have three numbers that you're going four at a time. and then, of course, like I said, you get the freebie, get out of jail chip, so the game is over when you can't make at least one move. so what you're gonna do is you're gonna roll all four dice, familiar with the classic version of the game. no, you must always put them in a pair. now, if I was in the middle of my game right now and sixes were already closed, I would have no option but to be going to and 10. so I placed a chip on the 2, I placed one on the 10 once the number is closed out, you're done. instead, I will take my two sixes. this is a great move, because 6 is fairly simple to get. you can see it's very close to the statistikal average of 7 when you put two dice together, and so it should be fairly easy for me to get up here. but the other excellent thing is is that I still have two more chips to play on the board, so I'm hoping for another six or a pair of something else, okay, and so now I have some options here. I can go four and eight. I would have to spend my last two chips, one on four and one on eight, or I could go seven and five. now because I already have one on six. I'm gonna go seven and five because four, six and eight being all evens up, just a strategy decision on my part. so now, if I cannot roll a 5, a 6 or a 7 on any combination of two dice- so, for example, if I have a 4 and a 2 and a 1 and a 1- well, in that scenario I could take the 4 and the 1 and progress on 5, and then nothing happens with the 3, or I could take the floor into the 2 and progress on 6, and nothing would happen to the 1 and 1. if, however, I cannot make a 5, 6 or 7, my short game is over and I try again, looking for five, sixes and sevens. well, there's a 5 and there's a 7, or I can go 6 and 6, and since I've already progressed to the second progression on 6, I will take my two sixes and continue. there's another 6. the other pair makes 8, which does me no good, but because I can make at least one progression, the game continues. ok, here I have a 5 & a 7, so I'm going to go ahead and take a 5 and and I'm hoping to get you guys up to the top so I can show you what happens next, even though I've already described it. there's a seven and a five right getting closer now. long sixes there. speaking of lips, the two does me no good, but there's a six. so those three excellent things are gonna happen. if I can get up here, I'm gonna close out six, which is worth 10 points in my solitaire version. I'm gonna get to bring another chip onto the board and I'm gonna get myself one of those safety chips. so we're really looking for a six year, but a five or a seven will do because it keeps me alive. there's a seven, that's the best I can do, and there's my six, or I could take five and five. this is a big strategy move right here, because if I take the six, my other two dice do nothing. but it will get me to the top. now, because this is a tutorial and I'm just having a little fun, I'm gonna go with five and five and I'm gonna roll the dice, proverbially speaking. one, five, one, six or one, seven. all right, I have a five or a six or a seven, and because five is the least statistikally likely number to hit out of the three that I'm currently going for, I'm gonna take that five. that's excellent. if the game ends and these other two have not made it to the top, no matter where they are, they're only worth one point. and you might think, well, why not one, two, three, four, five, give me five points for making my 7 to the fifth position. well, the answer is this: even though you only have to go three positions on number two, it's very difficult to do so because there's only one combination of dice that will get you there, one and one right. so if you make it to the second level on two and you make it to the sixth level on seven, would it really be fair to say that this two was only worth two points, when that was difficult to achieve, whereas getting up here was somewhat simple? so anything that scores is 10. anything that's on the board but has not scored is one, which means the best score you can have is a and ten in this game. so my five is now closed, but I get to bring another one onto the board and I get a get-out-of-jail-free chip. so we continue, and now I have some decisions to make. I can go seven and nine, or I can take my six, close it out, bring another chip down, get another safety chip, and then I would also have to go on ten, and that's exactly what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna take my six, bring another chip down, take another safety chip, and then I'm gonna put one of these two on ten. so at this point I'm going for seven and ten and undisclosed as of yet number. let's do one or two more rules. I have a ten and a seven. that could not have worked out more perfectly. I have a ten and a nine, so if I want to take my ten, I must start my last chip on nine. the other thing I could do is I could take a seven and I could go for twelve. now, going for twelve is something that you don't want to wait too long for, because if you save it for the very end of the game, that's where it gets tricky, however, to take one seven here, which would mean I'm not done with sevens yet, and then have ten and twelve on the board. I like to have some balance on the other side - what if you roll all twos right? so I'm actually gonna go ahead and I'm gonna take either a 10- I'm sorry, I'm gonna take a 10 and then add the nine. okay. so here we go, really looking for some tens or sevens now, and I have a nine which keeps me going, and I have a seven or a ten, and because it's a lot more challenging to get the ten than it is to get the seven, I will take my ten and seven, and seven puts me up to the top. I get my last safety chip and one more comes in play. if the game were to end right now, I would have 10, 20, 30, 31, 32 points. all right, so you continue as long as you can. the highest possible score is 110, because you have 11 categories. 11 times 10 is 110. highest score I have achieved is 92, which is pretty good. I was a 1, 3 and 111 away from winning and I had all of my safety chips, but I couldn't make it happen. well, I know it might seem a little tedious to have to set up your own game board. feel free to use paper and pencil or whatever works best for you, or you can really splurge and buy this game in print. I'm sorry it went out of print a while back, but you can find it for a pretty penny. thanks for joining me. do all the things all the other youtubers ask you to do when it comes to their channel and you guys take care. [Music].

Play Club Bitcoin: Solitaire, Earn Free Bitcoin on Lightning Network | THNDR Games

[Music]. hello, welcome to earn free crypto cash channel. i'm going to show you how to play club bitcoin solitaire and earn free bitcoin satoshi's on lightning network. you need a lightning wallet for this. once you've downloaded the game app, read their privacy policy and it's up to you to say no or to agree. ok, you can sign up with google or twitter. if you don't know how to play solitaire, all you have to do is to line up the cards in the piles here in descending order and in alternate colors, regardless of the card suit. you can only move the cards that are faced up. the cards that are face down will be revealed after you've moved the cards that are faced up in this game. just tap a card and it will go to its proper place, or you can also drag them. tap the deck here to reveal more cards if there are no more cards to move in the piles below, depending on your settings, you can draw one or three cards per tap in the deck. 100 points will be deducted from your score every time you turn over all the unused cards in the deck. you can still go through them again if there's an ace. just place them here and collect all other cards in order based on their card suit. you can still move the cards in the ace section if you have to. as you play, you will notike the tikets you've collected and the score you gained. the score is not equivalent to bitcoin satoshi's. you will get 1 000 welcome tikets for playing the game for the first time. the tikets are for the daily draw. you will win the game once the cards in the piles here are all faced up. collect more tikets for a chance to win bitcoin satoshi's in the daily draw. alright, i won this game and i got more tikets. be patient with the short ads. let's click the three lines here. you can also choose to get notified if you've won in the daily draw. click here to view and edit your account info. okay, you can see how much time is left for the daily draw. these are my tikets and this is the price pool. i hope to win the top prize. you can join the community on discord. you can also share your referral link to your friends and earn some bitcoin satoshis, plus tikets for the daily draw. okay, back to the game. here's the game settings their shop. click here if we want to restart the game. this is the undo button and the hint button. so i played again and while i was playing i notiked i got 1 000 satoshi's. i think the daily draw just ended and this is my prize. we'll check later. i'll just finish this. don't worry, if you've lost in a game, you will still get some tikets. you can always play again and win many tik tacs later. after playing some more and collecting more tikets, i think it's time to claim my prize. click the three lines here. the price can only be claimed within five days. claim it before it expires. as i've mentioned before, you need a lightning wallet for this. i use wallet of satoshi and it has been detected by the game app. let's click claim. your lighting wallet will automatikally open. okay. confirm the price by clicking ok. all right, payment received. i got 1000 satoshi prize from playing club bitcoin solitaire. just click here to view all prizes. that's why it's important to collect more tikets. that's it. thank you for watching, like, share and subscribe.