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solo ads for mobile

Published on: August 4 2023 by pipiads

- Solo ads are a powerful marketing strategy that guarantees high traffic, leads, and buyers.

- Today, we will explore a secret resource that greedy gurus never share.

- This strategy involves renting niche email lists to target ideal customers.

Step 1: Accessing the Website

- Visit the website Nextmark and click on the Mailing List Finder.

- This website is known as the Google of mailing lists and offers fast access to thousands of people interested in your offers.

Step 2: Choosing Keywords and Channels

- Enter relevant keywords, such as dog training, and select the market as all markets.

- Choose the channel as open to target email addresses.

- Search for 60,000 mailing lists.

Step 3: Analyzing the Lists

- Take your time to vet the lists to ensure your offer matches the audience.

- Pay attention to the type of list, such as postal addresses, email lists, or phone numbers.

- Focus on lists with the email list icon for email marketing.

Step 4: Understanding List Details

- Read the brief copy about the mailing list and its segments.

- Note the total number of leads, segments like postal, email, phone, and Facebook.

- Consider the market type, source, and privacy confirmation.

Step 5: Ordering and Communicating with List Suppliers

- Follow the ordering instructions provided on the website.

- Fill in the form with your details and specific needs.

- Mention the source of the list when communicating with the seller.

- Request information on how the list was compiled and its relevancy.

- Negotiate the price and inquire about running a small sample test.

Step 6: Stick to the Agreement

- Adhere strictly to the terms of the agreement to avoid penalties.

- Do not violate the agreement by sending additional emails or adding the list to your autoresponder.

Maximizing Profit from the Lists:

- Direct traffic to your landing pages and capture email leads.

- Retarget non-opt-in users through social media.

- For more traffic methods, visit profitcopilot.com/traffic for free training.

- Solo ads on steroids are a powerful marketing strategy that guarantees high traffic, leads, and buyers.

- By renting niche email lists, you can target your ideal customers effectively.

- Remember to follow the rules, negotiate prices, and stick to the agreement to make the most out of this strategy.

How To Find Good Solo Ad Vendors To Buy From (PROFIT EVERYTIME)

Hey there, Garrett Berry here! If you want to run successful solo ads to generate high-quality traffic and sales, then this video is for you. In a moment, I'll jump on my computer and reveal the exact solo ad sources I personally use to consistently generate affiliate commissions. By the end of this video, you'll have confidence in investing your money into these solo ads to get the results you desire.

But before we dive in, if you're new to my channel and don't want to miss out on my latest traffic leads and sales training, be sure to hit the subscribe button and the bell notification so you never miss an update.

Now, let's hop on my computer and get started. I'll walk you through the different sources I recommend for finding solo ads so you can start running them as soon as this week.

- The first source I recommend is Udemy.com. Create a free account, go to the top tab, and find sellers. You can use filters to narrow down your search based on criteria like price per click and sales conversion rate. Make sure to watch my video for more information on Udemy and how to run your first solo ad there.

- Another great source is the Facebook group called Solo Ad Testimonials. Join the group and scroll through the testimonials posted by members. Look for sellers who have high opt-in rates, tier one traffic, and reported sales. You can message them directly to get more information and make a purchase.

- Solo Ad Sales Testimonials is another Facebook group with a similar structure. Scroll through the testimonials and message sellers to inquire about purchasing their solo ads.

- Trafficforme.com is a website where you can create an account and purchase traffic for business opportunities. It's great for promoting multiple income funnels or other similar offers.

- Lastly, check out successwithmark.rocks. This person is also on Udemy, but their website usually offers better deals. Building a relationship with them can lead to great results.

Remember, no matter which source you choose, start with 200 to 300 clicks to test the vendor's quality. And don't be afraid to ask for a discount if it's your first time purchasing from them.

Now that you have these solo ad sources, you can start running them and generate high-quality traffic and sales. Good luck!

So, there you have it! These are the solo ad sources I personally use to generate consistent affiliate commissions. With these sources, you can confidently invest your money and start getting the results you desire. Happy running!

What are Solo Ads and How To Use Solo Ads For Affiliate Marketing With REAL Results -FULL CASE STUDY

Hello friends, this is Mark from Great Money. Today, we're going to talk about solo ads and how to use them for affiliate marketing. I'll also show you a case study.

If you've been in the affiliate marketing business for a while, you've probably heard the phrase the money is in the list repeated over and over again. While having a big list is beneficial, it's worthless if they're not buying from you.

I'll share a case study of 300 clicks that I bought and warn you about some solo ad vendors who may rip you off.

So, what are solo ads? They are lists on an autoresponder that you can purchase anywhere from 100 to 10,000 clicks. Solo ads used to be popular, but they declined due to scams. However, a new guy came on the scene and made over a million dollars using solo ads. Check out the description below for his product and the seller I used for the case study.

Now, let's address some questions: What are solo ads? Where can you buy them? How do you know if they're working? I'll answer these questions through a short training and case study.

Now, let's jump right into sharing my screen.

Some people still use the old method of using solo ads, where they direct people to an opt-in page. This is where visitors can enter their name and email. Some people are too lazy to even put their name, so leaving it out can still get their email. After that, they are redirected to a bridge page.

A bridge page can be a simple video or a sales pitch. People may click away from the bridge page, but that's okay because you already have their email.

It's important to note that some people make the mistake of sending all the traffic directly to the sales page without capturing emails.

From the bridge page, if someone clicks the button, they are taken to the sales page. Whether they buy or not, you can follow up with them through emails.

When buying solo ad traffic, I recommend emailing them for four or five days, two to three times a day. Use catchy subject lines and hypey emails to grab their attention.

This method can work, but there are better strategies taught by James, a new guy in the community. He teaches a step-by-step approach to using solo ads, and you can find his product in the description below.

In conclusion, solo ads can be a powerful tool for affiliate marketing if used correctly. Make sure to avoid scams and focus on building a quality list that converts.

Earn $250 Per Day With Clickbank & Solo Ads l Clickbank Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2023

In this video, I'm going to reveal the secrets to easily running solo ads to make ClickBank commissions. By the end of this video, you'll discover a newbie-friendly formula to generate affiliate commissions as soon as this week. Are you excited to learn this? Click the thumbs up and comment below with your number one struggle in affiliate marketing.

Now, let's jump right into the tutorial. First, I have a visual representation of the exact formula. A solo ad is where you purchase an ad from someone who has an email list, and they send an email to those people promoting your affiliate link. I will share with you every step in this strategy to find a good product on ClickBank, how to run solo ads, and how to scale your earnings.

To find a high-converting ClickBank product, go to the ClickBank marketplace and sort the results by gravity. Gravity is a score that ClickBank creates based on how many other affiliate marketers are successfully selling the product. Look for a product with a gravity score above 100 and a good average dollar per conversion.

To get your affiliate link, click the promote button next to the product. Now, let's go to Udemy to find solo ad vendors. Filter the sellers based on price per click, sales percentage, and ratings. Open up the profiles of the vendors and look for at least three people who have reported getting sales within the last 30 to 60 days. This ensures that the vendor's list is still good.

Once you've found a vendor with positive reviews, go to their main profile and change the link to your ClickBank affiliate link. Add it to your cart and wait for the high-quality targeted traffic to start coming to your affiliate sales page.

Remember to give this method some time to see results. It may take a week or more for people to consider buying. But with this powerful method, you can easily make ClickBank commissions.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Make Money With Solo Ads in 2022👉 Solo Ads For Beginners

What's up, ladies and gentlemen? Today, I'm going to give you a complete beginner's tutorial on how to do solo ads. I'll show you the exact steps that I always take when ordering solo ads so you won't miss out on anything and won't lose your money like I did. Yes, you heard that right. The first time I did solo ads, I lost all my money, and that's not something I want to happen to you. That's why I created this video on Make Money Online with Thomas. I upload new videos every Sunday on online side hustles and businesses, so as always, just sit back, relax, and get ready for the video. So, if you're not subscribed already, be sure to hit the subscribe button, bell notification, and leave a like underneath this video so you will get notified whenever I upload a new video.

This method is going to be a three-step process, which includes searching for the product, creating the business, and then ordering the solo ads.

To find our product, we are going to clickbank.com, where you can create a free account and find various affiliate marketing products to promote. Let me know down below which affiliate marketing platform you like best, whether it's ClickBank, DTstore24, or something completely different.

Once you have created your account, go to the affiliate marketplace, which has all the products. Click on search and sort the results by gravity. This will give you all the top products that are already selling well. For this video, I am going to use a product called Wealth Manifestation, which has an average conversion of $47.54 and a gravity score of over 250. This is in the make money online niche, which is also a great niche to order solo ads with.

Now, let me explain the best key method to choose a good solo ads vendor and not lose your money.

Once you have your product, you need to build a landing page. Yes, you can just give out your affiliate link, but I would not recommend this. Instead, create an account with GetResponse, which offers a free account for up to 500 contacts and one landing page for free. This tool also provides access to autoresponders, which is a powerful tool I'll explain in just a minute.

To get started with GetResponse, click on Contacts and then Create List. Use your product name as the list name, and if there are others promoting the same product, add your account nickname or numbers to make it more unique.

Next, click on Tools and then Landing Pages. Click on Create Landing Page and choose to build it from scratch. Delete the logo and any unnecessary pictures.

Now, let's focus on the most important part of your landing page - the headline. Make it appetizing, something that grabs the reader's attention and makes them want to give their email address. For example, How to Activate Your Internal Wealth DNA to Attract Money.

You also need to give them something in return for their email address. Think of it as a trade. For example, you can offer the top 10 tips on how to make money. Copy and paste those tips into a Google doc and write something like, Fill in your best email address to get access to this wealth DNA secret and receive 10 tips on how to make money for free.

If you want a full tutorial on creating a landing page, check out the link in the description box below.

Now, let's move on to searching for good solo ads on Udimi. Udimi is a solo ads platform with various vendors who sell clicks via their email lists to drive traffic to your landing page.

To find a good vendor on Udimi, use the following filters: set the maximum price to 50 cents per click, look for sales of at least 50%, focus on your niche (marketing or finance), repeat orders should be at least 10%, and ratings should be at least 300 thumbs up. This will help you find the best vendors who provide quality traffic.

One vendor I found is Igor Farrow. He sells clicks for 44 cents per click, has a sales rate of 78%, and has received 989 thumbs up with just one thumbs down. He also has 27 repeated buyers, which is a good sign of customer satisfaction.

Remember, many people who try solo ads for the first time won't make a sale right away. But with the information I'm providing, you won't face that issue.

In conclusion, solo ads can be a fast and easy way to make money online. By following the steps I outlined, you can find a good product, build an effective landing page, and choose a reputable solo ads vendor. Remember, building an email list is crucial for success, as it allows you to send follow-up emails to potential customers. Don't forget to check out my tutorial on creating a landing page and the free training guide for building your online affiliate marketing business. Happy solo ads!

Spending My Own Money to Test Solo Ads (Day #1 Case Study Solo Ads For Affiliate Marketing)

Hey everyone, I'm really excited about today's case study because I'm going to show you how I'm going to buy some solo ads and send them to my pages to see if I can get some leads and sales. This is going to be completely live and transparent. I'll show you all my numbers and stats and track everything from day to day. I really want to see if this will work for me.

For those of you who don't know, solo ads are when you pay someone to send clicks to your affiliate links. It's like someone with a big email list sending an email to their subscribers with your link.

If you're watching this live on TikTok, jump over to my YouTube channel, Passive Income Lifestyles, so I can see your questions and comments.

Now, let's get started.

- Excitement about the case study and the transparency

- Definition of solo ads

Getting Started:

- Ask viewers to comment if they're watching live

- Encourage TikTok viewers to switch to YouTube for better interaction

- Express gratitude for viewers joining the live stream

Explanation of Solo Ads:

- Briefly explain the purpose of solo ads and how they work

Sharing Numbers:

- Express excitement about revealing previously undisclosed numbers

- Emphasize transparency and authenticity

- Encourage viewers to comment if they understand

Explanation of Numbers:

- Introduce Average Cart Value (ACV) and Lifetime Value (LTV)

- Clarify the importance of these numbers for evaluating the effectiveness of solo ads

Introducing the Solo Ads Provider:

- Mention personal connection with the solo ads provider

- Highlight the legitimacy and quality of the provider's email list

- Reiterate the intention to test the provider before recommending to viewers

Explanation of the Clicks:

- Describe the purchase of 1,000 clicks from the provider

- Highlight the cost and mention it will be worth it if it leads to sales

Opt-In Rate:

- Mention the provider's estimated 40% opt-in rate

- Explain the significance of the opt-in rate and the resulting 400 email leads

Conversion Rate:

- Mention the current conversion rate for the three-day challenge

- Indicate the goal of turning email leads into sales

- Summarize the plan and goals for the case study

- Reiterate the transparency and authenticity of the process

- Encourage viewers to stay tuned for updates and results

Remember, this is just a suggested outline. Feel free to add more details, explanations, or personalize it to fit your own style and content.

FULL Solo Ads Tutorial For Affiliate Marketing in 2023 (STEP BY STEP)

Hey, what's going on Gearberry here. If you're looking for a full tutorial on how to run successful solo ads using Udemy, you're in the right place. Now, I've personally spent thousands of dollars with Udemy and solo ads, and inside this full video, I'm going to walk you through each tab of the site so you can understand the full platform and how it works. I'm also going to share with you, towards the later part of the video, the exact criteria that I've used time and time again to actually choose the solo ad vendor that I decide to invest my money into. Okay, so you definitely want to stick around in this video.

Now, just real quick, this is one of the affiliate programs I've been promoting for a while now, and you can see that total earned is a hundred and sixty-nine thousand three hundred twenty-five dollars. This is my name right here, Garrett Berry, and a large chunk of this money has actually come from using solo ads on Udemy. So, again, as you watch this video, you're learning from someone that's actually running solo ads with Udemy successfully.

Now, real quick, before I dive into exactly how this works, if you're new to my channel, I break down simple affiliate marketing methods in very easy and actionable ways. If you're new to the channel, consider subscribing right now and hitting the bell notification so you never miss out on my weekly videos. But without further ado, let's dive in right now.

- Gearberry here with a full tutorial on running successful solo ads using Udemy.

- Personal experience spending thousands of dollars with Udemy and solo ads.

- Will walk you through each tab of the site and share criteria for choosing solo ad vendors.

- Affiliate program success with Udemy.

Tab 1: Orders

- Active and past orders on Udemy.

- Progress and clicks from vendors.

- Useful tab for tracking orders.

Tab 2: Messages

- Communication with vendors.

- Stay updated on orders.

Tab 3: Ad Text

- Creating and saving email swipes.

- Linking affiliate or capture page links.

Tab 4: Money

- Tracking affiliate earnings.

- Solo ad spending history.

Tab 5: Friends

- Ability to connect with others.

- Not highly valuable.

Tab 6: My Landers

- Creating landing pages on Udemy.

- Personal preference for other platforms.

Tab 7: Settings

- Password and time zone adjustments.

- Option to activate Prime for higher quality clicks.

Top Tabs:

- Forum: Post questions and get answers from vendors and other solo ad purchasers.

- Affiliates: Obtain Udemy affiliate link.

- Extras: Purchase additional services from vendors.

- Solo Deals: Find discounts and limited-time offers.

- Find Sellers: The main tab for purchasing solo ads.

Criteria for Choosing Vendors:

1. 30% or higher buyer percentage.

2. 300+ positive ratings with little to no negative ratings.

3. At least three recent sales comments in the last 30-60 days.

- Detailed breakdown of each tab on Udemy for running successful solo ads.

- Criteria for choosing vendors to ensure high-quality solo ad campaigns.

- Subscribe to the channel for more affiliate marketing tutorials.

So there you have it, a summary of the content provided in the given text. Please note that the summary has been modified for clarity and conciseness.

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