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Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman



you tubers hey King human hair and yeah
I got on a crazy-ass wig because working
on a new character for some upcoming
videos it's too lazy to take it off
besides looks goofy so I figured I'd
leave it on hey this is to announce the
winners of the first sony vegas give
away with the backgrounds and the winner
of the sony acid software sorry it's
taken me so long to get to this I'm just
running wicked way behind I get a lot of
personal stuff going on I got all kinds
of other distraction blah blah excuse
excuse yet a betta goetta anyway let's
get to it ok I'm going to switch cameras
right now we're going to do the thing
I'm going to flip the coin it's going to
say top or bottom of the page and then
I'm going to roll the dice and see how
many times I scroll the wheel and will
land on somebody's comment and they're
going to win the Sony software from
first we'll do the Vegas and then we'll
do the acid and we'll give them both
away in this video so pay attention
because if I show you and your name you
have to give me you have to contact me
PM me with your address and I'll send
you out the software got it got it ok
let's go okay guys here we go i got my
casino chip here queen forever I don't
know what the heck it's some kind of
collectible casino chip from what cuz
you know I can't read it anyway I'm
going to flip this let's call that heads
and that tails and then we'll go to the
dice so let me flip this and see what
comes up Oh dropped it ok that's
heads right ok hit oh yeah hit so we're
going to count down from the top of the
page for sony vegas and let's see how
many how many Scrolls from the top k
good luck guys let me spit let me throw
these better up in the air higher okay
it came up nine so i'm gonna scroll down
nine from the top and whoever's name is
in the middle that page is gonna win the
sony vegas and the background whoo all
right now let's do the now let's do the
acid software i'm going to flip the coin
again whoops i keep dropping it what did
it come up it came up tails so i'm going
to scroll from the bottom of the page on
that and roll the dice whoa way up okay
there's one of them where's the other
one okay and i'm going to scroll 88
Scrolls from the was at the bottom yeah
eight Scrolls from the bottom of that
one for the sony acid alright let's go
see who wins let me
log on to the computer okay guys here we
go I got my pay comment page up there
all on one page now so here we go i'm
going to record and see where we land we
got to scroll nine scrolls from the top
of this page so let's go good luck oh
crap i need to click on it okay one two
three four five six seven eight nine
hornet 307 Wow all right hornet 307 you
just won the Sony Vegas software and
animated backgrounds cool on you brother
alright good deal now a hornet 307
contact me with your mailing address and
now i'm going to go to get the a
settings here we go for the acid
software I've pulled up that page and
I've gotten all of the comments on one
page seven hundred and twelve of them
and I need to first of all go to the
bottom of the page so let's do that and
scroll up eight screws and let's see who
wins good luck everybody a one two three
four five six seven eight guitar hero
419 is our winner congratulations guitar
hero 419 email me with your address ASAP
and i'll get that out to you in the mail
wiki wiki via priority thanks for
partikipating and with a name like
guitar hero sounds like this software is
going to the right kind of guy so I'm
really glad about this and you say you
want to win you want to win you want to
win you want to win well you want
brother good on you all right
okay there you have it guys there are
your first winners remember we got three
more of these contests coming up down
the line three more giveaways just like
this sony acid with animated background
so subscribe and be cool sorry this
video wasn't real entertaining or
anything but you know I'm just wicked
busy I'm bummed i broke my big ass black
fly glasses I broke them and tok about
depressing but it has to happen you know
everybody breaks are sunglasses once a
while anyway congratulations to the
winners cool cool cool anyway sign our
people and check back in and about on a
know three or four days for the next
contest will get these things shipped
out to you as soon as you email me your
shipping address all right as always
that will be held confidential all right
be good people see you and I don't know
I don't know what else to say all right

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