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Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman



people King human here and hurry up cuz
this is an important video first of all
let me get you interested i'm giving
away this movie platinum studio vegas
what is it vegas movie studio platinum
edition 999 do I have your attention yet
pay attention okay uh what's deal well
okay we gotta help a couple of youtubers
and I know Oh King humans on this
preachy horse again he's gonna preach to
us yeah I'm gonna preach to you a little
bit but it's a small price to pay for
getting this okay so bear with me there
are two kids on YouTube kids kids
toking nine years old around that age
one is named brett judges some stricken
with brain cancer go check them out the
other one is TJ and their channel is
wackadoodle free zone go check them out
now TJ you may know was the kid who
wanted he's fighting leukemia and he
wanted to collect a bunch of hats yes
for people to send him hat so he could
get in the Book of World Records for
having the biggest hat collection and
then once he got that he was gonna send
him our give them all to his friends
because you know they're all baldies
like me and it would be a fun thing to
do I don't know if you ever achieved
that but you know and I think he's still
trying for that I don't know a TJ
himself doesn't do videos anymore
because of all the haters on youtube so
now he doesn't do videos anymore his mom
does and I applaud her for that they had
to change their they had to close out
their accounts start a whole new account
called wackadoodle freedom anyway I'm
digressing does user anyway um TJ's
family Saul Peggy
they are so financially strapped because
of fighting this disease because we all
know how great our government and our
insurance and our healthcare system is
at providing for these kids right it's
disgusting I mean it's so bad these guys
are having trouble paying their like you
looking and the heat turned off it's
that bad I'm not being melodramatik here
it really is bad and all they're trying
to do is save their kid so here's what I
want you to do first of all before i
give this way i'm gonna suggest to those
of you that have an ounce of compassion
go without one cup of starbucks coffee
for eight bucks or whatever they charge
you for that crap and give them the
money donate them they won't ask for it
themselves they do have a website and
they do have a donation button but
they're not actively out they're
canvassing saying please help us give us
money they're too proud and they're too
nice to do that I'm not I'll do it
because you guys need somebody that will
say hey King humans right we can go
without one cup of coffee and help this
kid cool new problem a fellow youtuber
we can all get together and help okay
that's my suggestion to you I can't make
you do it now get back to this hello um
in the past when I've had things like
this to give away I've said make a
comment tell me what you're gonna do for
Humanity the environment and I'll pick
somebody at random boom well this time
I'm not going to do that I have an ebay
channel now strictly for this on ebay
channel an ebay account king human go to
ebay like I'm auctioning this off a
hundred percent of the proceeds for what
somebody pays for this is gonna go help
TJ and his family laughs you're not even
gonna pay me it's gonna go directly to
them I'm gonna tell you okay you want it
now go pay them through paypal and i'll
send you this
depending on what this goes for I'm
going to include a bunch of free stuff
too now this retails for 9995 I plan and
the good people at Sony donated this and
a bunch of other software that I'm going
to be auctioning off for the benefit of
Brett and TJ the two kids with cancer
now you gotta understand if you were
gonna buy this anyway this is a great
way to do it but it's not about the
software it's not about getting this
software trying to get this software
cheap fact bid more than 19 I bid
whatever you want because it's not about
getting this it's about helping a kid
this is just a bonus and whatever else I
send you on top of that is just a free
bonus me saying thank you sony saying
thank you for helping a kid with
leukemia thank you I contacted my friend
and Sony and when he said a kid with
leukemia yes we want to get behind that
we want to help you we're sending you a
bunch of software use it to help these
kids sony i really want to thank you
guys now I know I'm sounding like a
[ __ ] man for sony but i'm not it just
happens that they give a damn so anyway
there you have it the link to this
auction is right over there may be down
there I don't know it's over there
somewhere in the description so it's the
auction is starting tonight Saturday and
it's gonna go for one week so please do
me a favor even if you don't want this
software make a bid on it and you know I
don't care just make a bid any amount
and also please please please since this
only this auction is only going to last
a week please send this video to as many
people as you can and get them in on it
and please help these people if you can
and you know what together maybe we can
come together and do something positive
um YouTube is a great opportunity we
have we can you know use it to be goofy
which I do all the time but we can also
use it to help other people in need and
that's what I hope you'll do so there
you have it people go bid coming up more
stuff I'm gonna do another auction it's
gonna be cool and goofy and the next
one's gonna be for Brett rambles again
Jose rambles wackadoodle free zone and
the auction go check them out have a
heart care do something positive for
somebody else sayonara guy is amount of
time cheers is it that budget

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