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Published on: January 4 2023 by pipiads

NEW Better Payment Gateway For Dropshipping! | NO Stripe, NO PayPal | Shopify & Clickfunnels 2021

I am done with stripe I'm done with,PayPal guys holding funds 30% 20% really,stopping us business owners from being,able to grow our business I finally,found a great company that I'm gonna be,working with it integrates with just,about everything and that's why I love,it right integrates with Shopify it,integrates with clickfunnels integrates,with all of these that you see on your,screen right now just yeah what is going,on Empire builders welcome back to,another episode if you're brand new here,and you're first-time viewer of the,e-commerce Empire builders my name is,Peter Peru I want to give you a huge,warm welcome make sure you smash that,subscribe button down below,because this is the number one ecommerce,youtube channel and if you didn't know,we do have a giveaway here every single,video we drop videos on Mondays,Wednesdays and Fridays and during the,first 30 minutes if you're watching this,within the first 30 minutes drop your,question down below and I will,personally answer it in full detail,because today we're toking about,payment processors I am done with stripe,I'm done with PayPal guys I'm sick and,tired of both of those parallel,processors holding funds 30% 20% really,stopping us business owners from being,able to grow our businesses and you,might be in a situation like this right,you're doing well you're scaling your,drops you in business next thing you,know PayPal or Shrive tells you they're,gonna be holding 30% of your money for,80 days 180 days before they pay you,back now that is no way to run a,business you cannot scale your business,because there's gonna be way too much,money wrapped up in strive PayPal,Reserve okay now today's video I'm gonna,sharing with you what I'm gonna be doing,moving forward I finally found a great,company that I'm gonna be working with,and I want to share that with you guys,so before we get into all of that into,the details of who I'm using and you,guys can access that too if you choose,to I want to show you guys what this,whole like payment process process looks,like okay because stripe guys and PayPal,they spoiled us being honest they,spoiled us ecommerce people they spoiled,everybody that wants to just take credit,cards online right you can go on stripe,and you can,set up an account anybody especially in,the United States and within a few,minutes you can be taking credit card,payments and with that luxury right they,they accept high-risk businesses and,unfortunately they can't accept you know,a lot of you know especially with,brand-new drop shipping people that,don't really know how to operate a,business they're chargebacks go up they,don't have resolve them next thing you,know they get banned right so it's not,the best solution in my opinion for most,ecommerce business owners okay,especially with a lot of these issues,that coming up with with money being,held okay now how does this look like,guys what is the payment process even,look like so customers come to your,store they submit order I saw this,infographic I forget who made this,infographic but I found on Google and I,thought it was a very neat way to show,this off to you guys right somebody,comes to your online store and then you,have something called a payment gateway,now the payment gateway right,essentially all right so if you work,with a good payment gateway they work,with different kinds of merchant,accounts now you've probably heard the,word a merchant account now merchant,accounts essentially they are the ones,that like take the transaction so to,speak right I'm not I don't know the,exact logistiks of it but essentially,they are the ones that actually process,that payment okay,now the the payment gateway is that,communication medium between the,merchant count and your store right your,payment gateway is what your store it,integrates with right and then your,payment gateway and here's what an,awesome part is right they integrate,directly with that merchant account now,you can have multiple merchant accounts,right under one payment gate and this is,where it becomes powerful right because,guys you can have one merchant account,get banned for whatever reason right,let's say your your refund rate goes to,10% they're like no I don't want to let,you use us anymore,no problem your payment gateway is going,to be set up with other merchant,accounts so you can never stop and,seamlessly continue to take payments the,way business should be you should always,have fallback plans especially with,payments right this is something that I,cannot stress enough you waking up in,the morning seeing your stripe account,got banned and then what what's what,happened right that's terrible that's,you cannot have this kind of bottlenecks,in your business I'm going to prevent,that for you,here today so essentially again the,merchant account or you can have,multiple multiple ones of them under,your payment gateway and it integrates,with just about anything so I'm going to,show you guys the ones I'm working,working with and who I've had a great,experience with absolutely fantastik,experience and that's why I'm literally,promoting it on this channel right like,I this is saving me so much heartache,like really I'm moving everything over,right now off of off of stripe of PayPal,onto this because one the fees and stuff,are comparable right so there's no sense,in me risking any more of being on,stripe at the very least if you're,watching this and you're like I whatever,P like I don't care like try PayPal,whatever like they're never gonna ban me,okay fine you can continue to think that,that's perfectly fine but do yourself a,favor and at least have an insurance,policy for your business okay even if,you're not gonna use this you shouldn't,have it as a backup I'm stressing this,to my Academy students and especially my,inner circle students that are scaling,right if you are doing at least already,ten thousand dollars a month in sales,and you're solely on one merchant,account one account of take take,payments you are at risk you are in huge,risk okay so have at least something,there that's ready for you okay it's not,like this is some expensive thing anyway,okay it's literally just their it yet,require some some work on your part to,get it set up but it's hardly anything,especially with easy pay direct they,basically do the whole thing for you,right it's not like you have to go do,much work so easy pay direct is the,company that I'm working with right now,so easy paid Rach they are the payment,gateway right there this payment gateway,so when you come in and click the link,down below and fill out your application,somebody's gonna reach out to you on,easy paid right now you don't have to,use easy peasy pay there I go juice,whoever you want you should have a,backup payment process or though okay so,easy pay direct it integrates with just,about everything and that's why I love,it right integrates with Shopify it,integrates with clickfunnels integrates,with all of these that you see on your,screen right now this has been used by a,ton of people in the clickfunnels,community that's kinda how I decided to,stumble upon this because if it for me I,need something reliable okay I can't,have money being held from me anymore,right it's and I hope you feel the same,way too it really,so you hurts you especially when you,want to scale your business pay your,employees or I pay for more advertising,pay yourself right when they're holding,30% of your funds so down below you'll,be able to apply to work with easy paid,direct somebody's gonna reach out to you,somebody's gonna reach out to you and,they're gonna start the process or,there's some application questions about,your business but they're gonna start,asking you like are you in like a,high-risk business so the thing is guys,like supplements you can't sell,supplements all on stripe right it's,it's banned right it's banned right so,high risk right they are they support,high risk businesses if you're selling,like CBD hemp stuff right you can't sell,t

PayPal VS Stripe VS Authorize.net?

welcome to that activist with David,Lopez today I'm gonna tok about the,differences between using PayPal stripe,and a payment gateway like authorized on,that just to give you some quick,background I've been in the credit card,processing industry a little over seven,years and I specifically specialize in,setting up online merchants and online,businesses to accept credit cards I deal,with mostly stuff that's considered,high-risk but I've worked at every,single type of business out there at,this point now the very common question,is when you're starting your business or,you might have a business but you want,to explore other options as far as,getting set up stiks of credit cards,you want to know the differences between,rates functionality usability and things,like customer service so the most,popular and the longest standing credit,card processing solution on the internet,is PayPal of course PayPal is the first,company that was out there allowing,people to actually make transactions,through the internet mostly through eBay,when they started from my understanding,and eventually eBay bought them out,which is how Elon Musk became a,billionaire we all kind of know if you,know about the tik industry the PayPal,mafia has been very influential and all,sorts of Silicon Valley startups and in,start-up tik world so if you're gonna,get set up to accept credit cards for,your online business PayPal is always a,good go-to I think that every merchants,accepting credit cards should have the,option for PayPal however you should not,only have just PayPal as an option I,work with a lot of businesses and I work,directly actually Shopify Shopify sends,a lot of their clients to me that can't,use Shopify payments which is powered by,stripe I know from working with them,that they've told me if they only have,hey pal as the option takes up credit,cards a lot of times what happens is you,can see when someone gets to the,checkout page and then they the sale,drops off you can actually see that you,probably know if you've ever purchased,anything from someone using Shopify they,actually will email you and say hey you,left us in your shopping cart you went,you sure you don't want to buy it which,is actually genius and which makes,Shopify one of the best platforms out,there for e-commerce a lot of this is,due to paypal only option so a good,chunk I've heard anywhere from the,number of like thirty to sixty percent,of sales drop off at the checkout page,if PayPal is the only option so a lot of,people just simply don't like PayPal,also the thing is when you choose to pay,using PayPal you actually leave the,website and you go to pay house pay page,then the transaction is made through,their server it's kind of cumbersome and,as far as the customer or user,experience as,not very best that being said I always,think it should be an option there are,people out there that love to use their,PayPal account to buy things they,probably have a standing balance and,they would like to use they probably get,points or some kinds of rewards or they,might have set up through PayPal so I,always have that as an option but,definitely don't have that as your only,option now their rates are very,comparable to stripe which wall gets you,now 2.9 percent plus 30 cents a,transaction the flat rate fee both of,those companies basically have a flat,rating there's a term called interchange,interchange rates and what that means is,Visa Mastercard Discover Amex all the,different types of cards that have all,sorts of different rewards attached to,it for you can fire miles points cash,back percentages they get all of these,cards cost you the business owner a,different rate and there's about maybe,300 or so different card type and also,depending on the MCC which stands for,merchant category code that also affects,on how much a partikular card will cost,you to accept so for instance if you,have a cash back rewards card you'll,notike that you get 3% on gas if you set,it up to be that way that means that,your card is more expensive for the gas,station that you're using your credit,card on then it would be when you go buy,something at your local clothing,boutique because of the MCC setup there,there category code is for a gas station,and they're specifically rewarding you,for your purchases on gas and giving you,cash back that's gonna increase the,actual rate for that transaction for,them because they're the ones paying,cash back points it's the business that,pays for these rewards so the rates on,interchange can range anywhere from I,believe a debit card comes in to be for,an online transaction I believe it comes,out to be about half a percent or a,quarter of a percent and obviously Amex,probably more expensive I think it's,like three three point two on the you,know the most expensive a max card out,there for my understanding basically,what the flat rate does it just says you,know you're getting charged basically,three percent every month on your credit,card fees and we're not gonna charge you,a monthly and that's what it is,and business owners really like this and,I understand why because it's not,confusing you you know you're getting,charged three cents a transaction you,can count the amount of transactions you,made and you know you're getting,basically three percent as a fee for,your credit card processing however if,you're doing high-volume,three percent is actually quite a lot it,starts to add up to a lot of money which,takes me to authorize net,rice on net advertises a very similar,payment model however they use cyber,sores and that's actually their sister,company that does the actual credit card,processing authorized on that itself is,just a payment gateway now what's the,difference a payment gateway is stripe,but they also do credit card processing,there's actually two pieces the payment,gateway is the front end software that's,integrated into your shopping cart that,captures a transaction authorizes it,with the bank to see if the money's,available and then it batches out the,daily deposits and sends it over to the,credit card processor now the credit,card processor usually has an,underwriting bank that covers any sort,of risk FDIC insured they're the ones,that go to every partikular transactions,bank on the card of your consumer pull,the money out and then deposit it in at,the end of the day and a lump deposit of,whatever your daily transactions or,batch is and bachelors determine we use,my industry stripe access both PayPal,does too but they're not a payment,gateway like stripe because stripe,actually you integrate that into your,shopping cart if you use Shopify you'll,know that when you use shop fight,payments which is powered by stripe it's,basically the same thing you enter the,credit card information directly on your,website on your hosted website on your,hosted pay page,unlike PayPal that sends you to another,to their page into their website and,they're hosted Webb's pay page and then,you enter the transaction there so,stripe is a payment gateway much like,authorize on it authorize.net also is a,payment gateway much like stripe and it,could take place of stripe in many,instances however you don't have to use,their credit card processing option the,flat rate fee that they offer or even,cyber source the sister company that is,actually the one taking the money from,the banks or the lines of credit from,your customers and then deposit into,your bank account you could use a third,party credit card processor you could,use your own bank if you wanted to you,could use a company like mine I work,very closely with both authorized on,that and Shopify they typically send me,their clients that their bank or their,credit card processing doesn't want to,work with because it's considered high,risk and that's what you know I,specialized and I specialize in,consulting businesses that are getting,declined or denied by other credit card,processing services such as stripe and,getting them approved and set up by,assisting them mit

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Stripe Sessions 2022 | Keynote: Building for the next era of the internet economy

>>Hello and welcome to Stripe Sessions.,We're experimenting with a new innovation this year.,This tok is coming to you,slightly sped up by default.,Most toks are just too slow.,And you can adjust that speed in the bottom right,at any time, if you like.,Okay, where are we?,Well, John and I grew up in Limerick, Ireland.,And the pandemic has made companies less tethered,to any one place and so we're starting out here,at the Shannon Free Zone, Saor Phort Na Sionna,,which is just a couple miles from where we were born.,The Shannon Free Zone was established in 1959,,with special rules that lowered barriers,to investment and trade in the area.,And over the subsequent decades,,the Shannon Free Zone became a hub for American companies,to build manufacturing and R&D facilities.,A lot of the VC-backed companies,that drove the tiknology revolution,,including Dell, Analog Devices, Intel, and Atari,,set up manufacturing hubs in the region.,And by the 1990s, some of the world's most advanced,semiconductors and electronics were being assembled here.,Ireland was a big beneficiary of this investment.,Irish per capita GDP,grew at one of the fastest rates in the world,between 1980 and 2000, and Ireland became,one of the most prosperous countries in Europe.,The Shannon Free Zone also inspired other countries,,including China, to pursue similar policies.,The Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, for example,,was modeled on Shannon's.,Why am I telling you all this?,Well, Shannon is a story of a few dynamics.,It's a story of how tiknological innovation,produces spillover benefits,in places far from where the creation first happened.,It's a story of the beneficial effect of globalization,and low barriers to trade.,And it's a story of how successful and innovative companies,helped transmit valuable skills in new places.,And it's a story of how quickly,standards of living can get better,when the conditions are configured correctly.,Needless to say, we see a lot of parallels,between the story of Shannon,and what we're trying to enable with Stripe.,Our goal is to grow the GDP of the internet,,to help power economic development,,and the Shannon story inspires us,with a very tangible reminder of how transformative,these development forces can be in practike.,Okay, let's shift to Stripe itself.,Growing the GDP of the internet is not just our mission.,It's also our product strategy.,We assemble our roadmap by working backwards,from what we hear from all of you.,And based on your feedback,,we've gotten a lot done over the past year.,We launched the Express App to make Connect more powerful,,we've expanded our global coverage,,we added Revenue Reconciliation,and a number of other new products,,we launched new payout countries, crypto payouts,,we improved our fraud prevention, and a whole lot more.,And as our functionality grows,,we're seeing a significant increase,in the volume of businesses adopting Stripe.,On average, 1,400 new companies, including 100 nonprofits,,joined Stripe every single day last year.,And alongside those,,we're delighted to partner with a growing fraction,of the largest companies in the world.,A statistik that we're partikularly proud of,is that 60% of the tiknology companies,that went public in the US last year are building on Stripe.,Now, the basic reason that people come to Stripe,is the environment in which businesses operate,is changing rapidly,,and Stripe helps you stay ahead of the curve.,And so today, we'll tok about some of those changes,,and about how Stripe can help you navigate them.,We'll very briefly cover payments,,and payments fragmentation,,why online payments are getting more complicated,,and how Stripe helps businesses adapt to that.,We'll tok about enterprise reinvention,,and how some of the world's largest,and most established companies,are upgrading their business models.,We'll tok about fintik and why we think it's going to be woven,into every sector of the economy.,The modern Finance OS and this is actually an idea,that we haven't discussed before.,And lastly, we'll tok about our growing partner ecosystem.,And so to kick us off, here's John.,>>Thanks, Patrick.,Back in the 1920s and 30s, at the dawn of flight,,you could basically build an airplane out of your backyard,and start selling it.,Shannon Airport was just a few grass runways.,Today, Shannon Airport is a major hub.,And the aviation industry is far more complex,and way more regulated.,It's a lot harder and more contrived to build a plane.,But not coincidentally, the planes are a lot better now.,This is what happens in any industry as it matures:,the products go from simple to very complex,and full of nuanced optimizations.,The plane built in the backyard to the A380.,You get teams of highly specialized experts,building planes for the rest of us.,The folks who know the detailed specifics,backwards and forwards,and carefully track the latest advances,in everything from composites to additive manufacturing.,Online commerce is no different.,It's a much bigger industry than ten or twenty years ago,,and much more evolved.,The internet economy used to be a fairly simple place,,whereas now it's a significant and growing fraction,of the total economy with the attendant complexity to boot.,I'll give you an example:,twice a year, the four major card networks,revise their operating rules,,the whole system that makes the network run.,Just a few weeks ago, the latest update dropped,,1,966 pages.,That's the combined length,of the first five "Harry Potter" books altogether,,and it's chock full of tik specs,on everything from 8-digit BIN support,to ISO 3166 updates.,And that's just for the US.,Not many companies want to keep on top of this themselves.,You've got better things to do.,So, Stripe is a team of over 7,000 payment maniacs,from all around the world,who obsess over these details on your behalf.,We're like the crazed Potter-heads,queuing around the block for the midnight book launch,,but for payments.,These days, you wouldn't board a plane,made in someone else's backyard.,And you shouldn't choose a payment provider,that doesn't sweat every last detail,of global money movement.,Both are liable to crash.,Instead, you need a partner that gives you leverage,,and helps you accelerate your business,in a world where payments are evermore complex,with each passing year.,And that's true for any company,,whether you're the smallest startup,or the largest enterprise.,To hear more about this,,I spoke with my favorite book seller,,based here in Seattle, that knows a thing or two,about increasing complexity.,Amazon does such a breadth of different things,when it comes to payments.,Maybe you can tell me a little bit more about that.,>>In many ways, the payments organization at Amazon,is really Amazon's version of our own fintik.,And so, we're not only building the things that customers see,in checkout and outside of checkout,,but we're also building a set of services,that map across hundreds of different teams and businesses.,>>Can you tell me a little bit,about your international expansion,and how Stripe fits into that?,>>We've really been on a pretty fun,international expansion journey,over the past six to seven years,of thinking about innovations around,,how do we get money to a seller,that's selling cross border?,How do we make that currency conversion process,trivially easy for them?,How do we make sure that they get paid as expected on time?,And there's a lot of complexity in that.,One of the things that we really valued,about what Stripe brought,was that it got us to a lot of different countries quickly,,and really helped lower the barrier of entry for us.,>>How does Amazon's scale change your thinking,about the kinds of partners you work with?,>>Finding a partner that can keep up,with not only our volume spikes,,but other aspects of scalability,is absolutely critikal to us.,If I think about what we've done recently in Poland,,we worked together to launch Blik,,which is one of the popular,growing local

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What's the Stripe Treasury API?

hello hello,and welcome to another video today,i am toking about stripe and,their newly released platform,the treasury api or a stripe calls it,strip stripe treasury so,i guess a lot of people have seen this,in the news there's been a couple of,artikles,a major news outlets such such as the,wall street journal,and today we're gonna take a look at,their landing page for their new,product but let's tok a little bit,about what,stripe treasury is and why you should be,as excited,as i am about this new tool so,strap treasury allows people to build,products that offer,things like debit cards bank accounts,and,pretty much any other product that a,bank offers to their customers,to do this stripe had to partner with,real banks,so i think some of these names were,citigroup,goldman sachs barclays etc,those are pretty large banks maybe you,recognize a few of these names,so you're pretty much in good hands i,think,that the reason why stripe has decided,to,allow developers to build their own bank,with,or on top of the stripe platform is,that as you remember maybe a couple of,years ago stripe came out with the,stripe connect,solution which allows for,people who develop for example,marketplaces to pay out,the people who are on their marketplace,the money that they're owed,and for example if i'm on shopify and i,make four hundred dollars,you know i will probably get a,percentage of that into my bank account,and then i can spend it however i want,so what's stripe treasury what does this,treasury api do,well to understand this landing page i,have to tok to you about what exactly,it does and why it's so important and,groundbreaking,so imagine you're a company that wants,to somehow offer the ability,of some financial services to your users,for example you want to create a,process that allows the users of your,platform to manage their own money,within your own product without ever,leaving it,and that becomes kind of useful because,you,don't want people to jump between apps,you want to have,one kind of source of truth within your,app that makes every,your user experience much much better so,imagine being able to do e-banking,transaction,directly for airbnb so you can pay,people who come,after your guests have left to clean the,house directly from airbnb,that basically makes airbnb opens up a,ton of new possibilities to create,connections with like marketplaces,or basically anything financially,viable to to airbnb that,makes also sense for its hosts its,customers etc etc so basically,it opens up a ton of possibilities i,think that for now,i was reading into the news that the,treasury api,has been only rolled out to a couple of,people and if you,scroll down here you'll see that it's a,invite-only api,and i think shopify has been the first,company to have access to this,and uh let's let's really understand how,shopify,has built their their tool and,i think they're still working on it it's,called balance so if we open a new top,shopify balance,i think the first one is this one here,so what happens with uh but with balance,so it's it's it's it's kind of tough,because this landing page,the shopify has done doesn't really give,you a lot of information so i'll try to,break it down um for for everybody to,kind of get from like the the research,that i've done,so uh shopify balance was built on top,of the treasury api or at least it's,being built,so that people on shopify can manage all,of their money in one single place,without ever going to uh outside sources,like their own e-banking in their own,bank etc etc,so what does that mean for the people,who use shopify or any of these,future companies that will implement the,treasury api is that they will,have access to faster payouts any kind,of rewards that,companies like shopify et cetera et,cetera will create,for letting them manage your money,and basically anything else that comes,to mind to these companies because,with the apis you can literally build,any features,that have basically read and write,access to your money,so you could have alerts when you're you,know bank account within shopify so this,shopify balance goes,below a certain threshold you can have,discounts they're directly baked into,uh the shop your shopify store so that,you could like,dish out discounts to people or other,vendors,that use your product a lot and cashback,and all this kind of stuff,so this is super exciting for shopify,and,um let's see like who else could use,this tool,so there are companies that do,operations like lyft or,uber or any other kind of ride sharing,company they can build their own banking,systems,inside of their ride sharing app so if,you're a driver,you could for example now finally be,able to pay for,your car that say you've leased directly,through the uber app and the advantage,to that is that,whatever money you make into uber it,stays inside uber or lyft,and then your money can automatikally go,out,from the uber app into whoever you're,paying,to to pay for the lease of your car or,the or the loan or whatever and,that basically means that you don't have,to like do all kind of like,pulling out money from one app putting,into your bank,then ex you know creating a direct debit,or some kind of like card monthly,payment,uh for the car to be paid off,so that makes everything way more,exciting for people who are,in the gig economy or who just drive as,their main,as their main job and i think that's an,extremely exciting and exciting uh,use case you could also pay for gas,right so if,you're driving your car all day and you,stop at a gas station,instead of using you know money from,your own account that's in,in your personal account you can use,your business account that's,automatikally embedded into uber uh,driving,up and pay straight out from your,earnings that you make as you drive,so that makes it much more exciting for,people who are drivers you know less,headaches,less worries and i think it's great,if you on the other hand say you work,for company like postmates or doordash,or favor,and you might for some reason be given,access to like credit cards with prepaid,amount of money,and you could use those at the local,restaurants that you drive to and you,pick up the food for,for the customers automatikally with,your with these prepaid cards,so the possibilities are endless and now,you would ask why would you,want to pay with you know these credit,cards,that are pre-loaded with money provided,to you by ubereats or,favor doordash well there's probably,some good use case that i didn't think,of and,for example you could maybe accumulate,points and then as,the person who delivers the food you can,use these points to,you know as a benefit for yourself so,there,there's definitely a lot of things like,that comes to mind like rewards,etc etc um so,what is the point of treasury like why,have they built this today,and and i think it's a natural evolution,of stripe connect,so like i said stripe connects allowed,you to pay out people that are part of,your marketplace or marketplace like,us platform and with the treasury,instead,you can build all of this plus much more,you can issue credit cards,uh preload them with money you can allow,people to do bank transfers from within,your app,you can do a lot of fun stuff and,i guess i think the thing with stripe is,they usually,what they do is they create these apis,so that people come up with,their own use cases right they're like,lego blocks,uh they give you some blocks and then,some people do those,amazing creations like someone created a,one-to-one,uh scale of uh bugatti veyron right,in legos and that was kind of like,amazing to see what you could do with,lego so in the same way,with the api economy with stripe and,many other companies out there,they give you these tools you can build,anything you want,and i honestly think that on top of,of this stripe basically will become,almost like an a class,right like not to be con like mistaken,with stripe atlas which is something or,atlas,which is something else but th

Stripe Sessions 2021 | Keynote

>> PATRICK COLLISON: Hello and welcome to Stripe Sessions.,A lot has happened in the world in the eighteen months,since we last held Sessions.,We've all had to adapt, telemedicine, meal delivery,,curbside pickup, Zoom happy hours, homeschooling pods,,awkward socially distanced park hangs.,Personally, like many others, I adapted by getting,a dog, and we've had a good time together.,It turns out that Luna enjoys books almost as much,as I do, although she expresses it quite differently.,Luna, pictured here, is also how I came to know about VCA.,VCA is one of the largest vet groups in the world, and,to go contactless in a matter of weeks, they,launched a new app to let pet owners check in, drop,their animals outside the front door, and pay,from their phones.,They built all of this essentially,overnight on Stripe.,VCA is just one of millions of businesses we've been,very proud to support through the disruptions of,the past year.,Many of the companies we've been working with are names,that were familiar to all of us before the pandemic,,delivery staples like Instacart, DoorDash, and,Shipt, e-commerce essentials like Amazon and Shopify,,fitness and health companies like Peloton, Noom, tools,that helped businesses quickly pivot online, like,Zoom, Atlassian, and Slack, and companies like Reddit,and Substack that kept all of us entertained while we,were stuck at home.,Over the past year or two, we've also come to work more,closely with a lot of leaders that predate the,internet to help them rapidly scale their online,operations, companies like Harris Teeter, Waitrose,,HP, and Maersk.,When Stripe started, the fact that we worked so,closely with startups, that was something that kind of,made people skeptikal.,But increasingly we're seeing the largest companies,in the world realize that they need to adopt the same,tiknology that helps startups move so quickly.,Lastly, we've been working with many smaller businesses,that had to work hard to adapt to the events of,the past year.,We've helped more than two million businesses - more,than two million - launch on Stripe since the start of,2020, from Tempered Coffee in Virginia to Jane,Russell's Handmade Sausages in Dublin to nonprofits like,UpTogether which has used Stripe to support more than,140,000 US families over the past year.,Zooming out, the pandemic represented a major,acceleration to pre-existing trends.,We have jumped ahead by about five years.,And importantly, these changes are stiking.,Even as economies open up again, things aren't going,back to where they were.,New demographics came online and they're not going back.,In the US, baby boomers say that they're less likely to,return to in-person grocery shopping than,younger generations do.,New sectors have come online and they're not going back.,In the UK, online grocery sales doubled during the,early pandemic but they have stayed there even,as lockdowns relaxed.,And new geographies have come online and they're not,going back either.,In the US, in the early months of the pandemic, the,top ten states where businesses moved online the,fastest, they were all places outside of,traditional business hubs.,Places like Mississippi and West Virginia topped the list.,You might have heard us tok about Stripe's mission, to,grow the GDP of the internet.,This isn't only our mission.,It's also our product strategy.,We're doing this by building the GPTN, our Global,Payments and Treasury Network, which enables,frictionless, programmatik, scalable, and,fully global money movement.,And then on top of that, we're building the world's,most advanced financial services toolkit to solve,for some of the most common pain points and use cases.,Stripe now comprises over four thousand employees,,almost two and a half thousand of whom have never,set foot in a physical Stripe office.,And since the last Sessions, we've been very busy working,together from the cloud and we've gotten a whole lot done.,First, we're an infrastructure company and,we've really scaled Stripe.,We've invested very heavily in critikal tiknologies,that improve the reliability of,the Stripe platform.,We handled 173 billion API requests in the,last twelve months.,And over the four-day period spanning Black Friday,to Cyber Monday, we maintained 99.999% uptime,and we've continued to maintain five 9's of reliability,over the course of 2021 so far.,Most payments companies don't report their,reliability stats but we are very confident,standing behind ours.,We've also spent tens of millions of dollars on,security, building one of the world's best security,teams, and we now have more than one hundred engineers,working full-time on security related initiatives.,Second, we've expanded globally.,We launched Stripe in eleven new countries, including the,world's first self-service payments product in the UAE,which we launched a couple of weeks ago.,We expanded payout functionality and Stripe,users in the US, for example, can now pay out to,entities in more than fifty countries.,And we've added fully integrated support for,fourteen new local payment methods alongside direct,connectivity to all six major card networks.,And third, we've dramatikally expanded the,capabilities of the Stripe platform, with completely,new products, including Stripe Tax, Stripe Identity,,Capital for Platforms, Issuing in Europe, Stripe,Treasury, and a whole lot more.,We're going to cover these and updates to some of our,core existing products so stay tuned.,Along other milestones, 2020 also marks,Stripe's tenth anniversary.,Stripe actually processed more payments last year than,the entire e-commerce industry did when John and I,started out in 2010.,The growth across the entire ecosystem,has been staggering.,And in that decade, we worked hard to stay true to,our first operating principle, users first.,We create our roadmap by working backwards from what,we hear from all of you, and the point of this event is,to deepen our connection and to give you a chance to,share feedback with all of us.,We tell you what we're doing so you can tell us what,we're missing or what it is that we should tweak.,And so, in the spirit of working backwards from,users, let's quickly hear from one who adopted Stripe,last year and who's seeing significant impact as a,result across their whole business.,>> SPEAKER: This is your chance to tell John anything,you want about Stripe, so feel free,to just lay it on him.,>> JOHN COLLISON: We'll bleep out, you know, the,really bad bits.,>> ARCHANA RAO: Yeah, okay.,Over the last fifteen years, we've started modernizing,more and more of our stack.,And as part of that, when - if you looked at our,purchasing experience, we have,multiple billing systems.,We have multiple payment gateways.,>> JOHN COLLISON: Can you tok about this whole,philosophy behind doing kind of engineering-centric,evaluations because it's very different to what,we usually see.,>> ARCHANA RAO: Our aspiration from IT,perspective is to be a modern IT team.,We have the confidence in our engineering teams that,you know, if we make a mistake, we'll learn from,it, fix it.,>> JOHN COLLISON: But you probably manage your,payments business with a little bit more of the,mindset of consumer than people might expect, where,you're thinking about conversion rates.,>> ARCHANA RAO: Yeah. We're a SaaS B2B company that sells in,a B2C way.,So, we knew we had to fix this.,We knew we wanted a modern, state of the art commerce,platform that met the needs of 100% cloud Atlassian.,>> JOHN COLLISON: Seeking the right risks is a very,interesting way to put it because the classic RFP is,just horrendously risk averse, right?,>> ARCHANA RAO: That's right.,>> JOHN COLLISON: Where it's like the thousandth checkbox,of do you have this thing or whatever and just trying to,eliminate all risk, which of course doesn't exist.,>> ARCHANA RAO: Yeah. But I have to say, I'm really proud,of the team and I don't think your team missed,a single deadline.,We loved the engineer to engineer connect where,you're trying t

【網店攻略】哪種網店系統最適合 #網路創業 ?楊秀惠用港幣七位數實測後的網店經營心得分享!

Do you want to build a 100 million online business like me?,Take it easy, and take the first step forward,Today I will share which eCommerce platform I think is preferable,I will also share all the links and contact details,I indeed have read all the comments,However, there are too many so that I couldn’t reply them all,I’m so sorry for that,I found that some people are still on preliminaries,They may not even have a website,Some may do,But those are just online stores on Instagram or Facebook,In fact, these two kinds of online stores don’t work well,Some of you may already have your own website,But it seems that some are not doing good enough,On how an online store,Can provide a comprehensive and convenient shopping experience,There is still a confusion,Some thought uploading a product catalogue on website,And providing a bank deposit payment method,Can simply start an online store,Because of that,The upcoming videos in this channel,May have to be changed a bit in content,Maybe make things simpler,And won’t be too tiknical or complicated,So that my videos can help more people,Especially to those who want to build their own business,But have no idea how to start,Thus, your comments are helpful!,Leave your questions down below the comment section,After reading them,I can film some more videos to answer your questions,Don’t forget to give my video a thumbs up,Subscribe my channel,And tap on the little bell icon,When I have new uploads,You can receive notifications from YouTube!,First, what you have to know is,Ecommerce platforms can be classified into three types,The first type,Is platform that from server to source code,You have to handle them all,Such as Magento, WooCommerce or OpenCart,They have a large degree of freedom,You can always make changes based on your needs,But if you have to find someone helping with website-building,It will be a bit expensive,The second type,Like Wix, Shopify or SHOPLINE,Has a lower degree of freedom,But the price is relatively reasonable,Usually provides plans with monthly payments,The third type is online marketplace,Different kinds of shops and products are on the same platform,Like HKTVmall, TaoBao, JD.com or Lazada,I have used all these different types of platforms before,Thus, I can come up with some recommendations,Firstly, I would like to point out that,This video is my personal sharing,Neither advertorial nor sponsored,It's all about my real-life experience,As some of you told me that my previous videos were too long,So I will keep it short today,And give you guys a brief idea,More information will be discussed in detail in the future,First, if your business is not on track,Unless your products are unique or highly differentiated,That gain a competitive advantage,Otherwise I don’t recommend platforms like HKTVmall, JD.com, TaoBao or Lazada,As I said in my third video,By the way, go check it out if you haven’t watched it yet,It’s all in the numbers,To succeed in doing online business,You have to look into big data,And have an ability to analyze and collect data,The competition on these third-party platforms is extremely keen,You may always get engaged in price wars,If you want to take the first step,You don’t have to consider these third-party platforms,You should first perfect your website,Then use this kind of third-party platform as a supporting tool,First type of platform,Is like constructing a house on a piece of land,How many floors, how many rooms,What’s the shape of the house,It’s totally up to you,You can even build a spherical house,But if you, like me,Are just an ordinary girl,Have no idea what is programming,Know nothing about coding,You have to expect to spend a lot of money,In brief,The more you modify, the more you pay,Since you have to find a tiknology company for a follow-up,Everything is customized in accordance with your own preferences,It must be expensive,These kind of custom-built website costs 80 thousand, 100 thousand,Some costs hundreds of thousands, or even more than one million,Thus, I don’t recommend this type of platform to people who just started up their business,Some may say that,Many large corporations are using that type of platform,Such as Magento or WooCommerce,Companies like Nike, Canon,Or even Vivien Yeo are using Magento,In fact, I no longer use Magento,WooCommerce is extended in WordPress,Toyota, Disney or even the White House are using it,This type of platform is bespoke,And involves many areas,Which large enterprise is using?,I can tell you,It has nothing to do with you,You can totally ignore this matter,You don’t have to look at it,Whether Nike or Disney is using that kind of platform,That is not your business,These big companies don’t lack money,They can solve problems with money,But it doesn’t mean you can do so as well,In years of experience in doing online business,Problems encountered on these tailor-made eCommerce platforms,Are countless,I could tok for two hours or more,I simply want to point out one thing,You should really think about it,If you don’t have related knowledge or ability,You don’t have to consider this type of platform,To put it bluntly,There is no need to take it into account,Keeping website safe,Don’t look down on the importance of online security,If your website is not safe,Customers will not shop in your online store,I believe that you sometimes hear news about,Some famous big companies,Their website systems were hacked,And customers’ credit card data is leaked,Never underestimate hackers,Maybe in Russia,Or in the United States,There is a 15-year-old child living in a basement,He/she has such talent or ability,To compromise your website,Alter all the things,And even steal all your customers’ information,Website security system changes constantly,Updates happen almost every month,Or even every week,If you are not a programmer,And don’t know how to deal with tiknical problems,Every update can cost you few hundreds to a thousand dollars (with the help of IT support company),Major updates may even cost several thousands to 10 thousand dollars,I’m sure when you first started your online business,You took no notike of this issue,Others may only spend 5 minutes to solve a problem,However, as you don’t know how to manage it,You have to pay someone for a favor,I guess 99% of people who are watching my videos,have never thought of this,I know that,In every ten people who have a substantial scale online business,Ten of them have encountered hackers,As long as your business is of a substantial scale,Your website,Has a certain degree of attractiveness to hackers,Even though it is a small-scale website,For a 13-year-old child,Changing the web banners to Pikachu images,Is interesting and can give him/her a sense of satisfaction,He/she will then do so,Not only big-scale websites,But also small-scale websites suffer these problems,When I was using Magento,Apart from spending a large amount of money on,Military-race-like security system,For server security and protection,I also put a lot of effort in it,I better not to give too many in-depth and tiknical toks,Otherwise this video will be too long,At last, I have to find an US listed company,Rackspace, a world-class server security company for the follow-up,What I used is their most expensive service - aviator service,Which has a group of programmers,Monitoring my website twenty-four seven,I paid nearly 6 figures every month,So when you choose the first type of platform,As your business gets bigger,Problems that you may face,Okay, the second type of platform,Is like you purchase a house,Whether it comes with 2 or 3 bedrooms,That has already been done,You only have to choose what paint color for the walls,And what furniture you want to place,You can’t make big changes,For the second type of platform,I have tried to used most of them,Some are amateurish,Have no extensions,And are full of bugs,Some are too expensive at first,Which are not suitable for start-up entrepreneurs,As they may not want to spend too much in