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spotify audio ads

Published on: February 9 2023 by pipiads

Spotify Ad Studio Results | Promote Your Music DIRECTLY Inside Spotify

so. did you know? you can advertise your music directly inside of spotify. it's something called spotify ad studio, and there's not much information on how well it does, so i did a test campaign and in this video i'm going to show you exactly how that campaign went and let you know if i think you should try it out or not. most of you probably already have the premium version of spotify, but if you don't have that, there's a free version that plays ads every you know x amount of songs that you play, and there's two generic types of ads that can run. one, if you click it, it'll send you to a website. this is good for, like app developers or people who want to get people to their business, like a car dealership, and the second is one that sends you directly onto spotify. often you'll hear podcasts or something like that, but you can also do it as a musician, and that's obviously what i did. people clicked it and sent them directly to my song or my spotify page or a playlist. the big downside to spotify ad studio right off the bat is that you have to do a minimum of a 250 dollar campaign. previously it was multiple thousands of dollars per month campaigns with left up to only like big record labels or companies. but now you know, 250 sounds like a lot, but that's a drastikally lower entry point than what was being done before. so now let's take a jump to my screen. so here you can see spotify ad studio and if you want to get there, just go to addstudiospotifycom and set up your account, get all the money stuff situated. but, uh, you can see, i ran this campaign back in september before i toked about any marketing stuff, and i always wanted to make a video, but i never got around to it. so let's, let's take a look at these results that i got, but first i want to show you the actual campaign that i ran. so this is the audio clip. hey, you, yes you, my name is andrew southworth and i just put a new single called the hunt. i think you'll really love it, because you're only hearing this, because you listen to music that i also love. here's your teaser. click the link below to hear the whole song and i'll see you later. thanks for listening. [Music]. all right, so that that's the ad. it's a pretty simple thing and this is the yeah they actually recommend. you can't just put a song in, you have to have a toking segment and they have all these qualifications for how you have to get the volume of your ad, which is why it's like so compressed and it sounds so funky just the way that they present it. but that's what you have to do. to do function inside of spotify had studio. so now if i look at the actual ad report, um, so i spent 250 over the course of roughly two weeks, which i think is the kind of standard campaign length. i forget if the minimum is one or two, but you can see that we ran 83 117 ads that reached 20 000 individual people and on average people saw it roughly four times, a little a little under four times. so this is kind of like over time how the different ads served and the individual people reached happened. you can see that it kind of was a little front heavy and then it died down at the end, probably because people were seeing the ad multiple times. so it stopped showing those people, figuring that if they didn't click by now they weren't going to click, and the next time they showed it to them. so the campaign ends and they actually show you a post campaign window to see if you continue to generate streams after the fact. so this was the last day the ads were served and this is like the first day of the post campaign window and that's the end of this segment. so now, if we look down, you can see the number of listeners that were actually generated. so 164 listeners, 164 new listeners and a 31.71 intent rate. so let me walk you through those numbers. so first of all, right off the bat: 250 dollars, 164 listeners- you're paying over one dollar per listener, which sounds horrible, but let's, let's get into it and figure out what it actually means. so for every listener, there's a conversion rate of about point eight percent, which means that if i sold a hundred people- sorry, well, yeah, if i said 100 people- the ad, then point eight, every person would click on. then we have average stream. so for every listener that clicked, they generated an average of 8.5 stream. so i can do some quick math here. so 164 times 8.5. so that means that my campaign roughly generated 1400 streams. and then you do some math. you know: 250 dollars for for 1400 streams. it's still not profitable, but it's a much different story. um, and i'll tok about how that relates to facebook ad campaigns. i've done in the past, but let's continue walking through this. so the intent rate: you can see this percentage of total listeners who took action, sewing intent to stream music again in the future. so this basically means if they saved your music or added it to a playlist. now, one thing to consider is that people have to on the free version, because this is only shown to free spotify app users. they can't really play whatever they want in their car. they can only play whatever they want in their desktop with ads and their car. it's more like a shuffle mode. so it's it's not as valuable as a full paid user, but it's still a valuable metric, especially if that person later ends up paying for spotify. that's what that means for all these 164 people. 32 percent of them show some kind of intent to listen to my music in the future. so this chart here, whereas the chart before is all about reach and how many ads were shown, this is about how many people listened to the actual song. so obviously here we have our post campaign window and after the campaign campaign ends, obviously ads stopped being served. that makes sense. but here we can see that as the campaign went, we get a certain number of listeners. some days are really good. some days were met. then, after the campaign goes on, uh, results kept trickling in and this is what that intent rate really means: that 31 of those people saved and added the playlist. so that means after the campaign ended, those people in some way kept listening to my music. it could have even been that they just liked it and remember my name, remember the song and search it later, or it meant that they were part of that intent rate that that saved me, followed me, added my music to that playlist. so there's a section down here for audience insights where they have more data, but apparently my ad didn't meet the minimum number of people. maybe that's only available for more expensive budgets, i don't know, but i don't have access to it now. in terms of where i actually ran this ad, too, i already showed you the ad. i ran into people in the united states, age 13 to 44, both genders, all genders. i'm fantarg and i targeted san holo and odessa as artists because i felt like that was the most similar to the song to me, and i only put it on desktop because desktop users have the ability to actually play music later. as i mentioned, mobile that's, that's restricted to kind of more of like a playlist feature. you can. you can't pick a song on a mobile device. you can only do that on desktop if you're on the free version of spotify. so the closest metric i can give you to compare this to is on my song neutron, which was my- not my- most recent signal, but the one before. that ran about 300 in facebook ads and that generated 1270 landing page views. but the thing is that resulted in roughly 5100 streams. now, initially it only generated i'd say, two to three thousand, probably more like two, but then those people kept listening and then that pushed it in the algorithm to get pushed to more people. so that 300 budget did directly lead to 5100 streams and this, you know, 250 dollars led to- uh, what did i say? 1400 streams and then it just kind of stopped. now it could have resulted in more in other ways, but i have no way of tracking that. so in general, i would say my long-term recommendation for this is that spotify ad studio isn't at the point where it's valuable for independent musicians. so just because spotify ad studio might not be the b?

Almost 10 minutes of Spotify ads

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Spotify Ad Studio For Artists (Don't Use It)

so a while back i ran a campaign on spotify ad studio because, believe it or not, you can actually run ads directly on spotify. they're at their audio only ads, or at least they were until now, and that's the whole purpose of this video. spotify announced that you could run video ads on on spotify. it's only for the pre use, the free users of the platform, but it's video ad, so i thought it might have a better shot than the results of my previous spotify ad studio campaign, which went horrible. uh, in spoiler alert, this one did not go well either. like it really did not go well. so let me dive through the campaign, um, and let's, let's see what we can figure out about this. so i'll show you the video that i used, so like, it's not the best video in the world, but it's. i've used this video on facebook ads and it did moderately well, so i thought it'd be a good contender too for this. i thought it would make more sense than some of the other videos that that performed better on facebook ads, so i rolled with this. now, if we go to the targeting, um, where's my target? i'll go to details here. i did go for pretty aggressive targeting. i wanted to be able to tell the results of this campaign apart from my facebook ads that were running. so i figured if i go with people just in the united states who were women from 13 to 40, if i saw a spike in in female or a spike in usa, that would be easier to track than if i did something else. so i went with that and also i figure if i'm going to pay a lot for ads, i might as well have them be high quality, right, because my i previously learned the spot of ad studio very expensive to promote your music through. and i've also targeted the chainsmokers- justin bieber, ed sheeran and khalid as targets on android and ios. so you know that's the kind of setup for the campaign. let's go into the report 250 campaign. remember that we got 7 000 impressions. we reached 7 120 people, frequency of 1.01. the completion rate- which i believe is the completion rate of the video, of 85 percent. now it's a 14 second video, so that doesn't really mean much. you can see throughout the campaign how many uh impressions and reach you got. now we scroll down and we can see the video results. that's all cool, but we get to the most important part of this whole thing, the number of listeners, we gained four. we gained four listeners. we basically spent 40. i basically spent. uh, what does that math? math come down to spent 62.50 per listener. we get an average of 6.5 streams per listener. so if we multiply that out, we basically pay 10 per stream. now i will point out that two of those people showed intent to listen to my music again by saving it or adding to a playlist, but that still doesn't remotely justify this. if this was like a dollar per listener, it's still. i still wouldn't recommend it, but it's way more than that. even if i mess something up drastikally in all of this setup stuff, i would have expected a dollar per can per result per listener to still be kind of like a meh, but there is just no excuse for for sixty three dollars per listener and um ten dollars per per stream. so just to give you a quick preview of the other campaign i run, if you don't plan on checking out that other video, it was also a 250 campaign, 83 000 impressions, frequency of four, high completion rate. but we ended up with 164 listeners averaging eight streams and new listeners averaging well also roughly eight streams and an intent rate of 31 percent. so this campaign did drastikally better. this was an audio only ad where, um, i almost don't even want to show the ad, but it's basically me toking over the song, being like, hey, everyone, check out my new song. and somehow that did better. now there are a few other factors to this, of course. if i go to the details, i'm targeting all genders, i'm targeting only desktop and locations in the usa and different artists. so i i don't know. i think this video, this video platform, is just a completely different thing. my only logical conclusion for this: right, this is my second test doing this. i spent 500 bucks testing out spotify ad studio, so you don't have to. that's the moral of this video. like, i've tried this twice and i'm relatively experienced in marketing stuff on facebook ads and google ads. yes, it's a different platform and and yes, like things are different, but it shouldn't be that bad. now, that's not to say spotify ad studio doesn't make sense for everyone. i think if you're like ford or or like a giant company, or you're trying to sell products online where you know, let's say, your products cost 500 bucks, if you get one sale from this, you might justify your whole campaign. but i think for music musicians it just really doesn't make sense to promote your ads on spotify ad studio. i think if you're a very large musician, like, let's say, you have a hundred thousand, two hundred thousand monthly listeners and you wanna re-target your listeners because you're selling merch or doing a show, that makes sense. but cold targeting people in spot of ad studio just makes no sense. so if if you want to learn more about how to actually promote your music using facebook ads, you can check out this playlist right here. and if you want to tok more about this and your experiences, there's a link to my forum down below where you can let me know and tok to other people who might have- might have tried this as well. so anyways, thank you much for watching and i'll see you next video. bye.

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Spotify Ad Studio Tutorial

okay. so I'm just gonna quickly show you how to set up a spotify ad studio campaign- audio campaign. so before we start you need to have a free Spotify account. so if you haven't got one of those, just just create one of those, just like a listener account. so you just hop over to Spotify calm and sort of start your free trial. but I've already got one of those, so we won't worry about that. so once you've set up your free Spotify account, you need to just create a free Spotify ad studio account and so just ask a few questions about you and what kind of ads you're running. so I've already done that stage, so I'll just take you straight into Spotfire studio. so here's some previous ads that I've run. I'll show you that in a little bit. so once you've kind of set up on Spotify, you set up on spot. if I add studio, you can come in to create an ad and then it asks you: if your question: so you're promoting a music artist on Spotify, a concert or some artists merchandise- are you promoting an on music related thing? so a brand, a product, an organization? so in this case we'll say that we are, we'll name the ad. so if for this one. we'll just call it instead one and click Next. so this is where you do your schedule and your budget. so the way it used to be before actually are launched, you had to have a minimum ten thousand pound budget and an account manager to run an ad on Spotify. now what at Studio allows is for you to have a minimum 250 pound budget and you can run it yourself. you don't need an account manager or anything. so for this test, let's just say we're going to, I'm gonna start it on a Sunday and we're gonna run it for two weeks, so we've got a two week campaign, we have a 250-pound budget and then it's gonna show some sort of demographics and geographical locations. so let's say we're gonna target the United Kingdom, so you can just target the whole country like that. or, if you want to be specific, you can target certain cities within the UK or whatever country you want to target, and then it kind of works out your, your delivery based on your budget here. so it gives you the amount per ad served. so every time someone hears the ad, that's the cost they will charge your campaign and then it gives you some estimates of how many people are gonna hear it. and, yeah, the budget is likely to be spent, because I guess it's quite a small budget for a two-week campaign. so you could bring that down and make that one week and see how they adjust the stats but and then you can kind of play around with some of the targeting. so, if you want to, in this case we'll just leave all gender or platforms. you could do specific campaigns targeting Android users versus iOS, but in the past I've just left this as as it comes, basically, and so you can just target. so where we've targeted everybody in the UK? Oh, age, I guess you might want to target a bit older, maybe, depending on the product. so the test example I'm using is a podcast, so maybe you might want to target people kind of 16- 16 and up- imagine younger people who synched podcast. but yeah, you can tweak this however you want, basically depending on what your campaign is for. and then so you can just leave it as you're: targeting everybody with a free account in the UK. or you can go into some of this additional targeting so you can target based on their interests, which it kind of figures out based on podcast they listen to and playlists they listen to, and so, yeah, you can. you can really drill down and tok if you, if you say, I guess, say, we're promoting a podcast about business, which which we are in this example- you might want to target people that are interested in business and interested in podcasts. so that's that all you can in. so instead of targeting by interests, you can target by real time context. so if they're listening to a, say, your, your campaigns for a cooking, a food product, and you want to target people they're listening to playlists as they're cooking, you can target them in that real time situation that they're in. so they're cooking, presumably because they're listening to a cooking playlist, then that's when you can target them with your campaign. so, and then the other one is genres. so if you- I guess this is more like if you- if you're targeting someone with a music, music product or campaign, but you can target people based on the type, the genre of music they listen to- yeah, yeah, hip-hop, I guess that for me, yes or no additional targeting- and just target the widest possible audience, which is what I've tended to do in the past. but you can drill down further if you want to. okay, so we've got our target team, we've got our schedule, we've got our budget. we're targeting geographically and then, yeah, age targeting there. so let's move on, okay. so here's where you can even start. you can even create your own audio- creative, which I've done for this example- or you can create something from scratch. so I'll show you if you've got your own audio already, if you're recording your own ad, or if you've got a production company that's already produced an audio ad for something else, for your website, video or something- and you can kind of strip the audio out of that, you can upload your own audio here. so let's just do that I so I've got an example one here that I've done in the past. so upload your audio add. it needs to be 30 seconds. there's a hope. there's some guidance over here at studio guidelines that you can download and that just gives you some tips about about recording, how you, what you should kind of cover in the add tiknical specs. so you have 30 seconds or less. the type of file it needs to be the type of image that you, you companion image. so that's quite handy to use if you, if you're building your own ad for this. for this example, it was for a business podcast, so we obviously had the audio there as part of the podcast. so it was quite easy to pull out highlights of that and make a kind of 29 second trailer, which we used for this ad, and it gives you a little preview. when you're living and breathing something, then you can tok about it with minutes of my life pulling a pen or stroking a pile of money. so that's the the preview of your audio file, and then you need to add an accompanying image. so this it gives you the specs here needs to be 640 by 640 pixels. so again, you can- you can create something in your own. so we created this with some designers and then just added a couple of logos, added a spotify logo in canva and it gives you a preview there of how it's going to look, and then you can decide your call to action button. so for this example, it's a podcast that we want people to listen to, so we probably have listen now and then, when they would click that, it needs to tell them a place to go. so I think with this case we had them link straight to the podcast on Spotify. but if you wanted to link them off to a website for example, let's say, wanted to link them off to the official website for that podcast, then we would just pop that in there, or you could create a specific landing page partikularly for people coming from. is that from this ad you can do what you want, basically, but it gives you a preview of how the ad will look on mobile and how it will look on desktop. and so if we- I mean if we- had the, the image ready and the audio ready, like I have, and if you know where you want to send the people that click, you're kind of done. you can move on. but I'll just show you how you do it. if you're creating the audio from scratch, so that's not like that one. so what you can do here is you can write a script, bearing in mind it needs to be no more than 30 seconds. so this is where you write your script copy. you can add a background track, so you can even add your own track if you've kind of got it approved to use in ads like this. or you can choose from a sort of standard library [Music]. I mean, they're quite generic, but if you just wanted some kind of background music behind your words, then then you could use some of those. I guess the risk is that some other people may be using those ones, but the options there anyway.

Spotify Audio Ads case study from HireClix - basically you should try it now!

Okay, Welcome to this week's Funnel Tip. It's slightly different this week because I'm sort of here in the studio with Michael, but I'm also sort of not, because Michael's actually in the sort of East Coast of the US right now. but welcome, Michael from HireClix. Yeah, I appreciate you having me on, Alex. we're big fans of Funnel here over at HireClix, Great, great. So today's topic we're going to dive into Spotify Audio Ads. I think this is a fantastik channel that is sort of like underutilized by certain brands for sure, And it's one that Michael is going to sort of tok us through his experience with Spotify Audio Ads on some of his clients and then also how he kind of measures the success of it too. So, yeah, Michael, do you want to go ahead and get a started and sort of tell us- I don't know, you know how you've used it with with certain clients to date? Definitely yeah. So we're big fans of Spotify ads here at HireClix. HireClix is a recruitment advertising agency, So we partner with the clients by identifying their key hiring goals and challenges. From there we take those goals and develop strategic ways to achieve them. So when we look at a channel like Spotify, we see a ton of potential Channels like this allows us to be proactive and not just wait until your potential candidate is ready to apply. Now we're able to deliver them ads on a platform that they're already spending a lot of time on. So now, as we take those key hiring goals, we can adjust the strategy for each of them. You know, through Spotify we can customize the ad copy- creative and targeting down to individual job types or even target key markets as needed. Yeah, super cool kind of ad experience for a Spotify user and it's a really great use case for HireClix. kind of trying to target that job applicant and trying to, you know, get them involved. I really like it, Really cool. Is there a way? could you maybe show us how you track the success of Spotify Audio Ads or the progress of Spotify Audio Ads? That would be great, Definitely. Yeah, I can share a sample report here that we'll typically leverage with our clients. so, as we build out all of our connections to our different data points, we'll leverage Funnel to really manage that. We'll adjust our naming conventions, really bring all of our data in a centralized place And then from there we'll use Data Studio to share our own access to our clients so that they have the data at their fingertips. This allows us to customize reports based on individual clients and what their needs are, But ultimately bring everything together so that they can make those real-time decisions and have those conversations with leadership. on our end, We can take the data points and make real-time optimization off of those, based on the trends that we're seeing. So, overall, we'll have the vendor metrics from a system like Funnel or a system like Spotify and connect that through Funnel, And then we'll also marry that with conversion data from our client's applicant tracking system. Now that all of this data is in one place, we're able to look at the overall trends and how we're pacing. We're able to drill down to individual markets to see how we can be reading for each of those. We're also able to look at the click that we're delivering to that client's career site and really have insight into what's happening with it. We're able to see: did they actually apply for the position, Did they get to a quality stage like a phone screen or in-person interview, or did they ultimately become a hire for that company? This data is vital in us optimizing campaigns, adjusting priorities as needed as we're having those conversations with our clients and ultimately driving the best ROI for those campaigns. Absolutely love it. I especially love the funnel that you've built here and that you can really track that ad spend because you've brought it together with that back-end data- Super smart use case of Funnel. So, yeah, I really love that. Alrighty, I think that was a fantastik insight into Spotify Audio Ads. I especially love that Michael was able to give us a little insight into how they also how to use Spotify Audio Ads and also how they track it. So I think the message for me is that, yeah, you should go ahead and give Spotify Audio Ads a go and see if it works for your business And then you can also use Funnel to track it. So, yeah, Fantastik. Thank you so much for jumping on today, Michael. Appreciate it Awesome. appreciate you having me on, Take care.

Spotify Audio Ads - Video 2: Audience Targeting

what do I want to do? raise awareness for a brand, business or organization, or promote a concert or music related content. let's say, raise awareness for a brand, business or organization. name your ad. okay, let's go in here and call it music, radio, creative audio and awareness. that's nice, that works awesome. next, okay, this is the Creator. look at this, right, reach listeners in a specific country, state, city or DMA. hover over question mark designed market area. yeah, I didn't know what DMA stood for: a group of cities that form a border, a metropolitan area. for example, the Los Angeles DMA includes the city of Los Angeles as well as neighboring towns and counties. okay, cool, so I guess you can type in United. will it autokomplete? yeah, United Kingdom, so I can do the whole country of UK. I wonder if I can do London. let's have a look. London, London, Canada, Londonderry in Northern Ireland, London, England. can I do my home Island of the Isle of Wight? I wonder, no, what about a town on the Isle of Wight? right, say yeah, right, England, awesome. Wow, let's try Shanklin, just out of interest. no, won't, let me have a taste of Shanklin. what about cows? no, I can. only ever ties to ride on the other way, I see. okay, but geolocation, I'm sure will get better over time. for this example, I'm going to go for United States. let's start with United States and see: well, that gives me right. so it's going to cost me point zero, zero nine per ad served. so less than a penny per ad serve, which is pretty good. so I'm going to leave it as United States at the moment. see where we go. for age range, I'm going to kind of niche down a little bit to 30 year-olds, up to 50 year olds, people who are likely to buy an audio ad for a music radio creative. so that kind of age range. gender I will stay with all. although it tends to be skewed towards the male gender, I'll leave it to both male and female. for this partikular campaign: right, we can target based on listening behavior. so the audience is music taste. that will impact reach. so I can either advertised a broad brushstroke to all music or buy a genre or even a playlist category. let's gonna play with these. so genre: okay, cool, so I can type in: oh cool, it gives us some autosuggest here. that's pretty cool. so obviously I got Rock, probably go for rock. but let's see what kind of rock. rock and indie rock. okay, let's just pop in Rock. and what other genres do we have here? do we have like a top 40 or something like that? not really. oh, we got pop. so rock and pop I could go for. that would be quite a good kind of our look, and my charge has gone up now that I've micro niched down with a music genre. so now it's going to cost me a penny per ad self, which I still think it's pretty good. let's just try playlist category and see how that works. oh right, okay, so we can get people in a certain mood: people who are chilling, people who are cooking, eating dinner, focusing, gaming, party travel, workout, Wow. so I mean, yeah, if you have a health product, you might want to go for people in the middle of a workout. that would be quite cool. or you know travel, you know backpackers for the travel playlist. you've got a kid's playlist here: gaming focus, people trying to get work done. that could be quite good actually. but let's keep it wide, let's keep it rock and pop, hang on. how does that change? oh, it changes back. what, if I go for the focus playlists are up to 11. well, zero, yeah, a penny, a penny point one. so it's not bad, but let's go for rock and pop. so we're looking at United States: 30 to 50 year olds- both genders- listening to rock and pop on Spotify. what platform we can go for? all, or just iOS, just Android, just desktop? I think well, target everyone on all platforms. thing is, our website is responsive, so if somebody clicks our ad on a phone or tablet, that's it's not a big deal. thanks for watching this video in the Spotify head studio tutorial series. stik around for the next video and if you'd like your own audio I created, we'd love to help you with them. head over to music radio: creative comm radio [Music].