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sprint ads

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

When Mobile Providers Are Actually Honest - Honest Ads (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile parody) att

hi, I'm Roger and I'm here to tok to you about switching to our cellular network, another mobile. now you're probably content with your current network in that you don't actively think about it, unless something goes wrong. but I'm going to try to convince you into thinking that we're better, even though we're merely comparable, just like everyone else. so just for my sake, try to remember when you were frustrated with your current network, because even though it only happened once or twice- and that kind of thing happens on literally any network- maybe it was inconvenient enough that your impatience has ballooned it into a real problem in your mind. but if you're not convinced yet, don't worry, I'm pretty sure I can still trick you. here are some shapes that represent the landmass on which you live. we've added some colorful, meaningless dots- as splotches really, that we're going to claim represent network coverage. but there's no rule that says these maps have to be accurate. so they're not. there's no real way to make sure where coverage is for any given network, because every Network has outages and gets crap reception in the mountains. so even if we wanted to tell you the truth about your coverage, we couldn't. the best way to find out if your area gets good coverage is to find a neighbor who uses your network and ask them how their services. but don't do that. use our Maps. oh, look at how many dots ours has. live here, who you know what? there you're covered. not convinced by maps, that's okay. I'll just tell you our network has 4G speeds. sure, 4G is just a marketing term that we've decided refers to speeds between 10 and 40 megabits per second, even though the International Telecommunication Union established that standard 4G should actually refer to speeds between a hundred and a thousand mega per second. but you didn't know that, so hey, forget what I just told you. our network has 4G speeds. at another mobile we've also got plans that feature unlimited calls like everyone else, unlimited texting like everyone else and a tiered system of data plans. that seems arbitrary, because it basically is. date is a lot cheaper than we're willing to let on. but we need that extra money because how else would we offer to literally pay you to switch cell network providers? oh yeah, that's apparently a thing now. we'll just pay you to switch to us because, like I said, we're basically identikal to everyone else. thanks for watching. sign up for a plan at another mobile. today I'm Roger me to sign up for a data plan at additional mobile today, I'm also Roger. sign up for a data plan at this partikular mobile. today we've got 4G LTE speeds us too. thanks, we've been Roger. [Music]. thanks for watching, oh and like and subscribe to this channel. hey, I'll bet you're watching on your phone, but just tell us if your service provide. just kidding, that was me.

Sprint Ads Are Terrible, and They've Been For Years

my analysis confirms this. galaxy note 9 is perfect for fortnight and you've been practiking on a network built for unlimited. actually, I won never underestimate the boogie bomb. hi, I'm Paul and you're watching a small child reactor, something really stupid. so, as you've probably notiked, you're on your mug, bottom mugs, I think. every video I'm gonna have a different hat, a different mug. that is that. that's my thing. that's my thing now. and also, you'll notike, it's yellow. speaking of yellow, let's tok about Sprint advertisements. and yes, I realized that most of my videos have been about advertisements, which is kind of true, it painfully true, but I just always want to tok about Sprint ads. so I thought why not take to the trend of looking at weird ads and throwing some sprint in there? you know, I don't quite know if they're like the worst thing ever anymore. the only one that is remotely strange is a Spanish one, which I can't understand, even though I took three years of Spanish. I'll put it on screen, but I'm not even going to react to that. [Music]. our first contestant is none other than your boy, Paul. merci, Paul, Marcel. rally par Marcin Paul macaroni. I only have one question: where is Harvey Dent? you know? where, Xavier? you know, I don't believe that Paul macaroni is a bad person. I just believe that the character that he betrays onto these ads is kind of annoying. now, I know I'm not. I'm not a person to tok, I don't look into plans for phones, I don't. I think it gets annoying when you keep seeing the same guy. Paul macaroni is a very deceptive character in these ads. essentially he acts as if he is the god figure to anyone who watches the ad. oh god, don't you just hate Verizon. we want to help you, you know. but giving you a deal that's own, you can't refuse. if you know what I mean, is it going a bit of a tangent? this gun cost me like $5.00 at a tag sale and it doesn't work, so you have to like it's disabled. that's what I'm trying to say. despite the fact that Paul worked for Verizon, they're using him. they're using him to take a complete [ __ ] on Verizon. they act like complete children when it comes to writing their ads and they will take the piss out of the fact that they own a Verizon's past property. but why? why does it matter? a few years ago I looked at Sprint and thought, wow, these guys are so cool. they really understand me was probably before Paul was added, because when they added Paul they started getting really cynical- even typical Sprint customers who watch it and get pissed off by it because he's just acting like a complete dick. he acts like he's has some sort of god complex, but he's not a god, he's just getting paid. there was an ad about three months ago that came out which featured Paul macaroni in it and essentially he would say: oh, I gotta dress up for this. I sacrifice things for you. I just dropped a Lego set for you. they're offering a total a hundred percent back guarantee. try it out and you might get out of that [ __ ] that you're in. I what? no, I didn't. that's not a line. that's: if you don't like it, you can do money back. see, simple, you would have to be a complete idiot to pass up on this offer, cuz, baby, I have a bowtie and I know what I'm toking about. he has never bowtie in the ex rad, but I used a bowtie to make it seem more classy. okay, I don't think it really requires to be that accurate to make a joke, but you don't even have to bring it up before he wants prints. new unlimited plan comes with the newest phone: 20 $35 a month for people with hearing loss. week with rookie Paul macaroni has been with Sprint for two years and doesn't seem like they really understand that he's a terrible business choice. they chose him only because of the fact that he worked for Verizon and that he could be a good tok host. now that's a bit of a segue into this. we're gonna go into the fact that sprint [ __ ] hates Verizon. in a lot of Sprint's ads you can see the color red sprinkled in the low places. these are usually placed here to flex on Netflix. why did I say Verizon? I meant varieties, which is a very strange move, because Verizon doesn't diss Sprint and I don't think it really disses anyone aside from AT&T. Verizon don't give a [ __ ] about Sprint because they could care less about where they are. Sprint is so low on the hierarchy in comparison to Verizon and AT&T I think Sprint's pretty long. nobody really gives a [ __ ] about what they do. these roasts towards Verizon, or I'm gonna call them flexes, have to do with Verizon's old catchphrase. can you hear me now? there's a small ad campaign that Verizon had few years ago, essentially involved Paul Becker on other other unnamed cell providers can hear me now, can hear me out, could hear me now, can hear me now. that's the joke. when Paul was introduced to the sprint cinematik University, the SCU, they decided to go with a bit of a roast towards Verizon. they immediately decided to say that Paul moved from Verizon to Sprint. why? because Sprint's the better platform. but you're automatikally like this is a bit on the nose, isn't it in any ad that they do, it seems, with Paul or with the robots, but I'll get to in a minute- they decide to take any chance possible to completely [ __ ] on Verizon and I mean, yeah, I can understand this competition between the companies. Verizon is a competitor of you. we don't see Verizon doing that, because ver eyes is not a child comedy-wise. how are they comedy-wise? I don't think the writer even laughs at them. they are basically a bunch of quips, and this is especially apparent with the robots. meet the Transformers, sorry, the the robots. [Music]. you've got the short guy who has a very loud voice and carriage goes like this all the time and that's it. and then you've got Evelyn. I believe her name is. Evelyn was featured in the fortnight, at the infamous fortnight ad which I show in the beginning of the video. there are so many things wrong with the fortnight ad. I just can't even put them into words. first of all, she does not have fingerprints. therefore the phone would not even recognize her moving. second of all, why is everyone in the Sprint store so engrossed in the fact that she's playing fortnight? she only has one kill anyway, so it doesn't really matter, because it's obviously a planted game with a satyr on a bush for like 20 minutes until they got that. I need a shot. one guy super ball sprint ad. start off with Evelyn, the very first one, which is pretty human- with one, and at first you look and you think, wow, that's some pretty good special effects. how much money do they spend on that? I don't even know how much money they spent on it, but they sure as hell spent a lot on it. to waste it on this freakin jungus of an ad, I don't. I don't know, I don't. if you need a refresher as to what these kind of ads are like, I'm gonna show this ad. keep in mind, I haven't watched this ad in a year because I don't have cable, as mentioned in the last video. so anything in this is completely out of the blue for me. so I want to see this, though I'm actually kind of- I'm kind of hyped. it's the fastest progress we've seen from artificial intelligence. Evelyn continues to learn at an exponential rate. only a week ago, doctor, I still don't understand why you haven't limited with Verizon. why wouldn't you switch on your lines to servers? there's Verizon again. it always comes up. stop dissing Verizon, diss AT&T for once, for once. I understand Verizon's- a complete scapegoat- but why what? I've analyzed the data. Sprint's network reliability is less than a 1% difference than Verizon's, yet you choose to pay twice as much. I never thought about selfies to that. do they not understand what they're doing? it spreads the message to everyone: give in to peer pressure. is it funny? maybe it is to you, I don't know. I had a friend recently who tried to do a comedic analysis. I didn't go very well for her. I'm gonna be completely honest. I'm doing the same thing. [ __ ]. I personally believe that Sprint is pandering towards the Facebook mom audience, which is this: granted a small audience, but still a pretty influential one, which

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This Sprint Commercial Sucks. Or Does It? | IAJ Watches Ads

can you hear me? can you hear me now? can you hear me now? yeah, you remember those commercials that paul guy remember when he switched over to sprint? i do it shocked the world, oh yeah, shocking, real revelation in the commercial industry. [Music]. welcome to iaj watches ads. i'm reese, i'm clarito, and today we're gonna watch an ad. hey, i'm paul and i used to ask if you could hear me. now, with verizon, not anymore. i'm with sprint. now, i guess, guess what. it's 2016 and every network is great. in fact, experience, reliability is now within one percent of verizon and sprint saves you fifty percent almost verizon att and t mobile rates. so i switched to sprint and millions more have too. can you hear that? okay, so that's how they introduced sprint's new spokesperson, paul, which is verizon's old spokesperson. what do you think? he had more lines. i don't know. i think having that character be so synonymous with verizon- him having that red shirt. now he's wearing a yellow shirt. it's like that player that you see in the nfl. that's like. i don't want to equate it to lebron, because it's not even anything close to that, but you heard it here first: paul is the lebron of commercials. yeah, no, not what i'm saying, but, but you know what i mean. like you get that that athlete or that that team member that all of a sudden. sure that alone is headline news. so you think it's an actual, effective commercial. i think so. okay, what do you think, man? i hate this commercial. i think it does the opposite of bringing any sort of brand away. i mean, it does bring brand awareness. tiknically, literally everything would bring brand awareness. i don't think this is. i think their goal here is to communicate that they are like they're only one percent worse than verizon and we're a lot cheaper. yeah, and look, we even have their old spokesperson. so even this guy, who's the verizon guy, has switched to us. i think that's what they're trying to communicate. what i think that is actually being communicated is: hey, we're the little brother and we're picking up verizon's scraps like there's no differentiation strategy there. they're trying to be the same as verizon and not even saying that they're better than verizon. they're. they're admitting that they are worse by saying that it's within one percent difference. yeah, but they have their old spokesperson, they have a commercial with no actual things happening. it's just a guy walking down a street that is associated with another brand super strongly. yeah, it's funny. you use the lebron analogy. yeah, lebron left cleveland, they burned his jersey, like, and that came across as like a disingenuous business move. yeah, and that's exactly what this is. there's a level of trust that the average consumer had in this spokesperson that was lost, right and it's. it's an intangible thing that can't really be quantified, but i know that i was very indifferent for paul when he was with verizon right, and then he switched to sprint and then i was a firm thumbs down on the guy. yeah, it's an attention grabbing strategy, right, they just sprint through money out of tension by saying, oh we, we have verizon's guy now. you know, i think now is a good time to transition what was wrong with this commercial into what we may have done differently. and i have an idea, a very simple idea. you could have the same sort of thing. you could hire paul, but he's still verizon guy. you can make him be sort of the villain and you can position a new spokesperson- that is the sprint version of paul- essentially as the good guy, and you could do that in a myriad of different ways. if they had executed in the way that you mentioned, they built up to him being the sprint guy. he was originally a villain and then it escalated to this. now, in 2020, and this was launched. now what do you think? so, like, like, if you had an arc, yeah, you mean, oh, kind of like storytelling, like like you're gonna film something and expect a positive reaction, like a story, yeah, that would have been great. i think that would have been a fantastik four-year arc. thanks guys for watching. please like, comment and subscribe. are you guys on team paul? are you team reese? do you hate this ad? do you like this ad? would you switch with paul? i wouldn't. he is with his head bob. there's the head bob. i see it now. yeah, now you mention it. i see it once. you see it. you can't.

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in today's model for two video. I got incredibly High kill gameplay with an MGB tack nuke using the honey badger, aka the Chimera. this is by far everyone's favorite DLC weapon. it's super easy to unlock, it's really fun to be able to use and it's actually incredibly good. if you guys haven't enjoyed the video, make sure you give it a like, subscribe, notifications turned on and, of course, shout out to Nota gang here on screen. if you all be featured a future vid, make sure you guys comment. note again down the comment section below. that being said, let's get into this. alright, fellas, let's hop in here and uh, break down the setup for you guys. of course we have the Chimera. it is maxed out, level 18 out of 18.. uh, we of course have our secondary, which is the deagle, aka the 0.50 GS. we have, um, the stem shots are tactikal, the lethal is our semtex and the perk package here goes as follows: a double time scavenger, fast hands and quick fix. overall, this is pretty much my perk package. I've been running for a long, long time. I had someone comment about me making custom perk packages. pretty much just have to go down here and create your own package. I don't know if they just weren't really like figuring that out, but pretty much that's all you have to do in order to be able to create a custom perk package. and, of course, over here in the field upgrade section we have the Munitions box. now it's actually getting here to the Chimera. so, starting off here in the Chimera, what we're going to do is we're actually going to go ahead and forego a muzzle and a barrel just because we're going to keep the integrated silencer that comes with it. so we're going to go straight down here to the under brow section and the first thing we're going to look for is the f-tac Ripper 56. so this is going to be a great foregrip to be able to stabilize this gun out. this isn't one of those guns you can just max out in terms like your Sprint to fire speed, your ads speed all the time, just because it's actually going to bounce around a decent bit if you don't actually tune it for some recoil stabilization or actually have, you know, the attachments for it. so I'll go ahead and throw in the ftik gripper 56 for aiming idle stability, hip fire accuracy and recoil stabilization. now let's actually hop into the tune for it. so a lot of my Tunes here recently I've been whipping out the mouse here on screen to be able to actually show you guys how to exactly fine tune these things. and so you don't actually just go ahead and like slide these things you know one way or the other way and then pretty much just like holiday with that, like that's not necessarily the best way to tune these things, uh, because that can actually lead to some pretty detrimental effects and we don't want to do that. so the first thing we're going to do here is what we're- uh, you know, kind of decide on is that we're doing this for recoil stabilization and a little bit aiming idle stability, just because we've really got to stabilize this gun out wise. it's going to bounce around, so we're just going to like slide it all the way to the very end to be able to kind of see where we get that Max benefit from. you guys are going to be able to tell that you get the max right around here before it actually starts negatively affecting this, if even more so- so we don't really have to go much past the 0.37 for that recoil stabilization. it's not. of course, maybe you'll get a little bit more out of this, but you're also going to really start messing with your handling, which is what we don't want to do. so we're gonna be okay with actually having it right here and now. we're going to go down to the aiming idle stability side and we're just going to kind of see where we can get out of this thing. and pretty much you can see that I mean, look at that, I mean you get a little bit, you know, you get a, you know a decent bit, but you just start losing so so much there in that Mobility side of things. and maybe you get that last little bit there, which is I kind of what we're going to go for, because we want more of that aiming idle stability. it's kind of crappy. they end up losing so much of that Mobility, at least from this attachment. but don't worry, the entire gun will be fine, as we're gonna like bolster its Mobility. otherwise now on the magazine side of things, we're not going to keep the base 30 round mag, we're gonna go throw on the 4, 35 round mag. I've still running a 45 on this thing. you guys definitely do not have to run a magazine. but personally, just because we're not running a barrel or a silencer, that kind of leaves us, you know looking around for other things to throw on this gun and one of those things to throw on this gun is the 45 round mag. so we're definitely gonna go throw this on here and of course there is no tune for the 45 round mag, much like you cannot tune a laser and sometimes you can't tune some of the stoks. but this is what we're going for. next up we're in the rear grip section. here we're gonna bolster our Mobility here with a rear grip. so that means we're gonna go find the Bruin flash grip that's gonna give us that Sprint to Fire and aim down sight speed- a really great grip here to be able to have on this gun. I definitely recommend for you guys be able to try this thing out here. well, specifically with the tune I got works great for those closer to medium range engagements here, because we're kind of using this like the COD ghost honey badger. for you guys that remember way back to Call of Duty ghost- not everybody finally remember title, but the gun from that game, the honey badger, was very, very fondly remembered. so we're actually gonna go throw on the Bruin flash grip now the tune for this thing, and because we're already getting here some like that Sprint to Fire and aimed on site speed. what we're going to do is we're going to try to go for a little bit more of that recoil steadiness. like I said, this gun has a tendency to really Bounce Around quite a bit and it's not that fun to kind of deal with that. uh, sort of go for that. and then we're gonna go for a little bit more Sprint to fire speed here to make it so we can be pretty agile. we're not as concentrated on the aim down sight speed portion of this, so we're gonna check this out, slide all the way down here, but you can pretty much see that, uh, we're gonna get everything we need here pretty quickly in that recoil control category. I mean, at this point, right here, this is pretty much the best point there is going to be. after that, you're just going to be really messing with your handling, which is what we don't want to be able to do. so that's something we have to always be aware of- is that sliding all the way to the end is not always the best option. um, and then now we're gonna go for a little bit more Sprint to fire speed. so we're gonna mess with this here a little bit and you can see, I mean this is like another case in point with those attachments. I mean, look at that- pretty much right here the max you're gonna get out of the handling and after that, like, you just start messing with the entire rest of this and that's not good. so a negative 0.23 and a plus Point 58 here. this is going to be the tuning for our rear grip. now, once again, to help increase our Mobility, I'm going to throw on a stok and that's gonna be the ravage 8, and this is gonna give us that Crouch movement speed, Sprint speed and, of course, aimed on sight speed. I personally don't ever go for, you know, like the Crouch movement speed, like I really don't ever care for that. I just care about the Sprint speed aimed on site speed and of course, I mean this doesn't really give you any of that. this, you know, actually takes away all of that. so we definitely do not want to do that. but this is going to really help us out. um, for any guys that happen to be going for some Crouch challenge or something like that, if there is Crouch challenges, uh, this could maybe help you out. but otherwise, Sprint speed, ads speed, what we really want out of this specific attachment. all right, so now the tuning for this.

WARZONE 2: Best META WEAPON In Every Category After Update! (WARZONE 2 Best Loadouts)

foreign ladies and gentlemen, hey, hi, how you doing? welcome back to the channel. thank you so much for stopping by. our war zone 2, meta, is very competitive in its current state. we got a lot of solid options between a lot of different weapon classes, and today I wanted to break down the single best weapon in every single Lethal Weapon class, so any class. you can actually customize a weapon with right. so the best: rifle, SMG, pistol, sniper, so on and so forth. we're actually going to start here with our secondary, the best pistol in the game. obviously, recently we've seen some changes to some of the akimbo setups. outside of the akimbo x13, which in my opinion is the go-to pistol right now, the Kimbo p890 is still very solid, but this, because it is full auto, is way more forgiving and in turn, in my opinion, way easier to secure kills with. so first up, we obviously have that akimbo rear grip option on. there too is better than one. in this case, 24 round mag is gonna make it so that you got 48 rounds to spray and pray with, and that is plenty for Squad fights here. I also go for the one milliwatt laser, because obviously we're hip firing entirely here, and that'll help out with that accuracy, all also the Sprint of fire a bit too, which is nice and convenient. the lock 9 Barrel is entirely movement based. it hurts your velocity and control, but that's not super relevant in the fights you're going to be taking within a Kimbo pistol. I tune that for better steadiness- that's not going to help out a ton, but it's something- and also basically the max range there. then I go for the dx90f suppressor just to keep me off the compass. it's not going to really do anything else for you. so I tuned that for the best velocity. you don't need to adjust the ads, obviously because that's relevant here, but for a secondary this is pretty reliable. obviously, though, super, super limited to just close range. now for snipers- we've been toking about this one a lot lately- the signal is the go-to, in my opinion, while we do have things like the SPX, which are solid, uh, the victus, which is really insane for the best velocity, the signal, because it's not bolt action, is so much easier to take enemies out consistently with. yes, it's not going to one shot headshot just like every other sniper, but because you can quickly shoot this thing if you're accurate, you're gonna get kills way easier than with those other snipers. so this thing is nice and reliable. we've been toking about this setup a bit recently. I go for the SPX 6.6 times optik here- nice variable Zoom option for sure tune for that furthest dive position and then also slightly faster ads. we go for the seven round mag gun here just because it is spammable. you're gonna run out of ammo pretty quick with just five rounds, so those extra two shots could secure you one more kill. High Velocity ammo on here for that better velocity. tune for essentially Max velocity here very minimal better range because it won't do much for you there. Olay laser for a slightly faster ads. then lastly, we go for the Bruin counterops muzzle as well, tuned for a better ads than a better velocity as well. if we go into the firing range here, obviously the- you know Bots, the dummies here won't do much as far as you know showing the ttk because we can't one shot. but good luck at the optik here. I like it because it is that variable Zoom, nice and easy to see as well. and I mean first sniper in war zone, where the sniping meta is kind of awkward because the lack of a one shot. this is a really good option now for Marks and rifles. I feel like the EBR is the go-to, just because a lot of these other ones really are not going to be all that practikal. spr is all right, but it's not going to be you know better than a sniper at sniping. Lockwood is a dud because it has no damage. LMS is kind of added some more difficult to use fil. the EBR is just a better version of that Sab 50, same as the spr and the attack M. the fire rate just is not it. it's insane for damage, but just not super practikal. so the EBR is sort of the lesser of all evils here. it can like three to four shot kill though too, which is also really convenient. so my setup here pretty basic one. in the grand scheme of things we got the schlager 3.4 times tuned for that furthest eye position. don't need to mess with the ads or Flinch there too much. 15 round mag, because if you are spamming this consistently, 10's gonna run out very quickly. so nice little safety net there. High Velocity on here as well. you don't really have to worry about a laser or an under Barrel because it's semi-auto. uh, you're gonna be pre-aming a lot anyways in The Recoil is really not all that bad, just depending on you know how fast you're spamming this thing. we tuned this for slightly better velocity, slightly better damage range as well. gustavius suppressor on there keeping us off the radar, helper Compass, I should say, unfortunately. uh, we got the better control and better velocity out of the suppressor as well. we tune it for a faster ads and slightly better velocity as well. then I go for the bore master Barrel. it's going to help out with velocity and control as well, and we go for that better recoil, steadiness and essentially Max damage range too. so this thing from mid to long range, really reliable, you can see. obviously it's a really easy gun to consistently shoot and stay on target with as well. obviously the Bots here not going to accurately represent the damage, but overall in terms of spamming, you can see the over range even. it's really really easy to use and pretty consistent for remarksman. now for the lmgs. no surprise here. I think it's more surprising that this is still the best lmg. the rpk is the way to go. I think we all thought this was going to get nerfed with season 1 reloaded and then it didn't. so this is still the best gun in the game and easily the best lmg. the Rally's solid. the second is solid, but the rpk just has the damage, the control of the range. it's got it all going for it right. so set up here. not too different compared to what we've been toking about lately with the top tens and whatnot. schlager 3.4 times is still my go-to. better ads- furthest eye position on that. tune. demo X2 grip for the better control. tune for that better steadiness. then that's slightly better idle stability as well. don't need that Magazine on here. 75 is perfect for all Squad sizes. High Velocity, though, to help out with that better range and velocity. you can see that you can basically go for max range here, and it'll still help out a little bit there. uh, same deal with- uh, you know, left right up and down. so one of the rare cases where you can Max it out. we also got the phase 3 under Barrel here for that better stabilization. we go ahead and tune this for slightly better stability, slightly better state stabilization as well. then again, we got the custovia suppressor on there for that better control, keeping us off the compass. tune it for that better velocity and slightly faster aim down sight speed as well. you can see this thing very easy to stay on target with. also, though, really good damage, really good ttko range. you can see the control as you start to learn that pattern: a little bit of Bounce, but in the grand scheme of things pretty consistent compared to most weapons in the game. by the way, as we are breaking everything down today, just a reminder if you are new to the channel or if you have not subscribed yet: every single day I am your One Stop Shop for Call of Duty news, updates, loadouts, tips, everything you need to know. so feel free to hit that subscribe button and turn on those post notifications if you want to guarantee you can always catch the latest Intel there. and if you guys uh enjoyed this video, let me know by dropping a like on it as well. let's try and aim for 2 000 likes on this one now. I won't lie, uh, we are covering all the best categories here. so I'm gonna tok about the shotguns, but after this latest update they nerfed all the shotguns, gave them the inability to one shot kill. I don't think they're super practikal, uh.

How to Get BETTER MOVEMENT in MW2 (Dolphin Dive, Tac Sprint, Ego Chall) | COD: Modern Warfare 2

[Music]. all right, guys, today I wanted to give you a little movement guide or just ways you can get better movement in this game, being that they did take off a lot of things that was in the beta and it's going to be a lot harder to do movement, being that there's no side canceling- uh, there's no bunny hopping, because they nerfed that like crazy. so there's gonna be a lot of new things or things that you should focus on when trying to get better movement, because movement is still obviously in this game. you still should be able to use it in ways to get better than your opponent, get like more movement advantages and stuff. but it is going to be a lot harder and you are gonna have to use a lot more centering in this game compared to like we were stuck in a situation you would just like do a jump or a side chance or bunny hop out of there. you can't do all those Escape moves or safety moves, so it does rely more on you preparing your shot and stuff, compared to you being in the middle of the gunfight- and I toked about, uh, in my old videos with rebirth and stuff like that, there was like different phases where you got to prepare for the gunfight and set up steps for that, and there was actually different phases where when you're in the gunfight, you can use different moves. so this game is solely focused on preparing for that gunfight and then, once you get into it, just aim and shoot your person that you're trying to kill. so it is a little bit different, whereas last game kind of focused on in the middle of the gunfight and the preparation, but this one is more focused on the preparation. so it's very important to keep that in mind, because as soon as you go out to shoot a person, you pretty much gotta know you can't do anything to be able to fight them. drop shotting is almost impossible to do. it's still possible, but it's it's hard to do. Camp Bunny Hop can't side cancel, so every single time it's like a one-on-one situation like that. you just got to make sure that you're ready to go and you're ready to shoot at any single person possible. now one thing I do want to say too, is you want to make sure that you're using the fastest attachments available. obviously this is common sense. everyone wants to use collab, stok and stuff like it to be able to run. but every single time I've been using ARS in this game. it's been almost impossible for me to kill people, mainly because you gotta, I guess, play a little bit more campy, a little bit more safe when you have an assault rifle. it was like that in Modern Warfare 2019, but it was a lot easier because you can do certain things like I don't know why, why- and then slide and then as soon as you pop out, you go and you shoot somebody. well, in this game it's harder to do that because the ads feels like it takes forever. so it's like when you're preparing for a shot with an AR, you kind of have to pre-aim and then look out and shoot most of the time, compared to 2019 where you didn't really have to do that a lot. you could just do a lot of movements and still use ARS to be able to kill people long range. so I think SMGs are extremely important, that in pistols when you're moving around the map and you can't really get away with too much stuff with the saw rifles. as far as resetting your attack Sprint, there's a few different ways you can do that. the first way is just meleeing, so like when you're running around, you punch and keep moving. it doesn't really seem to uh reset it for me. I have to do like three melees for me to get it back, but other people I've seen people do it in one melee. I don't know if it's like the special tiknique or if they just just keep doing the melee over and over and over. so that's one way to do it, but I think that's a lot harder for me to get the tax firm back. it takes a lot longer and maybe I just don't know that tiknique. so another tiknique that I have found is aim, Crouch and jump. so I'm going to show you that right here. so I'm running, I run around attachment and even Crouch. that is also a problem if you aim in and side cancel. that's one of the bad things about using this method because you can accidentally, accidentally slide instead of Crouch. but if you're running for a long time- him jump, Crouch and John Crouch- you get it back right there and In Crowd jump, not even Trump crowd jump. so it's like it's not a continuous thing over and over, whereas the last game you can just keep slack, canceling and get it back, keep slide, canceling and get it back. this one is kind of like I feel you have to stop a little bit just to keep moving forward at my attack Sprint speech, uh, and it is beneficial. it is good that you keep doing that instead of just: oh well, if I have to stop for a tiny bit, I'm just gonna keep running around. well, that is bad, because you won't have the maximum boost for when you're able to jump, shot on somebody and be able to kill them. so every single time you turn the corner, you want to have the maximum momentum possible and to be able to do that and to be able to reset your tax print. you want to aim, Crouch and then jump over and over. hopefully they don't patch this, because you know they love patching our movement, which is really annoying. but that is one of the ways to be able to reset the tax print in this game and it is working out, uh, very well. I have learned it recently. so if I show you gameplay today, it's not it's not going to be in that, but getting better at it, and it does look a lot smoother than what I saw before. okay, so right now I want to tok about slide canceling and dolphin diving, or sliding and dolphin diving, because slide canceling is not in this game anymore, or at least there's. there's a, maybe, a way that just nobody found out yet, but I don't think it's in the game anymore. sliding this game, as far as what I've seen, is completely useless. now some people say they found uh, satisfaction was sliding around the corner and anything like that. personally, I think that takes forever because as I'm sliding around here and aiming- one, I'm aimed while I'm crouched and two- I still feel like this tiny delay that I can be able to aim on somebody like that. so I'd rather just jump around the corner or even center around the corner and shoot like this, then slide around the corner. so I don't use slides aggressively. I guess you could say: oh what if you're sliding out of cover, like if someone's shooting at you right here, you're sliding over here. well, personally I would prefer to a dolphin dive because it gives you a bigger speed boost and your character jumps forward, making it harder to hit, instead of just a slide where it's your character right here and he's just going down there. dolphin dive is like you're launching yourself across where a slide is, like you're sliding down there, like that. so from what I've seen, sliding is completely useless and I'm just probably never gonna slide in this game unless somebody shows another movement concept that I could actually be beneficial for. but dolphin diving is pretty good in this game, as long as you're using it in a non-aggressive way. if you're using it to escape people, it is very beneficial. when you do it sideways, all right. so let's just say I'm in the middle of a gunfight and I want to change my position or whatever. maybe the guy's shooting over here and I pretend to go this way and he is aiming all the way this way because, like, okay, he has to be somewhere behind here if I don't over here. and then, uh, dolphin dive, almost a drop shot. dolphin dive to the left. it's like I go over here and then like shift my momentum and go over here. one, he's gonna be caught a little bit off guard because he's gonna expect me to Camp there. but as soon as he sees me over there, like as soon as he registers that I'm gonna dolphin dive, then I'm probably gonna be already over here. so as he's adjusting his aim, I'm gonna be going all the way across here. so one is going to be make him a little bit Glade and two is going to throw me across the screen to where he realistikally can't shoot at me in time, so I'm shooting somebody over.