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Published on: July 7 2023 by pipiads

In this video, we will be discussing Big Spy, a tool for spying on competitors and finding winning products for your online store. By using Big Spy, you can find products that are guaranteed to sell, as long as you set up your website correctly and target the right audience.

Using Big Spy:

- Register for a free or paid account on the Big Spy website.

- The pro version provides more features.

- Use the code BS2022 for a discount on the pro version.

- Select the Facebook platform and United States for country region.

- Select English language and 30-day time frame.

- Click on buy now for marketing objectives and sort by comments.

- Sort by popularity to see popular ads.

- Look for products with high impressions, as they are selling well.

- Take inspiration from ads and websites for similar products.

- Use Fulfillment.com for private labeling and product photography.

By using Big Spy and Fulfillment.com, you can find winning products for your online store and create a successful business. Don't be afraid to take inspiration from successful ads and websites, and use private labeling to make your products stand out. With the right tools and strategy, you can succeed in drop shipping.

6 Facebook Ads Tools and Strategies to Beat Your Competition in 2022 (Spy FB Ads & Crush Them!)

Are you struggling to keep up with the rising costs of Facebook ads? Do you want to stay ahead of your competition? In this article, I'll share with you six Facebook ad strategies and tools that will help you succeed in 2019.

Strategy 1: Spy on your competitors' ads

- Facebook tells you everything your competitors are advertising on

- Go to their fan page and click on the info and ads button

- This will help you determine what's working and what's not

Strategy 2: Make it hard for people to spy on your ads

- Switch your page template to video template

- This will change the layout of your page and make it harder for people to see your ads

Strategy 3: Use Big Spy

- Put in keywords related to your industry

- It will show you all the ads related to those keywords

- A simple and easy-to-use interface

Strategy 4: Use Facebook Audience Insights

- A tool provided by Facebook

- Gives you information about your target audience

- Helps you determine who to serve ads to

Strategy 5: Use Connectio.io

- Helps you find other interests and categories to target

- Shows you other similar categories and their popularity

Strategy 6: Re-market to your own audience

- Show video ads to people who visited your checkout page or lead form page but didn't complete the purchase

- Use a different pitch than your landing page

- Convert more people with this strategy

By using these six strategies and tools, you'll be able to stay ahead of your competition and succeed in 2019. Remember to spy on your competitors' ads, make it hard for others to spy on your ads, use Big Spy, Facebook Audience Insights, Connectio.io, and re-market to your own audience. Good luck and happy advertising!

How To Spy On Your Competitors Ads For Free (Facebook & TikTok)

In this video, Sydney, co-founder and media buyer at Avertex Marketing Agency, explains how to spy on competitors to improve Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok advertising. She provides step-by-step instructions for finding competitors through Google search, analyzing their ads on Facebook Ad Library, and exploring top ads on TikTok Ad Library. By examining their creatives, format, and text, Sydney identifies trends and tactics to incorporate into original content. She emphasizes the importance of tailoring ideas to suit your brand's audience and values while avoiding copying competitors' exact words or structure. Overall, Sydney offers practical insights for marketers to enhance their social media advertising strategies.

Facebook Ads Tutorial 2019 | How To Spy & Steal Your Competitor's Facebook Ads For FREE

Hey everybody, Front Line here and welcome to my Facebook Ads training. In this video, I'm going to share with you how to spy on your competitors' Facebook ads and steal them.

Why spying on competitors is important:

By following my strategies, you can spy on your competitors and mimic what they're doing, especially if you found an ad that is producing phenomenal results. This is completely free for us as advertisers to spy on our competitors and use it for our own business.

Facebook's transparency:

After the Facebook scandal, Facebook is forced to be transparent and they have done a lot of updates to be transparent on what advertisers are advertising. As a consumer on Facebook, we actually get to see exactly what these Facebook pages are advertising. This gives us as advertisers and business owners a complete advantage.

Facebook's info and ads tab:

Facebook released something called the info and ads tab. This allowed us to see all ads that were being run by a Facebook page. However, this has officially been removed.

Facebook's ad library:

The beauty is that Facebook released something called the Facebook ad library. This is even better than the info and ads tab. You can actually spend a lot of time on this page to research your competitors and most importantly, spy on them and copy what they're doing.

Steps to spy on your competitors:

Step 1: Interact with ads related to your business. This will trigger Facebook to know that you're interested in those products and show you more ads related to that.

Step 2: Search for related posts and Facebook pages in your niche. Use the Facebook ad library to spy on what they're doing.

Bonus tip:

If you see an ad that uses bitly, congratulations! You have won the jackpot because by simply copying the bitly URL and adding the plus sign right after it, you can see all the data about that ad.


To demonstrate how to use Facebook's ad library, we'll use the example of a dog water bottle. By clicking on an ad related to that niche and copying the Facebook page's name, we can go to the ad library and see all active ads that they're running and when they launched.


Use this strategy ethically. Don't copy work word for word. Use it as a resource to learn and gain knowledge. Make variations of it and start getting more success with your business.

By using Facebook's ad library, you can spy on your competitors and mimic what they're doing, especially if you found an ad that is producing phenomenal results. Use this strategy ethically and gain knowledge to make variations and start getting more success with your business.

Facebook Ads Spy | Winning Products | Shopify Dropshipping

In this video, the presenter introduces a spy tool that can help in finding winning products for dropshipping stores. The tool allows users to spy on different media pages using various functions to find products that could not be found through platforms like Alibaba.

Using the Big Spy Tool:

After signing up for the tool, the presenter clicks on ecom and then on the search function. They demonstrate how to search for Shopify products that are being advertised on Facebook in the United States and in English. They also show how to filter the search results by marketing objective, such as shopping.

The presenter shows different products that have high impressions and shares, indicating that they are popular products. They discuss why they prefer not to sell clothing due to sizing issues, and show a product they are interested in selling.

Using Fulfillment:

The presenter recommends using Fulfillment.com, a website that provides access to a product catalog of hot-selling products and helps in finding trustworthy suppliers. They explain how Fulfillment.com can help in branding, product videos, and after-sale care, among other things.

The video is a tutorial on how to use the Big Spy Tool to find winning products for dropshipping stores and how Fulfillment.com can help in finding reliable suppliers and creating a unique shopping experience. The presenter provides valuable insights and tips for dropshipping beginners and experienced sellers.

How To Spy On Your Competitors Facebook Ads in 2023 | Facebook Ads 2023 Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how you can spy on your competitors' Facebook ads? Well, it's possible with the Facebook Ad Library! In this article, we'll walk you through the top five things to look out for when studying your competitors' ads.

- Wouldn't it be great to see your competitors' exact ads?

- Facebook Ad Library allows you to spy on your competitors' ads

- Top 5 things to look out for when studying competitors' ads

1. Positioning:

- What are they offering?

- Why are they trying to get people to their email list?

- Look at examples from World Envision clothing brand

2. Platforms:

- What platforms are they running on?

- Look at examples from Sour Strips candy brand

3. Traffic:

- Where are they sending their traffic?

- Learn more, giveaway, shop now?

- Look at examples from Flintstone Vitamins

4. Creatives:

- What type of creatives are they using?

- Video ads, static images, influencers?

- Look at examples from Flintstone Vitamins

5. Copy:

- What are the headlines and call-to-actions?

- Look at examples from Keller Williams real estate brand

- Studying your competitors' ads can give you valuable insights

- Look at positioning, platforms, traffic, creatives, and copy

- Use the information to improve your own ads and stay ahead of the competition!

Facebook Ads Spy Tool | Google Ads Spy | Ads Spy Tool

- The video shows how to find winning products on a weekly basis.

- Bigspy.com is introduced as a tool to search for other people's ads for different products.

- The importance of finding a reputable supplier from China is emphasized.

- Fulfillment services are recommended as a solution to finding great products and setting up a successful dropshipping business.

Using Bigspy.com to Find Winning Products:

- Select the ecom platform and search for other people's ads for products.

- Look for key metrics such as marketing objectives, comments, and shares.

- Click on the ad to see the product and website.

- Browse the website and check out the product descriptions and reviews.

- Repeat the process to find more potential winning products.

Using Fulfillment Services to Set Up a Successful Dropshipping Business:

- Fulfillment services offer an amazing product catalog with winning products.

- They also provide high-quality products and great aftercare for customers.

- Setting up a dropshipping business properly is emphasized to avoid problems in the future.

- The importance of finding a reputable supplier is emphasized again.

- The video offers a helpful guide to finding winning products and setting up a successful dropshipping business.

- Bigspy.com and fulfillment services are recommended as tools to achieve success.

- The importance of setting up a business properly and finding a reputable supplier is emphasized throughout the video.

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