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square or shopify

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Shopify VS Square: Which One For Your Small Business?

Welcome back Mavericks. Today, we're comparing Shopify versus Square to find out which one of these platforms is best for your business. There are good reasons why merchants like Shopify and Square- They are two of the largest all-in-one merchant solutions- as they rise above the pack in terms of the value they promise. Today, we examine the similarities and differences between the 2, so you can choose the right one that best fits your needs. But before we dive into this comparison, be sure to ring the bell and subscribe to our youtube channel. I don't know somewhere somewhere around here. All right, let's get started. Both Shopify and Square have grown considerably in the past few years. The result Is that the two services started off catering to very different audiences, now have very similar offerings. Both provide the tools needed for a brick and mortar shop or an online store. So let's take a quick look at the two company services before we do an in-depth comparison. Shopify originally launched in 2006 as an eCommerce software. Since then, shopify has made selling online much easier for merchants, especially those who are just starting their business. They provide all the basic tools that you would need as a merchant or for more advanced eCommerce functions. they offer over 2000 integrations and apps to fill any feature gaps essentially, And if you're a brick and mortar business owner, you can enjoy the solid inventory management reporting options, crm functionality, gift cards and much more. Countless integrations are available and shopify provides free, 24/7 tik support. So I encourage you to read our Shopify review to get the full scoop. The link is below. But in terms of pros, Shopify has some great reporting and crm features, a stronger pos system than that of Square, a massive amount of integrations and 24/7 customer service. As for the cons, Shopify charges a monthly fee, the cost of add-ons can add up fast and Shopify's POS offline mode is a bit weak. On the other hand, Square is the most comprehensive free mobile POS out there. When the company was founded in 2009,, they were the first to make card processing widely available to everyone using a free card reader and a smartphone. Having grown exponentially since then, Square now offers a comprehensive suite of business products for merchants just like you looking to sell in-store, online and on the go. And unlike Shopify, Square and its POS app, Square point of sale charges no monthly fee, making it great. if you sell in person but only process card payments once in a while. If you're processing a low volume each month, Square is a partikularly attractive solution, So click the link below to read our full review of Square to get the bigger picture. As for Square's pros, it has affordable chip card readers, no monthly fees - unlike Shopify - a great feature set, tons of integrations. And for the cons, the customer service is not 24/7, there are some account stability issues and costs can accumulate with add-ons. In terms of features, when we compare both side by side, Shopify is the clear winner. There's definitely a lot to discuss in this section, So i'll cover the essential points. Let's look at the pos apps. Shopify's POS used to be strictly for iOS, but the app is now available for android, smartphones and tablets as well. Square also supports your choice of android and iOS devices with its free point of sale app. Square's premium app for retailers, called Square for retail, is an iPad exclusive piece of software with some advanced features. Now let's take a look at what Shopify's POS system includes. It accepts all forms of payments. you can split tender, which is useful. you can accept two or more forms of payment in a single transaction. features discounts, store credit, invoicing: you can send invoices to your customers with a secure checkout. link- reporting item variants like set colors, styles and pricing- syncing automatikally. syncs to your inventory across all channels. email or print receipts. connect with external payment processors, inventory track, stok levels, different barcodes, employee accounts, full and partial refunds, gift cards- which are only for iPad- offline capabilities- which are limited for Shopify- tax rate calculation and much more. The detailed list is available in the artikle that we've linked below, so again, please check it out to get more information. And so Square's pos includes the ability to accept credit card payments, also split tender discounts, reporting item variants like set color styles and pricing. You can also sync your inventory across multiple channels. you can get stok alerts: email, sms and print receipts, inventory management, employee accounts- including timekeeping, invoicing, full and partial refunds, gift cards, offline capabilities, tax features, loyalty programs and much more. And these are just the basics of what Shopify and Square offer in terms of POS and e-commerce features. Both also offer a range of hardware options, From free credit card readers to full-fledged retail kits with everything you would need for a conventional register setup. At the very least, you'll need a card reader to use with your smartphone or tablet, And if you decide you need more of a registered type setup, both provide ready-to-go retail bundles that you can use to set up your system, from receipt printers to cash drawers and more. There are also many other hardware options available, including card readers, shipping label printers, receipt printers, cash drawers and stands In many different configurations depending on your needs and budget. So for the complete list of hardware pricing, be sure to visit our in-depth review again at the link below. A lot of businesses don't have the time or manpower to spend on learning new software or training new employees, So ease of use is a big factor when choosing a pos system. It's difficult to judge which system is easier to use, because both Square and Shopify have so many features included in their products. They both target very similar audiences with similar needs and for both services, the idea of making everything easier for small businesses to operate iIs part of why they exist And for the most part, their products succeed in terms of easing the burden on the end-user, which is you and your employees. Both companies payment processing charges are easy to understand and are far more straightforward than your average merchant account provider. Both companies provide POS setups that you won't have to spend much time learning or training your employees to use. While there are differences- and some are important differences- they don't really affect the way the systems are utilized in everyday commerce or function, And if you do have a question or a problem with your service. customer service and support can be a major stiking point for any product or system, And often a lack of these is why so many products fail, And Shopify is the clear winner in terms of support, No matter what plan you have, they offer 24/7 access to their support team, which is actually quite remarkable in any industry, And their support team's reputation is really good as well, with timely responses and helpful solutions. Their online knowledge base is also very detailed, so you may be able to find your answers there without ever having to pick up the phone. Square has invested a great deal of effort into improving their customer service, and it seems to have paid off, But it's still a flawed system. Square's phone support is not available 24/7, and before you can even call in, you have to go through an online support system to receive a code. However, Square's online resources are outstanding And, unless you're dealing with a complicated account-specific issue, you should be able to find your answer without having to contact Square directly. So, after all this information, which service is right for you? We've examined t.


i currently have multiple websites on both squarespace and shopify, and here's the thing: both squarespace and shopify are excellent website builders, but they do have major differences. by the end of this video, you'll understand the right time to use squarespace and the right time to use shopify. okay, let's get into it. the year is 2010.. lost is still on television and steve jobs just unveiled the ipad. squarespace and shopify are young, upstart companies. this is shopify's homepage. it's pretty clear what they're building: a tool for building online stores. this is squarespace's homepage. pretty clear what they're building, too: a tool for building all kinds of websites for bloggers, businesses, authors, teachers, lawyers, doctors, anything. today, squarespace and shopify's homepage slogans are grander and, honestly, kind of more ambiguous. so it's helpful to remember where they came from, because at their core, it's still fundamentally who they are. squarespace is a tool for building all kinds of websites, including online stores. shopify is a tool for building just online stores. in this video, we'll see how this difference plays out in ease of use, e-commerce templates, pricing and more. my work is supported by affiliate commissions, so you can find a link to both squarespace and shopify in the video description. if you click that link, i might earn a commission. let's start with ease of use. this is squarespace and this is shopify. we're going to edit a page with both. so let's open a page in squarespace and hit edit. we can just start writing in this text element. we'll add a heading and we're editing, but we can pull back and see how everything looks because it's a visual editor. now let's edit a page in shopify- so online store pages. we'll open it and here's our page. we can add text, but shopify is not a visual editor. so, to see how things are looking, we can save and view the page. okay, now what if we want to add something cool like a photo gallery? well, with squarespace, it's pretty easy. we click add, choose a gallery and upload our photos. nice. now shopify doesn't have a gallery that we can add, at least not by default, so we need to upload each image individually. let's fast forward through this. there we go, we can save and view our page, and there we go. remember, squarespace is for all kinds of websites, so they need a flexible page editor that can build all kinds of pages: homepage, photo galleries, about us pages, blogs, contact pages, testimonials and a bunch more. shopify is just for online stores and online stores basically all have the same pages. they need a home page, product page and checkout page and maybe a categories page. because of that, it's just not as high of a priority for shopify to have a flexible page editor like squarespace. let's look at something else. let's look at editing our website theme. if we want to edit our theme on squarespace, we go to design site styles and let's change our font. we have a bunch of fonts we can choose from, but let's try this one. okay. let's go back and edit the colors. so we have a palette for our website and it's an easy way to add our brand colors if we edit it. so let's choose from some preset colors- interesting, okay, yep. what i like about squarespace is that if you'd like to get really specific and change exactly where and how colors and fonts are used, you can still do that too. so let's customize our theme. in shopify. we go to themes, customize and theme settings and here we can set some colors. so let's change the color of the headings- okay, and if we scroll down to typography, we can choose some different fonts. now, we do often run into some limits when customizing shopify themes. for example, we can change the text color, but what if i want a different color for the out of stok tags. well, unfortunately, in order to do that, i'd need to edit some css code, which can be frustrating if you're not comfortable with code. overall, squarespace is just easier to use. they've removed as many obstacles as possible so that anyone can build any kind of website. shopify is all about removing obstacles too, but in a different way. shopify is all about removing obstacles for creating online stores, and this is where shopify really shines. so let's tok about e-commerce. it's only when you build an online store that you really gain an appreciation for how complicated it really is. then you realize there is a lot to think about. you need a credit card processor to accept credit cards. you need to collect accurate taxes. you need to integrate with shipping services that can estimate shipping for your customers and also make it easy to print shipping labels, and a whole lot more beyond this. in my experience, shopify makes these complications much simpler and in many cases, they've made e-commerce easier than squarespace. for example, in order to accept credit cards on squarespace, you need to integrate with a credit card processor such as stripe, a payment processing company. it's just another step and hassle. by default, shopify hooks you into their own credit card processor called shopify payments. so if shopify payments works for you, you don't ever need to think further about payment processing. it just works out of the gate. setting up accurate taxes with squarespace takes some work, especially for canadians like me. i have to manually go through each province and set its tax rate. shopify automatikally has these provincial tax rates built in, so i can just quickly get up and running and not have to think too hard about it. and shopify integrates with a ton of shipping services, and you'll definitely want to integrate with a shipping service because it makes things like printing off shipping labels really easy. i've had mixed success with this on squarespace. my shipping service is canada post because i'm canadian, but squarespace only integrates with fedex or usps for automatik shipping calculations, which makes my life a lot more complicated. and then, on top of all of this is shopify's most important e-commerce feature: the app store. [Music]. online stores always need random features that you don't think about at first, and the shopify app store is here to help. there's apps for everything: restok alerts, facebook integrations, live chat, product reviews. basically, shopify's core includes everything that most stores need: products, discounts, that kind of thing. the app store includes everything else, so you can add a live chat app or a restok notification app for customers. there are thousands of apps on shopify's app store and it's growing fast. squarespace has something similar called squarespace extensions, but it's much smaller: 31 extensions currently. so you can sell physical products on both shopify and squarespace. but shopify definitely makes it easier, and if you listen to squarespace's ceo, anthony casolina, he's actually pretty frank that while squarespace enables you to sell physical products, just like shopify, they're actually trying to push their commerce into new areas like appointment scheduling and taking reservations for restaurants. squarespace is not just websites and and physical commerce. it's so much more. it's tools for the hospitality industry. it's tools for appointment booking and scheduling. um, there's new emerging business models. we want to highlight things like member areas, which we're going to expand into, and so squarespace has focused on types of commerce that shopify isn't great at, like restaurant reservations, selling memberships and courses and appointment scheduling, and for these types of commerce, squarespace is really excellent. okay, templates. templates, of course, are the look and feel of your website. let's take a look at some squarespace templates and now shopify [Music]. as you can see, there are beautiful templates available for both squarespace and shopify, though i do find squarespace templates are just a lot easier to customize and make beautiful like. one of my favorite features is the section editor. it makes it quick and easy to create pretty beautiful splash sections. you can kind of do that with shopify, but i

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Top 3 Shopify Alternatives - Cheaper and Better

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Shopify vs Squarespace (Which is the best eCommerce Builder?)

so shopify and squarespace are two absolutely dominant players in the website building space, but that doesn't mean they're both great choices for you. in fact, they're both very different and they're really good at really different things, but it's not especially obvious for most people which one you should be getting. so in this video, we're going to compare the two head-to-head and see which one's actually the better builder for your needs. whether you are a personal brand, selling stuff, drop shipping, a fundraiser, it doesn't matter what you're looking for. we're going to tok about that in this video and help you decide which of these is actually the right one to choose. so before we get into the first category, i want to start off with a little bit of a background with both of these builders, and i think this is really going to kind of explain the intent of both of them, and that'll foreshadow and explain a lot throughout the rest of this video. so let's start off with squarespace. squarespace was founded in 2003, and originally it was really just to help people make general websites, and it's kind of expanded from there. now you're able to host podcasts on here. it's fantastik for blogging, single page websites, multi-page websites and, of course, e-commerce as well, and so because it's kind of well-rounded, there, it's really been our go-to recommendation, just as a blanket recommendation. if somebody just says, hey, mike, i want to make a website, and they don't say anything else, i'm just going to say: have you tried squarespace? and that's really a go-to for that one. but because they're kind of so well-rounded, they're not hyper-focused in any one category. now on the flip side, we're seeing shopify was founded in 2006 and they are hyper focused. they're extremely focused on one partikular client and that is the e-commerce user, the e-commerce merchant, anybody looking to sell online. that is really exclusively what shopify does. now, that doesn't mean that they're always better because, like i said, squarespace has a lot of those peripheral tools. so, for example, if you are somebody looking to have an online store but you also want to have a podcast, a couple about me pages, and you really want a well-rounded website but you still want to sell stuff, squarespace might be your better option there, and we'll tok more about that in a minute. but just keep in mind that the main intent of shopify is absolutely to be selling to clients, so that's going to be why it's more scalable in general. you're going to see a lot of big e-commerce-based stuff around them, a lot more payments being accepted and things of that nature, and, with that being said, that kind of brings us into the very first category of this video. i want to tok about the pricing options. now, pricing with these, as i've mentioned before, is really where you can again see where these two are really oriented. so starting with shopify, being that they're so oriented for e-commerce, their base one is actually 29 per month and their most expensive one is 299 dollars per month. so really widespread there and it's going to make sense. i mean, of course i'll link down below so you guys can check the latest prices, see if they have any sales and read more about what the different tiers actually offer. but it's going to essentially make sense. as you go to the higher tiers, you're seeing lower fees on there when you're selling stuff and, of course, more features as well. now, on the flip side, remember how i said: squarespace was really geared towards anybody and everybody out there that's looking to make a website, and that's exactly what we're seeing here with their pricing as well. so their cheapest option is not really meant for e-commerce, it's going to just be. if you want to make a website in general, i believe you can sell stuff on there, but you have some pretty high fees and stuff like that, so it's really not meant for e-commerce. but it's about uh 12 per month, and their most expensive one is not quite as premium as the shopify one. it actually only goes up to 40 a month, and the first one that they actually call an e-commerce tier, though, is actually 26 dollars a month. so when you're looking at the cheapest e-commerce plan for both of these, when you're kind of, you know, going a head-to-head comparison here, you're looking at 26 versus 29, but that's not the only thing you need to consider. when you're looking at the price, of course, the price per month is very important, but with e-commerce, you also have a price per sale. anytime you're selling stuff, you might be looking at fees on here, and this is also really important to consider. so with shopify, they actually charge 30 cents plus anywhere from 2.4 to 2.9, and a point five to two percent fee, uh, for non-shopify payments transactions, so they really want you to be using shopify payments. unfortunately, they're not accepted everywhere in the world just yet, so there are situations where you wouldn't be using shopify payments and you would still be required to pay that extra fee there, like i said. so that's a little bit of a drawback with shopify, but the good news is they do have plenty of different ways to accept payments as well, anything from amazon payments to paypal to to stripe and squarely. you really have a lot of options out there. now, on the flip side, squarespace has fewer fees and so squarespace actually only accepts stripe, paypal and square, all of which are going to have their own fees on there. but regardless, you generally will be seeing slightly lower fees with squarespace. so really comparing these two head to head in the pricing category, i kind of have to say that these are really kind of tied here. i'll put links below in the description so you guys can go down and check out really what each tier offers you can figure out for your own needs. like, for example, squarespace is going to come with a domain for the first year. you might have different features on shopify, so go down and check those out. i have a link in the description so you can see the latest prices on both of them and compare the tiers to figure out which one's right for you. the next category we tok about is actually the design. so when you're making a website, you want something that looks fantastik, and both of these do a great job of that, but they do it in a very different way. so at first glance, you might say that the clear winner is squarespace, as they have over 110 different uh themes or templates. i'm going to use themes and templates kind of interchangeably here. so, as you can see here, squarespace has tons and tons of different templates you can choose from, and they have a really nice tool on the top where you can sort them. and just look at the online store ones- and even within this category, there are tons of amazing templates to choose from. all of them look fantastik and the good thing is they're included in your subscription. you don't have to pay any extra for these. you can pick whichever one you like and just add it to your site. now, shopify has, uh only nine free themes, so you're much more limited on the free themes, but they do have 72 other paid themes. so when you're looking at paid themes, i'm toking about about 150. but if you want to save that cash and you want to have a theme- uh, that's kind of just, you know- included with your subscription, which i mean honestly, i think is very appealing, then squarespace is a great option here as well, and so, honestly, between the two of them, the number of themes is important, but actually looking at how they appear is a little bit more subjective and, in my opinion, i think squarespace does look a little bit better. so, in general, i do lean towards squarespace, with the design aspect across all the website builders, though squarespace has always been kind of one of my favorites with regards to how they look, they're generally clean, they're easy to build with. so, of course, design and aesthetiks are very important for a website, but equally important are the apps and the features, essentially the functionality of your website and when you

How to Integrate Square with Shopify

hello guys, my name is matu and in today's video i'm going to show you how you can integrate square with shopify. first things first, we have to create ourselves an account at squareupcom or log into your existing account. once we are here in our workspace, we want to go to the left part of our screen, or this sidebar, and click on apps. as you can see, i already integrated zapier into into our square account and. but if you want to make integrations straight through square, click on apps and visit the marketplace. now we want to write down shopify and, as you can see, at the moment square is not supporting shopify straight through his marketplace, so let's go and uh to automate that eo. i will leave the link in the description underneath this video. once we are here, we want to go to the top side of our screen and click on integrations. once we are here, click on see all categories on the bottom left part of your screen. now we want to start with writing down the first app we want to integrate, which is square like this, and once a square is add, edit. we want to continue with shopify. as you can see, we have some popular integrations already made for us, but if you won't be able to find the one that you're looking for. keep scrolling down and, as you can see, there's option of create your own integration. just remember, on the left side, underneath the triggers, you want to start with a square, so click on one of the two options. let's go with the first one and, on the other hand, underneath the actions, you want to go with shopify. there's way more options to choose from, but let's stik with the first one. last thing we have to do is click on try it now button. we'll get a redirected to automate that eo login website and the last thing you have to do is to log in to your account and you're a few clicks away from creating this integration. now we can also use, as i said before, zapiercom, uh, where we also need to create an account. uh, once we do that, let's go to the top left corner and click on create zap. it works basically the same way as it worked at automate. first thing, we have to set up a trigger, which you probably guessed will be square trigger event. yeah, one of the two continue: [Music]. uh, now we have to pick the company. the company will be this one, oh sorry- account. we have to log into the account. so this is our account at square: continue. uh, set up a trigger as a location from which we're going to make this integration will be the m stone project- continue. and now we can test the trigger. the second action will be the app affected by a transaction in square, so will be shopify. now, also, we have to pick an action event. let's stik to the first one: continue. and the last thing is we have to sign in to shopify. and that's about it. thanks for watching and see you on the next video.

Shopify vs Wix 2022 (Don't choose WRONG!)

so i've been using both shopify and wix to build multiple ecommerce stores over the past years. i've even created complete beginner tutorials on how to set up online stores using both shopify and wix. so in this video, i'm going to compare both of these e-commerce platforms side-by-side. this video is not sponsored by any of these platforms. i'm simply gonna give you my honest opinion based on my own experience and based on some further research that i've done for this specific video. so let's get started. [Music]. now i wanna make clear that i'm gonna compare shopify and wix as e-commerce platforms, so a place where you can build an online store and sell things. because this is already where we can spot a big difference between wix and shopify. both companies started out in 2006, but wix started out as a website builder, whereas shopify, from the beginning, focused on being an e-commerce platform. only in the recent years, wix started rolling out e-commerce features allowing us to sell products on a wix website. so, just based on that fact, it's clear that shopify has a lot more experience in the e-commerce space. however, that doesn't mean that we should immediately go and build our store on shopify. so let's go ahead and take a deeper look into both of these platforms, starting with plans and pricing. with shopify, you can choose between three different plans: basic, shopify and advanced. when you're starting out, the basic plan should be more than enough for you, so that would be 29 per month plus transaction fees for every sale that your store makes. you already get a lot with a basic plan, like being able to sell an unlimited amount of products, 24: 7 support and features like discount codes, abandoned card recovery, marketing automation and a lot more. the main difference between the basic plan and the other plans are the transaction fees. so if you go for one of the more expensive plans, you're gonna have lower transaction fees for every sale that your store makes. so when you reach a certain number of revenue per month, it certainly makes sense to upgrade to a higher plan to reduce those transaction fees. we will take a closer look into payment providers and transaction fees later in this video, because obviously this is a very important deciding factor. now let's look at the pricing of wix. on the pricing page, we first have to switch from regular website plans to business and e-commerce plans, because these are the ones we need to go for if you want to sell products on our website. here we also got three plans: business basic, business unlimited and business vip. and, by the way, these prices apply if you pay yearly. if you want to pay on a monthly basis, then these are the prices for the respective plans. with the basic plan, for 34 per month, you get everything you need for a basic online store. however, if you want your international customers to see prices in their local currency or if you want to sell subscription products, then you need to go at least for the business unlimited plan at 38 per month. now, looking at the wix and shopify plans side by side, we can see that the basic plan of shopify is actually a bit cheaper compared to wix's basic plan. if you pay monthly, then the higher tier plans of shopify are much more expensive compared to wix, at least when you first look at them, because one of the main differences here is that wix doesn't reduce their transaction fees for the higher tier plans. so even though you pay more in a monthly subscription fee for a higher tier shopify plan, the overall cost in a month can still be lower compared to wix, because for every sale that you make, you're gonna pay less in transaction fees. so in my opinion, the plans of shopify are a bit more attractive because with the basic plan, you pretty much get everything you need for your online store, and i also like the fact that you can reduce your transaction fees once you start making more money with your store by simply upgrading to a higher tier plan. shopify does have a 14 day free trial, so you can test out everything before choosing a pay plan. you're going to find a link to that trial down below in the video description. however, if you want to launch your store and make it available to visitors, you do need to be on a paid plan. wix doesn't have a limited free trial. you can basically just create a free wix account, take your time to build your store, but then, once you want to start selling, you also need to be on a paid plan. let's move on and compare the website themes of wix and shopify. both platforms have a lot of beautiful themes for all types of online stores. wix literally has hundreds of free online store themes that you can choose from, so the chances are very high that you're gonna find one that you really like that is already optimized for the kind of online store that you want to build. shopify, on the other hand, only has 9 free online store themes. so if you don't like any of these 9 themes for your store, you have the possibility to browse their premium theme library. however, those themes cost you around 300 as a one-time fee, so wix definitely gets a big point here for having a lot of free themes for online stores. however, one of the key differences between wix and shopify themes is that wix themes aren't always fully responsive, meaning that when you look at your website on a mobile device, it won't always be perfectly optimized, so you'll need to make sure to rearrange all the elements that are out of place for smaller screen sizes. wix does have the so called editor x that you can use to build fully responsive designs. however, that is more geared towards the advanced designer and agencies rather than the average user. shopify's themes, on the other hand, are fully responsive, meaning that you can just build everything on desktop view and it'll automatikally look good on mobile as well. now let's tok a bit more about design customization options for wix and shopify generally. you'll be more flexible using wix to design your online store. you can simply use drag and drop to add any element to your website and customize it as you like. this kind of drag and drop doesn't work on shopify. here, everything has its predefined position and you get some customization options on the side menu, so you definitely do get more flexibility when it comes to website design using wix. in terms of ease of use, i have to say that i find both platforms fairly easy to use for beginners. wix really tries to make it as simple as possible for absolute beginners to build a beautiful website. if you want to get your website up and running as quick as possible with minimum design work, you can use their adi website builder. here you can simply answer some questions, pick some favorite designs and then wix will automatikally design your online store based on your answers. shopify doesn't have something like that, but i still think it's fairly straightforward to build your first online store, especially if you use my shopify tutorial to guide you through step by step. in terms of managing everything else that comes with running an online store, like fulfilling orders, managing inventory handling, customer support or sending out marketing emails, i would say that both of them are equally easy to use. i personally like shopify a bit better in terms of user experience. i just feel like when i use shopify, i really notike that everything is specifically made for selling online and everything is optimized for that specific purpose, so there's no unnecessary features that distract you from what's actually important. however, i did read a lot of comments from similar videos like this one, and saw a lot of people saying that they found wigs a lot easier to use and a lot less complex. so probably the best way would be to sign up for both of these platforms and see for yourself which one comes easier to you. and, by the way, if you need some help in the beginning getting started with either shopify or wix, definitely make sure to watch my beginner tutorials here on youtube. they already helped out.