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st jude ads

Published on: February 8 2023 by pipiads

Because of St. Jude

[Music]. Some days it feels like it's never gonna stop. it's kind of a mental war. sometimes you just feel like it's not going to get any better. [Spanish]. when you go through suffering, you learn a lot about yourself, cause stuff comes out of every bad situation: Dark circles all around my eyes. I was just out of it in one moment. those three words: "you have cancer" and my whole life changed. without cancer, Who am I? I feel like I could do anything. I could go to college, be a nurse and be a doctor, anything. I'm a straight-A student focusing on get my bachelor's degree in Journalism. I'm doing one step at a time. I would like to go in the filming industry. it's kind of always been something awesome to me, but it's gonna take some work. well, I was going through, you know, chemo. I learned how to read Greens, I chipped and putted, I worked on sand shots. it's stuff that I would need to know. the best score I've had is in 86, but I really want to get down to 85 or less. I've been working at it and I think that's achievable now. I don't let physical limitations even cross my mind at any point in time. I'm just hoping to be sitting in a broadcast booth somewhere. hopefully, that's-that's my goal. I'm not the same person I was when I first went into this. I'm a better human being and individual because I went to St Jude. it wasn't like a hospital, it was like a fun, loving community- a family. [Music]. [Danny Thomas speaking]. You and I held out that we will do everything in our power to bring about the defeat these catastrophic diseases. St Jude Children's Research Hospital- world renowned- I need your help-. advancements in pediatrics- I can do it alone- and clinical care- please help me- we're going to treat children of every Creed, nationality and color and by the grace of God, it shall be done. [Outro Music].

Dream Adventures Film | Expedia + St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

they like apples and carrots and tomatoes maybe? yeah, a lot of the children that are at st Jude Children's Research Hospital are there for months or maybe even years, and they're not able to go out and see different parts of the world. this experience allows me to bring Tiaras dream to her from thousands of miles away. hopefully, she'll feel as if she's here in Argentina and that she is on this adventure with these wild horses with me. anything I can do to help make today better for her is my honor to do. hi, Chiara, I'm Sara. are you ready to go see some wild horses? yeah, let's go. hey, Anna, are you ready to start this adventure? hey, tiger, you ready to find some fossils? hi, isaiah's, are you love monkey? which one's your favorite? watch that? this is a dinosaur carnivore? that's a rapper, right? yeah, good job. seeing the world really is a powerful thing, and we believe that everyone should have the chance to experience it. you, you.

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St. Jude 2022 | Stories from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

and we are live once again from the saint jude dream home giveaway, where today is day number one: your chance to get your tiket to win that 550 thousand dollar statue dream home built by buckeye real estate group. and you may be wondering what is this all for? it's for the kids and for the families at st jude, but also the research that they do at saint jude, now saint jude children's research hospital. it actually opened over 60 years ago and, of course, those doors were opened by the founder, toledo toledo's danny thomas. the research that saint jude freely shares. it continues to advance and it continues to save lives. this song, though, this song is a very important song and it is one that celebrates another: no more chemo party. we love to see you every [Music] day out the door. you don't get chemo anymore. the story of defeating cancer started in eighth grade for sam scaurin, so i was diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma, um stage two, and i was then decided to go to saint jude. cancer ran in the family: her stepdad, grandfather and two cousins- one cousin, the same diagnosis as sam hodgkin lymphoma. i knew once i was diagnosed and from having um so much knowledge of saint jude- and i never even visited saint jude. but just knowing how they were, i was like i want to go to saint jude. so i think it was kind of like engraved in my brain: saint jude is where i want to be. it started as flu-like symptoms, but a trip to the doctors discovered more. i don't know what it was, i think i'm forever for this, but he wanted a chest x-ray and so with the chest x-ray it showed there was a mass on my um, pressing against my heart, in between my breast bones, and it was, i believe, three inches by five inches. the biopsy confirmed cancer without hesitation. sam and her mom were off to saint jude. we arrived- i remember it was almost 10 o'clock at night and my mom was so worried and i was, you know, young- didn't know what to expect. but walking in, it was just a feeling of. i was relaxed, i felt calm. treatment began immediately. the results at st jude almost as quick. so at st jude my protokol was 12 weeks of chemo once a week and then i would end it all with radiation and that was for three full weeks, monday through friday, and i started the chemo in february and my third treatment of chemo i was already cancer-free. the cancer wiped out but the treatment continued. ending my eighth grade year and getting into high school, i was trying to try out for cheerleading. i wanted to be with my friends. so st jude sent my protokol to akron children's in boardman, ohio, and i was able to do my protokol um at home, now 10 years, cancer-free. sam recently visited saint jude just months ago and continues to give to st jude. they asked me to be on the life study. so i'm still never going to be away from st. so they still want me to come every two to four years and they're going to use what they have learned from my treatment and how i've reacted to it and how it was when they sent my protokol or how many treatments i had. the life study ensures that research continues, all of it freely shared by saint jude all over the world, never at a cost. survival rates for hodgkin lymphoma are now over 90 percent. i am telling you right now i we have never seen a bill. we have never seen a bill for food, for transportation, for travel, for housing. i have never, ever seen a bill. no child or family has ever received a bill from saint jude. thanks to your generosity, precious lives saved. it was the dream of toledo's danny thomas that no child should die in the dawn of life. he was able to keep my family together, he was able to save me from this cancer and he was able to allow me to be someone to promote saint jude in a positive way. so i, he, he saved my life and that is the face of a hero, our hero, toledo's danny thomas, where his spirit lives on today. his generosity lives on today in this community supporting this saint jude dream home giveaway. and we can't do it out with, without you and your support. these tikets, the purchases that you do, the res tikets you reserve, go directly to those kids and those families down at st jude. jeff, it is an experience that i've had several times now. i've been down to the hospital myself four times dealing with these patients and these families and the heartbreak that they've dealt with, dealing with cancer, but to know that they have hope and that hope comes from saint jude. and once again, i mean we just can't reiterate to people enough, chris, that these tikets they go fast and we were surprised, we were even flabbergasted by how quickly last year. they go so quick and they're limited. so once they're gone, they're going to be gone and that year's campaign will be over with. so go ahead and get your tiket right now it's 100, that cost has not changed and of course it goes to treat those kids: all their medical treatment, their travel, their housing, their food. you heard it from sam right there: she's never received a bill for any of that in your entire life and she will continue to be part of that life research, ensuring that one day, jeff, we defeat childhood cancer.


Crown Tower with ads.wmv

you salvini, lamasery, mcginnis, nugent, a Mon Ami, walrus, para tomar by yahoo mimic the same animal friends. but it's not all fun and games, aside from the usual pressures of studying engine when your handles of commuting or driving to and from school, I know that's what drums are for, right, tatola. nothing can replace the comfort of living at home. a place that's near school and consoles like home is just what every hard-working student needs. the university belt is a melting pot of different school cultures, housing the highest concentration of schools and universities in Manila. it is a second home to thousands of students. very accessible, emanon you built. you can take the LRT one or two or ride the numerous GPS and FX s the prowl Manila street. but after a long day at school, Fatima, traffic, ola, not in yet had a pinata. perhaps it's time to move to a home that's closer to school. some are nothing new in see, miss Beth. she is the president and CEO of polar mines. they are the people behind crown power university build. so many dumb I'll. it's been ok. i'll also say okay, salamat, Sapa, give me the family. it actually, sir, pleasure. okay, can you tell us, Quentin gentleman, Salman Khan, the Battle of your vision and company when you conceptualize ground power university, but actually when we conceptualize it, we have really students in our mind. our vision is to provide them a better learning facility. it's more than the usual college dorm experience. that's welcome news to me and say when I think of dorms usually needs a coma. see, keep my email. maraming tao. what makes your development so different? we provide a lack of amenities are conducive for their energy. okay, like I know, I know Mom, like myself, on cyber library recently. that cyber library, if I don't wanna 24, no, nothing, typewriter gunfire, what size? 11? actually. it's a place where students can really study, can have their group study- I'm a powerful government- and of course there is a swimming pool, swimming pool or they could relax after public arena mancillas much study. there's also gym to make their body healthy, of course, and of course there is a Sun Deck guidance where they could launch also okay. another thing that that's really important to parents is security and applying security features. now, crown tower, what we need is to provide a 24-hour security and of course there's also the CCTV camera where really our cards can really make sure that the place where is secure for all the residents in the place. all right, thank you very much, miss Bev, for inviting us. I'm very excited for your development and restore water for that knowledge. h nay anh da roi, ve shakira. so all the best of luck and thank you. thank you, okay, it's really our pleasure. I hey, yeah, hi, hi, good to know. i'm gonna wanna, who has a man whom tasty, I need to study, but I don't wanna go home. nah, i see. well, haha, a lot more gentle enough, on a pyramid lanza from our university. we can study there. i am here, so welcome to my place. thank you for helping this idea. you're welcome. you like it guys. yeah, except to thank you, Kate, wake up a pack. Oh, Gabe was in another place, is so near and it's so conducive to skype. behave, Kim Dylan. for undergraduates in CPU, be medical and law students, professors and professionals on night shifts can enjoy a good night's rest without the hassle of a long commute.

Stop Seeing The Same Youtube Ad! Over and Over...

hey, thanks for clicking on this video. I have a very quick explanation on how to remove annoying YouTube ads that you're seeing over and over again. are you ready for it? Adblock, I'm just messing around the real way to do it. well, if you don't have Adblock and you don't plan on getting Adblock, or, if you like, supporting creators on YouTube that have these ads- obviously it's this primary source of income for a lot of people on YouTube. there is a way that you can remove specific ads that are competitive or annoying or you just, flat out, just don't like the product, whatever it might be. it's really simple. if you'd like to go right to that point, please go in the description or skip to the timestamp. right here I'm going to do a little bit of explaining kind of what's going on right now with YouTube ads and why you might be getting some really annoying ones between now and then. I hope Andre does not kill me for showing this on his channel, because I really like the guy his Channel's been blowing up. probably use his channel as a references, because I was just recently watching an ad. I saw one that was really annoying, and so I'm going to use his channel as an example before we move on any further, make sure you smash like subscribe for more. get right into it if you're tired of seeing those ads. the guy with the stack of cash saying I made this while you were going pooped this morning- I don't know if you've seen that one. or have you seen the young kid who's saying: people ask me all the time for investment advice? or any of the other countless Guru ads that are just trying to pry on people's desire to get rich quick, join the club. these ads have been absolutely out of control on the finance channels. especially if you've been looking up any YouTube videos, they're always bad in terms of how often people try to sell us on their stok performance, their penny stoks, their how to time the market, how to make a couple percentage points every day. yada, yada is non-stop. but during this pandemic it has been even worse. I'm going to show you this artikle is very interesting by say, it's Chris stokel Walker. I'll link this artikle in the description below. we've heard about this, but it only makes sense. basically, what this artikle boils down to is the advertising rates have dropped significantly during the pandemic, and that makes a lot of sense. the artikle goes on to explain while boredom inducing stay-at-home orders may be good for YouTube channel traffic increasing by 15, according to New York Times, YouTubers say that the rates companies paid advertise on their videos are dropping significantly. that means that despite increased I just some YouTubers are making less money. this, right here, is a really interesting fact that it brings up. the interactive advertising Bureau in advertising industry body suggests that one in four media buyers and brands have paused all advertising for the first half of 2020 and a further 46 percent have adjusted their spending downward. so a lot of the major players in YouTube advertising space have cut their advertising big time, which means ad rates will lower. that means that there will be less competition, which will also mean that people will be able to buy ads up for cheaper that are selling services like these that have no cost other than usually people's time. mostly, services are some sort of a training course that they've already developed and all their costs are already accounted for. maybe they have some minor costs, like mainly just their time, but that's about it. so that's the big reason right now why you're seeing more of these individual ads than before. you used to get some of them sprinkled in with some of the major companies advertisements. but with this whole pandemic, with the economy shrinking, companies are way less apt to be just spending money on advertisements, which has opened the door for a lot more advertising from these smaller businesses and people. if you want to stop these annoying ads once and for all, the number one way to do so is to stop clicking and watching the ads all the way through. that is how they get conversions. unfortunately, this will hurt creators that are getting these ads on their Channel. hopefully, one day I have them on mine as well. so this might be bad advice. it might hurt me in the future. but if these ads are driving you nuts, or if you just have a specific ad, maybe that is bothering you. we're going to go into that right now on how to cancel that, both on mobile and on your desktop. so back on Andre's Channel. let's click on a video, see if we can find an ad. what is the biggest and most profitable Market you can think of? and boom. current world popular Nation: seven billion, seven hundred and seventy nine million. six hundred ninety one thousand. that's zero seven twenty nine. click this ad right now to discover how you can cash in on the one product that every single person in the world is desperate. obviously some sort of a stok product, interesting. whoever this guy is. I hope you don't get mad at me if you see this video, but we're going to, on desktop, get rid of this. so you see this if you hover over here. well, exclamation point with a circle around it says why this ad you click on it. stop seeing this ad is all you gotta press. give a reason why: repetitive, inappropriate or irrelevant. I'll say repetitive, close and you'll no longer see this specific ad. now, a lot of times, as some of the ads I showed you earlier, there's multiple variations of the ad. the same person might have five or six different ads, or maybe even more, that they're running. so you're gonna have to do this for each ad if it's really just a specific person that really drives you nuts. but again, this will impact creators. too many people do it all at once. so, uh, just keep that in mind. you may decide to just grin and bear it for your favorite YouTuber that you were watching so that they continue to make a little bit of money while you are viewing their ads. but just thought I'd show you. and then, if you open up YouTube on your phone, boom and it's the same exact thing. you can pause the ad to make sure you don't miss it. if it's a quick, skippable ad, press that icon, just like on the desktop. stop seeing this ad, click that, yes, and then you just press one of the three options. I said: irrelevant, send and you are done back to Andre GX: Awesome YouTube content. so if I don't know if anybody's gonna get mad at me for making this video or not, I don't think they should. I mean, this is what it is meant for. things are irrelevant or you just really don't like seeing the ad. there is an option there for people to do. I don't think enough people use it. you may already know this. it's not some special trick, it's right there. A lot of times myself, even though I've done this before, I still am looking so fast to press that skip button that I, for whatever reason, forget that. I can just not see that specific ad anymore. it does take a couple more seconds, but again you might have one that's just bugging you like crazy and now you know how to do that. if you didn't know before, if this was helpful, make sure again. if you didn't know this right now, go and press that thumbs up button- it would mean a lot- and subscribe if you'd like to see more content. that's helpful and another Finance related information. some of these ads- I'm honestly not sure who the heck clicks on them and how they're making money, but I wouldn't be running them so frequently if they weren't. so band together, get rid of some of these guys, man. they are driving me nuts. I'm sure they are too, especially if you are watching this video. so thanks again for tuning in. until next time. peace. [Music]. [Music].

Irish Girl watches weird American SUPERBOWL Commercials For the First Time

oh, the last time I reacted to weird American commercials, I got a ton of requests for Super Bowl ones and I asked you guys to remind me when Super Bowl was coming around so that I could do a reaction to your weirdest ones that you wanted to see. and, lo and behold, my Twitter was abuzz with people suggesting Super Bowl commercials for me to react to. so I had a pile, go through them and pick a the weirdest ones for me to watch, and I'm gonna go through them right now. before I do that, if you do enjoy the content on this channel, can you do me a favor and subscribe and do the thumbs up ething, because, as it turns out, people still aren't subscribed, like 70% of the people who watch the videos. I hate having to ask, but it's just a thing I have to do. there is so much to get on with. I'm gonna just do that and get on with next. oh, I'm annoying myself today. I actually need this light relief. do you want to watch damn commercials too? okay, here we go. oh, if you're looking for puppymonkeybaby, i already reacted to it, so I did get a lot of requests for it again, like: is he actually upside down or what for the great taste, little filly up and never let you down. well, that's certainly fall in love with the outside. warm it. oh my god, the implications of that ad II don't even know. I asked for beard. I guess I got weird. thanks, guys. oh, I like this little guy, I love this one. you know you could always compromise and breed them together. dobro, wah-wah, know what I mean? I've never seen a breed like this. Lorelei, I don't know what to make of the franc. okay, it's unsettling, it's disturbing to look. Sarah McLachlan's Pacific- oh my god, I don't like the fact that it's looking this way. they're pretty cute. [Applause]. much better. smart, that's a smart answer. you don't need to convince me that an audio key- whatever they're called. the car is the bee's knees still can't drive, though, so well. Farrell, yeah, I heard that a lot of Super Bowl ads hire big celebrities. Statham, what's he doing? he's just walking. it's pretty epic though. the music and everything. [Music]. that is genius. oh my god. oh, that is so clever. that is just because it makes everything. it makes the actual product name stik in your head. you couldn't do it again. that was, that was the bomb. there are two sides to go, Daddy. there's the sexy side, represented by Bar Refaeli, and a marked side that creates a killer website for your small business, represented by Walter. you're doing from something perfect. I see a meme: oh my, get your domain and website at godaddycom. good for her. what am I actually watching? what? it's not even an animal. where's those new Santa Fe trio subs with smoky Chipotle sauce? try chicken, roast beef or smoked turkey. god, I feel violated. Betty White, she's an American institution. you're not you. when you're hungry, Snickers satisfied. I mean, we have a lot of Snickers ants here too. you know, it's kind of standard. go work on that thing. yeah, see face. to think I don't know much about America. hmm, oh yes, yes, it's dirty dancing. oh yeah, the urgency. so I'll tell you something. this could be love, because, oh the time of my life, I guess this would be more entertaining. wow, that lift, though I guess this. I'm gonna assume those guys are famous football players, so I don't get that. I don't get the in joke, but I enjoyed the dirty dancing element. oh, it's a classic. we actually got this ad over here back in the day and this is not Scotty's, like he's not, they just replicated it here. but it's also getting in my head [Music]. not gold means what? and there's your beautiful baby. any day now, really, you're eating Doritos. he's eating Doritos. oh, my ultra already know it's gonna suck, but I have to do, I know. behold the bounty of Earth. this is the cube of Rubik. this simple puzzle was actually considered on some stuff in there. sometimes our set of toks- pretty gruesome, and over here we have their alphabet- it was called emotions- could express the vast extent of their emotion. they had Chia Pets, just like we do. and this is the white and gold dress that caused the Civil War. this is Scott Baio. but most amazing of all are the avocados from Mexico. they're always in season so you can enjoy them all year long. anybody want to feed Scott Baio? it's included in the price of admission. no, dude, he's got for us. give me a double dipped, you'll regenerate. no, he won't. Kim's a quad milk her avocados. no, Mexico. Scott Baio was an actor from Happy Days, the TV show. okay, this is so romantik. well, it's about to get a little bit more romantik. a little candlelight, elaborate barbecue. Oh, fresh, smooth, real blood, like cooler Rockets lighting. it's all here. moving on, this man right here is my great-grandfather. he's the first cat herder in our families. don't let anybody tell you it's easy. anybody can hurt cattle. hold them together. look at his face. you don't even know what you are, story's us. we're just happy to be cuddled. I'm living a dream. not everyone can do what we do. I wouldn't do nothing else. it ain't an easy job, but when you bring a herd into town and he ain't lost, the one of them never feeling like in the world [Music] EDIS- managing the complexities of a digital economy. very good. I don't know what EDS is, but I'm fair play and that's it. that's pretty much the weirdest odds that you guys suggested that I watch from the Super Bowl and if you are watching this Super Bowl this weekend, I hope you enjoy it. I don't know much about the Super Bowl, except that it costs a lot of money and it's played a bit like rugby, but with smaller bowls and more padding. I'm gonna share it. a couple of patrons today. the first one is Eric. Eric would like to suggest you go check out pets for vets, giving a second chance to both dogs and fats. nice one, Eric. and the second, scheidegg, comes from Jason Moyer. Jason would like to share eight sage Jude's Children's Hospital. I am sure they do great work over there. thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed the video. let me know in comments below if there's any ads that I should have reacted to from the Superbowl that you think are especially weird. other than that, have a good weekend. bye, Obie's, oh no. in the meantime, my puppies trying to get my attention. look at these puppies. you look like a tiny God.