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start a sunglass dropshipping business

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

Girl Bo$$ EP4:How To Start Your Own Online Sunglasses Business!

hey guys, welcome back to my channel. it's your girl at tony t. you can follow me on instagram, snapchat and twitter. if you're down with the gang, don't forget to like, comment and subscribe if you're just interested in what i'm saying. period, this is for the gal. them too tough, waistline good, and they know they look buff, skin smooth, but they handle you rough hard not to look but you can't touch. so today i'm basically going to show you how i started my sunglasses, or online sunglasses boutique shades by tomi t. our boxes just came today and i want to do a quick little unboxing because they're so cute and i'm obsessed with this. so your sunglasses are going to now come in this customized box. when you open the box, you're gonna get, um, this posh that comes in with the logo and design on there also. i just wanted to focus in the middle, yes, and then when you open it up, you also get that thing you clean your sunglasses with also. so everything is given very much customized and then the glasses are in here. this is a sneak peek because this is one of our newest collection. it's called it's part of the motorsport line and it's so cute. it's giving me that motor sport put that thing. i'm gonna try it on for you guys, just because, because i can't, because it's a vibe. look at this, it's just giving it's. given the sun is cancelled out, the vibes are there. this is like that summertime. fine, look, make sure you guys go shop this collection. if it's here, it will be linked below. if it's not, be on the lookout because it's coming, hey guys. so this video is basically how i started my online sunglasses boutique, shades by tommy t. i am going to be looking down a little bit because my mirror is right here. you guys are set up at an angle. so, um, the sunglasses business is shaped by tummy tea. first thing i have down is give people my background. so a little bit of background about me. my name is tommy tywell, nigerian. um, i went to school for broadcast journalism, camera and writing, broadcast journalism- the camera work in the writing. i like to write and i also like to record, like i'm the one in my friend group that when something happens or something's not happening, i'm gonna record. so that way, in a couple of years we just have stuff to look back on. that's just me. i'm that friend. i always have the mems, i always have the video. so getting started with the sunglasses was fairly easy for me because you guys, i kid you not, i have a lot of sunglasses. prior to selling sunglasses, i was the girl that would have shades on everywhere i went. i was the girl that would be just having that's just my thing. like, that's just my thing. some people like shoes, some people like bags. my thing was sunglasses. like in my dorm room i had, like, all my sunglasses pinned up against the wall. it was just the vibe always. so that was that was my thing, the sunglasses girl- not really the sunglasses girl. but yeah, i'm gonna do my other eyebrow off camera, conceal it and i'll be right. so i went ahead and concealed my brows. actually, i'm just not going to tok about my makeup, i'm just going to do my makeup and just tok to you guys regularly. so, like i said, i was that sunglasses girl. i loved sunglasses. i- everybody that knows me just knows that that's just my thing, right, so when quarantine was happening- actually before quarantine, because that lockdown stuff happened in, i would say like in march- in march i ordered some sunglasses from aliexpress, right, this is how. again, this is how i started selling sunglasses. and there were those rimless sunglasses that were like in i'm gonna insert the sunglasses i'm toking about, just so you guys know. so i ordered those and this is before like the huge quarantine thing happened and people were asking me about the sunglasses when i would wear them. i ordered one pair of sunglasses in a brown shade and people were asking me about those sunglasses and i'm like, yeah, i got them from. i didn't even tell anybody where i got them from, tbh. i was just like, oh, thank you, thank you. when they complimented me on the sunglasses, i'll be like, oh, thanks, dude. and then we were in this lockdown thing and i remember i bought these sunglasses for- let me go to the theme so i can see it- the glasses i bought were- this was from aliexpress. there was the rectangle sunglasses. the sunglasses i bought were 6.86, right, 6.86. so what happened is i went back to that same website. i had five different colors, five different shades, and i got only two of each, two of each. then i ordered those to sell and i was like, wait, that might not be enough, let me get more. i went back and ordered three of those five. so now, at this point, i think i have like 20 total in my inventory of glasses. i made a website. i want all this stuff. i youtubed. i youtube how to make a website. the first thing that popped up is big cartel and that's how, and that's how. i already know how to use big cartel to run the website and stuff like that. so now remember, i ordered this like march. i already set my release date for june because i'm thinking, like you know, summertime, june vibes. my first mistake was setting a date without knowing when i was going to get my glasses. my glasses said they were going to be delivered like end of may, so or like mid-may. so i'm like: okay, by june i can start selling the sunglasses. my website is created, june comes: people already start ordering glasses at this point. this is in the heat of covet, by the way, so things are running slow. were then they actually should have been, and i'm just panicking because i'm like i don't have my sunglasses. people already placing orders. it's already june at this point and i still don't have it. people already placed an order. don't have to send emails saying: oh, sorry for the delay, do you decode it? your order is taking longer than antikipated because my shipping was three to five business days, so long story short, i spent about not more than. let's just say, let's just round it up to seven dollars. so if i spent seven dollars on each sunglasses and i bought like 20, i spent like 140 plus tax. i would say i spent 200 on my first 20 pair of sunglasses and i'm selling them for 15 each plus 5 shipping, so everything comes out to like, i think, 20 bucks. so if i'm selling one pair for 20 bucks and i got 20 sunglasses, i already made 400 off for it. so realistikally i didn't spend up to 200. so we're gonna take that 140 that i spent on the sunglasses and just add 20 more dollars and just say i spent 160, 400 profit that i made, minus the 160 i spent. i just spent. made 240, just free, 240, not free, because i'm not gonna lie to y'all. the website you pay for, the shipping you pay for, so you have to factor that in. this is just dry, dry estimates at this point. so that's how everything really got started. tbh, how i would get, how you would get started is by typing in: just go to googlecom and type in wholesale sunglasses and go from there. that's all i'm going to say. type in wholesale sunglasses, go from there i would say budget six. i mean budget 200 on your first 20 pairs. get 20 pairs of glasses for 200. if you can't get 20, get 10.. get ten if you have five different um sunglasses, just don't do more than twenty. get your first 20, see how the 20 goes and you can build your inventory. right now i have the max i have for one pair of sunglasses are 50.. for your first time i wouldn't go buy a hundred pairs of sunglasses and you only sell three. now you just wasted money. the way you want to price stuff is calculate how much you paid for each thing plus the shipping. don't get more than 20 when you start. but the bigger your business grows you want to get more, because the more you buy, the cheaper it is. so let's just say you buy 20, they can sell them for six dollars each. but if you buy a hundred now they're selling them for three dollars each, 250 each. and i mean: don't be greedy, but you can make your price your price. so that's just that and the way you want to do it. after you type in sunglassescom or wholesale sunglasses, you have to factor in your shipping. you have to factor in the materials, materials.

How I made $8,873 Dropshipping Sunglasses

Hey everyone. it's David with Oberlo, and today we're here with longtime store owner and overlay user, Tim Kock. Tim's gonna break down the do's and don'ts of launching your own store. Tim's most recent store was part of a case study where he documented every step of the store building process. we gave him one month to try to generate ten thousand dollars in revenue and we're gonna check in and see how he did. we're gonna give you the chance to win Tim's store. so check out the link in the description for more details. Tim, first off, thanks so much for taking the time to chat. thanks for having me. it's a pleasure. now, this most recent store you did is not your first drop shipping store. you've had lots of stores in the past, some pyrius. first off, what were some of the lessons that you took from your previous stores that you carried through into your newest one? I think the most important part for me is to not overthink the whole process, because a lot of new drop shippers tend to make this very common mistake. to really overthink the whole process. to really try to find a lot of trending products and all the stuff that they need- a lot of research and a lot of important or a lot of expensive tools to use to find success. now you mention products in product selection. you ended up launching a sunglasses store. walk us through kind of the thought process and the logic behind choosing sunglasses over all the other dropshipping products that are out there. sure, when I started, it was spring, or spring was thought to rise, and so I just don't buy into an intuition that it's summer is coming and everyone would need sunglasses. and even though summer at some point will end, I want to have a sustainable business and at some places around the world there's always some. so this was my unnecessary assumption, but this was my, my way to go through the process of finding a product. okay, so after you decide that, ok, my store is gonna be a sunglasses store, what are the next steps to determining, you know, not just the type of product you're gonna have, but the exact products from certain suppliers with certain sizes? how do you take that next step? I'm subscribed to a lot of influences on Instagram and check out what they are promoting right now, because a lot of big brands promoting their products through influences on Instagram. so I just checked out what they are promoting right now and just take a look at what they did and go by intuition, okay. so once you've found some suppliers that you trusted, the packaging looks good, the products felt good- how do you determine how many different types of sunglasses you wanted to have in your store and then how you would group them- men and women's, or different styles, different prices? what was the thought process on actually building your different collections? so, first of all, I just mostly get by intuition in the beginning, because I didn't want to overthink the process. I want to get at bat as fast as possible, and so I just pushed in around 30 products. so that's about, and I didn't even include man's fashion or men's eyewear, so I just put in females eyewear and that's about it. it was that the plan from the beginning, to have it be, ohmy, women's, or did you get a better sense that that was the way to go after you dug into the products? no, it was because of the research I did and all of the influencers were mostly female, and so I thought, okay, why not give it a try to only sell to female? now, in addition to intuition, I understand that you also had some help determining products that you should sell from from a focus group of one that would be your, your girlfriend. how did you go about getting feedback and input from your girlfriend on the the products he would sell? yeah, I just actually showed that- all the products of my girlfriend- and asked her what she thinks about the product and if she would wear it in public. then I said, okay, why not give it a try and sell it on my store? was this process of asking friends and family or girlfriends in the past is something that you use kind of to to get a better feel for what your target group might be thinking, especially? you know, like you said, targeting women, she's more qualified than you are to tok about that, so is this? is this something you've done in the past as well? yeah, absolutely, because I have experience in the past with I, where I had another store selling probably very similar products. so I asked friends what they think about the products to get a better sense and feeling of the products. what are some of the key criteria that you used to determine you know which ones would be better in your store and which ones that your customers would be happier with. one of the main criteria, obviously for me, is to have deep packet available. any packet is a very fast shipping method from China to the United States and Canada and other countries- yeah, cool- is a core component of a lot of successful drop shipping businesses and we're going to have a link in the description below explaining a packet a little bit further if you want to know if a packet delivery is available in your target countries. so, in addition to e packet, what are some of the other things that you want to see from a supplier to make sure that you can trust their products and that you can trust that your customers are going to be happy? the most important part for me to really trust the supplier is to actually order products to my house and do the quality check on my own. so I actually ordered all the products to my house and check them personally. you use Facebook a ton during this, during this project or process, whatever you want to call it, and you've been using it. you know, over the last few years and there's been a lot of changes of Facebook- well, with the algorithm, with the prices, of course, advertising getting more expensive. at the same time, the tiknology is getting better and the targeting is getting better. what can you say about the kind of evolution that you've seen in using Facebook as a platform to promote drop shipping products. I think, even though it's way more competitive than a few years ago, the development of the ad platform and the ad manager itself is way better, as incredible what you can do if you know your way around. so I think it's going definitely in the right direction and if they're keeping up that pace, then adds to create profitable ads will be way more easier in the future. but still, you have to put in work and you just can't build simple ad and expect to make a profit out of it. where should a store owner, now that you've had a few different stores, get started with Facebook? you know there's. you could have a budget as big as you want. the potential audience is a few billion people. it's daunting, you know to think about where. where can I possibly start in this massive jungle of Facebook advertising? what? what have you had the most success with? what did you do for this sunglasses store and kind of? what are the? you know the starting point as somebody should maybe be looking at. I think the starting point should always be looking for content views. the first ads I'm running is always not for conversion, at least not for purchasing, but for getting a lot of data to get people to my page and figure out what of ads works in the sense of the copywriting and all this stuff, to really get a feeling what kind of things working in order to attract people to my store, in order to then later on with a second or third that to really figure out what is necessary to turn those visitors into customers. you toking your case study about the quote Facebook ad funnel. how do you conceptualize this funnel and what does this look like, you know, at your store? no, it was very simple. there were three ads: the first one aiming for content views, the second one and for ED- two cards- and the third one actually for purchases. and when you say content views, what is the content that they're viewing? no, a Content view is when a Facebook user clicks on my Facebook ad and then when they get to your site, you know what wh.

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Dropshipping Sunglasses | Best Products + Suppliers To Source From 🕶️

hey, Dropship is, and welcome back to our YouTube channel. I'm Lara, and in today's video, we're going to tok about Drop Shipping sunglasses and the top sunglass products and supplies to work with. so if you've been thinking about Drop Shipping sunglasses, then I have great news: this video is for you. so let's dive straight into that intro, subscribe to our YouTube channel and let's go [Music]. so before we proceed onto anything else, let's first cover the topic. is Drop Shipping sunglasses profitable? so, for one, sunglasses are mainly used to make a fashion statement nowadays. therefore, the sunglasses industry is worth billions. two, there are tons of sunglasses Styles available on the markets, which means that this Niche is full of products to profit from. and just to show you how much you are able to profit from selling sunglasses, according to statista, there will be a hundred and twenty million sunglasses sold in 2023 in the us alone. considering that sunglasses are often thought to be a seasonal product, that's pretty impressive. three, sunglasses on Evergreen products- and if you didn't know, Evergreen products are products that sell here around, which makes these sunglasses extremely worse capitalizing on. and four, sunglasses are used by just about anyone: men and women, children of all ages and even pets. now that we know what the potential gain is of selling sunglasses in your stores. let's now discuss the six best Drop Shipping suppliers for sunglasses. first up, we have Amazon. as the e-commerce Giants of the world, Amazon offers a wide selection of products, fast shipping and reliable customer service. so let's have a look at their pricing, shipping times, warehouses and customer Supports. so, first up, pricing: with about 2 million active Amazon sellers and 200 million Visitors by the platform per month, you could say the pricing is competitive. next up is shipping time, and with over 100 fulfillment centers in the US, you can offer fast and efficient shipping to American buyers. you can also quickly find thousands of products that offer between one to two day delivery, thanks to Amazon Prime shipping, or between three to five days shipping with regular delivery. so, when it comes to Amazon's warehouses- they have over 175 performance centers worldwide. I'm going to it comes to the customer service- all I can say is that American suppliers are known for their excellent customer support. next up is another big name in the game, AliExpress. when it comes to drop shipping, this Chinese supplier is extremely Drop Shipping friendly. they have great competitive prices, a massive catalog of products and, most importantly, Drop Shipping perks. so, when it comes to AliExpress's pricing, we know that they offer the most competitive prices. this, in turn, allows you to stay competitive and increase your profit margins. so, when it comes to AliExpress's shipping, they offer both free and paid shipping, and the shipping comes with or without tracking. shipping times, as well as shipping pricing, will usually depend on what method you choose: aliexpressless office deliveries with careers such as DHL, EMS and FedEx. when it comes to warehouses, AliExpress has local warehouses, which means that you can offer your customers fast shipping. and when it comes to customer service, it's good to know that AliExpress does a great job of providing a safe purchasing environment. third on our list is another top Chinese supplier: CJ Drop Shipping. CJ Drop Shipping has almost any product you can think of. they offer competitive pricing and they are exceptionally Drop Shipping friendly. so when it comes to CJ's Drop Shipping pricing, because there are another Chinese supplier, we can definitely expect lower prices than Amazon or any other American supplier. as for the shipping, for most of their products we recommend using the CJ package shipping method. their standard delivery time is usually between 7 to 12 working days. and when it comes to CJ drop shipping's warehouses, because they are super supportive of Drop Shipping, they have Us warehouse performance centers, which means that drop shippers can offer faster delivery times to their customers. because of the us-based warehouses, you can expect same-day processing and shipping will take between two to five days via USPS also. this is really good to know, but if your buyer purchased multiple products via different orders, CJ Drop Shipping will ship and deliver all their products together within one package. that's pretty awesome. what's on our list is Target, and listen up because we have a few things to mention about this supplier. firstly, if you decide to drop ship using Target as a Drop Shipping supplier, we recommend you to get familiar with a raid card program. red card holders from this program receive free two-day shipping without any minimum purchase, and by joining this red card program, you also receive an additional five percent discount at checkout on majority of targets products. when it comes to targets pricing, they're not the cheapest in the market, but they make up for it by continuously offering great deals on products for drop shippers. Target offers free two-day shipping on orders above 35, and if you receive many Target Drop Shipping orders, consider becoming a member to enjoy even more upgraded shipping options. by joining this membership, you'll have access access to same-day delivery, free for four weeks, and after that you'll then have to pay an annual fee of 99. when it comes to Target's return policy, they are extremely convenient. if a customer would like to return a product, Target will accept and provide them with a full refund for up to 90 days. our first sunglasses Drop Shipping supplier is the American e-commerce site Etsy. it sees an online selling platform with a focus on handmade, vintage and crafted products. so when it comes to it's these prices, they are generally higher than generic suppliers, and that's me, because the items that are sold on this platform are either vintage, handmade or crafted. but this should not discourage you from drop shipping on Etsy, though. if anything, you can find some real golden nugs and stand out amongst your competition. also, since majority of the items that are sold on Etsy aren't mass-produced, shipping times vary and can sometimes take longer than the average of two to five days. each salary determines its own shipping policy, so make sure to check out each product shipping time to avoid any unwanted problems down the line. however, on the plus side, many sellers offer free shipping. when it comes to itsy's returns policy, just like the shipping policy, the returns policy is set by the sellers and not by the platform itself. some sellers don't accept returns, or only on a few items, and as dropshippers, we know that returns are likely to occur, so it's rather best to select products from sellers who accept returns. however, if you do utilize Etsy for your Drop Shipping business, you can drop ship products from sellers worldwide. and, last but not least, we have a popular wholesale supplier: Miami sunglasses. Miami sunglasses is a great choice for drop shippers looking to order in large quantities. so when it comes to placing an order with Miami sunglasses, you have to have a minimum order quantity of 12 sunglasses per order, which is 12 sunglasses per box. with that being said, prices are usually between 26 to 32 dollars per box. so if a box is roughly 26 dollars, you're roughly paying two dollars for a pair of sunnies. so when it comes to Miami sunglasses shipping, they offer both domestik and international shipping. when it comes to the domestik shipping, it takes between one to two business days to process the order and then another two to five business days to deliver the order. as for the international shipping, that is supported by UPS worldwide. also, besides Miami sunglasses 30-day return policy, they also offer price match guarantee policy, which means, if you find a better deal on the same product elsewhere. Miami sunglasses promises to match or beat that offer. now that we know about the top six suppli.

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How to Start a Sunglasses Business | Including Free Sunglasses Business Plan Template

[Music]. how to start a sunglasses business. this video is designed to help you determine if your sunglasses business idea is feasible, to identify questions and problems you will face in converting your idea into reality, and to prepare for starting your sunglasses business. the video features all the essential aspects you must consider before you start your sunglasses business. this will allow you to predict problems before they happen and keep you from losing your shirt on dog business ideas. at the end of the video, there are three valuable free gifts waiting for you- a token of appreciation for watching this video. operating a successful sunglasses business will depend on the following four conventions: one: a practikal plan with a solid foundation to dedication and willingness to sacrifice to reach your goal. three: tiknical skills. four: basic knowledge of management, finance, record-keeping and market analysis. as a new owner, you will need to master these skills and tikniques if your business is to be successful. identify your reasons as a first and often overlooked step, ask yourself why you want to own your own business. check the reasons that apply to you. one: freedom from the nine-to-five daily work routine to being your own boss. three: doing what you want when you want to do it for improving your standard of living. 5: boredom with your present job? 6: having a product or service for which you feel there as a demand. some reasons are better than others. none are wrong. however, be aware that there are trade-offs. for example, you can escape the 9 to 5 daily routine, but you may replace it with a 6 am to 8 pm routine. preliminary analysis: major flaws: uh yes. response to questions such as the following would indicate that your business idea has little chance for success. one: are there any causes, such as restrictions, monopolies, shortages, that make any of the required factors of operation unavailable, such as unreasonable cost or scarce skills, to our capital requirements for entry or continuing operations excessive? three: is adequate financing hard to obtain? four: are there factors that prevent effective marketing? a self-analysis: starting a business requires certain personal characteristiks. this portion of the video deals with you, the individual. this next group of questions, though brief, is vitally important to the success of your plan. it covers the physical, emotional and financial strains you will encounter in starting a new business. are you aware that running your own business may require working 12 to 16 hours a day, six days a week and maybe even Sundays and holidays? do you have the physical stamina to handle the workload and schedule? do you have the emotional strength to withstand the strain? are you prepared, if needed, to temporarily lower your standard of living until your business is firmly established? is your family prepared to go along with the strains they too must bear? are you prepared to lose your savings in case your plan fails finding a niche? small businesses range in size from a manufacturer with many employees and millions of dollars in equipment to the loan window washer with a bucket and a sponge. obviously, the knowledge and skills required for these two extremes are far apart, but for success they have one thing in common: each has found a business niche and is filling it. the most critikal problems you will face in your early planning will be to find your niche and determine the feasibility of your idea. get into the right business at the right time is very good advice, but following that advice may be difficult. many entrepreneurs plunge into a business venture so blinded by the dream that they fail to thoroughly evaluate its potential. is your business idea feasible before you invest time, effort and money? the following exercise will help you separate sound ideas from those bearing a high potential for failure. identify and briefly describe the business you plan to start. identify the product or service you plan to sell. answering yes to any of the following three questions means you are on the right track. a negative answer to all of them means the road ahead could be rough. one: does your product or service satisfy an unfilled need? 2- will your product or service serve an existing market in which demand exceeds supply? 3: will your product or service be competitive based on its quality, selection, price or location? market analysis: for a small business to be successful, the owner must know the market. to learn the market, you must analyze it, a process that takes time and effort. you don't have to be a trained statistikian to analyze the market place, nor does the analysis have to be costly. analyzing the market as a way to gather facts about potential customers and to determine the demand for your product or service. the more information you gather, the greater your chances of capturing a segment of the market. know the market before investing your time and money in any business venture. the following questions will help you collect the information necessary to analyze your market and determine if your product or service will sell. this brief exercise will give you a good idea of the kind of market planning you need to do. an answer of no to any of the questions indicates a weakness in your plan. so do your research until you can answer each question with that yes. one: do you know who your customers will be? - do you understand their needs and desires? 3- do you know where they live? 4- will you be offering the kind of products or services that they will buy? five: will your prices be competitive in quality and value? 6: will your promotional program be effective? 7: do you understand how your business compares with your competitors? 8- will your business be conveniently located for the people you plan to serve? 9- will there be adequate parking facilities for the people you plan to serve? planning your startup. so far, this video has helped you identify questions and problems you will face, converting your idea into reality and determining if your idea is feasible. through self analysis, you have learned of your personal qualifications and deficiencies, and through market analysis, you have learned if there is a demand for your product or service. the following questions are grouped according to function. they are designed to help you prepare for opening day. name and legal structure: 1. have you chosen a name for your business? - have you chosen to operate as sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation? business premises and location. 1. have you found a suitable building in a location convenient for your customers? - can the building be modified for your needs at a reasonable cost? 3- will you have a lawyer, check the zoning regulations & Lace merchandize? have you decided what items you will sell or produce or what services you will provide? have you made a merchandise plan based upon estimated sales to determine the amount of inventory you will need to control purchases? have you found reliable suppliers who will assist you in the startup? have you compared the prices, quality and credit terms of suppliers? business records: are you prepared to maintain complete records of sales, income and expenses accounts payable and receivables? have you determined how to handle payroll records, tax reports and payments? do you know what financial reports should be prepared and how to prepare them? finances: a large number of small businesses fail each year. there are a number of reasons for these failures, but one of the main reasons as insufficient funds. to many entrepreneurs try to start and operate a business without sufficient capital money. to avoid this dilemma, you can review your situation by analyzing the following three questions: 1- how much money do you have? - how much money will you need to start your business? 3- how much money will you need to stay in business. in order to answer the second question, how much money will you need to start your business? you need to prepare an estimate of all your startup costs. here is a list of items you

HOW I MADE $10,000 in ONE MONTH SELLING SUNGLASSES!!!😱|Entrepunener Series EP1

hey, youtube, it's your girl jp. back with another video, and today's video will be something different. i will be starting my entrepreneur series. this is episode one, and this episode will be titled how i made 10k in one month by selling sunglasses. [Music]. further ado, let's get right into this video and i'll be giving you guys all of my tips and advice that i believe most definitely help me reach my goals and help my business expand and grow. and i'm just gonna tell you guys how. it is okay, and i'll be getting my notes from my ipad today. so let's get right into this video. number one: passion leads to success. make sure that you are selling a product or an item that you are truly passionate about, and that goes for all type of work. just like people say, people who work a job that that they're more passionate about, they're more happy because you're doing something that you love, and when you do something that you love, it is easier to work around everything. so if you're selling a product or item that you love, you will be able to brand it and promote it very more passionately because it is something that you are strong, you strongly feel about and something that you will buy yourself. make sure that you are selling products that you will purchase yourself, because if you wouldn't purchase it, why would someone else buy it from you? so always keep that in mind. make sure you're passionate about what you sell and show that passion, because that is what really gets you customers, because they want to know why they should buy your product or your item, why is it worth it, and you have to show them why it is so. next one is quality. scenery attracts customers and followers. so when you take professional quality photos and take your time with your photos, it will fill in a lot of followers, especially when you use the right hashtags, which is another tip which i know you guys have probably heard many other times if you watch other videos like this. hashtags are important and it's important to find hashtags that work for you, hashtags that you can see from your post review, from your impressions and all that your reach. if your hashtag has really helped, you can see it, how many times people seen it, so you will be able to figure out what hashtags are not working. so it's basically trial and error: you're gonna try some and maybe that photo didn't do so bad, so so good, and then you probably tried some new hashtags, your next photo and you've gotten many more likes, followers from the hashtag and even possibly with quality photos, you can possibly end up on explore as well, which is what we want to successfully grow our business, because we want to be able to have the ability to promote our business without having to always pay for promotion. once you're able to be on explorer, you are attracting people for free and you're attracting people that are pro, possibly into your products. that's why explorers are, for they are designed for our desires. so if you are on someone's explorer, it is possible you are going to gain a follower and possibly a customer. so quality scenery matter and to tag onto that. another advice i like to give to people when they ask me is to try different type of tikniques of photos of your quality photos. so, for example, sometimes i take photos of my sunglasses on fur fabric or i'll take it outdoor in like a nice, like scenery, natural, outdoor lighting and etc. sometimes i take it on myself and sometimes i post my customers in my product for me to promote. it is important to be diverse with how you promote your product, because different ways attract different customers. for an example, maybe the fur material may attract older to young adults. maybe the outdoor scenery attracts young adults and teenagers. so even videos, tiktoks, tutorials, try different stuff because it'll attract different type of customers and we want all type of customers. we don't want to limit our customers, we want to have anybody shop with us. that is a goal in running a business. so my next tip is- which is something i learned from another youtuber that i did and it really helped me a lot once i started doing this- purchase your inventory all at the end of the month and buy enough inventory to last you the whole new month that's coming up. so let's break that down. reasons why that is pros about that- many pros about that- are that you're able to see your profit for that month when you're not going back every week or every other week buying new inventory inventory, buying more shipping stuff, buying more business cards. instead of doing that like every other week or every week, you can have your income pile up and really see how much you can make with your products. two customers always, especially your popular items. they have to always be in stok because that's how you get sales. if you know something is very popular, have a large amount of so that it can last longer on your website and more people will shop, because when your items are sold out, people tend to probably really wanted it then. so it is likely they may wait, but it's very likely they may go to the next small business who is selling it that has it in stok. so it was good to have enough you need. so you do not go out of stok as fast as possible. okay, like me, i wait till like the last sunday of the month or two weeks before month ends and order everything i need for the next month, like it comes, like the first, or a day before or a couple days before the month begins. so i prepare myself and i restok all my inventory. so it is very organizing. but, guys, trust me, if you do it, you will see a raise in your income by a lot. okay, because your money is not being too disturbed by going back and buying more inventory. last one, actually last one: be you, stay original and stay true to yourself. it is easy to want to view the next successful person and want to be just like them, so you may tend to, instead of being inspired by them, copy them. do not do that, guys. a big key to running a successful business and, most importantly, expanding your business is bringing something that is very unique that will draw people to your page. when people are on instagram a lot of the times they are looking for pages that they can be entertained by. if your page is bringing it brings a lot of like entertainment and it looks very welcoming, people can spend up to minutes and close to an hour on your page because i know if there's a page that's really like cute and organized and it has a lot of photos and a lot of different type of photos, i will really like sit there and look through it if it's really worth looking through. do your own thing. do not copy other people because people won't want to really follow you because there's nothing unique about what you do that makes someone to follow you or make them want to stay on your page for hours and late to make them not wanting to shop with you. so do something that's unique. take the time to sit down and write down creative ideas on different ways to promote your business. it's it's very important to really try different skills to promote your business because people like to see spontaneous things, people like to see new things, people like to see interesting things on social media, which leads to them wanting to go on their web, your website- and eventually really shop with you. i know i said that was the last key, but one more thing is being as professional as you possibly can, or just be professional period. answer emails within a 24 hour range. it's really good to answer emails as fast as possible and or, if you accept dms or any type of messaging, because one it shows the customers that you are professional, you're running a business smoothly because you have fast response, etc. respond to emails professionally because people really like that and they will shop with you again and they will spread good words about you for other people around to shop with you as well. so please let me know if these tips help any of you guys out, or even a little bit. if you have any more questions, comment down below, let me.


hi guys, welcome back to my channel. today we're going to be toking about how i grew my sunglasses brand [Music]. okay, so, if you don't already know, i have a sunglasses business called own the trend and i started this with my husband around three years ago. we were both unemployed. he was studying for his board exam for pharmacy and i was in my last year of university. so we decided let's start a business together so we could have some type of income, and it was super fun and we're still running it until now and i absolutely love it. we have three warehouses across the world and we ship worldwide, so we're super proud of it. now we're definitely not where i want to be just yet, but i do believe that we've had a lot of growth within the past three years. so i'm gonna share with you guys how i grew that business to become my full-time income and how i was able to quit my job so that i could just work on this full-time. but first i want to thank rebatecom for sponsoring this video. rebate is a website that allows amazon sellers to run rebate campaigns. it does all the hard work for you and rebates campaigns are very, very essential for running your amazon store. i highly recommend it, especially when you're first launching your product, because that way, amazon sees that you are getting sales. you're giving away units for free every day for two weeks and amazon sees that you're getting sales, so they rank you up to the first page for your main keyword. so rebate is a great, great website to do this on, because they do all the hard work for you. all you need to do is let them know which one your product is and which keywords you are targeting. so thank you so much, rebatecom, for sponsoring this portion of the video number one. let's tok about marketing. so, obviously, when i say how to grow a business, the first thing that comes to mind is marketing the business, and this is one of the most essential pillars when it comes to your brand marketing and, you know, nailing it down and being able to get your product in the right hands. so one of the best marketing tikniques that we have used for on the trend is influencers. the importance of influencers is like i can't even. i don't even know where to start when it comes to this. i feel like truly, the key to get your brand to blow up is to get your products in the right hands. now, influencers are a super, super cool tool for you to use, because you can give them your product and they create content for you, so you don't have to create content to yourself. um, they have a following of people that trust them and people that trust their opinions. so if they like the product and if they fall in love with it- which you know- if the quality is good, then they should. they can share it with their followers and their followers will purchase it. so that's the amazing thing about influencers is that it's almost free. marketing- now, obviously not all of them are going to be for free- depends on their following. how big their following is, if they accept gifting or not, it definitely depends on the influencer themselves. let's tok about the first thing, which is how to dm an influencer. so this was how i reached out to all the influencers that we got our products to- when i'm gonna insert a few pictures over here of all of the influencers that have that have rocked our sunglasses, and this is how i got to them. so i sent them a dm that was very personable. so dms are very important, but these influencers probably receive hundreds and hundreds of dms a day. i'm not kidding: hundreds of dms a day. so what makes you stand out? why would they open your dm number one? you need to address them with their name and you need to make sure that you get their name right, because we did this mistake a few times and we definitely had that influencer and not respond to us ever again. so address them with their name and get the name rights you also want to. you know, keep it short. keep it short and simple. no influencer has the time to open up a dm and read a huge paragraph about how much you are loving their content and obsessed with this and obsessed with that and you're so in love with them. they don't have time. they're just gonna scan through it and most probably they're just gonna swipe out of your chat. so keep it super short and simple. i just like to say, hey, um, let's say, for example, the influencer's name is sarah. hey, sarah, i absolutely love your content. we are a brand that sells sunglasses, based in toronto. i would love to send you a pair of sunglasses to try out. let me know if you're interested. that's it, super short and simple. so you really want the message to be around two to three sentences maximum so that they're able to read through it quickly and you want them to be it. you want to give them the opportunity to respond back and start a conversation. before you start dming your influencer, make sure that your instagram and your feed itself looks good, that your feed is aesthetikally pleasing, because before the influencer decides that they want to respond back to you, they're going to visit your instagram and they're going to go through your website and if they don't see something that they like, or if they don't feel like you are professional or you know you have aesthetiks or your feed looks nice, or if they don't feel like your feed aligns with their brands, then they're just not going to respond to you. so the number one thing you want to work on is your instagram feed and then start reaching out to influencers. definitely do not expect any influencers to respond to you if you only have two or three pictures up. uh, if your instagram feed does not look good, if it's not aesthetikally pleasing, then do not expect anybody to respond to you. so work on that first and then reach out to influencers. now. how to find more of them? there are hundreds and thousands of influencers in the us. how do you find more of them? so when you reach an influencer that you feel like goes with your brand, there's going to be an arrow at the right of their following and message buttons. there's going to be an arrow that points down. click on that arrow and it's going to pull up a list of instagram pages that are similar to this influencer, whether this influencer is following them or whether they are following this influencer or they just have similar followers. so instagram feels like they have similar content. definitely go through that list and repeat the process. so the last thing when it comes to marketing that i wanted to address is branding. branding is super important, especially when it comes to your logo, to your brand name, your colors, your aesthetik, everything like that. you want to make sure that everything that you are doing is on brand so that when a customer thinks of your brand name, they kind of have an image of what your vibe is and you know what your textures are, what your colors are. so you definitely want to stay on brand. this is very important. it keeps you looking very professional, especially in an influencer's eyes. you look very professional when you have consistent branding. now the next thing that i would say really helped my business grow is keeping a hold of our inventory management. inventory management is super important because you know, if you make a mistake in this, then you can easily either lose a lot of money or you know you could be stuck with a lot of inventory. so, speaking of stuff with a lot of inventory, my first point when it comes to inventory management is making sure you are not, uh, expanding your collection too quickly. so this is a huge mistake because you don't want all of your money tied up in inventory, and this is something that we had to go through with our brand as well, since we are sunglasses and sunglasses is a super trendy item, so there's always new styles coming out. uh, we at some point got caught up in the wheel of, you know, launching new styles, new styles, new styles and not having any core products that we continue to restok, and we know our customers love even our core products. at some point we were no long.