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Starting A New Brand On Shopify (FROM SCRATCH)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

Starting A New Brand On Shopify (FROM SCRATCH)

Starting A New Brand On Shopify (FROM SCRATCH)

i've got a big smile on my face and i'm
about to show you why this
new shopify store that i've been working
on has started doing a couple bucks in
sales this is today so far
now you might be like well hey that's a
hundred bucks today and if we go to
a monthly view that's only 182 bucks
i understand it might not be the largest
amount of money and in fact this is down
i've lost like 70 dollars so far yet i'm
really excited and i'm gonna share with
you why
in this video i'm about to go through a
presentation breaking down this new
e-commerce brand that i'm starting
toking about a few key things i'm
focusing on what's going well what the
plan is
so that if you're looking to start an
e-commerce business doesn't matter if
it's on shopify
if you're looking to start an e-commerce
business in 2021
this video is going to show you exactly
how to do that and how i
who is not the most experienced person
in this field but i've been doing it for
five years i've done tens of millions of
dollars in sales
and as we're gonna tok about in this
video my advertising agency between our
entire team
we manage about five million dollars a
month a little bit more actually
in terms of gross revenue with
everything combined so
it's been a lot of fun it's been a long
journey to get here and the reason that
this is so cool and i'm really excited
is because it's not very frequent that i
start a new store
in fact it's been almost a year since i
started a new project
in terms of the e-commerce space the
reason for that is because
it's a lot of time investment and when i
can just continue
running what i already have in the main
brands that i've been building it
usually doesn't make sense to branch off
for something else
however this is something i've wanted to
start for a long time i'm really excited
i have multiple employees working on
this not contractors employees
who have brought on to really
specifically help with a couple of key
things really making sure the customer
is next level making sure that
advertising is great and we're going to
tok about all that in this video okay
make sure to smash a quick like down
below if you want to reference any of
our resources
it's really simple we offer custom-built
e-commerce stores at cost we make zero
dollars on that you can check that out
linked below
we have a facebook ad program an entire
ecommerce program
and inside of our advertising agency you
can book a free call down below that's
the only entry point into our agency
where we can either help you start from
scratch and we'll manage all the
advertising or if you're already doing a
hundred thousand a month five hundred
thousand a month and you want to
actually scale that and build a system
behind the company we'll help you do
that as well okay so just book a free
call with that down below and let's jump
inside of my computer
so starting a new brand this is exciting
i don't know if you can feel it
come on i can feel it in 2021 on shopify
i actually have multiple things that are
not on shopify i run a lot of ads for
stuff that are not
the reason i use shopify especially when
starting super simple it's really cost
effective it doesn't take a lot of time
i have the two people on our development
team that build all the custom-built
stores for clients and make edits and
changes and
help with stuff and they do all that at
cost you know so i mean they're making
the money i'm not making the money
but they just assist with everything
overall well
shopify is the easiest way to do this
it's just the most integratable platform
okay so
here's the current situation this store
that i just showed you over on my phone
this is a screenshot from
probably 20 minutes ago literally today
as of when i'm recording this you can
see when it is it's april
9th or whatever it is so 182 in sales
okay the store just started running four
days ago you saw the first couple sales
starting to come in
this store has five products on okay
currently there's only ads running for
one we're going to tok about that in a
this is a niche store all of these i'm
not going to say what it is i might do a
reveal down the road maybe maybe i'll do
a reveal once it hits a million a month
or something right
but this specifically it's in each store
it's nothing spectacular the store is
super basic trust me the product
description is basic
once the store starts turning a pretty
consistent profit and i see everything's
working well and i'm really going to run
with it
yes i will go a hundred times deeper and
so much focus on this and i will have
people work on it much more in depth
the reason i don't do that in the
beginning is the same reason i suggest
that you don't do that in the beginning
you're not 100 certain that this is
exactly what you're going to do
for the long run so i might pivot i
might make changes
and i'm leaving myself the option to add
or remove more products on the store and
start testing more which we do plan on
doing okay
so this is only running with facebook
ads very simple
actually we just got rid of the 50 a day
spending limit on facebook today
so we haven't even been spending a bunch
of money and it's only been spending 50
bucks a day
so as you can see it's been about 200
bucks uh total we just got rid of that
which is super exciting because that
means we now have probably a 5 000
a day spending limit you never really
know with facebook but the standard
um sequence there for growing sometimes
it'll go from 50 to 250 that's really
but if you request directly through the
payment settings which is something we
toked about in our program like how to
structure that
you can pretty easily get to five
thousand dollars a day in terms of
limit yes if you're new to advertising
online a lot of platforms
limit it's called throttling they
throttle the amount that you can spend
it's not like every dollar that gets
spent gets billed to you that exact
moment so
it's all based on a threshold so when
you reach a certain amount of money owed
then they're gonna charge you so it's a
little bit relationship based especially
with facebook so
they have spending limits that will move
through now we have access to the spend
that we need to start getting things
currently waiting on more ad creatives
okay and this is gonna be super cool
i have multiple new products two
specifically that are in this niche that
are already on the store that i'm really
excited to test i think they're going to
do phenomenally well but at the end of
the day that's what i was toking about
pivoting any new store any new anything
that i start
it's going to have changes it's going to
have things that you might think work
and they just completely flop so
i'm excited to see which one of the
current product and the two new ones so
the three total
which one ends up being the main winner
because from my experience it's
typically not the one that you think but
it always could be okay so three main
things that we're focused on inside of
here when i say we i mean the people
assisting me with this my entire team
now i'm super actively involved in this
on a day-to-day basis because i'm
excited to get it off the ground
three things number one optimizing the
okay sustaining this is this is where
things get interesting here i'm doing a
fun little test
i wanna sustain this business with a two
2 000 startup
and i'm doing this and i might document
it more in depth and and add it inside
of our program
for any of you guys are inside of there
you know we add little things here or
there usually every month or two
just new examples and new things so you
can be sure to check that out linked
below it's a couple hundred bucks off
for you guys
but i wanted to start this with two
thousand dollars so i literally
took and i'll put up a screenshot of my
bank account for this it's my puerto
rican bank account here it's one of the
sub accounts inside of my main account
that i have in there
that i opened for this store i literally
put two thousand dollars in there
and i'd let everybody on the team i'm
like hey we're gonna sustain this with
two thousand dollars i wanna see if we
can do that so i'll keep you guys
updated maybe once a month do a little
update on this
and let you know what's going on but i
think that's very realistik especially
with being
cost efficient there's certain things
that we're doing right now that are
taking extra
cost you know hey we want to test three
products right away all right we got to
get the creatives for that
we got to spend a little bit more on ads
so there are things like that but just
keeping things focused and having a
budget in place and if
you know what if we're around break even
losing a couple dollars
at two thousand dollars total i'm one
hundred percent gonna add on
as much money as it needs it's all about
the business and just getting things
going things can take time
you gotta have extra capital and cash
flow but i think two thousand dollars is
a great starting budget all right
setting up upsells and boost aovs early
this is something i usually
always focus on i always recommend this
if you're comfortable and confident with
your advertising
which we are so from an expense
perspective you might notike that bank
account has
a little bit less money than it should
have based on ad spend
well we spent about 200 on ads to make
180 whatever it was 189 in sales
that's totally fine where's the other
200 that was in that bank account
that is going to additional expenses you
got your store
you've got your additional app to try to
keep that to a minimum right away upsell
apps like 45
50 bucks a month for the ones that i
prefer not that expensive but there's 50
bucks a month you know so you got to get
some sales coming in to make that
actually worth it
then you've got your ad creative
expenses so
that is the expense chart so far and
maybe i'll be able to make an itemized
breakdown and show you guys in the next
month what's going on
but there's basic operational expenses
not a lot we've already started running
ads for four days
gotten a facebook ad limit raised we've
gotten some ad creatives set up the
store and the apps we're only four
hundred dollars in so far
so it's being very cost efficient but
this is really important boosting the
average order value is gonna give you
more wiggle room with the ads
it's gonna let things optimize better
just because you can have a little bit
of a higher dollar margin it makes it a
little easier from an advertising
so the next point inside of here testing
multiple products as soon as that ad
spend limit lifts which just happened
today okay
so finding that true winner like we just
mentioned it can always be the product
that you didn't expect so that's why i
like to test multiple
now all these ad creatives are made in
advance i have two out of the three
done and they were done before i even
started a single ad so i usually like to
have multiple things lined up in advance
the reason for that an ad account is
typically based on momentum it's all
about your data it's all about what
you're doing
and if you stop spending money on a new
ad account for three days and try to
start it back up
well facebook might just for whatever
reason push you down in the algorithm
and they won't rank you as high so your
ads won't reach as many people you might
not get the results that you were hoping
so i like to be prepared if i need to
switch i switch same day
my spend never actually drops you want
to build a good relationship with
typically that means spending a lot of
money all right so those are the three
main focus things
and this is really cool because we're
building systems to scale i'm excited to
basically automate this entire brand
i do not have plans to be more involved
than maybe 30 minutes a week
in the next month i want to see this
getting off the ground make sure we're
cost effective
double check everything you know making
sure we're communicating with the
suppliers then as things get going
custom packaging ordering inventory
that sort of things but we're building
systems you know we have our 14 media
buyers inside of our advertising agency
for any of you guys who are clients
inside of there we're managing 100 of
your advertising
you know the system we have inside of
there and it's very in-depth from our
website developers to our optimizers
client manager all the way through the
media buyers for starting or scaling
we have divisions for all of that so i'm
excited to build another
thing and add something that's my own
inside of there which can be super fun
it's been a while since again i've
started something new
um if you guys are trying to learn
something feel free to learn solo
through our programs for some people
this is what i was four or five years
i really wanted to learn it myself
because i wanted to build a skill i
wanted to build a company for me
that was the interest point was
e-commerce so if you want to actually
learn it yourself you want to take the
time to do that it's going to take time
i always like to be real
realistik it's going to take time it's
going to take money it's going to be
frustrating just like anything else
learning a great skill feel free to
check out either our facebook ad program
or our performance
drop shipping program both of those are
over 200 off already discounted if you
click the link below in the description
or if you want to have us start from
scratch if you have no experience you
don't even have a store yet
or if you're already doing it really
well you want help scaling maybe working
with suppliers getting a real payment
process or
help with your ad accounts anything like
that just be sure to click i'll leave it
at the top link in the description you
can book an absolute free call by
filling out a quick
simple form i think it's five or six
questions so that our client manager
directly who oversees everything from
beginners to
our clients doing a million dollars a
month everything in between everything
going on
you can have a quick conversation with
them for free and get a quick rundown on
what we do
and just for people who say oh well you
want to get us in here and make money
of course it's a company but the way
that we structure things is very
different than i've seen from most
agencies in general not even just an
e-commerce space
what we do is we charge a very base
monthly retainer
based on what we're doing so if we're
scaling aggressively we're helping with
custom packaging
you know bringing in our media buyers
for the scaling level bringing in
suppliers and payment processing brokers
and everything
well we might have a four five six seven
thousand dollar month retainer depending
on what's going on for a company that's
already doing 10 million dollars a year
or for the people who are starting from
scratch it might be 1200 bucks
we attempt as an agency we attempt to
cover our cost
off the initial retainer we get close
about 85 to 90 of our expenses which is
but we take a percentage of the profits
and again you've seen the case studies
on this channel
showing clients doing half a million
dollars a month and we make a pretty
good amount of money
just off the profit shares for people
that we help either scale or grow from
scratch so
all of that can be broken down for you
on the call i just want to always make
that very transparent
we are dependent upon results and the
reason we're able to do that as an
agency and eat the upfront cost
is because we're very good at what we do
and i always again just want to be very
transparent about that so
i hope you enjoyed this video again just
kind of breaking down the numbers
we're right around six million i think
we should tap six this month i'm super
excited i'll keep you guys updated with
and everything else going on inside of
the agency so if you enjoyed this video
be sure to smash a quick like down below
if you have any questions at all
it could be about this brand in
partikular maybe something you're
working on something that's not going so
whatever your question is just drop it
in the comment section down below
again be sure to reference the resources
linked in the description there's a
couple there
the at cost custom ecommerce stores each
of those are 100 unique
we do all the product research and we
update different product lists every
month so you get fresh products
so you know right now it's the new
product list for the month and
everything so
you can get that super inexpensive check
out our two different programs and or
the advertising agency as well depending
on what you're looking for
again leave any questions you have in
the comment section down below and i'll
see you in the next video

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