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Starting a New YouTube Channel | Grind Camp

Published on: December 3 2022 by Marc Augustine

Starting a New YouTube Channel | Grind Camp

what's up guys mark from D H in here
again and this video is going to be Rick
I guess relatively short what I want to
do is invite all you guys from this
channel to check out my other YouTube
channel that I'm starting when I started
a while ago but the posts are now going
to start becoming more regularly and let
me explain why
so we have this ice I came up with this
idea called grind camera
My partner goddamn [ __ ] downstairs the
name is moody oh he's from Argentina
what grime camp is is a free co-working
whole living event what that is a
so in short grind camp I'm going to live
with 17 other people we all work online
and make money online and we're going to
live together for month we have people
from the United States England Lithuania
Colombia Brazil Nicaragua Argentina El
Salvador Honduras Guatemala Canada and
we're going to live and work together
for month and share what we do right
share the secrets we found share how we
make money how much money we make what
we do and part of the channel of huge
part of the channel is about teaching
you guys out there how to make money
online not just drop shipping like I
have the drop shipping channel this drop
shipping channel and I was thinking
about just switching this channel but I
decided against that so other than the
phone that will be having any [ __ ]
we'll be doing a big part of the channel
is simply teaching you what we do
drop ship mu DL edits videos and she
gets to live all over the world and
she's going to be in a lot of videos
actually teaching you how she started
the equipment she has how to use
equipment how to edit videos Alex and
Lauren are bloggers full time bloggers
to make a lot of money
they're going to tok about the
experience of bloggers how they started
how long it took what it takes what you
need to do to become a blogger we have
some developers which is a little
different because teaching development
could be a pain in the ass we have
marketers we just have a lot of
different people and that's what that
channel is about the name of the channel
is crime camp the name of the event is
grind camp so I'll put a link in the
description for you guys to check here
to check it out today is it 25th out of
what [ __ ] month in June so yeah 30
our first grind camp guys are coming on
to 20 years and I'm going to record all
of it I'm going to pick them up in the
airport I'm going to have that on video
and yeah we'll have all of it anyway
love you guys Charlie will make their
money subscribe to this channel but the
main reason for this video is for you to
check out the other channel called Ryan
camp have a good one guys later