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Starting Dropshipping on a Budget

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Title: The Budget of Drop Shipping: Debunking the Low Budget Myth

In this video, we will discuss the budget required to start drop shipping and debunk the myth that it is a low budget business.


- Drop shipping is not a low budget business

- Starting with only $300 in your bank account is not realistic

- Trying to figure everything out by yourself will result in a slow learning curve and burning through a lot of money

- Working with a mentor is necessary to avoid wasting time and money


- Testing costs an average of $100 per test

- Hidden costs and fees will eat up more money than expected

- Break even products will immediately eat up time and money

- Testing is necessary to find winning products

Benefits of Working with a Mentor:

- A mentor will guide you through the process and prevent wasting money on unnecessary expenses

- Working with a high-quality mentor will require a significant investment, but it will save money in the long run

- A mentor is the shortcut to success in drop shipping

If you want to avoid wasting your budget and time, it is essential to work with a mentor who can guide you through the process. Click the link below to schedule a free consultation session with me personally and start your journey to success in drop shipping.

How To Start Dropshipping On A BUDGET (STEP-BY-STEP)

Starting a dropshipping business can be intimidating, especially when you're worried about losing money. However, it doesn't have to be expensive to get started. In this article, we'll break down step by step how you can start dropshipping with only a hundred dollars.

1. Open Your Store:

- Shopify offers a free 7-day trial, and then only costs $1 for the next three months with our partner link.

- Use free themes to keep the speed of your store high and avoid unnecessary expenses.

- Download necessary apps, such as A Reviews, Frequently Bought Together, Currency Converter, and Sticky Add to Cart.

2. Find Trending Products:

- Use Google Trends to verify trends that are currently happening or about to happen for free.

- Use free Chrome extensions like My Ad Finder and Ali Insider to find winning products that fall within the trend.

3. Creative Testing:

- Download two different thumbnails and two different videos that are doing well based on engagement.

- Start a CBO campaign set at $20 to test your two thumbnails against each other to see which one gains the most traction.

Starting a successful dropshipping business doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. By following these simple steps, you can get started for only a hundred dollars and start making sales in no time. Don't let the fear of losing money hold you back, take the first step and start your dropshipping journey today.

Realistic Dropshipping Startup Budget for 2020

- Sharing a realistic budget for starting a dropshipping store

- Got numbers from successful dropshippers who shared their startup costs

- Different budgets for different goals

- Focusing on the more modest budget

Line by line breakdown of the budget:

1. Shopify store:

- Ecommerce platform for building an online store and taking payments

- 14-day free trial, then $29.99 per month

2. Oberlo:

- Platform for finding and importing products to sell online

- Free forever plan, only pay once you make over 50 sales per month

3. Custom domain:

- Strengthens brand and legitimizes business in the eyes of customers

- Purchased through Shopify for $14 per year

4. Apps:

- Bells, whistles, and turbo boosters for your store

- Can help drive sales and run store more efficiently

- Varying costs, but setting aside $19 for various apps

5. Marketing:

- Most substantial investment in dropshipping business

- Average global conversion rate of 2-3%, assuming 2.5% for calculation

- Facebook is a popular marketing channel for dropshippers

- Cost of driving 200 visitors to store from Facebook is $250

- Expect to learn from data and improve marketing strategy to lower costs and increase conversions

- Total startup cost for dropshipping business is $387.99

- Different goals require different budgets, but the bare minimum budget can still lead to success

- Dropshipping requires constant learning and improvement in marketing strategy

- Share startup budget to receive feedback on its feasibility

- Learn often, market better, and sell more

How To Start Dropshipping On A BUDGET (STEP BY STEP)

In this article, we will discuss how to get started with dropshipping with a limited budget. We will cover marketing strategies, product selection, and ways to save money throughout your dropshipping journey.

Marketing Strategies:

- Paid Ads: Paid ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are commonly used for dropshipping. However, they require a budget and can be expensive.

- Free Traffic: Using social media platforms like TikTok to post photos and videos about your product can generate free traffic and potentially make sales.

Product Selection:

- Take your time when selecting a product and think through why it could work versus why it can't.

- Test products without building a website by ordering products on Amazon and making TikTok accounts for them.

Ways to Save Money:

- Track your expenses to know where your money is going and save enough for taxes.

- Test products before building a website to avoid wasting money on unsuccessful products.

- Consider selling items on online marketplaces to make money to buy products.

By following these strategies and tips, you can get started with dropshipping on a limited budget. Remember to take your time when selecting a product, track your expenses, and consider testing products without building a website to save money. Good luck on your dropshipping journey!

How Much Budget Do You Need To Start Dropshipping In 2022

In this video, the speaker exposes the lies told by dropshipping gurus who preach complete financial independence through dropshipping. The speaker reveals the truth about dropshipping and the investment required to make it work.

Main Points:

- Dropshipping is not a low budget business

- Beginners have two options: do it themselves or find a mentor

- Doing it by yourself will result in burning through a lot of money

- Beginners make crucial mistakes and don't know what to focus on

- Investing in a mentor will save money in the long run

- 98% of people who didn't have a mentor before didn't succeed

- It's important to have one-on-one coaching to avoid product theft and to provide personalized support

- The speaker's program is not for everyone, but only for those who are willing to put in the work and understand that dropshipping is not a get-rich-quick scheme

Dropshipping is not a low budget business, and beginners who try to do it alone will burn through a lot of money. Finding a mentor is crucial for success, and one-on-one coaching is essential to avoid product theft and provide personalized support. The speaker's program is for those who are willing to put in the work and understand that dropshipping is a long-term investment. Click the link below for a free consultation session to find out if you're a good fit for the program.

Easiest Way To Start Dropshipping From Scratch (Exactly What I Did)

Starting a successful dropshipping store can be overwhelming with so many different steps and strategies, but in this article, we will share our exact strategy for starting a new dropshipping store from scratch. Here are the key steps:

1. Finding a winning product

- Look for products that are recently trending on Facebook and Instagram

- Choose products with mass appeal

- Look for good profit margins

2. Building a store

- Consider building a hybrid store that combines the benefits of a general store and a one-product store

- Model your store off what's already working

3. Getting customers

- Use Facebook ads to kick start your business

- Create a video ad for your product and launch your first ad

- Analyze the results and make improvements as needed

4. Fulfilling orders and providing good customer service

- Use an app like Oberlo to fulfill orders with Aliexpress directly

- Check your email every day to respond to customer inquiries

By following these steps, you can start your own successful dropshipping store and achieve your business goals. Good luck!

Start Dropshipping with a $500 budget? (2020 Beginners Tutorial)

How to Start an E-commerce Business with Just $500

Starting an e-commerce business can be a challenging endeavor, especially if you have a limited budget. However, many successful entrepreneurs have achieved great success with just a minuscule amount of money. In this article, we'll provide an outline of how you can start your e-commerce business with just $500.

Product Research:

Before you start anything, you need to find a product to sell. It's crucial to find a low-ticket product that won't cost you a lot to advertise. This way, you can get more customers with your limited budget.

Setting up a Store:

The fastest and easiest way to set up an online store is to use Shopify. Shopify is easy to navigate and has many free apps that can help you build your store without spending much money. You don't need to use any paid apps when you're just starting. Keep your expenses low, and allocate most of your budget to marketing.

Facebook Ads:

Facebook Ads will be your new best friend. Start by creating three different ad sets with different daily budgets ($3, $5, and $10). Test out different interests and see which ad set Facebook will optimize for. It's essential to learn how Facebook Ads work and test out different strategies. However, start small and don't spend too much money until you know what you're doing.


The education side of Facebook Ads is crucial. There's no one right way to do it, and Facebook is always changing. Take the time to learn about Facebook Ads, either by buying a course or getting a mentor. Start small, keep testing, and turn off bad ad sets as soon as possible.

Starting an e-commerce business with just $500 is possible, but it takes hard work and dedication. Find a low-ticket product, set up your store on Shopify, and start testing Facebook Ads with different daily budgets. Keep learning and testing until you find a strategy that works for you.

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