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Starting Over (What I Would Do Differently)

Published on: December 13 2022 by Anton Kraly - Drop Ship Lifestyle

Starting over can be a daunting experience, but it can also be an opportunity for growth and change. In this article, I will share some of the things I would do differently if given the chance to start over.


1. Letting go of fear and taking risks

2. Investing in myself

3. Prioritizing relationships

4. Embracing failure as a learning opportunity

5. Being present and grateful

1. Letting go of fear and taking risks:

- I would have taken more risks and not let fear hold me back

- I would have pursued my passions without worrying about what others thought

- I would have stepped outside of my comfort zone more often

2. Investing in myself:

- I would have prioritized my own personal growth and development

- I would have invested more time and money in my education and career

- I would have taken better care of my physical and mental health

3. Prioritizing relationships:

- I would have spent more time nurturing my relationships with family and friends

- I would have been more present in the moment and not let distractions get in the way

- I would have communicated my needs and feelings more effectively

4. Embracing failure as a learning opportunity:

- I would have embraced failure as a natural part of the learning process

- I would have learned from my mistakes and used them as opportunities for growth

- I would have been more resilient and persistent in the face of adversity

5. Being present and grateful:

- I would have practiced mindfulness and being present in the moment

- I would have taken the time to appreciate the small things in life

- I would have cultivated a sense of gratitude and appreciation for what I have

Starting over is never easy, but it can be a chance to create a better future for ourselves. By letting go of fear, investing in ourselves, prioritizing relationships, embracing failure, and practicing gratitude, we can make the most of this opportunity and create a life we love.

Anton Corelli, host of the E-commerce Lifestyle podcast, has been discussing advanced topics related to online stores in his recent episodes. However, one question he frequently receives is what he would do if he were starting from scratch with no connections and only $5,000 to invest. In this article, we summarize Corelli's approach to starting a profitable online store in 30 days with these constraints:

- Anton Corelli is a podcast host who answers the question of what he would do if he were starting an online store from scratch with only $5,000 to invest and no connections.

Step One: Choose a Niche

- Corelli recommends selecting a niche with an average order value of $2,000 or more, no brand loyalty, no seasonality, and demand based on Google Keyword Planner.

- This step costs nothing.

Step Two: Build the Store

- Corelli recommends hiring a professional to build the website using Shopify and setting up live chat, toll-free number, G Suite, EIN number, and LLC registration.

- This step costs $1,297 and takes about two days.

Step Three: Get Suppliers

- Corelli recommends getting approved with as many suppliers as possible in the chosen niche.

- This step takes time and effort but costs nothing.

Step Four: Outsource Product Uploads (optional)

- If the number of products is high, Corelli recommends outsourcing product uploads to virtual assistants.

- This step costs $300 on average.

Step Five: Invest

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