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Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

How to Analyze Facebook Ad Results the Right Way

Setting up a Facebook Ads campaign is only the first step towards success. To achieve outstanding results, optimization is key. This involves analyzing the data gathered from your campaign and making improvements. But, analyzing Facebook Ads data can be complicated. In this article, our Facebook Ads expert, Cedric, will guide you on how to analyze your Facebook Ads data the right way.

Customizing Your View:

- Add important numbers or metrics to your view by clicking on Columns and selecting Customized Columns.

- The important numbers will vary depending on your campaign objectives.

- Add metrics that are higher, middle, and lower in the funnel such as CTR, CPM, CPC, and frequency.

Analyzing Your Campaign:

- Analyze your campaign on a high level overview on the campaign level.

- Take a closer look at the ad sets and see which campaigns are generating more results.

- Modify the ad sets and ads to improve the results.

Analyzing Facebook Ads data is an essential part of optimizing your campaign for success. By customizing your view and analyzing your campaign on different levels, you can make informed decisions and improve your results. Remember, the key to success is continuous optimization.

Youtube ads Statistics [2021] 4 Interesting Stats Revealed 😮

Over the years, YouTube has become an important platform for any brand or company's marketing efforts. There are various ways to promote a brand or product on the platform, from product placements in creators' videos to ad placements in videos or sidebars. Marketers and brands are increasingly recognizing the power of YouTube advertising, also known as YouTube ads, as a result.

YouTube keeps generating a lot of ad revenue, while placing brands and products in the eyes of their respective target audiences. In the fourth quarter of 2020, the worldwide ad revenue of YouTube was at $6.89 billion, a significant increase over the years. In America, for example, YouTube will create $5.56 billion in ad revenue in 2021 alone. Tons more people are buying more ads in a variety of formats, so if you want to stay ahead of your competition, you need to harness the platform's advertising features.

Here are four cool YouTube ads stats:

1. YouTube's large ad revenue: YouTube's worldwide advertising revenue was at almost $19.77 billion in 2020. These are not merely numbers, but they indicate the degree to which marketers and advertisers are recognizing the power of placing their brands on the platform, leading to pumping money into ads to achieve successful results.

2. YouTube has a high ROI for video marketing: Amongst various social platforms used for video marketing, YouTube has the highest return on investment. A study from Bytable revealed that YouTube's ROI for video content was at 35%, followed by Facebook's 26% and Instagram's 18%.

3. Custom ad budgets: Marketers and advertisers can take advantage of YouTube ads irrespective of the brand's budget. YouTube ads cost about 10 cents to 30 cents per action or view on average, and the figure is determined by a number of factors such as the ad objective, watch time, and targeting. In the ad space, there's an average budget of $10 daily on YouTube ads, indicating that the platform is not reserved for only big advertising spenders.

4. Optimize ads for TV screens: As much as many users watch videos on their mobile phone devices, people are beginning to watch YouTube on their TVs more. Google reports reveal that there's a 35% increase in advertisement recall for YouTube ads shown on TV screens, and a 47% boost in buying intents. Advertisers can now control and optimize their ads for smart TV screens, so there's a need to leverage the knowledge of a growing TV viewing of YouTube.

In conclusion, YouTube ads are a powerful tool for any brand or company looking to reach their target audience. With its large ad revenue, high ROI, custom ad budgets, and the ability to optimize ads for TV screens, YouTube is a platform worth considering for your marketing efforts. To learn more about the ins and outs of YouTube ads, click the link below to read our full article. And don't forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel!

"The Pitch" | 2022 Toyota GR Supra Commercial | Toyota

In a brainstorming session for a car commercial, the team discusses different ideas and approaches. They consider various factors such as the target audience, driving style, and features of the car.

Main Points:

- They discuss the driving style and decide to avoid aggressive driving that may not resonate with the target audience.

- They consider utilizing the navigation system as an exciting feature and explore ideas such as a wrong turn leading to a drift race or a pizza delivery scenario.

- They discuss the practicality of the car and consider showcasing its trunk volume for grocery shopping.

- They consider adding a female presence and decide that the driver should wear a helmet and race suit to emphasize that it's not real.

- They suggest a jump off a ramp into the sunset as a potential viral idea.

In this brainstorming session, the team explores different ideas for a car commercial while keeping in mind the target audience and the features of the car. They consider various scenarios and ultimately come up with a few potential ideas to move forward with.

Advertisers Dashboard | Rideshare advertising statistics | Uber advertising, advertise in Lyft

Understanding how your advertisements are performing is crucial for any successful online campaign. Traditional broadcast media lacks the data and statistics that online advertising services offer, making it challenging to track the effectiveness of advertisements. However, Ride Play TV provides a solution by offering a hybrid platform of traditional broadcast media and internet advertising, giving clients high visibility and real-time data.

Features of Ride Play TV:

- Provides stats on how ads are performing while displaying in real-time cars carrying the ad, moving around a map showing who's broadcasting the content and where.

- Performance data reports on how many times the ad has been displayed, the total amount of airtime, how many cars are broadcasting the ad, and the number of text messages and phone calls that come from the ad.

- Real-time data updates day by day, showing how the ad has been performing.

- Driver activity shows how many miles, displays, and airtime for each driver, along with general stats on how the ad has performed.

- Advertisers can upload new ads at any time and select a trackable campaign phone number.

- Provides visibility to who's calling or texting, and for what purpose.

- Text and call conversions from the campaign are captured as metrics within the dashboard, providing insights into ad performance.

- Tracks the text message and call history.

Ride Play TV offers a unique solution to the problem of tracking advertisement performance, providing a hybrid platform that combines traditional broadcast media and internet advertising. It gives clients the high visibility that comes with broadcast media along with the stats and metrics expected from an online campaign. With Ride Play TV, advertisers are never in the dark about how their broadcast advertising campaign is performing, as it provides the metrics and data behind the campaign, keeping clients informed about their return on investment.

How Political Campaigns Use Data To Target Ads To Voters (HBO)

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has caused a lot of confusion, but at its core is a simple motivation: political campaigns want to advertise to voters in the most efficient way possible. They want to find voters when they are paying attention and show them ads that engage them. In recent years, campaigns have increasingly turned to the internet for targeted advertising because almost everything you do online is tracked. Facebook, in particular, has become a convenient way for advertisers to find people in specific categories based on their activity on the platform. Cambridge Analytica got hold of some of this data and offered to use it for campaigns to do even more specific targeting. Several Republican campaigns took them up on the offer, but the way Cambridge obtained the data was the issue.

How Campaigns Target Voters:

- Campaigns want to advertise to voters in the most efficient way possible

- They use TV and the internet for targeted advertising

- They use internet data to get specific in their targeting

- Facebook offers advertisers a convenient way to find people in specific categories based on their activity on the platform

- Cambridge Analytica got hold of some of this data and offered to use it for campaigns to do even more specific targeting

- Several Republican campaigns took them up on the offer

How Data is Used:

- Data is collected from publicly available and commercially available sources

- Algorithms are built to find patterns in the data that are predictive of voting behavior

- Campaigns use the data to target specific groups of voters with ads

- The data is used legally, but the way Cambridge Analytica obtained the data was the issue

What Data is Collected:

- Data from publicly available sources is collected

- Commercially available sources are used to collect data

- The data is thrown together to create a comprehensive profile of the voter

- Basic top-line information is collected, such as race and voting history

- The data set may believe a voter is a certain race based on their address

- Partisan models are used to predict party affiliation based on demographic information

Concerns About Data Collection:

- Voters are concerned that campaigns know too much about them

- Facebook knows who you are and what you like

- Facebook can facilitate communication with certain types of voters, but they won't reveal their identities

- Campaigns use the data to put ads in front of voters without knowing their specific interests or likes

In conclusion, political campaigns want to advertise to voters in the most efficient way possible, and in recent years, they have turned to the internet for targeted advertising. Facebook offers advertisers a convenient way to find people in specific categories based on their activity on the platform, and campaigns use this data to target specific groups of voters with ads. While the data is used legally, concerns have been raised about how much campaigns know about individual voters and their specific interests.

Bing Ads - Diving Into Your ClickMagick Tracking Statistics

Hey, what's up ladies and gentlemen! In this video, I'll be showing you what to do after you start getting clicks to your offers. In the previous videos, I walked you through three parts of creating your first campaign.

1. Campaign settings

2. Adding keywords

3. Creating effective ad copies

4. Setting bids and adding tracking links

Now, let's dive into what to do after getting clicks.

Data Analysis:

- I created this campaign on February 7th, and it ran for two days.

- Today, we got two clicks.

- I changed the bid because my average position was too low.

- I raised the bid to 70 cents for weight loss being suggested and 60 cents for the Bing bulk suggested.

- Yesterday, I got four clicks, and all of them were from the weight loss being suggested.

- My average cost per click was only 44 cents, even though my bid was 70 cents, which shows that Bing doesn't spend your full bid on each click.

- The more relevant your ad is, the lower the cost per click.

ClickMagick Analysis:

- I spent a little over $700 in the past week on Bing ads, and the total revenue is $1761.

- I got six clicks in the past two days.

- The CLA safflower oil landing page got six unique clicks, and one person clicked on the Buy button.

- The keyword weight loss generated all of the other clicks.

- Syndicated Search Partners generated most of the clicks.

- Out of six clicks, five were from the US and one from Canada.

- Four of the clicks were from a mobile phone, one from a tablet, and one from a desktop/laptop.

Action Analysis:

- One person took action on the weight loss keyword.

- The ad ID that resulted in the click was 4802.

Analyzing the data is essential to optimize your campaigns and increase conversions. Focus on the most relevant keywords and target the right audience. Keep testing and tweaking until you find the winning formula. Bing ads and affiliate/CPA marketing can be very profitable if done right. Keep learning and growing your skills to achieve success.

Cyber Ninja USA - Advertising Portal and Ad Statistics

Hello, and welcome to Cyber Ninja USA. My name is Steven, and I am the lead marketing director here. We work with all types of businesses, from large companies to small advertisers, and we specialize in online marketing, lead generation, SEO, and more. In this article, we'll take a closer look at what we do and how we can help your business succeed online.

Our Services:

- Trade show support

- Online lead generation

- Advertising programs

- Ecommerce consulting and management

- Advertising on multiple platforms

- Referral services

- Text ads

- Search engine optimization

- Website design and auditing

- Sales and advertising partnerships

Our Approach:

At Cyber Ninja USA, we pride ourselves on our expertise in all things online marketing. We work with businesses of all sizes and budgets to help them reach their online goals. With our advertising portal, you can track your ads in real-time and see exactly how they're performing. We also offer a free consultation to help you get started.

If you're looking to take your business to the next level online, Cyber Ninja USA is here to help. Our team of experts can assist with everything from lead generation to website design to advertising campaigns. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business succeed.

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