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Stay-at-Home Mom Earns Half A Million Dollars On Amazon In One Year

Published on: December 2 2022 by Tatiana James

Stay-at-Home Mom Earns Half A Million Dollars On Amazon In One Year

The above is a brief introduction to Stay-at-Home Mom Earns Half A Million Dollars On Amazon In One Year.

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Stay-at-Home Mom Earns Half A Million Dollars On Amazon In One Year

hey everyone welcome back it's tatiana
and today i'm here to share with you
another amazon fba success story
monica started her business a few years
after she had her first child but she
wasn't spending much time in her
business she kind of dabbled with
it it wasn't until 2019 that she kind of
decided to take another look at her
business and to focus more time and
attention into her business
seeing the opportunity that we have with
and so in doing that she earned half a
million dollars in revenue in 2019 alone
so a lot of work went into that but she
was at the end
extremely successful and continues to be
and so monica had emailed me um just uh
nicely to to thank myself and stefan my
fiance for the inspiration
over the years uh but after hearing her
story i had asked her if she would be
to share a little bit of her story here
on youtube so that she can also be an
for all of you so monica thank you so
much for
taking the time to be here today thank
you tatiana you're so sweet
maybe we can get started first with um
you know so you started your business a
number of years ago when you had your
can you share a little bit about that
how did you discover selling on amazon
and why at that time
did you not kind of um you know did you
not spend more time in your business
yeah so um i first started my business
in 2016.
uh 2016 was the year that my first son
was born
it was totally transformational for me
i really wanted to stay home with him
and and everything that was
i had a well actually i had a friend and
he was the one that started toking to
me about this opportunity of working
um on amazon and building a brand and
it was just so attractive to me to be
able to
work from home and to do something from
home and being able to
spend time with my child um that was the
only thing that i was thinking on
about um during that time did your
friend have already he built an amazon
business or he was starting to build one
he was starting so actually we we kind
of started at the same time
um although he's put a lot more time
into it and now he's a bigger seller
than i am
and i'm super proud of him um but uh but
yeah so i started really really slow
um as i said i had a baby at that time
my husband and i we lived in southern
and we are both originally from spain um
so we didn't have any friend well we had
a lot of friends but we didn't have
family there so
uh my husband and i decided that i would
stay home with the baby
um so a couple of um afternoons
um a week i used to go to this coffee
shop and just take my laptop there
i love that place everybody was just
working on their computers
um drinking coffee so i used to enjoy
just going there and
you know watch random videos on youtube
you know how to start your amazon
business and you know what steps to make
and i really started really really slow
because i didn't spend
a lot of time on it in the beginning but
i really enjoyed that process of just
like getting to know
you know how to navigate the
amazon seller central account how to
find products how to contact suppliers
like how to write the listing like i was
getting eats and pieces
bits and beats you know from here and
there so
all of what you were learning you were
learning it from youtube videos
yes basically that's why i was so slow
got it okay okay so then you started to
learn about
um selling on amazon but you were
obviously busy because you had a newborn
baby to look after
and so you kind of were how much time
were you spending your business did you
launch a product at that time or were
you still
just learning about selling on amazon so
i was actually
learning about selling on amazon i would
say for like for like the first year
because i didn't launch my first product
mid 2017. for my first product i did
have a lot of
hassle and because when i knew what
product i wanted to launch
um and it was time to contact with
suppliers and manufacturers i just had a
hard time i didn't really know how to
contact them you know over in china
i received a lot of samples that i just
did not like so
it just it was in the beginning it took
some time
um until i finally found a manufacturer
that i really
liked that funny enough it was in the
united states it wasn't in china
nowadays all of my suppliers are in
china now but um
for my first product it was in the us so
yeah i didn't launch it until mid 2017.
okay and then i got pregnant with my
okay and then what happened then did you
kind of push the
business aside for a little while while
you focus more on
uh parenting or were you still were you
working on that product so i was still
working on the product
and i still i was still involved with
all this
amazon um world it i really was inspired
by the possibilities and by the
lifestyle that you could get and
and and i never quit
learning about it um even though as i
said i just you know
i just spent very little time but um
when we got pregnant with our daughter
we decided that we wanted to come back
to spain and be closer to family
so during that time that we were doing
the you know the moving and the
and all that i did leave the business a
little bit more
to the side so then that first product
that you launched
uh what was how how did that go was it a
successful launch did you have much
success with that product and do you
still sell that product today
i do still sell the product today um i
didn't do a
formal lunch per se i just put it out
there wrote the listing
um search for the keywords and the did
the ppc campaign
and it went really well i mean it wasn't
you know i i wasn't selling a lot but
for me i was super happy because it was
it was my
education it was like my university on
amazon i was just learning from it so
that um and i invested in this first
product i invested very little
money like um you know it was a very
simple product very easy to make
it was very cheap so
i didn't i really didn't didn't mind
i didn't have much to lose you know
okay and then and then what happened
year when you just decided to spend a
lot more time in your business
and and your business really scaled
within that
within that year you know making half a
million dollars in revenue that's quite
significant so what happened at that
um to allow for that growth
yeah so um so during 2018 it was just
you know it was a quite a stressful year
for us
just because you know having the two
babies and moving from the
united states to spain and all of that
but then my daughter she was born in
and i kept searching for new ideas and
new products and
a couple of when my daughter she was a
couple of months i just
you know one day i was just searching
for for products and i found this
niche that i and you know the light just
turned on and it was like okay this is
something that i could totally do i
i know exactly how to improve it how to
improve the product i know exactly
like i like all the all of the i just
saw it i saw it really clear
um so i got to see the action that was
i know this is it like i know i can do
well with this product
i've heard many people say that who have
very successful businesses where
they kind of saw a product and they had
this gut reaction whereas like i know i
could sell that i know i could improve
it was the same thing for me when i
found my voice trainer product because
it wasn't a product that was like
very obviously a good product to sell on
amazon there was a lot of
faults to it and a lot of reasons why i
should probably not sell it but i just
kind of had that gut
reaction whereas like i know i could
make this product a success
i had that same that same feeling and on
one hand
i had i was a little bit afraid no you
know like saying okay like
you know should i just jump into it and
and just do everything that i have in my
mind to do and
but then i was so happy that i did it
because obviously it went out really
that's great so how many products um are
selling on amazon are you focused on
maybe one or two or are you selling
multiple products
um and if so have you built a brand
on amazon or are you just selling
multiple products
so right now i i'm selling 10 different
products i have 10 different skus
um from those 10 skus two of them are
from my first brand that i still sell
and eight are from the newer brand the
second brand that i
launched um last year okay great
and then um of those like 10 products
did you launch a large quantity of those
last year when you started to really
more time into your business yeah so
all of the eight products from that
brand were launched
last year and that's something that i i
find really helpful like um
now i'm going to launch another four and
i think that's key you know
to constantly be launching products for
for your brand
um i find that that's significantly
has been a a major aspect of my success
interesting and so uh so you launch
multiple products at the same time
um or no you don't what's your process
well now this is the first time that i'm
going to be launching four products at
the same time
we're actually first one and then three
of them at the same time is the first
time but um
during last year i was doing it
basically one by one
okay so i did my first launch it went
well and then
when i ordered um when i did the second
order for
that first product i also did an order
for a new product
and so on okay that makes sense
and so the majority of your products so
you have uh one
brand and then the other products you're
just kind of launching them on amazon
they're hot selling products that are
doing well and you're not necessarily
building a brand around those products
actually i am i am building a brand so
all of the yeah all of the all of the
products are related to that brand um
oh so they're all within that one
category within that niche
okay that makes a lot of sense yeah yeah
so um yeah that makes a lot of sense
because oftentimes
uh you know sometimes there's like two
different ways you can go about it where
you can just go and you can look for hot
selling products to sell on amazon
that aren't necessarily within one niche
within one brand
but they have great they look great and
you know that they will be successful
or you could say hey i'm going to decide
on my niche figure out my brand and then
i'm just going to sell products within
that category
which i think makes more sense because
then you don't have to
you know you just build one brand with
multiple products it's less
less work involved than than having to
go and
kind of build multiple mini brands for
each product
so i think that's that definitely makes
more sense so
um do you have any kind of tips
for someone who may be watching that has
maybe just started their amazon business
is just getting started
any tips anything that you found really
valuable when you were
first building your business that
really helped you kind of scale
or helped you just build the foundation
that you needed to get to this point
yeah so um because of what i did and
i just started um my journey on amazon
getting information from everywhere
online and
different videos and so on i will
totally recommend going through a course
um if if like if it was me going back
i would totally do it i know that you
guys are also familiar with the asm
yeah of course and i
i know a lot of people um in this world
that have gone through that
course and are super happy because they
you know they save time and
energy and and money and if it was me
going back and you know starting to
to get to know this world i would
go through to do a course like that yeah
yeah by the way guys
for whoever is watching this isn't
scripted because now someone's gonna
wonder oh tatiana always recommends the
asm course
um which i do i'm an affiliate and i
always recommend taking that course
um and the reason why is because like
what you shared like you can be
successful you can watch youtube videos
and you can
learn as much as you can from free
information it can absolutely work for
you but it's going to take
more time likely it's going to likely
take more time because you're getting
pieces from
everywhere instead of getting something
that kind of gives you all the
information you need in one
nicely packaged course so i definitely
understand that um do you have any other
kinds of
recommendations for our audience for
those who are starting to build their
business or any
did you have any challenges um any big
challenges that
uh kind of really set you back in your
business or something that you really
learned from
so we usually have a lot of challenges
and a lot of things that we need to
improve and learn and
you know problems that we have to solve
i just feel that
you know being also in connection with
people that
are within the same world and they're
they're also amazon sellers or you know
i think that's also very valuable and
very important because at least for me
i didn't have anybody around me that
knew what i was doing or understood what
i was doing
or you know they were
we were totally in different mindsets um
so i quite i felt lonely at times
um you know like isolating
yeah like whenever you have a problem or
you have a doubt or you have you know
something like
you know who who do i go to or who do i
so having at least somebody you know
that that is also
willing to you know learn or to you know
that's also in this
um space i think that's that was a great
great help for me
yeah and so you you found a community
that you could kind of be a part of to
help you
um you know or at least to kind of
people that you can tok to
about your business or did you go to any
events or
how did you kind of find a community
that you can um
relate to so when i started feeling like
that actually
isolated um last year i just typed i
went to facebook
and i just typed like amazon um
events or something like that so a few
pages just appeared and i joined and i
just wanted to get
that feedback and um i just started
toking with
um athena you know she was super nice
and she offered help like you know like
where are you in your business what
would you like to achieve like what
and and then she recommended me because
they just had started this titan network
when i joined them um and from there
it's been
it's been amazing because that's that's
the community that i belong
within the amazon space and and that's
where i go to
to find the the
yeah yeah it's important to just feel um
like you can
you know like you said if you have a
question you can tok to someone if you
have if you need any help there's
someone who's there for you
and um so definitely finding a community
whether it's through some
facebook groups that you can join and
you can chat with people there
or something um more kind of exclusive
and more how should i say more
you know a mastermind type of
environment like titan network that's
also a great option
um for for people who are really looking
for that kind of support
so and there are lots of meetups too
that you know people can go
and and and you know various cities
around the us especially and organize
for free and you just go there and
and know people within your area
wherever you live i think that's also
really powerful
absolutely yes that's so true i think
starting an
online business can be really scary um
because it is a
leap of faith that you know you're
deciding that hey i'm going to try this
and you do have to invest money into it
it's not a business that you can start
for free
so there is that risk of you know well i
don't know if i should
try this because i could lose money what
would you
what would you say to people who are
to start their business but also see the
opportunities that amazon is providing
all of us to to sell on their platform
and to potentially you know
become an entrepreneur and own a
business that does
like yours you know half a million
dollars in sales in a year that's really
impressive and that's
an opportunity that amazon's giving us i
think that's a really deep
um question to to answer
my life has changed just so much so
a few years ago i wasn't even thinking
that i was an entrepreneur
like i didn't have the mindset ready and
i was not
thinking and i didn't see the options
and the possibilities and the
opportunities that i see
right now so i do understand that
each you know everyone is in different
stages in their life
uh being an entrepreneur and having an
online business it's not for everyone
that's also
something to say because you do need to
have certain like you need to be
consistent you know you need to
do that what you said just it's a leap
of faith
and just believe that you know believe
in yourself
um you need to be committed committed to
your business
committed to yourself to improving
um it's just a lot that goes with it um
and it's a journey it's a journey and
that it
in my opinion it doesn't have like a
goal or it doesn't have an end
it's like once because that's at least
that's how i feel it's like okay
i'm i'm here i'm in this business
right now i just feel so empowered and i
feel that i have so much
um opportunity around me and i feel so
blessed and i feel it's like
i'm never going to look back i'm never
ever going to look back i don't want to
look back and
it's like i always see room for
improvement for everything for my
business for myself for me it's been
it's been life-changing it's really been
transformational and
thanks to amazon a lot of a lot of us
and a lot of families are just
changing and transforming their life
their lives to
a much more positive way and not not
only financially because
if you are thinking of starting your
online business
and just starting you know start to get
right up front from the very beginning
that's not gonna happen like my first
product was launched
as i said before in 2017
and although my pro you know all my
progress within
these these months i didn't really take
any money out until
last month because i've been just like
reinvesting reinvesting reinvesting and
that's my
that's my priority right now it's just
to make sure that my system
you know gets strong enough and you know
i'm super thankful that
um i can also allow myself myself to do
that not everybody has that that same
um but um when we were
in in the united states my husband and i
we lived in a beautiful place in
southern southern
california but we were in in a
one-bedroom apartment
and i didn't mind at all it was a small
apartment but we were happy because i
was able to stay home with my son
and i was able to you know start my
business and i just
you know we weren't spending a lot of
money we weren't doing great
things just spending money on rent and
food basically
but that was our choice you know because
we knew that we weren't going to be like
that forever
um and now my husband he's also selling
on amazon
so we're both in the same in the same
like we both have different
businesses but we're both in the same
place mentally you know
yeah that's awesome it's great when you
can you both understand
each other's business because you're
you're in a similar industry and you can
tok with each other and you can share
ideas and
have that support system because i'm
sure your husband always supported
uh your business your your business but
now he really understands it because he
has also his own
amazon business yeah that's really
yeah that's really great and how has it
been um to be
working in this business while having
two young children
well it's been amazing
i think it's really really positive um
it's been really tiring i'm not gonna
um really really tiring but i get to
choose my hours first of all
i work from wherever i want and the
hours that i want
uh which translates to working late you
know late hours at night
some at times and especially last year
that my daughter was smaller and
you know when she was a newborn like i
was just working whenever she was
sleeping basically and then my other
my my oldest son was only three years
old so i also
needed to be with him but um so i was
but i felt happy that it was my choice
first of all to to stay up at night and
work on my business
and that i had the opportunity to just
spend the time with them
and be with them and not having to just
go away and
and you know be in a in an office from
nine to five
but it's just uh a lot of more benefits
than than than regrets i don't have any
regrets really
the only the only regret or not regret
but the only thing is that
i don't stop like i never stop working
my mind my mind is always on the go it's
the cursing
entrepreneur yeah so i don't know
how that feeling of just like clocking
out on a friday
and not think of anything until monday
like i don't know what that is anymore
yeah i don't i don't miss it yeah
yeah that is one thing that you know
when you own your own business it's like
all of a sudden you know you have 100
responsibility over everything and so
your mind is always racing and thinking
of ideas you're thinking of things that
could be improved and it's like
you know it's the weekend and you want
to take time off but
your mind is always there and so that's
that takes you know i for me
it's taken a long time to figure out how
kind of separate the two in some ways
and some people don't believe in that
i know tony robbins he's a big believer
work life integration and for myself
though i believe
that there has to be some limits and so
i've set some boundaries with my
business because otherwise i
i will you know i'll spend all day every
day working on my business so
it's taking me some time to figure out
what works for me and you know what do i
want and how do i want my days to look
but it's a blessing to be able to have
that choice
and to be able to design your day and
design your schedule
yes exactly totally agree so monica
before we wrap up here do you have any
any last um anything that you would like
to share any last words to
to pass on with our audience um any any
final thoughts that you'd like to share
in regards to the amazon world if this
is something that
um you're thinking about and you know
you've there's just
a lot of successful stories out there
and they're real like now i'm getting to
know real people
with real lives and real success it's
something that
that it's possible it really takes you
know effort and time
it's not something that happens from one
day to another just because you know you
need to
be informed and educated and you know
how you need to know how to do
the things the right things and also
learn from the mistakes
but it's definitely something that it's
worth trying
um at least to try and if for whatever
reason it doesn't work
so you can always try to you know you
can always go back to wherever you were
at before right yes you know at least
it's a good thing to try
yeah better to try and and fail possibly
than to have regrets because you never
give yourself a chance
exactly right now it's just a wonderful
beautiful time i think to get into the
online space
because there's so there's only room for
growth and
this you know situation recently that's
happening with the coronavirus has
really shown us that
you know being digital these days is so
so important and so big
so i think that right now it's a perfect
time also to start
absolutely yeah yeah trillions of
dollars have moved from retail to
online and so there is no scarcity
um we have to all have abundance and
there is more than enough
opportunity for everyone just because
you're successful or just because i'm
successful does not mean that there's
less success to be
had by someone else there's more than
enough for everyone
and so very very encouraging words
thank you so much monica i really
appreciate you being here today and
some of your story with our audience i'm
sure that you're going to inspire some
moms who may be watching this as well
and who are thinking about you know
building their own business so that they
can have more time
to spend with their family or to just do
what they want to do on their own terms
so thank you for once again i appreciate
it and thank you to everyone who's been
watching today
if you have questions comment down below
anything that we toked about today will
be linked in the description box
we'll see you next time bye

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