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stella artois ads

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

Creative Picks | Episode 65 | Ad Reviews | Stella Artois, Spotify, Channel 4

hello and welcome to a new episode of creative pigs. I'm Rebecca Gupta and this week I'll be reviewing ads by Stella Artois, Spotify and Channel four. let's get started. Belgian beer brand Stella Artois launched a new commercial showcasing a robot bartender which will seriously up your hosting game. so the ad opens for the guy who is hosting a party at his place but is not able to spend enough time with his guests because he's still busy serving drinks to everyone. and then we meet Stella Artois, but bartending automated robotik, tiknology: a robot bartender designed to serve beer and snacks to guests, all while cleaning up after itself. this allows hosts to spend less time stressing and more time enjoying special moments with their friends and family. I thought the ad showcased exactly what it wants to for every host who has been caught up- making sure the glasses stay full, sit up, setting out fresh snacks, tidying up as the night goes on. when there's a solution now, I think anyone watching this ad will be able to relate to hosting a party, spending more time running around than actually enjoying. thanks for coming, and especially because it's almost your end and chances are that you will be either hosting a party or invited to one, so the ad comes at a perfect time - it doesn't go into all the nitty-gritty details about the tiknology or how this robot works, but keeps it rather simple because the purpose of the ad is to make consumers lives a little easier. therefore, I quite enjoy the straightforward concept or not so straightforward product. I wish I could buy one for myself in India, oh well. [Music]. Spotify is end-of-year marketing campaign 2018. wrapped is here. the music streaming platform created a humorous outdoor campaign telling the world how people use their playlists over the last year. according to the brand, it's a moment of reflection about the role that music and Spotify played in their lives, while telling universal stories that create a sense of community. so there's a playlist called Royal Wedding, because that was possibly the most toked about wedding of the year. there are 367 playlists named calm meditation, signifying how people escaped a crazy 2018, and over 28,000 God is a woman playlist, all thanks to Ariana Grande's popular song. I think it's a fabulous campaign, which tells the consumers that customization is central to the brand and that's what makes it relatable. clearly, a lot of research has gone into these ads. it's also good to see our digital grants embracing out-of-home media more than ever before. the campaign will be live worldwide- in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, France, in the nation, US, UK and many other markets- and more than 50 artists will be featured in the campaign. according to me, it's a clever throwback to the year gone by. well done Spotify [Music]. last month, British television broadcaster Channel four launched a global purple light-up campaign to mark International Day of persons with disabilities. the day encourages people to recognize disability by wearing purple and calls on businesses to use the color in their logos, website and offices. in association to this channel for recently unveiled a two-minute a spot featuring employees from bt, hsbc, Lloyds Banking Group, Lloyds of London nationwide, Reed Smith, scope and Virgin Media toking about disabled people's concerns and how they are perceived in the workplace. it's a heartwarming film which encourages businesses to help disabled people find careers so they can thrive. I mean, they're millions of people of working age with health conditions or disabilities and many of them are unemployed. so in a way, it's a huge world of talent which is simply going to waste, and that's exactly what the ad toks about. this one's a great initiative. thousands of businesses out there and missing out on a wealth of talent due to not considering disabled people enough to mark International Day of persons with disabilities. on the 3rd of December, we're here to encourage companies to help more disabled people achieve success in their organisation and to support disabled people in finding careers where they don't just work but thrive. by going purple, I don't work properly. I work brilliantly. if you or someone close to you is affected by these issues and for more information on how you can make your business disability confident, go to channel for calm: slash purple. that's a wrap on this edition of creative takes to leave me your thoughts and you can also find me on instagram and twitter. my handle is Britt's calm. don't forget to catch our TV show melt, airing on WE on every saturday at 11:30 am and sunday at 10:30 am, and for your weekly dose of ad review, keep watching. created fake cell to the next. [Music].

Stella Artois: 30 Second Ad Done Right

if you are a marketeer or you own a business, there's probably two things that you're looking for, and that's a high profit and a high return on investment. hi and welcome to the very first episode of the emu, and today we are going to take a look at how you can use video marketing to generate a higher profit and a higher return on investment. so, without further ado, let's jump straight into it. today we are going to take a look at an ad by vayner media for the brand stella artois- probably the best bureau in the world because, as we know, all best things come from belgium. so make sure you got something to write this all down, because you can use this information to improve your video marketing. now, obviously, i think it's best i start out by showing you the ad. so here it is: [Music]. hey, come help your old man with the dishes. anytime i call, i'm always [Music] and there you have it. i believe it's a great ad. and now let's tok about why i believe it's a great ad. first of all, you probably notiked it's relatively short. it's around 30 seconds long, which is a great length for an ad. now i do believe ads from a minute or longer have their place in today's marketing landscape, but in this instance, for a relatively simple product that you're trying to push, you got to be able to tell your story in 30 seconds or less. now, how do you do that? you got to start out with a script, because if you don't know what you're going to be toking about, you don't know what you're going to record and you're probably going to end up with a whole lot of stuff that you're not gonna need. when you're done filming your first script, you're probably gonna have around one or two minutes of video. just take a look at it and ask yourself: is this information really necessary for the story that i'm trying to tell? in most cases, the answer will be no, and you can start cutting down video until you're around 30 seconds. so there's something to write down. write a script and then start cutting out all the information that you don't need now. if you want to succeed in video marketing, you need to follow a certain strategy. now there's no right or wrong. there's a couple of strategies that you can use, but i believe the strategy that they chose works very well. i notiked it from the beginning and maybe you know it is the two, but they are definitely pushing a feeling and not a product. so they're not just selling beer, they're selling happiness, being together with your family. they want you to associate those positive memories with their product. you probably know a bunch of other companies doing this. coca-cola is a great example. you don't just buy a coke, you open happiness, and there's been studies done that people who drink coke actually feel happier. certain areas in their brain start lighting up. they associate drink and coke with being happy, and they're doing the same thing over here. they associate all those positive feelings of being together with your friends and family with their brand. so if you are writing a script, don't just think about how you can push your product down somebody's throat, but ask yourself: what feelings do you want to communicate to your audience? if you can communicate that successfully, you're going to have a lot more success with your video marketing. of course, knowing how to edit your video and choosing the right music is very important for your ad and just a general feeling around your ad. what i really like is that they didn't just use a generic music that you can find wherever for free, because i see a lot of people doing that and i keep hearing the same music in different ads and that's just not really professional. they actually used music from a rather small independent music group and people on youtube loved it. so you cannot just be satisfied with the first copyright free music that you can put under your head, but you gotta look for some great music that really matches what's going on in your story. also, when you're looking at this ad, you can just see it's some great montage. the people really did a great job editing the video. now they're an advertising agency. they have in-house people doing that. but if you want to use video marketing and you don't really know how to edit a video, it's a good idea to maybe hire someone who can do it or go to a freelancer, because editing is so important- it can really make or break your story, so you gotta think about that. vaynermedia also did a great job creating two different ads. you just saw the 30 second ad that was shown on television, but there's actually a 15 second ad as well and i'll drop the link down in the description so you can take a look at it yourself. they made this 15 second ad for youtube alone and they did this because you can skip an ad on youtube after 5 and sometimes after 15 seconds. so if your ad is longer than 15 seconds, most people will actually just skip through it. now, in the next video, we're gonna tok about how you can grab people's interest and actually keep them there for longer than 15 seconds. but that's for the next video. so i really like that they had these two different versions, because your ad needs to be native to the platform. if you're gonna show something on television, your ad can be a little longer, but if you're gonna show it on social media or youtube, you better learn how to tell your story in 5 or 15 seconds. otherwise people are just going to scroll by it or they're just going to skip it all right. so we've toked about all the things that make this ad great. what i want to do now is make you a little checklist of three things that you can use to improve your video marketing and generate more profit and a higher return on investment. number one: you gotta mind the short attention span of most people and you gotta be able to tell your story in a very short time. two: your ad gotta be native to the platform. if you're gonna show an ad on youtube, 5 to 15 seconds is actually a great length anything longer and you risk the chance of people just skipping through it. now, if you're gonna show it on another platform, you can make it a little bit longer. if you want to just mind that, your ad has to be native to wherever you're showing it. and number three: if you are able to push a certain feeling and not just a product, you are always gonna have better results. people are gonna remember you better, they're gonna associate those feelings with your product and you're just gonna have better results on your ad. so that's it for our first video. if you are looking for more inspiration, make sure to subscribe and follow us on instagram and we'll see you in the next video. thanks for watching.

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Stella Artois | How to brew

stella artois. it's the easy drinking lager popped over in places like the UK and it's brewed in Belgium. let's brew it. [Music]. [Music]. hi, I'm Martin Keene and on this channel, home brew- how to recover, throwing tips, recipes and experiments, and in this video we are brewing the favorite of the English, haha, but is Stella Artois lager. now I looked up the recipe for this and what I could find said that this recipe comes pretty much from the brewery itself, unofficially, and it is like no recipe I've ever seen before, because it has one grain and one hop. that is it. so let me bring in my graphic here, which normally shows you all of the different specialty grains you need, but instead I'm going to show you this very simple recipe. I bring a five point five gallon batch. so for my baseball, I am using German Pilsner malts- that's 11 pounds of that- and from my hop, I'm using SAS hops: 1.75 ounces of that in at 60 minutes and naught point 5 ounces in at 5 minutes. that is it. now, with a recipe like this, with no specialty grains, I'm assuming that most of the flavor is gonna come from the yeast. the yeast I'm using is German Pilsner yeast and- and yesterday I am well- I attempted to build a yeast starter [Music]. and that's why you add the dry malt extract before the boil. yeah, that didn't work out so well. I ended up going back to my regular method of just putting a pot on the burner and doing it that way and you know what? I ended up destroying my glass Erlenmeyer flask- I don't know how it happened- ended up cracky. you see the crack along the bottom. there is pretty deep crack. so it was kind of an expensive mistake. but luckily I had a second flask lying around, ended up using that and that has been now fermenting for about 24 hours. so, with the yeast starter finally done, trying to get to brewing [Music]. so the mash is a hundred and fifty degrees. the recipe calls for sixty minutes. we don't put a lot of weight on that time. I just take a measurement, partly through the mesh, and see where we are with the gravity, adjusting my hydrometer reading for the current temperature, and I can see that I'm reaching my target. my target pre-boiled gravity is 10:30 and I'm at 10:31, that's after about 35 minutes of mashing. so I'm just cutting it there and I'm going to do the mass out and then drain into eye-popping kettle [Music]. all right, so got a nice vigorous boil going inside there and now it's time to add hops. so this is the 60 minute hop addition, which is 1.75 ounces of saves hops. thinking about how simple the ingredients are for this beer, it kind of makes a bit of a mockery of the advertising campaign that I grew up with, the Stella Artois. Stella Artois- reassuringly expensive. this being a lager, I want it to be nice and clear, so I'm gonna go overboard with the finings: a hot side and cold side to the hot side: well-fought tablet that goes in at 10 minutes. now begins the cooling process. we want to get this down to 55 degrees. I don't think I'm gonna be able to do that just using my plate chiller, but I'm gonna get this as cold as possible. [Music]. so after primary fermentation is complete, I didn't move the beer into secondary and luggage for four weeks before kegging. the beer came out 5%. now, normally at this point I would show the beer and just do a taste on camera, but well, I waited too long to do that. from kegging to now has been a week and the cake is kicked. so all I can show you is a couple of thumbnails that I took earlier this week of the beer. now. this beer is a smashed beer, single malt and single pop- and you can really, I think, tell in the teeth Pro pulp that that's the case. it's a pretty basic beer. we did try the beer but the stiller that I've made with an actual bottle of stuff as well, and if there's a color and case, it wasn't so far different. but the one big difference was in aroma. Stella definitely has a very distinctive smell to it that I did not replicate at all in this beer. so perhaps if you were looking to change this recipe a bit, a different aroma hop might be something to consider. but overall, pretty pleased with this beer and I think the fact that it has gone in in a week probably speaks for itself. that's it. if you like these videos, just hit the subscribe button. we do plenty of these recipe and brew day type videos and I will see you on the next one. [Music]- you [Music].

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Stella Artois | Buy A Lady A Drink - Social Experiment

we're so used to having water right at our fingertips. you simply ask for it, or you turn on a tap and it's there. I start with water. I'm to have a shower. I would kill for a glass of water to start [Music]. unfortunately, I can't do that for you today. we don't have any water. I'm sorry, okay, if I knew there's no running water in the hotel. I'm fine, okay, okay, you don't have any water. yeah, well, a lot of Jen, don't they make that one? no register. no, no, camel. see, now, watch out, come on this video. but then what artisan so does it say Sun, I think - it usually takes them quite a few hours, like six hours. you have a manicure. you just get through the day without water. not everyone has that, not everyone has it, but people need it and if you come to hotel, you you kind of expect it. I'm just like somewhere else I have. my time is very valuable. I'm just gonna call him really quick. I'll be right back. if you could just hang one second, I'll fix all this, all right? Oh, like one more second and then otherwise I'll be right back. hey, you, hi, Matt Damon, it's hard for us to truly imagine what it would be like to not have access to water, but for 663 million people in the developing world, reality is different. millions of people spend up to six hours every single day just to collect water. can you imagine what that would be like if you had to choose between having a job and having the water you need to survive? what if it was your sister or your daughter who didn't have time to get an education because she had to spend hours a day securing this basic human need instead? so that is why Stella Artois has partnered with us at waterorg, because we want everyone in the world to have time for what's important to them. [Music] thinking about you know it literally being an all-day thing: six hours to get water it's. I can't imagine what that'd be like. Hunan terraces, fog which monitor simulator faster. thanking Sun actually got me thinking: gosh, what, what am i complaining about? mekin El Mundo is some problem are really famous unit. I don't know, maybe I take water much more granular than I thought. [Music], you can help us by simply sharing this message or by buying a chalice to help provide five years of clean water for someone in the developing world. together, we can change this. together, we can give them time back.

Cerveza Stella Artois

buenas noches. hoy una de las cervezas más famosas del mundo está el. actual es subir blogger y comenzamos [Música]. no hace tiempo está el arte lanzó una campaña publicitaria llamada la alegría de la cerveza, haciendo énfasis a la alegría de vivir, de tomarse el tiempo para disfrutar de la vida, crear la mentalidad de bajar el teléfono y dejar de perder el tiempo mirando fotografías de otras personas con su famoso café cada vez menos elitista. la idea principal no es dejar de usar el teléfono, sino de estar presente mientras te sientas y tomas una buena cerveza, y que no hay mejor sensación que bajar ese teléfono y disfrutar de una buena conversación o de un buen partido de fútbol. una cerveza que, debido a su éxito, ha estado a punto de la decadencia, pero que ha resurgido de manera formidable. estelar dual. veamos un poco de historia. el origen de la charla sería harto. se remonta a mil 366. a partir de esa fecha se encuentran los primeros registros de impuestos hallados dentro de la fábrica de cerveza inicialmente llamada cerveza de lovaina y posteriormente conocida como de mejor. pero no es hasta el año mil 708 cuando se basa en actuar primero como aprendiz y posteriormente como maestro cervecero. el dueño elaboran un lote especial como regalo de navidad a los habitantes de lovaina e incluye formalmente su apellido a la cerveza. a finales de 1.717 está el actual. es elaborado inicialmente en 1926 como una cerveza de edición especial por navideño, de ahí su nombre: estela, en latín, estrella, en referencia a la estrella de belén. se cree que el nombre fue sugerido forma daban de ser la esposa de que rivales red, presidente de la empresa, pero no fue hasta 1981. se da a conocer en el mercado internacional debido a frank load. su campaña consistía en dejar a un lado su fama de que era una cerveza card y lanza su eslogan tranquilizadoramente cara. una campaña donde convierte este negativo importante a un positivo, sugiriendo que pagar más era una garantía de calidad. esta marca siempre era asociada por cerca. era la lujosa, sofistikada. sus primeras campañas publicitarias se basaron en el cine francés, los cuales parecen cortos. tiene muchos gráficos hablados en francés, con subtítulos donde sólo se podía entender las palabras. style actual, la cual la catapulta le dio identidad de marca elegante. posteriormente comienza a patrocinar yo dentro del cine, entre otros. unos pocos años después su reputación cayó, su mercado objetivo dejó de comprar una causa para llegar a los supermercados donde la oferta era mejor y sus grados alcohólicos eran mayores: lacoste. pero su decadencia en llega a europa al ser asociada con los hooligans. ahora era en ellos el estereotipo de la imagen de la cerveza, también los sonidos de los putts, aunque no pareció una bebida social que parece tener un efecto adverso entre las personas. incluso se le llegó a denominar la golpeadura de mujeres style ardua. sabía que su cerveza no era mala, sólo tenía clientes que le habían dado un mala fama. así que apuestan por recuperar terreno al cliente objetivo, su imagen e identidad, así que vuelven a sus inicios del marketing. una cerveza de alta calidad que atrae a sus consumidores por su embalaje. su cáliz expresa su significación al portador y es dirigida a personas entre 25 y 45 años, personas de negocios y profesionistas. elaborada en bélgica, propiedad de ab inbev, la cual también es propietaria de budweiser, grupo modelo del mes brama michel o bien, entre otras, es una euro lager, 5 grados de alcohol, por volumen, 330 mililitros, elaborada con agua, malta de cebada, maíz, lúpulo y levadura. se recomienda beber entre los 3 y 5 grados centígrados fría, como lo indica su ritual. pues, veamos un poco de su botella y etiqueta: botella verde, que no protege la cerveza, pero da una agradable contraste entre ésta y la etiqueta con el cuerno grabando en botella en honor de la cervecería del court. la etiqueta es muy bonita y elegante, de color blanca, donde resalte el logotipo, en rojo con un marco durán o de influencia arquitectónicamente flamenca en la parte superior, el cuerno, junto a las maltas y su año de creación. la forma de botella y etiqueta que actualmente se conoce fueron creadas en 1988 por el diseñador day deep taylor, creador de taylor plan, que fue el que incorporó al diseño toxina análoga, que es un símbolo referente de las hervencias. 5, al igual que las medidas de exilios otorgadas a la fábrica belga durante los siglos 19 y 20, se recomienda beber en cali. es así que vayamos a lo bueno. [Música], [Aplausos], [Música], [Aplausos], [Música], [Aplausos], [Música], [Música]. color amarillo [ __ ]. mediana actividad de carbonatación. burbuja [Música] de compacta. mediana blanca, poca permanencia. burbujas muy amplias: paso de tener una burbuja cerrada a tener una burbuja muy amplia. varias herramientas, el color es muy bonito, con destellos dorados, muy interesante color. podríamos hablar nuestras aromátikas. al montar se arregla ligero, armada zorrillo que ya se disipó, es un poco a hierbas, a lúpulo, maltas, levadura, en un poco, un poco pan, muy ligero, un agradable aroma, algo parecido a todas las laderas, pero tiene algo algo distinto, porque este nido de las maltas [Música], como ven ya la espuma casi se disipa. así que vayamos a la interesante salud [Música] conocer esa ligera, un dulce. tiene un sabor característiko [Música], diferente a otras cervezas, diferentes a cualquier otra lager, a veces como muy fácil de recordar para volver a pedir la una y otra vez. es muy ligera, cuerpo adulto, cuerpo muy ligero, es este dulce y no tan dulce como otras, pero es muy, muy, muy interesante. tiene un sabor, como he dicho, y este característiko, si la prueba no se les va a olvidar, su sabor no empalaga. esto es algo bueno que tiene esa cerveza, pues si en general tiene, cumple su función de una lager que es muy diferente a los demás, pero pero es fácil de beber, nada complicada. para maridaje yo respondería alitas pizza, nada complejo. no obstante, podrías usar también algún queso seco y algunas carnes frías. creo que podría ser buena opción. mi impresión general de este, la actual, es que tiene un defecto: es demasiado barata con una calidad muy alta. tal vez puede ser su punto a favor, porque en el anaquel no tendría competencia con las demás cervezas importadas debido a la calidad y a su precio. su competencia más cercana ya se elabora aquí, así que la descarta de ese tipo de cervezas importadas. pero creo que es eso su pro y su contra. es una de las marcas líderes en el mundo. es una cerveza aparentemente ligera, pero hay que tenerle mucho respeto. yo le doy tres estrellas de 5, la famosa estela actual- y nos vemos en el próximo capítulo. buenas noches. [Música].

Channel 4 Adverts 1995 (5)

this is the basic stuff that all cars are made of, but the way the new honda civic's been built will make your eyes pop out. this class of cars never seen double wishbone suspension before vtec is the most economical system in its class. but open her up and there's all the performance you need. [Music]. all cars are made from this [Music] but in the end, not all are built like this honda. built without compromise [Music]. when you're sailing to the continent, choose the company with the biggest name [Music]. to reduce the risk of gum disease, you must remove plaque daily. with its oscillating cup shaped brush head drawn, all b plaque remover is clinically proven to help reduce plaque. not that everyone will be able to appreciate it: the braun oral-b plaque remover for effective daily brushing. you're flying long-haul business class. you've a choice of two airlines. do you choose one that gives you a business class seat or one that gives you a first-class seat, an on-board lounge and even a bar? tricky one, isn't it? if you've been waiting for the first mobile phone business tariff to combine low line rental and low call charges. we've cracked it with new standard call from mercury one to one. we're not here just to sell you a line free call one to one on. oh, five hundred. one to one, five hundred [Music]. [Music] you [Music] foreign. [Music] ela monday [Music] so you.