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step by step shopify

Published on: January 30 2023 by pipiads

The Only Shopify Dropshipping Guide You'll Need [For Beginners]

[Music], so i'm pretty sure i know why you're here. well, at least while you clicked on this video, we both are probably looking for new ways to create sustainable passive income where you can work anywhere you want- the world or the comfort of your home, like i'm doing right now. well, lucky for you. what i'm about to fully explain this video from start to finish, is exactly that. drop shipping, if you don't know, is basically just a logistiks model where you need little to no money up front. you don't need any master marketing skills, no prior coding experience, nothing like that. it only requires one thing: a little bit of time, hard work and dedication. no, seriously, anyone can do it. i've seen 16 year olds succeed. i've seen 60 year olds succeed. the only thing that i've seen personally that separates the winners from the failures is that the winners didn't quit. so most gurus and people online charge upwards of thousands of dollars for the information i'm about to share with you for free. in exchange for this heavily detailed free information, all i ask is that you leave a like, hit the subscribe button and leave a comment down below, and maybe even share this video to a friend that's looking for this type of tutorial. to get started, and you might be thinking: what makes me qualified to even teach this information? well, i've actually ran multiple six and seven figure online businesses over the span of three plus years, and i pretty much post about my results every single day on tiktok and youtube. this also reminds me. as usual, i'm doing another giveaway, and in this giveaway, i'm gonna be giving away a free consulting call with me, one on one, and all you have to do to enter is do the exact same thing i just told you to, which is leave a like, hit the subscribe button and then leave a comment down below. now there's a massive amount of detailed information in this video, so make sure that you're taking notes and following along, or you have a laptop open or another screen open side by side, and follow the exact steps that i'm doing now. with all that being said, let's jump right into the video. all right, the first thing that you want to be doing is you're going to go on shopifycom, obviously, so i like to use shopify. there's a bunch of different platforms out there, but this is the one i have the most uh experience with. all right, so you're going to want to take on that free trial. so it's 14 days free trial. you're gonna put in your email address here. i recommend putting in a business email address and keeping everything separate. uh, so we need a store name. so we're gonna center this store around the beauty and cosmetiks niche. it's something that i'm familiar with. the store name doesn't really matter at the moment, just because you're going to be adding a domain and when you link the domain, that's what's going to show up on the shopify account and also that's what's going to show up when people are going onto your website and they see the url. so for the store name here, let's put beauty and cosmetiks one, two, three. for the country or region, obviously, put whatever location that you're in on the go with the united states here. then you're gonna want to continue with email. this is where you're gonna link your email address and then also type in your password, so you're just setting up your account here. all right, so easy as that. now you're in the shopify dashboard. your account is already set up and ready to go. we're gonna be covering every single thing pretty much on the left side here, starting from completely from scratch. the first thing that we're going to want to do is going to go into the settings here and let's just run through all of these right? so the store details. you just have the basic information, the store name, the address. you can put in your personal address here. but if you are running a business in multiple stores, i totally recommend you getting a virtual mailing address. it's like 10- 12 bucks a month and you can send all your business information and mail there. it's also not going to put your address out there where you actually live, so i highly recommend getting one of those. then you have the contact information. this is where you're going to enter your phone number, the email address and then the customers: uh, see this email. if you email them this one right here. you definitely want to have your business email address because you don't want customers seeing your personal. one store currency: i totally recommend using us dollars as the main form of currency, especially if you're selling mainly in the united states. editing the order id format: this is not needed, so you can just leave it as a prefix of the pound sign here. next section is going into your plan. shopify has a bunch of different plans, so if we click on this, you're gonna see the basic shopify. right now. that is 14.44 a month. you really don't need to go into the shopify or advanced shopify. that's only really helpful if you're looking to get more into the analytiks side of shopify with, like their finance reporting and all that stuff. but for now, just choose the basic plan. that's all you really need at the moment. now we'll go back into the settings, user and permissions. this is really just if you want to add staff account to your store. so if you have someone that's a partner like helping you work on the store, or if you need some developer to go into the store, you basically can make it so they can access the store and the developer theme, but they can't access any of the payments and stuff like that on the payments page. this is super important. you're going to want to activate the shopify payments. this is like the main processing method on most shopify stores and to do this all you have to do is enter your business details, your address. so for this portion, i would recommend using that virtual mailing address. it's going to keep it so much cleaner and it's going to give you more privacy from your personal home address as well. the other main payment method that i would recommend is paypal. it's very common. a lot of people check out with paypal just because all the information is already populated for them and they have the paypal like secure checkout and all that stuff, just in case something goes wrong with the order. they feel a little bit safer. you can add amazon pay if you want, or google pay, apple pay, all that stuff, but that typically comes with shopify payments. so you're not going to really need any other pm methods unless for some reason, you're selling a product that shopify does not agree with or support in their processing system. then you would have to add a third-party payment processor which costs a lot more than the shopify one for the checkout. let's go over some of these settings that i recommend changing. for the customer accounts i would use- do not use- accounts. um, i don't think that you need accounts unless you have, like, a subscription-based service, but if you're just selling typical econ products, you don't need to have people add accounts. it's just going to create another layer of friction and lowering your conversion rate overall. now for the customer contact method: i would recommend switching this to email rather than phone number or email, because if people just check out their phone number, they're not going to put in their email and they're not going to get a bunch of emails collected for email marketing. i'll leave this checked on here for show a link to download the shop app. this is going to help people track their orders and their shipments easier. it's going to leave you with a lot less customer service headaches. under the customer information, i would make sure that you require first and last name. this is super important because when you're placing orders- whether it's from aliexpress, spock at zen drop, wherever it may be- you need to have them have their first and last name, otherwise they won't send the package and you're not gonna be able to complete that order. so make sure that's checked off. company name: do not include. there's no point.

Shopify Tutorial for Beginners 2022 | Set up a Shopify Store in 13 Minutes

in this shopify tutorial for beginners, i'm going to show you, step by step, how to use shopify to build your own online store from complete scratch. so let's not waste any time and get started. the first thing we're going to do is get us a 14-day free trial for shopify. so go to the description of this video and click on the first link you find there, or simply go to medicsmediacom. forward slash shopify. here. we can now claim our free trial by signing up for a new shopify account. simply type in your email and click on start free trial. then set your password and click on create your store. to save some time, we're going to skip the survey by clicking on skip. here you have to type in the name and address of your business and then click on enter my store. that will take us to the dashboard of our new shopify store. so let's start by choosing a store theme. on the left side menu, we click on online store and then on themes. currently, the default theme on shopify is the dawn theme, which is not bad, but for this store i'm actually going to choose a different one. so we scroll down and click on explore free themes. here you can now choose from 10 different themes that come with the shopify plan. you can take some time to check out each of these themes for yourself and then decide which one will fit your business the best. i'm going to choose the brooklyn theme for this store. once the new theme has been added, we can click on actions and then publish, and now we can see that our current theme has changed from the default one to the new one we have just added. now we can go ahead and click on customize to start building out our store. here's where we can edit all of our store pages, like our home page, product pages, collection pages and so on. you can also check how your store looks like on different devices and screen sizes by clicking on the desktop icon on the top right and then choosing mobile phone, for example. however, we're going to make our changes on desktop view. on the left side, you can see the structure of your current home page. it always starts with the header all the way on the top and ends with a footer, which is all the way on the bottom, and in between is the content of the page. by default, there are already some sections on our homepage. first, we have a slideshow section. next we have a text section, a collection list, a featured collection, a featured product and a newsletter section. we can also rearrange these by dragging them up or down, or we can also delete sections by selecting it and then clicking on remove section on the bottom. if you want to add something new, we can simply click on add section on the left side and choose what kind of content we would like to add. so let's now start adding content to our homepage. we're going to start by adding a logo to our header. so we're going to select our header on the left side and then click on select image. here i'm going to upload my logo for this door and then click on select. i'm also going to upload a white version of this logo so that when there's a dark background, the logo will turn to white. to do that, i'm going to upload the image under transparent logo and now you can see that the logo on my home page turned to white, but when i change to a collection page, for example, it will turn to black again. so let's go back to our homepage and move on. we're going to select our header again and then scroll all the way down to the announcement bar menu. here i can change the announcement text for the top of the website. this is a good place to put promotional messages like, for example, giving a discount code or simply putting something like free shipping worldwide. of course, you can also remove the announcement bar altogether if you want to. now we're already done with the header and we can move on with the next section of the homepage, which is the slideshow. for the sake of this tutorial, i'm only going to add one picture here, so i'm going to delete one slide by selecting it and then clicking on remove block on the bottom. then i'm going to select the remaining slide and click on select image and then add my hero image, which is what people will see first when they visit my store. then i'll go to text alignment and put the text all the way to the right, and we also want to change our heading and subheading. plus, i also want to add a shop now button. so under button link, i'm just going to choose collections, all collections, so that when people click on that button, they will see all the product collections that we will add later in the video. however, we want to make it stand out a bit more, so i'm going to change the button color to orange. awesome. the first part of our home page is now finished. now would be a good time to save what we've done so far, so we're gonna click on save on the top right. so let's move on with the next part, which is our collection list. this is an overview of the different collections that we have on our store. by selecting this section, we can first choose a name for our collection. i'm gonna name it- find your style. as i'm building a watch store here, i want to have a men's collection and a women's collection, so i'm going to delete collections until i only end up with two separate collections. and now we can actually edit and populate these collections in the back office of our shopify account. so we're going to right click on the exit button on the top left and then click on open link in a new tab. that will take us back to our shopify dashboard. here we want to go to products and then choose collections. here i'm going to delete the default collection that is already set up by selecting it first and then going to more actions and delete collection. then we're going to create a new collection and we're going to name this collection men's. now we can add the collection image on the right side. under collection type, we're going to choose manual, because we're going to be manually adding our products later, and then we can hit save. now we can do the same process for all of our other collections. once that's done, we can now put these collections on our home page. so let's go back to our editor and then select the first collection in our collection list and here we can assign the corresponding collections. so i'm going to choose women's for the first one, and then for the second one i'm gonna choose men's, and that's already it for my collection list. we can then move on and also set up our feature collection. here i want to feature the products of the new arrivals collection that i've created before, so i'm going to give it a name and then select the new arrivals collection. however, as you can see, we don't have any product set up yet, so this is what we're going to do next. so let's click on save and then go back to our shopify dashboard. here we want to go to products and then all products. then we're going to add our first product. i'm going to name it minimalist leather watch, and i'm going to skip the description for now, to save some time now. we want to upload a nice product image and also put the price of the product and then also the available quantity we have in stok under inventory section. if you want to, you can also go through the rest of these options here and put in more information about your product. then we also want to choose the collections that this product belongs to. so for this product, i'm going to add it to the men's collection and also to the new arrivals collection, and now we can click on save and go back to our products. for all of our other products we can now do the exact same process. once we've added all of our products and we're ready to put them on our store, we need to change their status from draft to active. so we're going to select all of our products, click on more actions and then set as active. now we can go back to our editor and now we can see the three products that i've just added to the new arrivals collection. then let's move on and go to the feature product section and then we're going to select a specific product that we'd like.

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The OFFICIAL Shopify Tutorial: Set Up Your Store the Right Way

if you guys don't already have your own ecommerce store. it is 2022. what are you waiting for? when life gives you lemons- aka a global pandemic- why not make lemonade and start your own shopify store? and, honestly, there's no better time to do it than now, now that online store 2.0 is in full swing. baby, if you're not familiar, shopify is a platform that allows you to sell products online, and online store 2.0 is an updated version of shopify that's going to give you guys so much more control than ever before. i'm so excited to show you. so you guys are in for a real treat, because this is part one of a four part series where you guys are going to learn how to start a shopify store from scratch. and if you're new to this, do not worry at all, because shopify is for beginners. this tutorial, this series, is going to be for beginners, from literally start to finish. i've got you guys covered so excited, so let's just get into this. what's up you guys? i am michelle bally. if you guys are new here, learn with shopify is an official shopify channel, and we are all about teaching you how to start, run and grow an online business, so anything that you want to learn about becoming an e-commerce business owner? you can find it here. you want to learn facebook ads? we got you. you want to blow up your instagram check so you can learn everything that you need in order to start, run and grow an online business. so if that sounds like something that you need in your life, then hit subscribe. so what is shopify and is it right for you? okay, guys, let's get serious for one sec. what is shopify? it's a tool that allows you to sell online- simple as that. so if you want to start a side hustle- maybe you're selling like gym equipment- you'd basically go ahead and make an account with shopify to create an online store and then you can start making money. so shopify lets you sell online through a website. you can use shopify to sell in person through a pos, and you can even use shopify to sell on social media and online marketplaces. so the nice thing about shopify is that it has these built-in tools that are really going to help you through digital marketing. you can create, execute and analyze your digital marketing campaigns. also, shopify has this amazing single dashboard to manage your orders, your shipping and your payments pretty much anywhere you go, and the thing that i like to know is that millions of the world's most successful brands are currently using shopify. that being said, you can be a big business and use shopify. you can also be a small business and you can pretty much sell almost anything- guys- almost anything. don't get any crazy ideas. so, yeah, you can be anyone, you can be anywhere and you can use shopify and be successful. shopify plans and pricing- okay. so, like any millennial, i have a serious fear of commitment. so the fact that shopify has a 14 day free trial, that was pretty necessary for me. i know it would probably be necessary for some of you guys as well. so what i would recommend? literally before you do anything, before you keep watching this video, just click the link in the description box so that you guys can sign up for a free shopify trial. like, literally, do it right now, because you're going to want to do this with me, step by step. so pause this video, do what you got to do, sign up. got it? okay, amazing, let's get started. so, if you notike, there is no credit card required to get this free trial, which is really great, because if you're not into it, no harm, no foul, but if you do love it by the end of this series, you're going to have a brand new shopify store, which is really amazing. so if you do decide you love it and you want to keep your store, what's going to happen is you're going to be on a free plan, so you're going to need to graduate to a paid plan so that you can start accepting real sales. so let's tok about pricing and all the options that you have. so, as far as paid plans go, you're gonna have a few options. if you are a new business, i would recommend you just get the basic plan. that's gonna be 29 a month. that's going to be probably best for most of you. watching the next plan up is pretty similar, but a key difference is that you get a bigger shipping discount. this plan is probably going to be good for a business that's already somewhat established. now, the highest here is the advanced shopify account. this is for the big guys. so if you guys have a number of staff that are gonna all need access to your shopify account, this plan will probably be right for you. if you uh want really in-depth analytiks, this is also gonna be right for you, but i think, for the most part, for most of you guys that are watching. i think the basic plan will probably cut it. so that's what we're gonna be looking at today: how to create a shopify account. okay, so now we actually gotta go in and sign up with shopify to set up our store. so follow along, folks. i'm gonna put this on screen and i'm gonna speed this up because i think this is pretty easy. um, yeah, you can pause if you need to. amazing, okay, so by default, you get this: like ugly, my shopify url. it's gonna look like this one here, but instead we want something that's going to be like clean and easy to remember, like this one here. so let's get a custom domain so that we can cover up this ugly url from your shopified man. you're going to go to online store and then you're going to click domains. you're going to click buy- new domain- and then you're going to enter the domain name that you want. okay, after that, you got your perfect domain, so you're going to click buy and then you're going to receive an email from shopify and it's just going to be confirming your purchase, which is great. now don't worry, guys, if this doesn't come right away. sometimes it can take like 48 hours for your new domain to start working. but other than that, we're groovy. we got our new domain name and it's great, so love that. for us. now, guys, it is time to get creative. this is literally my favorite part. so let's start our web design off by choosing a theme. okay, listen, guys. as business owners, we have a lot to think about, so you can either sit and go through all the themes and take an hour to find the perfect theme, or you can literally just choose dawn. dawn is literally one of my favorite themes, just because it's just so easy. it is a brand new theme, so what you would do is you would just basically activate it like flip that switch on um as you start your account. so if you guys aren't already familiar with don, let me show you. let me just tell you a little a little something about dawn. so it is one of shopify's best themes because it just has all these incredible features that help you make more sales for one and secondly, you can really just express your brand with this theme. so i personally love dawn. it's just such an easy option, so let's do it. who is ready to add dawn? so this is how you're gonna do it: we're gonna go to online store. we're gonna hit themes and then we're gonna scroll down to the visit shopify theme store. okay, so from there we're gonna go and search dawn, and here it is. this is dawn, a brand spanking new theme that literally just dropped last year, and it is free, which i love. and, guys, you see these other free theme options here. we've got crave, we've got craft, this one's called sense, which i love. this is taste and studio, and these are all brand new themes i just dropped and they are so sick. i love all of these. so if you're not love and dawn, you have other options, and they're really just designed to help you get started more quickly and get you up and running in a pinch. so when you create your online store with shopify, you can choose between free themes and premium themes, and the free ones that we just looked at are great, but here are some really amazing premium themes as well. uh, these are going to be paid right, so this one is drop, this is bullet, and this is be yours. these are beautiful, gorgeous themes. um, there's also other themes to choose from, other than the ones that i've just toked about, but let's say you're, you know, go.

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How To Make A Shopify Store (Step-By-Step)

in this video I'm going to show you how you can make a really good Shopify store, because if your store looks like this, you're not getting any sales. if you follow these steps in the video, your store will be better than 90 of other drop shippers. so let's get started. go on Google and search Shopify or click the link in the description. right now it's only one dollar a month. just type in your email and start the free trial. then you can just skip these. select your store name, wait, and there we go. the first thing we gotta do is add the product. go to apps, then the Shopify App Store, and search for zendrop. then click add app and install it, then search for your product. mine is right here and this is the reason I'm using zendrop, because of the 10 to 15 day international shipping. now click add to import list, then go to the import list, then just delete all of this for now and click import to store, then go to imported products and you'll see this will take a couple of minutes. so meanwhile we're gonna do the pages, click online store pages and click add new page. then you're gonna go to the free copy and paste blueprint in the description. now, to be honest, I've got most of this from the Ecom King a while back, so full credit to him. Link in the description to his channel. but look at the menu to the left. click shipping and delivery. just copy this, paste here. then go back and copy this and paste it here. then hit Ctrl F or command F and type your store name. then you will get these highlights in the text. just change this to whatever your store name is. then do the same with privacy policy, refunds and returns, terms of service. then they get FAQ but don't write anything yet. then go to the contact page and paste the text from the blueprint. now go to navigation and edit the main menu. then click edit on catalog and delete the link to all products and select your specific product and also change the name from catalog to shop. then add your FAQ page and move it up here and click save. then go into the footer and delete the search, add your FAQ, your product and call it shop. then add your contact page and click save. now add a new menu and call it information. here you gotta add shipping and delivery, privacy policy, refunds and returns and terms of service. now go to themes. scroll down and add the sense theme and when it's ready, click publish and customize. then just delete all these sections for now and hide the email signup. now go to the footer and click on menu. then change the name to about and your store name. then delete the our store block and move the image up. also delete the r promise block and add a new menu. then add the information menu and change the name to information. then we're going to change the color. so go to theme settings, then colors, and for this store I want a blue color. so go on to Google and search blue color palette. I like this color and you have the color code right here. go back to the store and find the accent 2 gradient and change the color to the code you just found. now copy it and click a random place on the line here. then paste the color here and make the number 75 percent. click on the color Mark to the right and make it white, and then I prefer this type of fade. then click on the accent 2 and make it white and then make the accent one color your store color as well. then go back to sections and go to the footer. then change the color scheme to Accent too. also click on the announcement bar and make that accent two as well and change the text to your offer. mine is shop now and get 40 off. then go to color again and make the background one gradient completely White and the same with background one. then go back to sections and click on the header. here I prefer the logo position middle left. now go back to theme settings again and hide the color. then open the typography and change the fonts for headings. just type ITC and select the first one and make it bold. for the body, pick Roboto and just keep it regular. now we need a logo. so I'm gonna find a dog paw on Google. I like this one. so open Photoshop or other editing software, make the width 500, the height 100 and resolution 300.. so copy the dog paw, paste it into Photoshop, hit Ctrl T to resize it, then use the magic wand tool to Mark the background and hit delete. now make sure to write your name correctly, because I apparently didn't do that in my other video and somehow only one of you realized it. even this guy that copied my store didn't even realize it. a simple logo trick is to build the first half of the word. then I'm gonna move it around a bit and I think this is pretty good. now just change the color to white and hit save. then make another with your store color and save that as well. go back to the store and click the image in the footer and upload your white logo. then click on the header and upload your colored logo here and just make it full size. this is already pretty good. so hit save, click this drop down menu and go to checkout and click open checkout here and upload your colored logo as well. we can quickly view it on mobile and it's pretty good. down here you can see the powered by Shopify. we're gonna remove that and if we go to the cart page, we are also going to change this line here. since we have free shipping. then hide this featured collection and the email sign up. now click the drop down and go to page and default page. here are we also going to remove the email signup and do the same on the contact page. click, save and control. click on exit now click here so we can view our store and down here you can see the powered by Shopify to remove that. click the dots and hit edit languages, search for powered and it powered by Shopify clickspace. save that and it's gone. now let's remove this on the cart page. so copy it and paste it here and then type something like: this week only free shipping. refresh and it's updated. now go to product and change the title and delete these images and upload your own. you can take some pictures yourself if you have the product. otherwise, just find some online. reorder your images. so the best images are: first reorder the color so it fits the picture. so pink, blue, green and yellow. now this is very important. if you have variants, the first variant should be the best picture, otherwise the variant image will come up first and it will mess up your image order. then you can just make these- the variant image [Music] foreign. save and go back now, select it and click edit products. here just type in your price and your compared price. so let's go to the product page and it's been updated. also, see this icon up here. we're going to change that by adding a favican. so go into Photoshop again and make a 200 by 200, and here I'm just gonna add the dog paw and make it blue. save it and go to theme settings. find favican and just upload it now. refresh and you can see it here now we're gonna make the product page. so go to app and open the app store, search for Gem Pages, add app and hit install. then just select complete store and pick your niche. now this is 29 a month but it has a 30-day free trial, so that should be enough to make some sales before it ends. so go to product page and click create new template. here just click continue editing. okay, so click here and delete this so real quick. here are all the elements you can use. or you can also use the templates, but we're gonna make one from scratch. drag in a product and delete all this. then add a route inside the product and make it a double. then go down to product and add the image. then make it 100 in size. then add an image list and go to style and make it a slider. then add the product title and make it 35 in size. also make it completely black and left align it. then add the price and make it 32. then go back to your store and pick the store color and add it on the price. then make it a semi-bolt 600. you can't really see it, but it's there. also left a line. go to compare price, make that a 32 and I like a bit more gray color. then add a text block for a headline. I'm just gonna copy from my ot.

Shopify Tutorial For Beginners 2022 - Create A Shopify Store Step By Step

alright, what's up guys? my name is Jake Alexander and and this video I'm going to be showing you, step by step, exactly how you can create a brand new Shopify store from scratch, even if you are a complete beginner. so, with that said, we're gonna go ahead and dive right into this tutorial. now. a quick disclaimer: this might be a pretty long video, so you may want to grab some coffee or some sort of caffeinated beverage or something like that. now, first off, I would recommend that you go ahead and open up Shopify next to this video and build your store along with me as I build it throughout this tutorial, because that's going to be the easiest way for you to go ahead and build your store as fast as possible and learn the ins and outs of how to use the Shopify platform. if you go ahead and build your store side-by-side with this video. so to do that, you can click the link in the description. the first link in the description will be a link for a 14-day Shopify free trial. then you'll get to this page right here and then you can get started with following along. so, like I said, go ahead and click the link in the description and let's go ahead and dive into this tutorial. so after you've brought up Shopify here, we just need to sign up with an email address and you can use any email that you want. you can use a personal one here- and then we just need to put a password and then we need to put in our store name. now our store name doesn't really matter, because we can go back and change this later, because what it's gonna do is it's gonna give us a my Shopify dot-com domain with whatever we put as our store name here. however, you're gonna want to go and actually buy a real domain name and not use the my Shopify donate anyway. so it really doesn't matter what you put here. so we'll just see this is available and then we create our store. so at this point we just have to sit here and wait for this to finish up and it's going ahead and setting up everything in the back end for us, and then we just have to fill in some information here. so it really doesn't matter what you put here, so you can really just pick whatever you want and then hit next and then we just need to fill in our personal information here. so I'm gonna go ahead and fill this out and I'm going to be right back, so I filled this out, obviously with some fake information here, and we're gonna go ahead and put in a random zip code as well and we'll go ahead and enter our store. so now, at this point, we're going to be brought inside of the back end of Shopify. so now you can see, this is where we're going to be spending the majority of our time in this video. so I'm gonna go ahead and pretty much walk you through everything on the back end here. so the first thing that we want to go ahead and do is we're gonna go ahead and just click on online store right here, and the first thing we're going to do is select a theme. so, in order to pick a theme, you can come down here and click visit theme store and then, once this loads up, you can see there's a lot of different themes here. there's free ones and then there's going to be paid ones as well. you can kind of just browse through here and decide which one fits the branding and the look of the store you're trying to go ahead and create. there's a good amount of themes here. for the sake of this video, I'm gonna go ahead and just use the default theme because that will be the quickest. but when you're setting up your store, you can just pause the video or whatever you need to do, select whatever theme you want, or you can just follow along with me with the debut theme as well. so if you didn't want to use a different theme, you can just click on whatever you use. you can demo it or you can just add it to your store here and then you would activate it in here. so what we're gonna go ahead and do now is click customize. so once we've selected the theme reading, click customize and then we're going to come in here and start customizing our theme. so right now you can see that the site here is a complete skeleton. so the cool thing is, when you have a theme with the Shopify is that you start out with a skeleton already in place. you're essentially just filling it in with the necessary information and stuff like that. so I'm going to just go ahead and start off right here at the header section, and the first thing we're going to do is put in a logo. so I've went ahead and created a sample logo that I'm going to use for this store. so we just select image, upload an image and upload this one and then hit select, and then we can go ahead and customize the logo to size- so I'll make it a little bit bigger, that looks a little bit better- and then if we come down here, we can turn on an announcement bar. so if I click this it'll say show announcement. so we can let our customers know pretty much whatever we want. so we can go ahead and put something in here like free shipping, or give them a coupon code or just let them know that there's a ala day sale. we can pretty much just put whatever we want up here. so in this case I'll just put something like free shipping on all orders, storewide. and what we want to go ahead and do is we want to match up the color scheme throughout our store. so you can see that the sample logo I have here is a different color than the default color that this theme comes with. so we what we can do is we can go here and we can change the color. now, in order to match the color exactly, we're gonna have to get what's called the hex code here. so what I've done is I've went over to HTML- slash color, slash code, site info and went ahead and just uploaded the logo and then I'll take the hex code here and then we can come over here and put that in there and now you can see our colors match and everything looks a lot better, and also really quickly. if you guys are wondering, I went ahead and created this logo for free here at hatch full Shopify com so you can create logos pretty easily using that. so that's how I created this demo one. so, as you can see, we've pretty much filled out everything in the header section and our stores already looking a little bit better. so, real quickly, I wanted to mention what you can do here is you can also add in a link so you can make this bar clickable. so they can either be a message or you can add in a link. so if we wanted to link to all of our products, we could take the link from the catalog and then paste it in and then now, whenever somebody clicks on this, they'll be taken to our catalog. so I'll recommend that you save frequently whenever you're editing the stuffs. that way, if you get kicked out or something, you don't lose all of the changes that you've been making. so now we're gonna go ahead and click back and we're going to start filling out this information right here. so the first section here is an image with text overlay. now, as you can see, you can hit add section and you can come in here and actually delete these different sections. but what we're gonna go ahead and do is stik with the base design the theme has, because that's normally the easiest thing to do. so I'm gonna go ahead and click this. we're gonna go ahead and select an image right here, so i'm gonna click select and then i'm gonna upload another one. and i'm gonna upload this photo right here. and i chose this photo because it's kind of a tikie photo, so it kind of fits with the theme of the store right here, since it's a tik store and it just so happens at the coffee cup in the background, actually the same colors as this, so it kind of matches. and anyway, if you're wondering where you can get free stok photos like this, you can just go to pixabaycom here and you can see, i literally just typed in tik, so i just typed with my stories about and i went ahead and downloaded the photo. so now we've got a nice little header image right here. so i'm going to just hit select. and now we need to edit this text. so i can go ahead and change this header text by editing right here what's this heading, so we can just put something like welcome to our store name.

Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial for Beginners 2022 - How To Create A Profitable Shopify Store

i'm james and in this video, i will show you how to create a successful shopify drop shipping store from start to finish, step by step, for complete beginners. drop shipping is considered the best business model for people who want turn money online without any experience, work from anywhere in the world and who are on a tight budget. so if you are looking to make money online, then you've come to the right place. let me explain what drop shipping is with an example. in this video, we gonna build this amazing jewelry store. when someone purchases this product from my store, i will go and buy it from the famous chinese website aliexpress and send it directly to the customer and, of course, keep the profit, which is the difference between the selling price and the product cost. this process is fully automated and it's called drop shipping. it means that i don't tone any inventory. i don't do any shipping. the only thing i do is list products in my store and market them. if you follow this video, by the end of it you will have your own drop shipping store and you can start selling online. a quick note: we are not selling you anything. there are no courses or pitches, and the truth is that you do not need to spend any money to learn how to start a drop shipping store. we're going to show you everything that you need to launch a profitable drop shipping store, so, without further ado, let's get started. in this step, i will show you how to choose your store niche, or, in other words, what to sell on your drop shipping store. there are many ways to find amazing products, but the simplest and most effective way is to go to aliexpresscom. ali express is a famous chinese website, offers amazing products in cheap prices and it's considered as number one drop shipping supplier. you will find millions of products in all categories. for example, many people find success in the fashion niche. if you highlight the cursor on top of women's fashion, you'll get here a list of top brands inside aliexpress that specialize in women fashion. let's click on this one, for example. we will go to the brand store page inside aliexpress. you can take closer look at this brand, the prices, products, collections- and you can go up here and click on dresses, for example, and you will get a list of all dresses offered by this brand. so, if you like it, you can add products from it to your drop shipping store. let's go back to home page and, for example, search for dresses. you will get thousands of products, but in order to see the top brands who are selling the best dresses, you can view them here on the left side. let's click on this one. you will get all dresses from this brand and if you click here on the brand name, then you will be redirected to brand page inside aliexpress and you can take closer look at this brand products. there are many categories inside aliexpress that you can choose from. you can sell jewelry, watches, pet supplies and many, many more. some people create multiple drop shipping stores in different niches, but my advice to you is to sell something that you are passionate about. the second weights- get ideas for your drop shipping business is to google drop shipping stores examples. you will get thousands of results. let's click on the first one, go down and let's check this drop shipping store. let's see this product on aliexpress. the cost of this product is almost three dollars and it's priced here by 16, which is a healthy profit margin. you can see that this store is selling all kinds of products from pet supplies to kitchen tools, office supplies, and it's called general store. i don't recommend these kind of stores and i always prefer the niche stores. let's go back and check another store. this store is selling lights. let's check this product inside aliexpress. the product price is around thirty dollars and here it's one hundred thirty four dollars. so this store is making around one hundred dollars selling this product. you can find inspiration here for your drop shipping store niche, but for me, i always find success going charlie express and follow my passion. the store we gonna build in this tutorial is in jewelry niche. so in the next step, we will learn how to choose a name for your store and create a logo. in this step, we will choose a name for our drop shipping store and create a free logo. so this step is all about branding. first go to website called leandomainsearchcom. this website will generate name suggestions and will help us find a good name for our store. our store will be in the jewelry niche, so let's write here jewelry and hit search. we got all these domain name suggestions and we can filter them and choose the appropriate name. note that the best domain names are the ones that are easy to remember. after going through the list, i found this name- jewelryawesomecom, and i believe it is a good one. the next step is to create a logo for our store. we go to website called canvacom and you can register for free. click here on create design and search for logo. here you will have many ready-made logo templates to choose from. let me search here for jewelry. note that templates with a crown badge mean they are only available for the pro version, but still you can find good free templates. let me choose this logo. we're going to write here our store name, jewelry- awesome, and you can move the graphics and change the colors. also, you can change the font type from here. then, when you are happy with the design, click on share, make sure it's in png format and then hit download. in this step, we gonna register at shopify, the world's best ecommerce platform. first click on the link in the description in order to get a 14-day trial on shopify so you can start turning money before you pay anything. it's going to bring you to page that's similar to this: enter your email and click start free trial. now choose a password and enter your store name, the one we chose at the previous step, and it's going to be jewelry- awesome. it says your name is taken, but don't worry, just add online. this is not your domain name. the domain name is available and we are going to register it later in this video. then just hit create your store. here are some general questions, so click skip. then skip and choose your country and click on enter your store. now we're in our new shopify store and this is called the dashboard, so this is what it will look like. the first thing we're going to do is to pick a plan, so click here on select a plan. so these are the three plan options that are currently available. for most people watching this video, the basic shopify plan will be more than enough to launch their new store. however, you want to keep in mind that these plans have differences, and one of the main differences is the transaction fee. but for this video, i'm gonna simply choose the basic shopify plan, because this is the one that will work for most people watching this video. so i'm gonna click on choose this plan right here, and then we have to decide on our billing cycle here. you can go for monthly or yearly. the higher the period, the higher the discount, but for me i will go for monthly. and then click on add address and insert your details in the address field. you can enter your personal details or your company details, if you have one and then click on save, you're gonna have trout a payment method. however, keep in mind you're still on the 14 day free trial, so if you do cancel or close your store before the 14 days are over, your credit card will not be charged. click on add credit card and click here on select plan. note: the billed now amount is zero. last step is to confirm a remail address. check your email, click here and now our email is successfully confirmed and by this we activated our shopify store. now let's move to the next step and at product star store, before we start designing the store, we are going to add products from aliexpress in our store. shopify has an app store where many useful apps can be added to our website, and we will cover it later in this video, but for now we are going to install a v.