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steps to start dropshipping business

Published on: January 4 2023 by pipiads

How To Start Dropshipping in 2023 (FOR BEGINNERS)

you made a goal to finally start your,Java shipping store but you're probably,running into a problem called,information overload you don't know,exactly where to start what strategies,that you should be using and you're,probably feeling very overwhelmed with,how popular Drop Shipping is becoming it,is now a high level skill that can be,making you some serious money online so,you want to know exactly how to start,with no confusion left on the table,that's why today I'm going to be,breaking down a beginner friendly,step-by-step tutorial on how you can get,started with Drop Shipping in 2023 so by,the end of this video you feel fully,confident in the ability to know exactly,how to get started and I'm not going to,just leave it at that once this video,reaches 1500 likes I'm going to give you,a product list of the top 10 winning and,training products that you need to be,selling right now so if you want full,access to this product list smash that,like button down below subscribe to this,channel so I can release all the links,to these products and help you get,started in the right direction so,without further Ado let's go ahead and,jump right into it,what's going on my name is AC Hampton,I'm an a-figure marketer who has,generated sales just like this all from,starting and branding drop shipping,stores while doing this I also get to,teach students from all over the world,how to generate results with their own,job streaming stores and make money,online if you want to experience what,being a student in my one-on-one,mentorship feels like each week I get to,hand out a free Consulting call to one,lucky winner so if you want the,opportunity of getting on this call and,go over anything you may be struggling,with and answering all of your questions,along the way all you have to do is,smash that like button down below and in,the comment section comment the word,Dropship with your biggest takeaway from,this video now there's a ton of,information out there in regards to,starting your own dropshipping business,but let's take it all the way from the,top and the top is creating your online,store you cannot run an online business,without a storefront so let's hop into,how you're going to get it and how,you're going to build it so we're,heading over here to Shopify and as you,can see you can start a seven day free,trial no credit card required in your,next three months on only costing you,one dollar by clicking on the link down,in my description now this is great for,you especially while just starting off,because you're immediately cutting down,on the expenses that start in your,online store can come with so make sure,to go ahead and check that out now,Shopify is a platform that your website,will be built on and where you'll have,the actual store from for the product or,products that you're selling now there,are other e-commerce platforms out there,that you may have heard of but Shopify,is by far the most reliable and beginner,friendly so I highly suggest that you,start there so once you're on this page,you're going to come down over here to,enter your email address and just go,ahead and enter that and then after,entering your email you're sending go to,start free trial then this screen will,come up you'll just do I'm just starting,click on an online store and click next,you can go ahead and skip this part,right here and then this is going to be,the next screen that you see and then,here you can go ahead and just name your,store and like I said I would not spend,a lot of time on this you don't want to,overthink this just keep this very,simple and very general wherever your,business is located you'll go ahead and,click on next continue with email create,your password word and then create,Shopify ID now we just open up a new,store with the free trial and you're,already 10 steps ahead of where you,previously were at the beginning of this,video because your store is officially,open now let's go ahead and get into the,build and everything that you'll need to,make sure that when customers are coming,to your store they always leave with,purchasing something and putting more,money back into your pocket now the,first thing that you want to do is head,over to your Shopify App Store and,search for an app called autods and it's,as simple as this you come over here to,apps you type in Auto DS and click on,enter and this is what the Shopify App,Store looks like and it's going to be,this one right here that says Auto DS,all-in-one Drop Shipping and autods is,literally an all-in-one Drop Shipping,tool that you need on your online store,this app will allow you to connect your,store to different suppliers that you,may be wanting to use to help sell your,product they'll let you browse through,potential products that you can be,selling and it even has the capability,to fulfill the orders you're getting on,your store automatikally and send out,tracking information directly to your,customer I mean Auto DS is going to make,running your job streaming business as a,beginner as seamless as possible I wish,I mean I wish they had apps like that,when I first started my Drop Shipping,Journey because automation is everything,and that's exactly what this app will,give to you I'm gonna go ahead and add,this app into my store and it's just as,simple as clicking add app and then,install app now that we have Auto DS,downloaded the next thing we need to do,is connect this with our Shopify store,so this is gonna be the first screen,you'll see you'll go to add store come,to this plus sign where it says ad store,at the bottom click on Shopify store and,click continue you come back over here,to your Shopify highlight the actual,HTML and then go ahead and add that to,your store and it's as simple as that,and if you want to make sure it's,connected you should see your actual,Shopify store right here at the top left,corner now before we head into the,overall build of your store and making,sure that you have all the necessary,instructions then get your store off the,ground and running my team and I do,provide Hands-On one-on-one guidance to,help you directly with learning,strategies of running your online store,that can help you make money not just,for short term but for a lifetime so if,you're ready to take action and start,learning with my team and I by your side,make sure you head over to my Instagram,at AC underscore Hampton DM me the word,mentorship or apply with the link down,in my description so I can reach out and,help you get started now that we have,Auto DS connected you're going to want,to start off with importing your first,product to your store but in order to,import a product you have to know what,you're looking for in a product that you,should be selling it is not smart to,come into Drop Shipping thinking you can,just sell any and everything because,that's going to cause you to spend a lot,of time and money into the wrong,direction when you're scrolling through,your products on autods and looking for,one that you could be selling you want,to make sure that the product is hitting,some very important key factors when,number one being that it solves some,sort of problem now this is because a,product that solves a problem is likely,to sell for a longer period of time,secondly that it can be sold for 25 or,more by doing a quick search for the,product on Google you can see on average,what your competition is selling the,product for and if it's being sold for,less than 25 dollars you'll find that,you're spending more money in ads than,what you're actually making from selling,it so let's take this product right here,as an example so this is the anti-theft,travel backpack and you can see when I'm,on Google and I'm actually searching for,this you can see that most of these,products are over 25 if not all of them,so this is telling me right away that,this is being sold for 25 or more across,the entire market and lastly you want to,make sure that there is demand in the,market for the product that you're,selling an

The Only Shopify Dropshipping Guide You'll Need [For Beginners]

[Music],so i'm pretty sure i know why you're,here well at least while you clicked on,this video we both are probably looking,for new ways to create sustainable,passive income where you can work,anywhere you want the world or the,comfort of your home like i'm doing,right now well lucky for you what i'm,about to fully explain this video from,start to finish is exactly that drop,shipping if you don't know is basically,just a logistiks model where you need,little to no money up front you don't,need any master marketing skills no,prior coding experience nothing like,that it only requires one thing a little,bit of time hard work and dedication no,seriously anyone can do it i've seen 16,year olds succeed i've seen 60 year olds,succeed the only thing that i've seen,personally that separates the winners,from the failures is that the winners,didn't quit so most gurus and people,online charge upwards of thousands of,dollars for the information i'm about to,share with you for free in exchange for,this heavily detailed free information,all i ask is that you leave a like hit,the subscribe button and leave a comment,down below and maybe even share this,video to a friend that's looking for,this type of tutorial to get started and,you might be thinking what makes me,qualified to even teach this information,well i've actually ran multiple six and,seven figure online businesses over the,span of three plus years and i pretty,much post about my results every single,day on tiktok and youtube this also,reminds me as usual i'm doing another,giveaway and in this giveaway i'm gonna,be giving away a free consulting call,with me one on one and all you have to,do to enter is do the exact same thing i,just told you to which is leave a like,hit the subscribe button and then leave,a comment down below now there's a,massive amount of detailed information,in this video so make sure that you're,taking notes and following along or you,have a laptop open or another screen,open side by side and follow the exact,steps that i'm doing now with all that,being said let's jump right into the,video,all right the first thing that you want,to be doing is you're going to go on,shopify.com obviously so i like to use,shopify there's a bunch of different,platforms out there but this is the one,i have the most uh experience with all,right so you're going to want to take on,that free trial so it's 14 days free,trial you're gonna put in your email,address here i recommend putting in a,business email address and keeping,everything separate uh so we need a,store name so we're gonna center this,store around the beauty and cosmetiks,niche it's something that i'm familiar,with the store name doesn't really,matter at the moment just because you're,going to be adding a domain and when you,link the domain that's what's going to,show up on the shopify account and also,that's what's going to show up when,people are going onto your website and,they see the url so for the store name,here let's put beauty and cosmetiks,one two three for the country or region,obviously put whatever location that,you're in on the go with the united,states here then you're gonna want to,continue with email this is where you're,gonna link your email address and then,also type in your password so you're,just setting up your account here,all right so easy as that now you're in,the shopify dashboard your account is,already set up and ready to go we're,gonna be covering every single thing,pretty much on the left side here,starting from completely from scratch,the first thing that we're going to want,to do is going to go into the settings,here and let's just run through all of,these right so the store details you,just have the basic information the,store name the address you can put in,your personal address here but if you,are running a business in multiple,stores i totally recommend you getting a,virtual mailing address it's like 10 12,bucks a month and you can send all your,business information and mail there it's,also not going to put your address out,there where you actually live so i,highly recommend getting one of those,then you have the contact information,this is where you're going to enter your,phone number the email address and then,the customers uh see this email if you,email them this one right here you,definitely want to have your business,email address because you don't want,customers seeing your personal one store,currency i totally recommend using us,dollars as the main form of currency,especially if you're selling mainly in,the united states editing the order id,format this is not needed so you can,just leave it as a prefix of the pound,sign here next section is going into,your plan shopify has a bunch of,different plans so if we click on this,you're gonna see the basic shopify right,now that is 14.44 a month you really,don't need to go into the shopify or,advanced shopify that's only really,helpful if you're looking to get more,into the analytiks side of shopify with,like their finance reporting and all,that stuff but for now just choose the,basic plan that's all you really need at,the moment now we'll go back into the,settings user and permissions this is,really just if you want to add staff,account to your store so if you have,someone that's a partner like helping,you work on the store or if you need,some developer to go into the store you,basically can make it so they can access,the store and the developer theme but,they can't access any of the payments,and stuff like that on the payments page,this is super important you're going to,want to activate the shopify payments,this is like the main processing method,on most shopify stores and to do this,all you have to do is enter your,business details your address so for,this portion i would recommend using,that virtual mailing address it's going,to keep it so much cleaner and it's,going to give you more privacy from your,personal home address as well the other,main payment method that i would,recommend is paypal it's very common a,lot of people check out with paypal just,because all the information is already,populated for them and they have the,paypal like secure checkout and all that,stuff just in case something goes wrong,with the order they feel a little bit,safer you can add amazon pay if you want,or google pay apple pay all that stuff,but that typically comes with shopify,payments so you're not going to really,need any other pm methods unless for,some reason you're selling a product,that shopify does not agree with or,support in their processing system,then you would have to add a third-party,payment processor which costs a lot more,than the shopify one for the checkout,let's go over some of these settings,that i recommend changing for the,customer accounts i would use do not use,accounts um i don't think that you need,accounts unless you have like a,subscription-based service but if you're,just selling typical econ products you,don't need to have people add accounts,it's just going to create another layer,of friction and lowering your conversion,rate overall now for the customer,contact method i would recommend,switching this to email rather than,phone number or email because if people,just check out their phone number,they're not going to put in their email,and they're not going to get a bunch of,emails collected for email marketing,i'll leave this checked on here for show,a link to download the shop app this is,going to help people track their orders,and their shipments easier it's going to,leave you with a lot less customer,service headaches under the customer,information i would make sure that you,require first and last name this is,super important because when you're,placing orders whether it's from,aliexpress spock at zen drop wherever it,may be you need to have them have their,first and last name otherwise they won't,send the package and you're not gonna be,able to complete that order so make sure,that's checked off company name do not,include there's no point

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Easiest Way To Start Dropshipping From Scratch (Exactly What I Did)

trying to start a dropshipping store can,be overwhelming with so many different,steps and strategies it's hard to even,know where to start so in this video i'm,going to share my exact strategy for,starting a new drop shipping store from,scratch and in the last couple months,i've built a new store with this,strategy and that store has already done,close to 900 000,in sales so if i had to start over today,this is exactly what i would do if,you're new here my name is jordan and,i'm currently documenting the entire,process of growing my online business,with as much transparency as possible so,that i can lead by example and help you,start your own online business this year,so if you're interested in starting your,own online store and you want to follow,my journey make sure to subscribe for,new videos every single friday all right,let's get started firstly i want to show,you some live results that i'm getting,with this exact strategy so it's around,halfway through the day and i've already,generated around 3 800 in sales on this,store the profit margin is pretty good,as well i've done almost fifteen hundred,dollars in profit which is almost a,forty percent profit margin and if we,take a look at yesterday's stats you can,see i sold around sixty seven hundred,dollars and made around eighteen hundred,dollars in profit i just wanted to prove,to you that this is working right now so,you know it's worth your time to watch,this whole video so there are four main,things that go into building a,successful drop shipping store the first,one is your product the second one is,your store the third is your marketing,and how you get customers and the fourth,is running your business and shipping,out your orders now i'm gonna break down,each of these one by one as simple as,possible so let's get started with,products so without a winning product,it's pretty much impossible to have,success with drop shipping thankfully,there are a ton of products out there,that you can sell every single week new,winning products pop up so the,opportunities are always fresh there's,really only three things that i look for,when determining if a product is a,winning product the first thing is if,the product has been recently trending,on facebook and instagram what i mean by,trending is that there is a ad that is,getting a ton of views shares comments,and likes and people are going crazy for,the product this is a great sign that,you can make money off of this product,because people are already interested in,it as long as you do something a little,bit better than the person that's,already selling it you can swoop right,in compete with them and make money,selling that same product this is,exactly what i've done for every single,one of my winning products and it's,worked time and time again the next,thing i look for is mass appeal my,favorite type of products are the ones,that can be sold to the masses i don't,love the extremely narrowed down,products that only apply to a small set,of people yes they will buy the product,but if we ever want to scale and build,something big we need something that we,can sell to almost everybody it's okay,if it's a little narrow like it's only,for women or it's only for men but the,broader the better the last thing i look,for is good profit margins what i,consider to be good profit margins is,being able to sell the product for three,times the cost it takes to ship it out,to the customer so if the product costs,you around 10 to send it to your,customer you want to be able to sell it,for at least 30 and that's pretty much,all i look for in a winning product let,me show you a live example of exactly,what i'm toking about okay so this,product is an absolute banger basically,it is a garden privacy fence that you,set up in your backyard as you can see,this product was launched on march 8th,of this year and they've already got,over 70 000 likes on this post if you,check out the comments people are going,crazy for this they love it they really,enjoy the product but the people that,are selling it aren't doing a good job,and if we look at their video it's not,really that good and then if we go to,their website it's the same thing it's,really not that good this product has,great profit margins as well you can see,that it cost around four dollars on the,low end to ship to a customer and,they're selling it for anywhere from,1999 all the way up to almost a hundred,dollars per sale so if you came in and,made a slightly better video a slightly,better website you could clean up off of,this product and make a ton of money so,like i said that product is an absolute,banger and a perfect example of a,winning product now how do you find,these products the tried and true method,that i've been using for years is simply,just looking on your facebook and,instagram feed every single day you're,going to get targeted with ads for drop,shipping products eventually and every,time you get targeted with one of these,ads you need to show facebook that,you're interested so you want to go to,the ad you want to like you want to,comment you want to go to the website,you want to click add to cart and show,facebook that you're trying to buy stuff,like this so they will start,recommending you more products and your,feed is just going to become the best,product research tool that you have,that's my favorite method but i also,created a tool that automates this,process so if you want to check that out,click the link down below alright so,step number one is finding a product,that fits this criteria so once you've,got that product now you've got to build,a store now there are a couple different,types of stores that you could build you,could build a general store which is a,store that has a bunch of random,products all around it you could build a,one product store which is a store that,only focuses on selling one main product,or you can build a hybrid store which is,what i recommend building a hybrid store,combines the benefit of a one product,store and a general store with a general,store you have freedom to test a bunch,of products and with a one product store,you're limited but you're gonna have a,higher conversion rate and people are,gonna trust you much more than a general,store with a hybrid store you're,creating the same branded feel that a,one product store would have but with,the freedom to test a bunch of products,i think it's better if i just show you,an example so this is a sample store,that i created that would actually be,perfect for the product i just showed,you the store is called flora flow as,you can see it's pretty much focused,entirely on home and garden based,products it has a nice branded design it,has a good logo it's easy to browse and,shop around and overall it feels like a,trustworthy site i recently made a video,on exactly how i built this store so,after you watch this one feel free to,check that out the one tip i will give,in this video is to model your store off,of what's already working this is not,some brand new design i came up with i,just put my own little twist on what was,already working you don't have to,reinvent the wheel you just have to take,what's working and add a little bit of,your own sauce to it so i would advise,taking your product building a store,like this and filling it up with,products that are similar to the one,you're selling here's another really,good example of a hybrid store this one,is called arctik shirt and as you can,see they sell a bunch of home decor,products as well they have the moon lamp,this kitchen set they have bedding they,have all types of products but the store,is really nice branded and feels,extremely trustworthy in my opinion this,is the best approach for beginners so,give it a try next up you need to get,some traffic and customers to your,website personally my favorite method,for starting with a new store is,facebook ads it does cost a little bit,of money to run ads on facebook so i,recommend that you have at least a,couple hundred dollars

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How to Start Dropshipping From Scratch

this is probably gonna be the most,valuable in-depth drop shipping video,that i've ever posted on this channel,we're gonna go through step by step as,to how you can start a drop shipping,business today,i'm really excited about this video at,this point i've made quite a variety of,different drop shipping videos in which,i've tried new marketing methods started,new stores and challenges but i don't,think i've ever actually sat down and,clearly explained how someone can start,their own dropshipping business from,scratch i've made videos where i started,them up and gone through the whole,process but in this video i'm gonna,explain step by step how you can do the,same even throw in some case studies i,helped a friend set up the kind of,business we're toking about here just,last week and they were able to get,sales when they launched so everything,in this video everything i'm toking,about is up to date and should work very,similarly for the foreseeable future,let's not waste any more time and jump,straight into what aliexpress shopify,dropshipping is and clear up any,misconceptions people may have what is,drop shipping,aliexpress shopify dropshipping is a,business in which you find a product on,a chinese website called aliexpress,there's other websites you can turn to,but aliexpress is the biggest and most,popular one for example you find this,face cleaning a pimple removing vacuum a,really old winning product but just as,an example it costs 12.39 on aliexpress,once you found your product you would,then head over to shopify which is a,platform that allows you to create an,ecommerce website and accept payments,and orders you create a website on,shopify in which you sell this face,vacuum for a higher price let's say you,sell it for 34.99 now we'll get into,more details later but you would then,advertise your website on social media,and when someone orders this product,from your website they gave you the,34.99,as well as their shipping information,you take that and head over to,aliexpress where you proceed to order,this product directly to your customers,address for,12.39 and just like that your customer,paid you 34.99 so after paying for the,product you're left with,22.60 profit for basically being the,middleman then marketing the product,once you found out that this product is,actually selling you would start paying,more money for ads and scale this,operation up i've had multiple products,that i was able to scale into the,hundreds of thousands and even into the,seven figure range so don't worry you're,not doing all this for 20 it's a,scalable business so that's just the,overall summary this is an easy concept,that's a lot more difficult than,practike so before you go out there,you're gonna need to know a few more,things to do this successfully there's,four pillars to successful drop spring,business so we'll break this down into,four sections pillar one is your product,pillar two is your website three you,have your advertisement and for your,marketing so let's start with the first,pillar your product pillar one,product,arguably one of the most important parts,if your product sucks and no one would,ever impulsively buy it from an online,store you won't get very far with drop,shipping you're usually selling stuff on,social media so you have to have a,product with some sort of wow factor,that people could see think hey that's,really cool and buy it right there on,the spot it also helps to start with,products that solve some sort of problem,that poor vacuum helped clean people's,faces and remove blackheads when people,first started dropshipping it no one had,really seen it before so it had a wow,factor to it people would see it on,their instagram feed they'd stop,scrolling and would want to check it out,this pet hair roller pet owners would,see this ad where remove pet hair in one,swipe boom a little wow factor and it,solved the real problem now your product,doesn't absolutely have to solve a,problem but my best products and ones,that have been the easiest to sell,usually would solve a problem for people,kind of help with an insecurity or make,their life easier you can sell products,that don't solve a clear problem if the,product is very novel and has a huge wow,factor or if it's something people have,a passion for these ceiling stress balls,as an example they just seem kind of fun,and unlike anything people have really,seen before this penguin board game most,people have never seen it before so when,they see it pop up they might be a,little intrigued because it's so novel,this dog toothbrush solves a problem and,people are passionate about their pets,so they're willing to drop money on them,this baby cushion chair helps newborn,babies sit down and play with their toys,without falling over and hurting,themselves parents are usually hopefully,pretty passionate about babies and,wouldn't want them falling boom so and,i'm not saying you should sell any of,these products right now but all these,products at one point or another have,been hot selling products and it should,give you a better idea of what really,works if you haven't had any success,with drop shipping and are trying it for,the first time i would recommend not,reinventing the wheel on finding a brand,new untapped revolutionary product,instead i would hop on a product that is,currently selling well you can search,for ads on facebook and instagram find,current ones that are performing well,and see the product they're selling and,pay attention to the products you get,ads for there's websites that compile,lists of potential winning products you,can look at aliexpress products with a,lot of orders and cross-reference to see,if any drop shipping stores are selling,and just in general do a lot of research,and i'm going to leave this section off,by saying you want to find a product,that either you yourself the person who,just smashed the like button can see,yourself being interested in or at least,know someone in your life who you can,see buying the product if you can't,think of anyone and can't imagine anyone,in your life that would want to buy it,well,congratulations you played yourself,pillar 2,website,not going to spend too long in this part,you basically have to create a store,that doesn't look like a five-year-old,just scribbled crayons all over their,screen shopify's templates that you can,use to create a nice simple clean easy,to use website you don't need anything,too fancy just make sure it looks like a,legitimate online store shopify also,makes it very easy to buy a domain,through them so think of something clean,and simple and you usually want to go,for the dot-com ones as people trust,those domains the most now that's the,design aspect of it but you also have to,choose between making a general store,that sells everything a niche stores,that sells products in a partikular,niche or a single product store that,only focuses on one single product right,off the bat i'm not a fan of general,stores i think the conversion rate is a,little low on them it's tough to sell,car products and beauty products on the,same website i just personally wouldn't,recommend it single product stores have,the highest conversion rates they feel,very branded you can make it look very,sleek but it's hard to test products on,them since you have to create a brand,new website every time you want to test,a new product which is very time,consuming can be discouraging and those,new domain costs can add up now niche,stores are what i would probably,recommend to a beginner since you can,make them feel like a brand and have a,really nice fitting design throughout,the entire store while being able to,test new products in the niche very,quickly if you have a baby store you can,name it,munchkin bloom something broad but,fitting to the niche and then you won't,have to create a new website for every,product but instead just add new,products into the store that you want to,test and just build up the product pages,for them and then if you have a

How To Start Dropshipping With $0 | STEP BY STEP | NO SHOPIFY & NO ADS! (FREE COURSE)

my name is isabella i am the owner of,two six figure earning online businesses,and today i'm gonna be showing you how,to build a successful drop shipping,store with zero dollars without shopify,and with zero ads so that means zero,dollars that you guys can start this,store with and you will not have to,worry about dumping any money to start,this project i actually care about your,pockets a lot of gurus on youtube,recommend using shopify which i do not,recommend since they do have monthly,fees i don't recommend getting shopify,or using shopify unless your business is,already a six figure earning business,there are so many free website hosts out,there that you guys can use for free,which i'm gonna be showing you guys how,to utilize one of those today so people,do charge over thousands of dollars for,courses just like this one so in,exchange for this information today i,just ask that you hit that like button,and subscribe to my channel so i can,continue to make videos like this for,you guys so why should you start a drop,shipping store is this the right,business model for you i recommend drop,shipping for those that are just,starting out selling online that don't,want to invest any money up front that,you want to start a side hustle and the,great thing about drop shipping is that,you can do it from anywhere in the world,you can target the united states and be,in a completely different country and,then you don't have to worry about,inventory or shipping products yourself,in this video you will learn how to find,winning products to sell to find your,niche you're going to learn how to,create a free logo and name i'm also,going to show you guys how to set up a,free online store zero dollars monthly,that you guys can use i'm also going to,show you guys how to add the products to,your online store how to fulfill your,drop shipping orders once an order is,placed how to market your online store,for free never buy ads guys and i'm also,going to go over this one thing that a,lot of people don't go over which is,kind of just the legal side of drop,shipping and the tax basics of drop,shipping which it's not going to be,advice with that point i'm just going to,tell you guys what i personally did,nothing in this video is actual legal,advice,this is just what i personally did so,let's find a product to sell and let's,figure out what your niche is going to,be so i utilize a couple different ways,and you guys can do this either on your,cell phone on your smartphone or you,guys can do this on your computer it,doesn't really matter and when i'm,researching products to sell i use tik,tok,i use aliexpress and alibaba to research,i use amazon just to see trending,products and then i also use google so,you're gonna be using these four things,today that you guys can all do from your,laptop or phone so what is drop shipping,i'm gonna tok about this quickly just,for beginners that are unsure about the,drop shipping model so a customer will,place an order on your website on your,online store in order for 200 obviously,we don't work with these big numbers,typically they're smaller products but,this is just an example so the customer,places an order on your store for 200,and then you're going to go to your,supplier you're going to find this,product online for cheaper so you're,going to charge 200 in your store for,this product but you found a supplier,that has it for 150. so you're going to,place the order for your customer for,150 you're going to take their 200.,instead of you shipping the product the,supplier is going to ship the product,and then the supplier ships the product,directly to your customer so your store,is just the middle man between the,customer and the supplier and for doing,this you get to keep 50 profit of this,sale so if you guys are familiar with my,channel i always say it's 25 the product,and 75,how you market it so the questions to,ask yourself is how entertaining is this,product can you relate this product to,your own life,what content can you actually create,with this product and how much content,can you create with this product because,the marketing side of it is more,important than the product itself so the,top niche categories for 2022 and,probably beyond 2022 is beauty pets,tiknology kids,gifts photography and fitness i'm going,to show you guys a couple of examples,and let's dive right into this tutorial,and i'm going to show you guys how you,guys can find products to sell in 2022,so i want you guys to go on to google,and type in tiktok trend discovery,we're going to search for that right now,so it's this one right here trend,discovery hot content on tiktok click,on this tiktok is definitely the most,popular social media right now meaning,that there are people that are running,ads on it although we are not going to,run ads on it because we don't have to,tiktok shows your videos without you,having to pay for ads that's the beauty,of tiktok so but we're still going to,use what people are running ads as just,as a reference to see so i'm just going,to click select all,here i'm gonna select united states,because i personally target the united,states when i was drop shipping and then,go ahead and just scroll down,and we're gonna try to see and look for,products and you guys can see a lot of,these um people i think they're selling,mostly digital products or apps so you,guys can get a lot of different ideas of,things that people are selling on tik,tok and what people are actually buying,ads for even though you're not going to,buy ads what's crazy is that all of,these things the people that they bought,these ads they didn't have to do this,because tiktok pushes out your,content if you have good content it'll,push it out this is actually the type of,product i recommended in one of my,previous videos on my youtube channel,people really love anything that you can,create content-wise that's something,satisfying and that also adds value,which is why i love this person's,content how they're promoting this,product again they could have did this,without buying ads and could have made,their business viral without buying ads,which is how i grew my business on tik,tok but you guys know that if you've,watched my other videos i don't,recommend buying ads because it does,harm your profit margin and i tok about,this more on my youtube channel if you,guys want to get a reasoning of why i,don't agree with buying ads so i found,this smart hula hoop on tiktok it was,a trending item so i decided to look,into this product and because this stuck,out to me as a drop shipping product i,decided to base this video on this,product today just as an example to show,you guys now obviously with this kind of,product you do have to show your face,because you're showing off a fitness,type product,as you guys can see there's so many,products across tiktok that you guys,can still,sell without showing your face if you,guys are unfamiliar with my business,this is my e-commerce story body fold,that i grew just from tiktok without,paying for any ads as you guys can see,the link is in my bio right here and you,guys can see how i did my bio and,everything but you guys can see that i,sell and i make sales this one got one,million views and i don't even show my,face now i do sell products that i ship,myself which i explain why i do that on,my youtube channel but i just want to,show you guys an example that you guys,can sell products online without showing,your face i hardly ever show mine very,rarely do i show mine like right here,but that's a very rare occurrence and my,most viral videos don't include my face,and one niche that might work good for,one person,might be different for another so the,first thing that i do when i find a,product that might be a potential,product to sell is i google it so i,typed in hula hoop exercise to see what,would come up,so you guys can see right away this dh,gate listing came up and if you guys are,unfamiliar with dhgate dhgate is very,similar to aliexpress so obviously

How To Start Dropshipping With $0 | STEP BY STEP | NO SHOPIFY & NO ADS! (FREE COURSE)

okay so in this video i'm gonna show you,how to build a successful drop shipping,store with zero dollars no shopify no,ads you can start for completely free,i've been able to build multiple seven,figure drop shipping stores so i,definitely know what i'm toking about,and if you're new here i'm leon and i,give away free drop shipping tips and,tutorials that others charge thousands,of dollars for for completely free all i,ask is that you go ahead and like this,video and subscribe to my channel so i,can keep helping you for completely free,so let's get started with this free drop,shipping course and let me show you how,you can start a drop shipping business,with zero dollars and i mean completely,free no money spent on websites no money,spent on anything you can start with,zero dollars okay so first thing first,when it comes to drop shipping you might,have heard of shopify and that's because,it's the most popular platform to do,online e-commerce with okay but as you,can see right here there's a monthly fee,when it comes down to using shopify and,the basic plan is 29 a month and it,doesn't seem like a lot but when you're,getting started and you're not making,any sales that's 29 per month that,you're just losing without making any,sales and this 29 right here does not,even include any apps that you're gonna,add onto the store and pay for and,typically i would preach using shopify,because i use shopify but then again i'm,making sales and i'm profitable so i can,do that without worrying about losing,twenty nine dollars per month right but,you're watching this free course because,you wanna know how you can actually,start drop shipping with zero dollars,and 29 dollars per month is not zero,dollars so with that being said we're,not going to be using shopify at all,because then you wouldn't be starting,with zero dollars and on this channel we,keep it as real as possible okay so why,should you start drop shipping well you,can work from anywhere in the world,making it one of the best remote jobs,and businesses to start because all you,need is a laptop and an internet,connection to get things going drop,shipping also allows you to spend more,time with your family friends and loved,ones have financial freedom and it's one,of the only businesses that you can,actually start with zero dollars what,are you gonna learn today from this free,course you're gonna learn how to find,winning products to sell how to set up a,free zero dollars per month online store,how to advertise your products free no,paid ads no facebook no tiktok ads no,instagram ads i'm going to show you how,to advertise and market your product for,completely free and then i'm going to,show you how to fulfill your orders with,fast shipping if you don't know what,drop shipping is it's pretty much just,going on a wholesale website finding a,supplier that sells like a necklace for,ten dollars and then because the,perceived value of jewelry is so,expensive you can then make a website,and list that same necklace on your,website and sell it for like a hundred,dollars and then you advertise your,website that sells that necklace and,then when someone buys that necklace you,then pay the wholesale supplier the ten,dollars so that they can go ahead and,ship the necklace to the customer and,then you keep the profit of ninety,dollars so first thing we're going to go,over is finding winning products now,what makes a product a winner a winning,product must have that wow factor and be,a problem solver okay so for example,right here as you can see it's a beach,mat and this is a sand proof beach mat,meaning that no sand will get on top of,the mat causing dirt on your shoes your,stuff that you have on the beach and,stuff like that you might not know it,but it's annoying you don't want no sand,in your butt crack do you you know what,i'm saying it has that wow factor,because when a customer sees it they're,like what the heck what do you mean by,sand proof mat right it peaks that,curiosity but it's not all about problem,solving products as you can see right,here if it has a wow factor and a,passionate audience it'll also work very,well because people buy based off,emotion so this product right here is a,rose bear and obviously this is,something for people in relationships or,just a sentimental gift to someone okay,whether it's anniversary whether it's,you know i'm just just because you know,i'm saying this is a great gift for,people in relationships a bear made out,of roses with a heart you know i mean so,how do you actually find wooden products,here are a couple of ways that you can,go ahead and do it for completely free,and do it relatively fast okay without,suggesting just search tiktok mainly buy,it or amazon finds on tiktok and just,scroll and you come across a bunch of,different posts and videos of literally,accounts showing you the next hot thing,to buy another huge way i've been able,to find winning products is just simply,following mean pages on all social media,platforms twitter instagram facebook the,reason is because other dropshippers and,e-commerce people they're gonna pay,these pages to promote their products so,if you follow enough accounts what's,gonna happen is that if you just scroll,every single day on all these platforms,you're gonna see ads for products and,people are not gonna pay someone to,advertise the product unless they really,believe it's something that's gonna work,so all you literally have to do is just,sit there scroll like you usually would,when you know i'm saying watching gossip,or whatever just scroll and then when,you see a product being advertised just,save it to your computer add it to your,store and literally test it out as well,now after you've found some products,that you're interested in testing that,you know meet the criteria of a winning,product you know that wow factor with a,problem-solving ability or that wow,factor with a passionate audience the,next step is to then go ahead and find a,store name and i preferably would do a,general store name just because you can,literally sell anything in any niche on,a general store domain okay so how do,you find a name for your website all you,have to do is just come here to,businessnamemaker.com,and as you can see here it says enter,keywords like tik marketing agency so,that way they can generate a good name,that you know is free and available for,you to use so right now we're just gonna,i'm just gonna write something like,oasis because you know that goes well,with websites and it's easy to pronounce,and a bunch of names will literally pop,up like look at this oasis hut so many,different names and then let's say you,want to click this one and then you want,to see if it's available all you have to,do is then come here on the dot com,click on it it'll open up godaddy and to,tell you if it's available or not after,you find a starting that's easy to,pronounce and just easy to remember the,next step is to then go ahead and create,an email account that matches that store,name so that you know when people have,questions about their order or whatever,they can go ahead and contact you,through that email that matches your,store name because you don't want,someone to go on your website that's,called leon.com but then when they email,you your email is,rockstarbaby101,gmail.com know what i'm saying they'll,get skeptikal and it just won't work out,okay so to create an email account i use,gmail but you can use yahoo whatever you,like to use i just specifically use,gmail because that's what i've just been,using for all my life and then you just,come here click create account for the,first and last name you want to enter,the name of your store so for example if,leon oasis.com is what i was able to,find then the first thing will be leon,last name will be oasis okay does that,make sense and then you just come here,and do like leon oasis store,gmail.com that's literally what i'll do,and then you create you know your,password and everything and then you're,gonna