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steve madden ads

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

Best Commercials In NFL History

my son my son welcome to the hundredth,season of the National Football League,tonight not about the lead how did you,it's about football it's about the,players the fans the moments and,everything else that makes you say oh,boy,bah,let's go so no can do cowboy,[Applause],[Music],I don't know I have more yards and they,do you still gotta hurt,a party good after old man obese,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],I got you want this come & get it,what a year luck rg3 and Russell Wilson,if how Ricky's now a more dominant than,ever more dominant in them remember my,rookie year did you play football I,played football times leave the question,left is who will be the next rookie,sensation it's anybody's guess I'm here,for the combine game,Leon fain caps,[Music],sand castle looks like an ugly Deion,Sanders no idea where this kid came from,please really making a name for himself,is the guys telling about three to four,to four to forty guys a freak the,attractive with the first pick in the,2013 NFL Draft the Kansas City Chiefs,select Leon sandcastles rush the,combined and draft on NFL Network,have you ever met before politiks of,because the next rookie sensation,probably won't be the I'm Sandra 2014,NFL Draft on NFL Network and we're back,you know rich draft a success starts,with combined success roll my tape,[Music],[Applause],Kansas City's 500 for the first time,since 2003 the strongest leg,[Applause],is headed to the postseason and that's,what number one can do okay it looks,like the first pick is a pick of the,2014 NFL Draft the Houston Texans select,Jerry rice cake great pick and this,kid's got the best hands I've ever seen,get watch the combine and draft on NFL,Network because you never know,[Applause],[Applause],that's not in the playbook but he,surveys,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],didn't look like much bunch of guys,running around on the pile of mud so,they strapped on leather and introduced,a few rubes just to keep the peace,suddenly we had a game when I asked,so we added more rooms and better,equipment like horrifies the helmets den,the face mask,follow quickly by,you can grab that once we got rolling,we never look back we certainly have,come a long way,[Music],we'll just get started here's to making,the next century safer and more exciting,than ever,[Applause],forever football,they told me it couldn't be done that I,was the lost cause I was picked on and,picked last,kocha didn't know how to tok to me they,gave up Alma told me I should just quit,they didn't call my name told me it was,over but I've been deaf since I was,three so I didn't listen,: now I'm here with a lot of fans in the,NFL cheer me on and I can hear the more,you're working that thing yeah and let's,do it let's get it,[Music],his little dance,[Music],[Music],[Music],No,[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],this line of work he needs strength as,well as instincts put it right here,check this out ready go,that's why you picked me in this league,if there's a hole no matter how small,got to be able to get through it,check this out,yeah in your league you better pick me,your move it's really only 259,they hate it when I do this check it out,[Music],it's time to pick me cheer move the next,me to do this all day,check me out one more time come on,there's three reasons to pick me your,move,everyone watching at home I want you to,check this out two receivers two,footballs one choice,pick me the choice is clear,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],start your Julio this week I think I'm,leaning towards Julio Julio he's got a,good matchup for teammates it's nothing,personal it's just if I win this game,I'll make it to the playoffs without,nfl.com fantasy football,what would friends tok about so uh,how's your your cat cats doing well how,about you okay,I don't have a cat nfl.com fantasy,football it's fun it's free it's easy,stroll room a lot of chaos there but it,all looks good when it comes out on the,show actually thanks for those people,then over here in the digital center is,our highlight screening area so that's,where we get all the games that are,played that night down in a 90 second or,two minute clips or whatever you see on,SportsCenter in this hallway it runs,between you know both rooms you know if,you want to get from the control room to,the screening then this is the hallway,you'd take questions or anything I can,answer whatever you want about the place,my dad I start calling the ad fall day,and stik with me ever since,I like that lady all day yeah so uh,what's your nickname around here me you,know don't have a nickname premixes call,me Scott all day what's up hey,bed-wetter,guys is always clowning you no bedwetter,yeah in confidence Johnny go and get,this fax that,listen I want what I want ask her to,take a little off the top and she gives,me this it's not what I wanted obviously,you don't have that problem,seriously man it looks fine come on be,honest I even brought her a picture she,still gave me that that's what I'm,trying to tell you she still gives me,this I don't understand,did you tip her yeah I wouldn't us,thanks Larry,seriously how badest relax man,[Music],[Music]

Nike: Find Your Greatness

greatness,it's just something we made up,somehow we've come to believe that,greatness is a gift,reserved for a chosen few,for prodigies,for superstars,and the rest of us can only stand by,watching,you can forget that,greatness is not some rare dna strand,it's not some precious thing,greatness is no more unique to us than,breathing,we're all capable of it,all of us,some people are told they were born with,greatness,[Music],some people tell themselves,[Applause],if greatness doesn't come knocking at,your door,maybe you should go knock on its door,sometimes greatness is about overcoming,insurmountable adversity,sometimes it's just fun,greatness isn't always measured in,tenths of a point,it's a bit bigger than that,sometimes greatness is something you,plan,but most of the time,it's just something you try,it's easy to think greatness is only,something you see on tv,unless of course,greatness is watching tv,[Applause],greatness is a scary thing,until,it isn't,if we think greatness is supposed to,look a certain way act a certain way and,play a certain way,we certainly need to rethink some things,[Applause],is it speed or endurance,does it happen in two hours or four or,six,is it finishing strong or barely,finishing,yes,[Applause],is greatness worth fighting for,what do you think,if we face our fears,it means we're pointed in the right,direction,even if that direction is upside down,it's not the biggest stadium in the,world,not the biggest players either,but the pursuit of greatness is kind of,big enough,isn't it,you don't need an official court,an official net,or official uniforms,to be officially great,[Music],greatness speaks for itself,once it learns to tok,greatness needs a lot of things,but it doesn't need an audience,some measure greatness and precious,metals,like i am,greatness has not born,it's made,if you'd like to tell the guy with the,sword he's not great because he's not,famous,be my guest,[Music],there are no grand celebrations here,no speeches no bright lights,but there are great athletes,[Music],somehow we've come to believe that,greatness is reserved for the chosen few,for the superstar,[Music],the truth is,greatness is for all of us,this is not about lowering expectations,it's about raising them for every last,one of us,[Music],because greatness is not in one special,place,and it is not in one special person,[Music],greatness,is wherever somebody is trying to find,it

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it's you think that such a,self-important thing that we actually as,human beings you know the [ __ ],volcano eruption just dude just [ __ ],the only thing true about clone cheese,is always changing always for the last,you know how many Millennia right and,yeah you know maybe human beings are,doing something but you know what,something will happen within a volcano,erupt or I saw that but recently on the,internet,but he doesn't it doesn't [ __ ] matter,because I believe in [ __ ] what you,should never [ __ ] where you we should,protect the planet for sure I just don't,think it's because of climate change I,think I agree that it should do,everything to bring down gases all the,stuff to protect the planet but not,cause it's changing it's responsible to,do I'm totally all for it I I would,donate money towards that close but not,because it's I think it's [ __ ],narrative that's been forced on people,and I think not that it's maybe it's,true but there's no way that people,really know that at this point well they,have there's 95 of science no it's not,it's not true 95 of the signs that,you're hand picked it's just a full,statement so okay go check it it's not,true okay I don't know okay so there's a,majority of scientists that have such,evidence that humans no it's not true,are amplifying not true climate change,not true yeah where are you getting that,from go go dig into the facts that 95 is,a select group of people that all agree,and clumsy that's who they pulled it's,not old,I promise you 20 000 scientists now it's,just not true,no no no listen I read up on this stuff,I know my faction figures I wouldn't say,if it wasn't true here's the story,though it doesn't matter I believe that,we should do everything to protect the,I'm a green guy well that's that's all,I'm saying is that climate change just,out of moral just out of moral,be right 15 50 shot you're right when,you look back and in our history like we,over exaggerate the moment that we're a,part of right now yes we're amplifying,it yes it's at a very rapid rate of,increase right climate change absolutely,was not yes it is it's not yes it is,look at polar ice caps melting look at,what our oceans are doing how acidic,they are go read the news,go to the actual very farrier Reef buddy,NASA released a study just last week,saying that there's been more buildup of,ice sheets than losing it's increasing,you're wrong can we can we hold on a sec,let me interject it's just not true you,have to you have to stik I have friends,down,images everybody needs this yeah yeah in,one spot they're increasing and it's,twice as much as increasing but that's,because of mass games,thank you very much don't [ __ ] tell,me pal okay,oh I don't know what you're toking,about you're reading one artikle but but,this is from but 2015. dude oh [ __ ],Spencer in the details so don't don't,[ __ ] tok me when you haven't even done,your facts no it's been this is one,artikle there's tons of them okay yeah,again last week also I mean that's let's,let's,step back,there are there are equal sources on,both sides of the on both sides of the,spectrum so I'm not saying you're wrong,I I can't say you're wrong or but I'm,not saying you're deaf how could you be,so certain what who [ __ ] knows what's,going on I think you're you're assuming,you want to protect the planet because,right but the [ __ ] client is a joke,who do you think okay wait wait wait,you're saying climate change is a joke,but it's not climate is always changing,the idea that we are we're doing,something is going to destroy the planet,I think it's a total joke,assuming resources,they're on to see how many animals in,the [ __ ] jungle and we're overfishing,it happens okay anyway right we're over,here that's like a no don't listen to,spend the amount of overfishing now,we're doing is destroying ocean life,okay you know what I mean I I live in a,world where where the reality is that I,remember when Al Gore said something,what was I think by now New York will be,flooded if you go back and when he first,came out with this whole Theory we would,be on the Water by now nothing happened,it's just nonsense I agree with you with,people are doing it for an agenda nobody,knows I'm not saying you're wrong and,I'm not saying I'm sure I'm right I'm,six to 50. who knows,I like the Viewpoint because you haven't,watched no PSO no Chris Evans right they,tried to stop global warming by doing,and turning into the [ __ ] froze the,Earth boys no one really knows there's,only unintended consequences from,everything we do unintended consequences,I think the mindset to like worry about,it is is definitely it can be damaging,but we should take preventative measures,and we should look at things like,overfishing things like ocean ocean,acidification overfishing is not climate,change over farming here's the point,ready I agree that you'd be insane not,to have legislation to protect the,planet to make sure they're responsible,but it has nothing to climate change the,only custody that climate's changing is,probably getting colder Georgia

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The DEFINITIVE GUIDE to Retargeting Ads on Facebook - From the Disrupter School

the definitive guide,to retargeting on facebook let's get,down to the bottom of this because it is,a super uh let's say controversial topic,it's also something where the truth has,evolved over the years and i will tell,you i've absolutely had to change my,position several times based on the,information that we've seen from testing,from case studies and from real-world,experience so let's get down to the,bottom of this we are going to cover,five super big topics about facebook and,retargeting how it kind of maybe already,does it why less data in more places,isn't necessarily a good thing the,impact that it might have on testing,speed and expense the impact on,incremental lift and most importantly,how you can use it to be,really successful in ways that are not,toked about nearly enough so let's get,down to the bottom of it facebook and,retargeting the definitive guide right,here right now let's go,first thing,i just want to say thank you you could,be anywhere on the internet right now,and you've chosen to be here i want you,to know that i take that as a privilege,and a responsibility i'm only going to,tok to you about things that i,personally have seen based on my own,experience with over a nearly a decade,in the business and over several hundred,million dollars in spend across dozens,of brands being,seeing both massive success and being,humbled with crippling failure and i,want you to understand,what i've learned from those places and,often some of the greatest benefit is,being in the room and helping very,powerful people make very difficult,decisions,and with all of that being said,i just want to say thank you very much,and if you find value here i really,appreciate it go ahead and subscribe if,you want to know more things you can,sign up for my next webinar at,apply.facebookdisruptor.com and if you,want to get into the facebook ads mba,program you can go to,submit.facebookdisruptor.com grab,yourself an application and let's chat,and see if that's the best fit for you,all right all that being said let's dive,into it the definitive guide,to retargeting on facebook well at least,as of march,2022 all right so here we go,fact number one,facebook already does retargeting for us,now this has been a somewhat debated,topic i'm going to get down to the,empirical data that isn't necessarily,debatable,and then we can you know open up some,other pits of conversation but i want to,get down to a couple things we know for,a fact,number one,even when you're trying to do,retargeting through any means often what,we're trying to do is we target people,that have viewed videos or people that,have clicked to a certain page or have,taken a certain action,now,whether or not somebody's taken those,actions or just previously seen,impressions from us what ultimately,facebook is trying to do is deliver the,highest quality,user experience to the person receiving,that ad ultimately placing content,in users feed in a way that is going to,make them have a,positive experience on the platform now,oftentimes a user might see content from,a brand or white listed partners,five times a dozen times before they,ever click,now,if you're only retargeting folks that,have added a card or something like that,that's great,but understand that users already being,retargeted maybe a dozen times because,of how they've responded to that content,previously if somebody has seen,something from you or stopped to read,part of your your text or maybe they've,gone through some other page that you've,been on,um,whether that page is on facebook or on,your site facebook is saying well this,person has a level of intent and,interest with your brand or with your,content or with partners that you're,using to,uh,advertise with like whitelisting and,influencer but the point here is,facebook is going to try to deliver that,impression,to really match two business objectives,number one,give the best end user experience to the,facebook user on the app or on the,website because that's ultimately their,business model is positive experiences,for users and ultimately,our job is to make sure that that also,delivers a positive business objective,and facebook is trying to deliver the,action you're optimizing for which,hopefully if you're trying to make money,is a conversion objective running to a,conversion event like a purchase or a,subscription something along those lines,an app install or whatever it might be,for you so ultimately facebook is,weighing in the end user experience on,how they're going to see a positive in,uh,facebook environment to make them want,to stay on the platform and come back,but also how to make sure that the,person spending money with ads is,ultimately getting an efficient and,projectable outcome that's how the,system works now when we're toking,about facebook already does remarketing,for us what we're saying is,not only is somebody not only is,facebook retargeting the user that might,have watched the video before because,they're probably if they watch one video,or three of them they're probably gonna,possibly respond to the next one,but they're also,going to show ads to the people that,have engaged positively with comments,and likes and shares and all of that,stuff on instagram is well on as on,facebook or they've toked about you on,whatsapp or whatnot,they're also going to say well this,person added a cart five minutes ago or,yesterday and honestly if i'm trying to,sell something and facebook is trying to,deliver me a conversion,facebook out of all of the available,impressions is going to ultimately try,to deliver the best user experience,while also delivering my business,objectives and it's,one of the things that facebook is,trying to do and a very arguable point,here is,who's a better impression than,or let me put it this way is somebody,that added the cart five minutes ago or,yesterday better than an absolute,stranger,the honest truth is yes and we know that,facebook ultimately does retargeting,because our frequency,how many times somebody sees an ad is,never just one,so when it's 1.1 that means,that the average person is getting,retargeted,already we already know that that's,happening and so we know that facebook,is doing retargeting as it as is to,ultimately deliver the ads in the right,order to get somebody to have a positive,experience and our job is to make sure,that those ads when whatever order,facebook wants to deliver on whatever,platforms those ads are delivered on,ultimately delivers a positive business,experience which is what facebook's,objective is based on the campaign type,and then our objective is to make that,business outcome occur as efficiently as,possible and one of the best ways of,doing that is ultimately trying to give,facebook the best types of content to,get somebody to be engaged positively,and want to take the desired business,action ultimately what we're toking,about here is facebook is doing,retargeting for us now one of the things,that we've learned,from the advanced matching side of the,power five and that i've been you know,lucky enough to be a part of testing at,scale,is that this retargeting isn't just for,your own brand,facebook is retargeting people because,they're interested in something now if,you've ever notiked you've gone to say,daily harvest or me undies or last crumb,or,whatever brand it is maybe some drop,shipping product during the holiday,season what happens to your feed,well for really good advertisers and for,really good brands what you see is a lot,of accompanying brands and products that,are exactly that are very similar right,like if you're looking at red shoes on,nike well you might see my ad from new,balance uh the next time you log in,because facebook is understanding that,you're in market for this and really,what's happening with advanced matching,is facebook's retargeting users that,didn't necessarily just take an action,on your site but based on their intent,and action on,any number of sites based on that users,experience and overall uh

How to upselling and cross-selling to your buyers for Facebook ads retargeting (Fb retargeting 16)

[Music],upselling and cross-selling to your,buyers there will be a point during your,remarketing adventure on Facebook where,you are going to realize that you are,starting to get your leads to convert,depending on how you implement the,strategies that you have learned so far,it is something that can happen really,fast or something that will start to,slowly develop and you'll see your,income growing that is great because,after all you have gotten your leads to,complete the action that you wanted them,to in simpler terms you have gotten them,to convert however what if you could,sell them more once you have your leads,purchasing subscribing or completing,your desired action it is safe to assume,that you have discovered what funnel,gets them to convert now you have to,find a way to upsell and cross-sell to,them what is upselling upselling is the,act of getting customers to buy,something that is of greater value to,them on one hand and is something that,will give you a greater profit over an,initial purchase made by them on the,other there are two ways to make an up,sale right when customers are making a,purchase you can offer them a better and,more expensive option of the same item,that they are purchasing this can be in,the form of an appliance with additional,features or digital goods with,additional content for example after,customers have purchased something you,can offer them something that they can,upgrade to complement their initial,purchase this is especially true for,digital goods because customers can buy,a standalone product such as an e-book,and later buy additional material in the,form of audio lessons that complement,the material in the book what is cross,selling cross selling is the act of,getting customers to buy something else,after an initial purchase they have made,cross sales do not focus on selling,something complimentary to the initial,sale instead it is filling an additional,need in the customer cross sales can be,made in two ways right before customers,complete their purchases once people are,in their checkout screens an item can be,offered to them based on their browsing,history or past purchases in your store,after customers have purchased something,by retargeting them with Facebook,remarketing ads customers can be offered,items products and services related to,past purchases through these remarketing,ads,upselling and cross-selling strategies,that work social media remarketing we,are referring to good old social media,outreach when you get people to follow,your business on social media and then,remark it to them through engagement,this is because fifty-three percent of,people will loyally buy from a business,or brand after they start following them,on social media email remarketing easy,to implement and maintain best of all it,is a cost effective remarketing strategy,once you have a good number of people to,contact through a mailing list conduct,upsell and cross-sell campaigns by,sending offers to different customer,audiences based on your custom audiences,data from Facebook,[Music]

In-Depth Dropshipping Store Reviews! (Ads, Tools, Design, & MORE)

what's going on everybody Tanner here,with another video hope you're all,having an amazing and productive day so,far so I know you guys love the store,reviews but there's not gonna be a,normal sort of you I'm going a step,further well several steps further,instead of just reviewing stores that,you guys send to me that you have built,I'm gonna be reviewing stores that are,already established and that I know are,making money but it's not just gonna be,me looking at what these stores are,doing on their home pages as much but,more of the overall big picture of the,conversion rate optimisation the ads,they're running by using Facebook ad,library and everything to that nature as,far as I can see and I want to give a,quick announcement for some of you guys,if you were making more than five,hundred dollars a day in sales then,please keep watching but if that is not,you then please fast forward to the,timestamp that I put on the screen right,now so over the past six months like I,said a lot of things have changed I've,learned a lot of things and what,happened is I started doing one-on-one,consulting and mentorship with companies,and individuals and at first was a,little rocky I'll be honest it wasn't,the best because I didn't have a system,in place but over the last six months,and especially the last month or two,things have been amazing the results,have been crazy and actually just filmed,a student's case study where he came to,me he had done like seven thousand,dollars in sales the previous week and,only a hundred dollars of that was,actually profit but I started consulting,with him helping him with his ads an,overall store and after two weeks he had,almost seven thousand dollars in profit,for that seven day period but he's doing,really really well now and I'm excited,that I filmed literally everything I,filmed the first call we had documented,everything and I'm gonna be revealing,that case study to you guys on Saturday,and the reason why I film that and I'm,releasing it is because I am launching a,new accelerator program called next-gen,ninjas it's not a course it's not a book,it's none of that it's direct one-on-one,mentorship with me professional eyes,it's a replicable system that over the,past six months the students that I've,worked with have generated almost a,million profitable dollars so it's a big,step for me I'm excited to do this,everybody always asked me how much does,it cost to work with you and I really,just didn't enjoy doing it,you know individualized just random,sporadic calls but more of a structured,layout so that's what I'm doing with,next-gen ninjas it's gonna be ten people,for four weeks,one-on-one calls with me every week as,well as group calls and access to a,private network of only,ninjas this is not just gonna be you can,pay and you're in if you're not making,sales if you're not qualified enough,then I'm not gonna let you in even if,you did offer me the payment that I am,charging for this accelerator it's gonna,be a very qualified process there's only,gonna be able to be 10 people in the,accelerator at once and I release that,case study you'll be able to apply and,then over the next several days I'm,going to be going through the,applications and we will be starting,next Wednesday July 17th so if you think,this might be of interest for you make,sure you turn on my post notifications,so you can check out the video on,Saturday and apply before everyone else,does because I know there's gonna be,thousands of applicants and I'm gonna,have to spend a lot a lot of time going,through all of them and making sure I,pick the most qualified people and those,qualified people that I find I'm gonna,call them make sure they are a good fit,and then we're gonna start it on,Wednesday and now let's get into this,super super valuable video so we're,gonna be going through three different,sites today and analyzing the website,and the ads that they are currently,running so you're gonna get the best of,both worlds or multiple worlds here in,this video and the first we're gonna be,starting with is indestructible shoes,calm now that is number 20 right here so,it's pretty high up obviously making a,lot of money if it's up here you know,with ease ease kids Steve Madden you,know G fuel all these big companies,starting with you know these top ones up,here that I'm sure almost all of you are,familiar with fashion of course huge,huge huge brand built off of influencers,so the other two we're gonna be going,over aren't as big but they're still,pretty high up here based off of the,rink so let's go ahead and get started,now I'm sure indestructible shoes calm,right here this is their website they,have some kind of agency or employees or,something that helps manage their,website their ads and all that stuff,because of the size of their company I'm,estimating I don't know the revenue of,course but based off of traffic there,number 22 they're making a lot of money,so I'm sure they have the right people,in place so I'm gonna give my take on,what I think could help benefit them and,make them more money obviously they're,making money now but how can they make,more how do I think they could improve,what they're currently doing so I have,some notes here that I wrote down on my,notepad and I'm gonna go through them,and show you exactly what I found and,what I think they could do to improve,first thing I always do when I go to a,store when someone asked me to review it,is do they have a pixel on their store,so up here on Google Chrome I have the,Facebook take Sohail,and it shows all right they do have a,pixel and it's tracking the page you so,good to go,and the first thing that I told myself,when I landed on this website and,started scrolling through their homepage,here is that there is more distractions,than getting people to buy you're,pushing traffic here to this home page,you know they have the collections right,here it doesn't look as captivating as,it should and it's organized you know as,the multiple different collections or,men's and women's something like that,and they come here to the video so,obviously if they watch this entire,video about these shoes it's going to,inform them as somewhat a sales video if,it shows something good about the shoes,but if you really want to get people,directly to that product page to get,them to that next step through the,funnel and not distract them and send,them to other places then you don't want,to have all this information so what I,notiked here is you know they have them,recommended for you which is really,really good as well as information here,on the shoes and then what the shoes are,made for and some testimonials but I,think that they could honestly rearrange,this homepage a bit you know if they,move just this one thing,the recommended for you shoes all the,way up here under this first banner I,think it could help them a lot and one,thing I always do when I'm looking at a,store here on my computer so go to my,tools and I'll check out the developer,tools to go to mobile and see how it,looks optimized there so still looks,good but think about right here this,indestructible shoes and if they had the,recommend for you right healing when I,see air walk series view collection it,doesn't make me want to click II I do,like that they have the reviews here on,the side but like I said more,distractions then what their actual goal,is so there's two main things I want to,tok about here on the product page,don't want to fluff this up too much I,can go over a million things all day,long but what I think is the most,important here is one the Add to Cart,button let's start with that this is at,a Cart button right here,it seems somewhat hidden you know you,see up here sale and you see the the $79,USD and they're both the same size same,font same colors it doesn't really stand,out it doesn't pop when you want to get,someone to Add to Cart and go to that,next stage towards actually putting,their credit card information in and,purchasing is not a s