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Stock Market Mistakes To Avoid

Published on: December 2 2022 by Sara Finance

Stock Market Mistakes To Avoid

Stock Market Mistakes To Avoid

the top mistakes that beginners make in
the stok market is well be going over
in this video it's honestly very common
for beginners to have made these
mistakes honestly everyone makes
mistakes in the stok market Warren
Buffett makes mistakes all the great
investors out there make mistakes but
it's okay because you can't avoid making
those mistakes so if you watch this
video then you can know how to I also
want to mention that avoiding these
mistakes can save you a lot of money
long term but with that being said let's
just get straight into the video and
make sure you do it like button fourth
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now the first mistake I notiked
especially during a time like this where
the stok market is extremely volatile I
see a lot of investors putting money in
that they are not prepared to lose in
the short term so what I really need by
this is only invest money that you won't
need the next couple of years because we
honestly have no idea what's gonna
happen in the stok market the next
couple of days months or even a year so
if you are planning to sell your stoks
in the next year or even last you may
want to rethink investing because what
will happen is let's say the stok price
is down and you sell you're gonna end up
selling at a loss and that's not what
you want to do because maybe you started
investing thinking that right off the
bat you were gonna make money however
because the market is so volatile right
now you may end up losing some money in
the short term so an example here let's
say your portfolio is down 20% for one
month now if you weren't prepared for
something like that to happen you might
want to start selling but I'm gonna tell
you the last thing you want to do is
panic and start selling remember when
you're investing you're investing for
the long term so sure maybe your
portfolio is not doing so well short
term but you're thinking ahead so maybe
in two three years how is your portfolio
going to be doing to emphasize on this
again don't do anything you're gonna
do not sell that's the worst thing you
could possibly do if you don't panic and
just hold it is likely that your
portfolio will go back up again in the
long term the next mistake which is
probably the worst thing you can do
which I know is a lot of new investors
made is investing in a company that they
don't actually fully understand and to
me this sounds more like ambling and I
do understand that it does take a lot of
time to actually research
and figure out whether or not you want
to go in and invest in it I also
realized that it's so easy to just go on
YouTube and search up what stok should
I buy right now
there is nothing wrong with watching
some YouTube videos and just kind of
getting someone else's opinion pop
operator you need to make sure that you
don't just invest based off of that
person's opinion so if you agree with
the person let's say after watching a
youtube video then your job next is to
actually go out there and do your own
research on the company and figure out
if you actually want to invest in it so
my recommendation for beginner investors
always is to just research companies
that you're already familiar with for
example Starbucks or maybe Facebook or
pupule or whatever you ready kind of
unfamiliar with and another great way to
research a company is to visit the
Investor Relations page so let's say for
example you want to invest an apple
maybe one invest in Tesla all you need
to do is go on Google search of Tesla
Investor Relations or Apple Investor
Relations the first link that pops up
will take you to the page where you can
read something called the 10 Q and the
10 K after reading both of these you'll
definitely have a better understanding
of the company you'll be able to see the
risk versus reward and kind of figure
out whether or not you want to put your
money in the company also I wanna
mention that when you are investing in a
company you also want to make sure you
understand the company's business model
so if you want invest in a company and
you're having a hard time understanding
what their business model is and really
what they're all about then you probably
don't want to invest in that company and
sure there are some safer investments
out there like the blue chip stoks for
example Facebook Apple Amazon and
Microsoft and sure those are safer
however you still want to do your
research all most companies and just
figure out for sure if you wanna put
your money in them and I'll be honest
you guys I made the biggest mistake when
I started investing I put basically all
of my money into Tesla without really
even understanding the business the
reason I put all my money in Tesla and
not any other stok was because I had
people tell me that Tesla was gonna
skyrocket don't even do my own research
and just figure out if I actually
believe in the company I just went ahead
and trusted those people now imagine a
Tesla actually went bankrupt and didn't
do well and I lost all my money I
wouldn't have even understood why I lost
all my
so that's why it's really really
important to always make sure you
understand the risks involved when
investing in a certain company now the
next mistake I want to tok about in the
stok market is over trading essentially
what this means is that you get to a
stok and get out of it really quickly
so let's say you buy Apple stok
tomorrow and then two months later you
sell so keep in mind when you're
investing you're investing for the long
term at least that's my perspective on
things for example when I buy stok I
plan to hold that stok for the next two
or three years and even more now if you
are someone who just wants to make money
in the short term and you don't want to
hold stoks for a long time then you
probably want to look into something
called swing trading which I also don't
recommend for beginners but you know you
can still look into it
so for example if you put $1,000 in
Delta back in 2009 and you sold that
stok in 2019
it would be worth $6,000 so for me
that's appealing and a long term
investor I'm looking for those long term
gains so to summarize if you are
investing in the stok market make sure
you're investing for long term gains so
you don't sell too early because you
could be missing out on a lot of money
now the next mistake a lot of beginner
investors make is not diversifying their
portfolio this basically means you put
most your money in one company it's
exactly what I did when I first started
I put almost all my money into Tesla the
reason that this can be a horrible idea
is because you're putting all of your
eggs into one basket for example let's
just say the company goes bankrupt and
you put maybe ten thousand dollars in
that company that's it you just lost ten
thousand dollars but let's just say use
ten thousand dollars to invest in ten
different companies if you end up doing
this there's less risk because your
portfolio isn't dependent on the
performance of just one company so three
companies aren't doing as well and the
other seven are and your portfolio will
be kind of balanced out so just make
sure you're always looking into
diversify your portfolio and not just
putting all your money into one stok
all right guys well I really hope this
video helped you in some sort of way and
I hope that it also helps you not lose
money in the long term but that being
said thank you guys so much for watching
and until nine

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