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Stop Comments on FB Ads

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this video, the speaker provides a tutorial on how to moderate comments on a Facebook ad. Here are the main points covered:

- The speaker wants to show viewers how to moderate comments on a Facebook ad.

Steps to moderate comments:

- Go to the Ads Manager and click on the ad you want to moderate.

- Click on Edit to access the comments section.

- Check if the ad is running on both Instagram and Facebook, and adjust accordingly.

- View the comments and interactions on the ad.

- Manage comments by clicking on Manage Facebook Comments or Manage Instagram Comments.

Additional information:

- The speaker uses an example of a business they are working with, A Legal Burger.

- The ad has not been running for long, so there is not much interaction yet.

- There are multiple ways to access the comments section, but the speaker recommends using Manage Facebook Comments.

- The speaker also provides a brief overview of how to edit the ad and view its performance.

- Moderating comments on a Facebook ad is an important aspect of managing an ad campaign.

- The speaker hopes that viewers found the tutorial helpful.

How to Automatically Hide Comments on Facebook Ads & Instagram ( STOP Trolls, Haters and Spammers)

In this video, the speaker explains how to remove spam comments on Facebook and Instagram using a tool. Spam comments can harm the traction on advertisements and are annoying. The tool helps hide comments with profanity, URLs, emojis, etc. The speaker recommends the tool as it is affordable and easy to use.


1. Log in to the tool using the Facebook login button.

2. Connect the Facebook and Instagram pages.

3. Choose the page to configure.

4. Go to settings to hide profanity, URLs, gifs, emojis, and blacklist certain comments.

5. Use the rule section to automatically like or reply to comments based on specific words.

6. Add users, view dashboards, and moderate comments.

7. Customize settings for Instagram and Facebook separately.

8. Use the tool to run advertisements and learn from the comments.

9. The tool is affordable and recommended for anyone running ads on social media.

Using a tool to hide and remove spam comments on Facebook and Instagram is essential for maintaining a positive image and preventing harm to traction on advertisements. The recommended tool is affordable, easy to use, and customizable for each page.

How To Automatically Hide Bad Comments On Facebook Ads

- In this video, we will discuss how to automatically hide bad comments from your Facebook and Instagram apps.

Differentiating Good and Bad Comments:

- Critiques are positive comments that help improve your website or offer.

- Bad comments are negative and usually come from people who are not even your customers.

Importance of Hiding Bad Comments:

- Bad comments decrease trust and conversion rates.

- People judge brands based on their first impressions, including their comments.

Steps to Hide Bad Comments:

1. Log in to your Facebook business page.

2. Click on Settings on the left side and go to the General section.

3. Find Content Moderation and add words or phrases you want to block instantly.

4. Click on Save to apply the changes.

5. Turn on the Profanity Filter and save changes.

- Automatically hiding bad comments can save time and improve the overall sales of your brand.

- If you are getting too many bad comments, it may indicate a targeting issue that needs to be addressed.

- For more information on targeting the right audience, check out our video.

How to Automatically Hide Comments on Facebook Ads from Trolls, Haters and Spammers

In this video, the author talks about how to automatically get rid of trolls and nasty comments on Facebook by using Facebook's automatic moderation feature. The author emphasizes the importance of engagement on Facebook, even if it includes negative comments.

Steps to Automatically Moderate Comments on Facebook:

1. Go to your Facebook page settings and click on page moderation.

2. Click on edit and add words you want to block from the comments.

3. Save the changes.

4. Facebook will now automatically hide comments containing the blocked words.

5. Interact with your posts and respond to comments, even if they are negative.

6. Do not ban anyone, just hide the comments.

7. Download the list of blocked words from the link provided in the description.

Moderating comments on Facebook can be a tedious task, but by using Facebook's automatic moderation feature, it can be simplified. It is important to engage with your audience, even if it includes negative comments, as it drives engagement and makes your ads cheaper. The author recommends not banning anyone, just hiding the comments and providing good customer service.

Should You Delete Comments on Facebook Ads?

Title: Should You Delete Comments on Your Facebook Ads?

In this video, Ben Heath from Lead Guru answers the question of whether or not you should delete comments on your Facebook ads. He covers when you should and shouldn't delete them, how to deal with comments, and more.

Negative Comments:

- Negative comments are inevitable, no matter what you advertise

- Don't take negative comments as a sign that you're doing anything wrong

- If half of all your comments are negative, something might be wrong with your product market fit

- If negative comments are just negative for the sake of being negative, delete them

- If negative comments can be answered and turned into a positive, do so

Positive Comments:

- Positive comments can really help your advertising efforts

- Engaging with positive comments and answering questions shows that you're a company that cares about its customers

- Interacting with comments is not just for that person, but for the 1000 people that may see that particular comment over the next week or so

Deleting comments that are just negative for the sake of being negative won't negatively impact your Facebook ads. However, if half of all your comments are negative, something might be wrong with your product market fit. Engaging with comments and answering questions can only benefit your Facebook advertising efforts.

How to Manage and Moderate your Facebook Ad Comments

In this video, Ridis explains the importance of engaging with followers and moderating comments on Facebook and Instagram ads. He provides a step-by-step process for viewing and responding to comments on Facebook ads. Here are the key takeaways:

- Engaging with followers is important for building relationships and driving sales.

- Moderating comments helps to filter out spam and ensure that questions are answered.

Steps for Viewing Comments on Facebook Ads:

1. Go to your ad account and select a campaign.

2. Choose an ad and click view chart.

3. Click add preview and comment.

4. Select see post with comments to view all comments.

5. Respond to comments and delete/hide any inappropriate ones.

Tips for Engaging with Followers:

- Respond promptly to comments and questions.

- Show appreciation for positive feedback.

- Use moderation to filter out spam and inappropriate comments.

- Engage regularly to build relationships with followers.

- Moderating comments and engaging with followers is a crucial part of running successful Facebook and Instagram ads.

- By following Ridis's step-by-step process, you can easily view and respond to comments on your ads.

- Make sure to engage regularly to build strong relationships with your followers and drive sales.

How to Ban People from Commenting on Your Facebook Ads

How to Ban Someone from Your Facebook Business Page

In this video, the speaker teaches viewers how to ban someone from their Facebook business page. This is important, especially when running ads, as people who have had bad experiences with other contractors may hate on the content. The speaker explains that banning someone deletes all previous comments they have made and prevents them from ever commenting on the page again.

Steps to Ban Someone:

1. Go to facebook.com/yourbusinessname or search for your business name in the search bar on Facebook.

2. Click on the inbox to manage comments on your ads or posts.

3. Find the comment you want to ban and click on the three buttons next to it.

4. Scroll down and click spam under give feedback or report this comment.

5. Click ban next to the person's name and confirm by clicking the blue button.

6. The person is now banned from commenting, liking, or messaging your page.

Additional Tips:

- Replying to negative comments in a constructive way can lead to more people reaching out and wanting to hire you.

- Ban someone when they are not being constructive and are just hating on your content.

- It is easier to ban someone from your computer rather than your phone.

- Banning someone will delete all previous comments they have made and prevent them from commenting on your content in the future.

Banning someone from your Facebook business page is a quick and easy way to prevent them from leaving negative or spammy comments on your ads or posts. By following these steps, you can maintain a positive and constructive online presence for your business.

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