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Stop 'Congratulations You Won' Ads: A Guide

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

Hello everyone, in this tutorial we will be discussing how to disable the face announcements for the Rocket Kone mouse. You may have noticed this annoying feature when adjusting your mouse settings or while watching a video. But don't worry, we will show you how to turn it off in a few easy steps.


1. Search for Roccat Kone mouse settings in the Windows search bar or go through your computer settings if you are not using Windows 8 or later.

2. Locate the Program Files (x86) folder and find the Roccat folder.

3. Click on the Roccat folder and select the Kone Pure option.

4. Wait for the options to load and go to the fan control tab.

5. Turn off all the options related to voice feedback, including the achievement conversation.

6. You can also adjust the volume if you want to.

7. Click apply and then cancel.

Disabling face announcements for the Rocket Kone mouse is easy and can save you from the annoyance of hearing the voice feedback. Follow the steps mentioned above and enjoy a quiet computing experience. If you have any further problems, feel free to leave a comment and we will try our best to assist you. Thanks for watching!

Congratulations!! You've won 2 iphones SPAM

In this video, the speaker documents the spam emails received on January 30th, 2012, and February 1st, 2012. The spammer used a Twitter URL shortener that led to various domains owned by the same company, the parking place in Westminster, Colorado.


- The URL shortener led to the domain free fun online quizzes comm, registered under Domanick Dolphin, and owned by the parking place.

- The spammer used multiple redirects to different domains owned by the parking place, such as exam X online testing com and best online surveys for money com.

- The spammer stole the speaker's email address, which had only been used to register for an account.

- The speaker contacted the owners of the domains and informed them of the spam received.

- On February 4th, the speaker received another spam message that led to another Twitter redirect owned by the parking place.


- The speaker wrote an email to the owners of the domains and pointed out how the spam violated United States Code title 47 section 227.

- The speaker made a video documenting the spam and posted it on their website, along with all the spam messages received.

- The parking place later hid their contact information on all the domains, making it difficult to identify who was responsible for sending the spam.

The speaker's experience highlights the prevalence of spam emails and the need for stronger regulations to prevent such practices. It also raises questions about the responsibility of domain owners in preventing spam and protecting users' privacy.

Congratulations You Won! Training

Welcome to today's training session titled Congratulations, You've Won! This marketing technique is sure to get you excited and increase your sales. Today, we will go over the details of this technique and how you can implement it successfully.

The Kit:

- Container: a clear plastic box with a lockable lid

- Filtered or distilled water: to make coffee with a better taste

- Electric kettle: to boil water conveniently

- Product brochures: to hand out to people who sample the coffee

- Coffee samples: a range of options like black, latte, mocha, tea, and hot chocolate

- Sugar container: a small round container to store sugar

- Sugar substitute: sweet and low, equal, or any other preference

- Kitchen scissors: to open coffee packets

- Spoon container: a small container to hold plastic spoons

- Creamer: small creamer packets for people who prefer cream in their coffee

- Styrofoam cups: 8.5-ounce cups for convenient serving

The Technique:

- Call businesses from the yellow pages in your local phone book and offer them a free sample of coffee for their entire office or agency.

- Deliver the sample with the kit and set it up to make coffee conveniently. Hand out brochures and samples to people.

- Follow up with people and ask them how they liked the coffee. Offer them to buy coffee at wholesale prices. If they're not interested in building a business, they can become wholesale customers.

- If they're interested in building a business, calculate how much coffee they need for sampling, selling retail, and selling wholesale. Get them on the correct auto-ship and train them on how to build their business.

This marketing technique is an inexpensive and effective way to increase your sales and build your business. You can do it anywhere and as much as you want. The kit is portable and convenient. Follow up with people and offer them options to buy coffee at wholesale prices or build their business. Have a sign-in sheet to keep track of people's information. Try it out and see how it works for you!

20 Ways to Wish ‘Good Luck’ & 'Congratulations' - 29 Alternative English Phrases! + Free PDF & Quiz

In this lesson, we will explore different alternatives to the phrases good luck and congratulations. We will provide various options to make your language more interesting and engaging. We will also include a free pdf worksheet with a quiz for further practice.

Alternatives to Good Luck

1. All the best or I wish you all the best

2. Break a leg

3. Blow them away

4. Knock them dead

5. Fingers crossed

6. Best of luck

7. Wishing you the best

8. All the best to you

9. Go get 'em tiger

10. You got this

Alternatives to Congratulations

1. My respects

2. Hats off

3. Sensational

4. Get in there

5. You rock

6. Good show or jolly good show

7. Nice going

8. Good for you or good on you

9. Well done you

10. Nice one

11. You did it

12. You're a genius

13. Way to go

14. Pat on the back

15. You made that look easy

16. Keep up the good work

17. Nothing can stop you now

18. You're on fire

19. Congratuexpletivelatiances

By using these alternatives to good luck and congratulations, you can make your language more engaging and interesting. Remember to consider tone of voice and context when using these phrases. Don't forget to download our free pdf worksheet with a quiz for further practice.

H&M Releases Controversial Ad | Congratulations You Played Yourself

In recent news, H&M faced backlash for a photo on their website featuring a black child wearing a hoodie with the words coolest monkey in the jungle. This sparked a discussion on the use of the word monkey and its association with racism.

Main Points:

- The use of the word monkey has historically been used as a derogatory term towards black individuals.

- The H&M photo featuring a black child wearing a hoodie with the words coolest monkey in the jungle was deemed offensive and insensitive.

- Stephen Miller, a Trump advisor, faced criticism for defending Trump's actions and speech in a recent interview with Jake Tapper.

The use of derogatory terms towards any race or ethnicity is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. It is important to educate oneself and strive for inclusivity and sensitivity towards all individuals. The controversy surrounding H&M and Stephen Miller highlights the need for awareness and sensitivity towards marginalized groups.

DO NOT say "you're welcome"! Respond to "thank you" PROPERLY!

In our daily lives, we often interact with people and express our gratitude for their help or kindness. Using appropriate phrases and expressions can help convey our appreciation in a sincere and effective manner.

Expressions of Gratitude:

- Thank you

- You're welcome

- You are welcome

- Thank you so much

- Thanks

- My pleasure

- No problem

- No worries

- It was nothing

- It was the least I could do

- Anytime

- Sure, no problem

- Much obliged

Examples of Usage:

- Thank you for packing my shopping for me.

- You're very welcome. No problem.

- Thanks for the help today.

- No problem. I enjoyed helping you.

- Thank you for accepting the invitation.

- The pleasure is mine.

- Thanks for taking the parcel in for me.

- It is my pleasure.

- I'd like to thank you for looking after my cat so well.

- I know you'd do the same for me.

- Thank you for picking me up from the station.

- That's all right. No worries.

- Thank you for letting me know that my car alarm was going off.

- Don't mention it.

- Thank you so much for bringing the dessert.

- It was the least I could do.

- Thank you for visiting me in the hospital.

- Anytime.

- Thank you for stopping by.

- Sure, no problem.

- Thank you for thinking of me.

- Sure, no problem.

- Thank you for picking my kids up from school.

- It was nothing. My kids already needed picking up.

- Thank you for sending the sample so promptly.

- We appreciate your business. I'm happy to help.

- Thank you for helping me carry the coffees to the office.

- I'm happy to help.

Using expressions of gratitude can help strengthen our relationships with others and show them that we value their help and kindness. It is important to use appropriate phrases and expressions in different situations to convey our appreciation sincerely.

Bob Pittman: Take Fast Action, How Bob Wins in Entrepreneurship Over and Over Again | E41

Foreign Conversation with Bob Pittman: Part Two

Bob Pittman, one of the most influential people in media, television, and radio over the last 30 years, shares his insights on his career in this second part of the Foreign Conversation. Pittman talks about his experiences at Quantum Media, Six Flags, AOL, and Clear Channel Communications, and shares his thoughts on risk, complacency, and preparation.

Key Points:

- Pittman's experience at Six Flags: Six Flags was not doing well when Pittman became CEO. To turn the company around, he invested $200 million in new rides and a marketing campaign that focused on the park's size and convenience. Within three and a half years, attendance increased from 17 million to 25 million, and Time Warner sold 51% of the company for $1 billion to Boston Ventures.

- The importance of marketing: Pittman believes that marketing is about connecting a product or service to people who would like it, not about selling anything. He suggests that companies need to identify their challenge and figure out how to solve it. For example, when Pittman was promoting Casa Dragones Tequila, he focused on letting people taste the product rather than traditional advertising.

- Risk and complacency: Pittman believes that taking risks is important, but he also stresses that everything should be grounded in research and reality. He says that stagnation is fatal and that complacency is the biggest risk.

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